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Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold

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Information Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold

Title :  Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold
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Frames Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold

Description Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold

Comments Gold Bars or American Gold Eagles? Which is better to buy? Gold premiums are HIGH! Perth Mint gold

Henry Didelot
I was thinking about buying from JM and I wanted to ask you about how they ship it Is it shipped in an unmarked package? What shipper do they use? Do you have to sign for the package? Do you have to buy shipping insurance, or is it provided free of charge? Thank you
Comment from : Henry Didelot

Fiat Destroyer
That is a cool bar! Time to binge watch the Bean again!🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

Its time to cash out half of my stack for gold and platinum
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

Try selling those in your local shop Everyone will take the Eagles (fractional Eagles, too), while the bars are not very popular, and it's harder to verify authenticity Don't get too crazy over bars I like them, too, but Buffaloes and Eagles are the way to go even if more expensive
Comment from : Rekord

Good analysis, SBC - I still prefer the AGEs myself, premiums included However, that gold Britannia you showed a few days agoamazing
Comment from : BigstackMcgee

Michael Hatzinikolis
Beautiful gold bar bro and I'm stacking a mint tube of gold eagle 🦅 coin's sweet half way there
Comment from : Michael Hatzinikolis

Savage Stacker
The only time I buy gold eagles is at my LCS they are just to expensive anywhere else The Britannia or philharmonics or bars are a good buy online sometimes, I’m actually not to fond of fractional gold bars but I definitely wouldn’t mind a few 100 grammers brHmm 🤔 100 grams I may need that in my stack brStimi pick up yesterday was a 1oz gold eagle from the LCS for 1,827 I’m done shopping online now I think about it brBars online are definitely the way to go compared to coins brThanks for sharing beans !
Comment from : Savage Stacker

Would you consider gold rounds an option ? Where on the scale would you put them I never hear anyone discussing them but I'm beginning to think i would focus on them more just like bars to acquire more weight at a much lower premium Can maybe trade out for what I like more later or somethingif I remember, I'm gonna ask youtube content creators in this metal space brim very interested in your thoughts on the matter Maybe I'm missing info on why noone deals with them
Comment from : Zaycream21

luis colmenares
Hi! 20g bars offer almost the same premium that 1oz ones, and as you say, is some states bars don't pay sales taxes, which helps a lot to reduce the price And some bars, like the PAMP ones, are really beautiful
Comment from : luis colmenares

AU_AG 20
Comment from : AU_AG 20

Scott M
I am thinking of taking the same route and switching to bars as well next month Nice looking bar you chose too, the Perth Mint is the jam
Comment from : Scott M

Happy Nomadic
I bought a 1/2 oz bar and placed it into a pendantemergency cash
Comment from : Happy Nomadic

Tony Bones
You cannot go wrong with neither Both great long term store holds for wealth Don’t take my word for it Just see what the Queen of England and the Rothschilds do 🎯
Comment from : Tony Bones

Cephas Martin
I don't buy fractional gold, I buy one ounce bars You get a much better price
Comment from : Cephas Martin

very cool stuff bean gotta send u a pic of my 10gm kangaroo and i just picked up a 4 ducat from goldeneagle this weekend this thing is a monster but thin as a wafer i couldnt believe it how its constructed got it on special its 40mm in diameter but only 045 ozt
Comment from : P_Man_Stackowitz

Kenneth Seeholzer
One day you will be saying what a good deal that was
Comment from : Kenneth Seeholzer

Katherine Langford
Picked up a gold Pamp bar myself Was quite a bit less than a coin If the coins get more inline I'll pick up some coinage
Comment from : Katherine Langford

I don't buy AGE at all, big rip off
Comment from : Wecx

I don't really think it should be 1 or the other
Comment from : JP

I got those bars and they're boring but very reputable Mint Great pick up!
Comment from : BRASSKING

Gabriel Garcia
Not to mention gold eagles are 22k not 24k brBars are 9999 meaning 24k so more gold content
Comment from : Gabriel Garcia

Will Weed
I'm a fan of the eagle but I picked up some gold libertads instead
Comment from : Will Weed

Robert Keating
Comment from : Robert Keating

Gold coins for the win A lot more counterfeits with bars
Comment from : CHANCE

Eric Starszak
well put gold is the winner again!!
Comment from : Eric Starszak

Joe Rock
Gold and silver bars do have lower premiums as compared to coinange I do buy coins for their beauty, however for investment purposes go with 1oz bars
Comment from : Joe Rock

hillbilly prepping
grabbed 1 gram from sd at 499 over spot good to nave gold at small weight to trade some day
Comment from : hillbilly prepping

Even though I'm not a fan of gold is assay cards because they are more likely to be faked, I would buy one from a trusted source over paying stupid premiums on a AGE When melted there is no difference between the AGE and a bar Not that long ago when the premium was only $40 on a 1 oz AGE, or $20 on a 1 oz bar, I would've then opted for the Eagle I'm not paying a $200 premium on any oz gold
Comment from : GoodMorningVenezuela

You will get more back for the Eagle Its a wash
Comment from : ibGoliath

50 Beers
I like the American gold eagles better than gold bars I will wait for deals on the American gold eagles
Comment from : 50 Beers

Cyclops Staxx
That’s a nice little piece at a great price Stack on Bean👊✌️
Comment from : Cyclops Staxx

Highlander Stackin
Man, that bar is dope!! I really like the kangaroos on the back!! It's definitely a great way to get some awesome gold!! The Perth Mint never disappoints 👊 🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘 🦢
Comment from : Highlander Stackin

charles davis
Regardless, dollar cost averaging is the way to go
Comment from : charles davis

Dark Angel
I just baught a 1ounce bar from the canadian mint from jmbullion because the premiums for gold eagles is to much right now!
Comment from : Dark Angel

Was my first gold bar very cool design, and cheaper than other mints!
Comment from : XtremeChiliPepper

Silver Banky
Nice pick up Bean! Got lucky at local coin show and got a 1 oz AGE for $1,850 and a 1oz 2021 gold Buffalo for $1,875 Right place right time
Comment from : Silver Banky

The Silver Sergeant
You know it's crazy when small fractional gold premiums are that much lower than silver premiums
Comment from : The Silver Sergeant

🐲 My Kitten Is A Grand Master 🐉
According to one of my local coin dealers they say that gold bars have less premium
Comment from : 🐲 My Kitten Is A Grand Master 🐉

Silver Stacker Angel
That bar is a beauty!! 👌👌
Comment from : Silver Stacker Angel

Everything I've seen from the Perth mint is nice They sell a one ounce gold pour that I've been tempted to get
Comment from : QuickSilver

Dont ask
Premiums are insanebrI wouldnt touch a 1 oz AGE with a 10 foot polebrMaple's and Britannia's are $100 cheaper and when its time to sell them someday, you will get $20 or $30 less at the mostbrThats a $70 or $80 loss before you even get it homebrMy lsc pays $10 less and the pricing is posted on a flat screen, and are non negotiable So its not like they can just low ball someone because they don't like thembrIts simple math
Comment from : Dont ask

Dont ask
Its looking like everytime the price goes up, it goes up, and everytime the price drops, they raise the premiumsbrIf Gold dropped to $100 tomorrow, there would just be a $1800 premium and it would still cost $1900brSoon the premiums will be as high as the cost
Comment from : Dont ask

Its all Good
Love the gold
Comment from : Its all Good

T the Silver Stacker
Good deal there!
Comment from : T the Silver Stacker

Bullion Addict
I was just looking at a couple of different Perth mint bars on Liberty coin and was thinking that they're reasonably priced br🧐
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Corolla Ae86
Thanks! My LCS doesn’t play! Does not do the crazy premiums, but has no stock right now
Comment from : Corolla Ae86

silver scientists
Love my gold bars !love that Perth mint ! 👌roos on the back
Comment from : silver scientists

Timothy Whittington
Comment from : Timothy Whittington

That is an awesome gold bar It is a better value but, I think I’ll just stick with the AGE even tho I’ll pay more in premiums 😎
Comment from : Skully

Clean Money Gold
I just ordered another 1 ounce Britannia for $110 cheaper than the AGE
Comment from : Clean Money Gold

I buy both bars and coins, buying as close to spot as possible for both generic/gov't metals Your video convinced me to pick up a 10g Argor Heraeus Gold Bar 9 premium but oh well, it's 2021 Not too bad! Good luck!
Comment from : Silver_Foil_Hatter

Always keep in the card And try to keep card looking as good as possible On resale they will knock off 20 bucks on a 1oz bar to re assay And u know they don’t do it Bars are boring But easier to sell first No attachment issues
Comment from : DB

John Snider
How do you get coupons from JM ?
Comment from : John Snider

silver watcher
Lovely gold the 5 gram swan is majestic as fu@# 😇 jelly the only gold bar I own is a 1 gram sunshine mint want more
Comment from : silver watcher

Victor Frankenstein
Nice little Gold bar there Bean, but I don’t like bars Yes, they are cheaper than coins (most), but liquidity is my most important quality of Gold, and as we all know, that’s the American Gold Eagle Another thing about the essay cards, they all seem to peel, and look like crap after a while I can see yours peeling already Talk about premiums, and those gram size pieces are ridiculous compared to the resale value
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

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