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Tutorial - You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles

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Information Tutorial - You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles

Title :  Tutorial - You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles
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Description Tutorial - You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles

Comments Tutorial - You Never Give Me Your Money - Beatles

Ah PianoJohn113 you always have my back
Comment from : sans

Technically, it's a Csus4 @0:34 There are others you missed but the sus4 there is integral to the melody Also, @3:20 you call it an "Eb maj7" but it's actually an Eb [dominant] 7
Comment from : dadduorp

He makes those rhythms look so natural and easy
Comment from : RandomGaming

Nicholas Gonzalez
I know you said you didn’t want to too in depth with the beginning, but I feel like you rushed it a lot
Comment from : Nicholas Gonzalez

Zack Koehler
You never did the first part
Comment from : Zack Koehler

Nicholas Dupont
I love this song and you do a nice job for the most part
Comment from : Nicholas Dupont

Ron DeCola
I recently saw a special on the Beatles (I believe it was 60 Minutes) In it, Paul McCartney said that none of the Beatles could read or write sheet music Simply amazing, given the music that they made
Comment from : Ron DeCola

Justin DSouza
This makes me appreciate their song writing ability These are some complex chord progressions Thanks for your lessons! Been following you for years
Comment from : Justin DSouza

There is no G minor seventh The boogie section does have a right hand part but it's recorded with 4 hands at half-speed It is possible to do with two hands but requires great amount of technical facility
Comment from : horowizard

Ron DeCola
Very helpful, P-John I enjoy all of your videos as I learn how to play the piano!
Comment from : Ron DeCola

Jean Paul Martinez Neri
hello ticher thank you for you videos please play not second time thank you
Comment from : Jean Paul Martinez Neri

El Friki Rincon
Very fast :(
Comment from : El Friki Rincon

Tom Sinke
Hi John, brbrI know you can’t access your channel, and there will be no new videos, but I still want to thank you for your amazing tutorials I am a big Beatles fan, but there aren’t many full tutorials on the internet Thanks!
Comment from : Tom Sinke

Philip Wittmann
"Maybe I'll do Sun King next"brbnever does Sun King/b
Comment from : Philip Wittmann

Ofk Hod
I love your tutorials Thank you
Comment from : Ofk Hod

Tyler Bruce
Circle of fourths, like I WILL SURVIVE
Comment from : Tyler Bruce

mark mouch
Ok wth how the hell are we supposed to follow you during the walking finger part You speed through everything making it so hard to follow
Comment from : mark mouch

Great tutorial! I don't wanna be a douche here, but there is however, one small error to this The "soon we'll be away from here"-part The chords here (as The Beatles played it, and as is noted in the complete scores book) is Dm - G/D - Am/D - G/D - A Not Dm7 - G/D - Dm - F - G - A Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Torjus

Noah Zhu
This guy goes way too fast
Comment from : Noah Zhu

Greg Weimer
Thanks for your reply Looks like all the Beatle songs, (Paul's) are tricky I never thought of him being that accomplished on piano, always bass or guitar I suppose if you have been playing any instruments for a long time, it's easy for the person Like a keyboard player who knows no guitar would say it's hard brI'm definitely going to try to master some piano Thanks again!
Comment from : Greg Weimer

Greg Weimer
Thanks! I always wanted to know how to play this! I play guitar, bass, but want to learn piano badly!
Comment from : Greg Weimer

Andrew Wian
the beatles are music genus'  how can someone think this sort of stuff up ?  just amazing :)
Comment from : Andrew Wian

Sandra Orozco
how'd you do the walking finger part?
Comment from : Sandra Orozco

dominic flats
thank you soo much for teaching me piano! its helped amazingly with my depression and i just have always loved the beatles THANK YOU peace love music
Comment from : dominic flats

Rebelation N
Pianojohn113, excellent job, I really like the video and I'm learning 5 songs so far, thanks and great job!
Comment from : Rebelation N

Laura Roberta Papp
Hey! Please make a tutorial video of Paul's Queenie Eye! Btw I love your videos they're awesome!
Comment from : Laura Roberta Papp

Mary Nightingale
Hi again Johnis there a tutorial where you have written the notes down for us, like in your other videos?I am really struggling here?
Comment from : Mary Nightingale

I wonder if Paul realized he was actually playing, "Autumn Leaves?"
Comment from : transtremm

Hi, pianojohn Your tutorials are my go-to videos for all the Beatles's songs I haven't seen one video that had any glaring error I do have one little comment on this one though: on the "see no future, pay no rent" boogie-woogie part, try as I may, I can't hear any Am - Gm7 - C7 succession, there's only Am - C7, or could be Am - Gm/C Even the bass goes walking from A to C, no G Could you maybe break that part down so we'll know what the chords are? Other than this, ALL your videos are topnotch and all we need to learn piano!
Comment from : jocal62

Timothy Maurice
you are amazing <3
Comment from : Timothy Maurice

Mr Pianojohn113, As I watch your tutorials, play from your transcriptions, and enjoy the dialogue you have with fans, I see you write "sorry" or "I should do this" or "I should update that" I assure you that, in the world of piano karma, you could post yourself smashing a Bosendorfer with a sledgehammer and you would still be far ahead Thanks for all you do
Comment from : psittacid

Audrey H
Can you go into more depth on how to do the 'boogiewoogie' part like how it is on the recording? Been trying to learn this song and I really stumble on that part, I understand the chords (C, E, Am, Gm/C, F, G) but the walking bassline is troubling me
Comment from : Audrey H

Audrey H
Is there a reason your audio is only coming out of the left channel? Helps me hear myself, not sure if that was intentional Great tutorial :)
Comment from : Audrey H

Pyromaniacal Und
Yes, I loved your Martha My Dear tutorial, I got so great at it that I performed it at Beatlefest this year (thanks!), but this was hard to follow, and I was planning on performing this one next year Please finish the re-do of this one soon! :D
Comment from : Pyromaniacal Und

Good playinghorrible tutorial
Comment from : VenomComiq

And whenever anyone argues with me about who's better the stones or the beatles I just tell them to listen to Abby Road The greatest beatles record as it showed how a rock band matured into an unstoppable force but we know what happened after that
Comment from : MuskateerGripWeed

Incredible song, great tutorial, thumbs way up
Comment from : Urbansoul02

Shahar Edwi
Can you please send me sheets to this song or redo the tutorial I can't understand from 05:00
Comment from : Shahar Edwi

this si too fast john, not detailed enough :/
Comment from : CarlosJulio20

Alex Badura
I love your watch! Hahah
Comment from : Alex Badura

any chance can you send me the sheet music for this song
Comment from : Eoinpedro

The base part you do about 1:30 seconds into the vid I get part of it, but not sure if its all right
Comment from : Mr89thkey

I would like to know how you do the base line that you say they do live Either my eyes are too slow to catch it or you fingers are too fast
Comment from : Mr89thkey

I can't find a sun king tutorial on your channel, are you going to make one? :) thanks for this one!
Comment from : Hamppzah

Ruby Salbego
Okay, thanks! Would you let me know when you are able to do that?
Comment from : Ruby Salbego

Ruby Salbego
Could you maybe put an annotation for the out of college part because I don't think that I am playing it right Thanks!
Comment from : Ruby Salbego

Victor TheBassist
you needed to spend more time and in depth on the intro
Comment from : Victor TheBassist

Here are the notes in the intro chords As best as I could see them I put a comma between the left and right hand notes As a layman trying to learn to play, I thought this might be helpful Am7 A A , G A C E Dm7 D , F A C E G7 G , F G B D C C , G C F (and then) C G , C E G C Fmaj7 F , E F A C Bm7b5 B , B D F A E7 E E , Ab B D E Ab Am7 A A , G A C E
Comment from : 0TheBestMan

Alexandre Aractingi
Thanks a lot for your answer! I'll try it this way, but I guess I could use a dedicated tutorial (blink ;-)) Keep up the great work!
Comment from : Alexandre Aractingi

Alexandre Aractingi
Thanks a lot, this tutorial is just great! About the "out of college" part: what's the right hand supposed to do during to boogie-woogie progression? Again, thanks!
Comment from : Alexandre Aractingi

GOD!!!! this is perfect!!!!! Thanks so much!!!
Comment from : aprilryan37

Juani Moyano
i cant understand this lesson without the letters coz i speak spanish and you are doing it very fast
Comment from : Juani Moyano

Paul Jelfs
Hey Great video - Easy to follow and really enjoyable :) I have just done a fun video called "History of pop in 100 riffs" , and this is one of the riffs featured in it - i love this song so had to include it Please check out the video on my piano and take the challenge to see if you can name the famous keyboard riffs ;) Hope you keep on making these kind of videos , as i wish youtube was about when i took up the piano / keyboard All the best, and please have a look at my new vid PJ
Comment from : Paul Jelfs

Thanks so much for doing all of these videos - you truly are great, and the demos are very helpful All the best
Comment from : avalonmystic

Yudistira Tribudiman
@pianojohn113 another echo to the other comments please :D
Comment from : Yudistira Tribudiman

@pianojohn113 Don't apologise Looking forward to the day if you get a chance to update it Until then, I have an array of other songs to choose from to learn :)
Comment from : shazzatpm

Hi John, usually I find your tutorials to be perfect Could you please either annotate the intro or make it a tad slower? Cheers :)
Comment from : shazzatpm

boy, is this guy talented
Comment from : pfitz

could you pleeeeaaase tutorial the first part of this song? I know it's easy but a quick tutorial would really help
Comment from : casalej

Catherine Beavers
thats so beautiful i wish i knew noteslol
Comment from : Catherine Beavers

Jon Hazlett
Sorry, but I gotta echo the other comments calling for a more in-depth tutorial, like so many of your other ones I've almost got the final three figured out from from your other vids, bit I need the reprise of this tune to pull it all together Please
Comment from : Jon Hazlett

Do you think Paul was inspired by, "Autumn Leaves?"
Comment from : transtremm

As always, you're videos are awesome and your playingis great!! It would be cool to see you do this video again with the 15 minute time limit too!!! 15 Minutes of YouNeverGiveMeYourMoneywith PianoJohn, that would be awesome!! Love from Cali haha
Comment from : mikespyke

Manu Dengis
Please re-upload this with the cords on that yellow font you always use and slower, it would be awesome :)
Comment from : Manu Dengis

John Pierce
@pianojohn113 hey john you know what kind of piano paul played on the boogie woogie part when it changes? that piano sounds awesome
Comment from : John Pierce

John Pierce
hey john do you have the right hand part for the boogie woogie? he plays neat right hand stuff during it and i was wondering if paul is playing that piano part or someone else?
Comment from : John Pierce

Pleeeeeease do the beginning part more in-depth! You have the best tutorials and I'd love to see this one in greater detail!!! And slightly higher definition vids would be great I'd donate to the cause :)
Comment from : mobhit101

Juan Hernandez
I've been playing for 2 months and it took me like an hour to get this song down(: thanks a lot!!! Keep making vids
Comment from : Juan Hernandez

Nate Beats
good tutorial @pianojohn113 but at about 2:05 you do this great souding rhythm with right hand, could you elaborate on what you did?
Comment from : Nate Beats

The first part is not that easy! Please post the intro reeeaaally slow! :)
Comment from : Aftermath

@BeLiketheSquerrl I know, right? I always 'fuck, I suck, I gotta practice more!'
Comment from : Tinewashere

Derek Day
youre soo cool haha :) thanks for the lesson
Comment from : Derek Day

I loooooooove your videos so much, but I couldn't get the beginning on this because you were going quite fast Your "Because" tutorial really helped me though
Comment from : Lauren

Angel Kyriakides
man love your videos, but i would love to learn all the abbey road medley SUUUUUUUN KKKKKKIINGG (:
Comment from : Angel Kyriakides

Oscar Dircio
its not that you should slow down but it would realy help if you labeled the chords anyways, great song!
Comment from : Oscar Dircio

Comment from : snottydyck

Once againnice I like the subtle Steely Dan ref db One other thingin your opinionthe transition part that George does on guitarwhat do you think about that in compositional terms? Me personally, I think its brilliantmaybe a bit dramatic sounding but nice for that era of rock
Comment from : captdb2000

Once againnice I like the subtle Steely Dan ref db
Comment from : captdb2000

You have made me a better piano player Don't slow down, it got me up to speed
Comment from : skaterat121

Maranta Toni
awesome you're soo good
Comment from : Maranta Toni

Matt Lampel
turn the transcribe feature on, when he says "either know how to play it or figure it out" the caption says "you know i haven't figured it out" haha XD
Comment from : Matt Lampel

Please sir please do one on Cry baby cry!!! Ok??????
Comment from : stevehd111

@aznminr123 did you go to college for piano and like get a degree and shit?because you're honestly really impressive and from what i've heard you saying in your videos your knowledge of musical theory is also pretty good
Comment from : aznminr123

i'd like to knowm how long have you been playing piano? because you're simply great
Comment from : aznminr123

@pianojohn113 true its hard enough to learn to play
Comment from : ShaggyOtis

theres actually an improv riff played over the boogie woogie walking bass part on the "outta college money spent" I have the notes to it if you want them Its very hard to play haha
Comment from : ShaggyOtis

First at all, GREAT WORK As always, your tutorials are (more or less) acurate, and easy to play (even for beginners like me) But I would apreciate in this one, you show the notes, as I'm self learning, and my theory knowledges are minimum, so when yoy say E7, I have to check what the hell notes I have to play! Anyway, thank you for your fantastic tutorials, I'm now with martha my dear, and as I'm quite hardheaded man, I'll get it in the end!!!
Comment from : Spinder00

why does a real piano have to cost so much, understand the craftsmanship but im poor lol u cant copy that sound with a keyboard, work station or midi ive tried!
Comment from : TheMethadoneParty

Alessandro Martins
Slow down man
Comment from : Alessandro Martins

@pianojohn113 Yes, it sounds very clever actually, didn't think that McCartney was that good a pianist, unless George Martin did some over-dubbing, do you happen to know?
Comment from : nansir

Thanks for the tutorial, you're great Isn't there a treble part to the boogie-woogie section though? Or was that overdubbed?Thanks anyway
Comment from : nansir

In the "out of collage money spent" part the right hand does stuff other than just the walking baseline, but in the mix it's mostly drowned out by the other instruments You have to mess with the speed and the equilizer to figure out how to play it
Comment from : AFNYOAQIS

Nyingma Group Israel
im unfortunately too much of a novice to keep up with this :(
Comment from : Nyingma Group Israel

@ElMancoDelEspanto Paul WAS the Beatles, the others just got in the way I wish he'd gone solo post '65
Comment from : Nautilus1972

raymon arnold
@pianojohn113 oh that would be so great and maybe that boogie part :P it sounds awesome!!
Comment from : raymon arnold

Wow that sounds like a perfect transcription
Comment from : jagshrapnel

also, why so many 'i want to tell you' questions ? i was under the impression this was 'you never give me your money' maybe i'm just splitting hairs here
Comment from : ty1on77

nothing to it !
Comment from : ty1on77

will you play 100 years by five for fighting?
Comment from : mariah22

Juan Pablo Zapata
Incredible I never thought that Sun King would be even more beatiful in piano I need to practice a lot more
Comment from : Juan Pablo Zapata

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