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The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová

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Information The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová

Title :  The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová
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Frames The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová

Description The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová

Comments The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová

Johay Wilden
Thank you very much
Comment from : Johay Wilden

Well, i liked her speech But don't agree with sone parts It is necesarry listening every day The rule of fluenty is to try listening
Comment from : Metekhan

Comment from : あ

andi gh
Comment from : andi gh

one of the best TED talks i've seen
Comment from : plasticeye007

Read with me -Slow & Easy Chinese|快乐阅读 - 简单中文
It’s not easy to learn a new language We will just need to listen more and practise more, start from something simple
Comment from : Read with me -Slow & Easy Chinese|快乐阅读 - 简单中文

Gabriel Vinagre
I am Brazilian and would like to learn English if you want I'll help you in portuguese and you can help me in english by skype
Comment from : Gabriel Vinagre

Thais Fonseca
Muito bom👏👏
Comment from : Thais Fonseca

Croatia ZG
If Lukas can speak 11 languages (including Serbian) then he, maybe even unaware of this, can speak extra 3 languages being Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin :')
Comment from : Croatia ZG

Pardis mousavi
I'm fluent in Farsi and I can speak English pretty well I'm learning Turkish and Spanish now It's always enjoyable to learn a new language
Comment from : Pardis mousavi

Reema Gul Sha Ali khan
I also learn a lot of languages brLike: American, British, French, Arabic, Urdu, etc
Comment from : Reema Gul Sha Ali khan

sudhir Ghosh
I'm from IndiabrI can speak 3 language and many languages can understand
Comment from : sudhir Ghosh

Wizard of B
Well saidEach is having their own way of learning, that is never taught in schoolsWe have to find out our own talentGreat talk
Comment from : Wizard of B

Great talk ! And your voice is really nice and calm 😊
Comment from : MIA MIA

l like this
Comment from : HOUARIA ZERAGUI

Am I polyglot if I know 5 languages😹😹😹😹😹
Comment from : 알리한

i’ve been learning japanese for almost 2 years now, i’m quite fluent now
Comment from : soyeon-ssi

C: Soniah
I get into the culture first then thats my motivation to learn the language
Comment from : C: Soniah

Mau Fernández
My name is José, do you have some problem with the people that they call José ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Mau Fernández

PhdOf Nonsense
These are the four advises for any type of learning
Comment from : PhdOf Nonsense

technology & news
Anyone tell me she talking witch English accent please tell me
Comment from : technology & news

Наталія Прядко
Pure inspiration🥰🥰
Comment from : Наталія Прядко

يمان YEMEN
I wanna speak English and German believe I have lost my dream and now I wanna change all my life brFrom the bottom the top
Comment from : يمان YEMEN

Hello ! Let’s try something! Well, I’m a native French and I would like to find an English partner to talk in our both languages to improve ourselves ! If you are interest please send me a message;)
Comment from : Clothilde

Russian Accent
I failed to learn all the languages I wanted, but at least I can teach Russian 😁
Comment from : Russian Accent

joyce cui
Well, in school, it seems that language learning is always score-oriented, especially in Asian countries How can it be interesting for students anyway🤣 A deep concern from one who wants to be a teacher😂
Comment from : joyce cui

Jack Grealish
— learn the way u enjoy;br— use effective methods;br— do it systematically;br— and, be patient!
Comment from : Jack Grealish

Миру Мир
Enjoyment is definitely the key ingredient! Back 20-30 years ago we didn't have so much content and authentic materials around us, so language learning was hard and not so much fun
Comment from : Миру Мир

Lorn Meditation
To anyone who reads this:brThere is no limit for your dreams and your happinessJust don't let yourself down and Always be a fan of yoursbrUplift your energy level,whether or not everything is all rightbrmake time for your mental health and bring peace to your secondsbrYou are the one who can do anything you imagine💪🏼Keep it up and remember how amazing you are🤍
Comment from : Lorn Meditation

Muay Boran
I don’t know how but when I was younger I did a lot of accents in english and Thai of foreigners amd that somehow translated to me learning the accent with relative ease
Comment from : Muay Boran

Peshala Silva
Great speech👍👍
Comment from : Peshala Silva

Felipe Cardona
Comment from : Felipe Cardona

Ana Maria pinales
Hi Lydia, Very good learning a new language in month not in years Beautiful message Thank you so much
Comment from : Ana Maria pinales

I love learning languages but when I downloaded a language learning app and I was talking to someone to teach me English, this American guy shouted I love you, I literally swear his yelling rips my eardrums and someone else was talking really bad I think is dirty talk My experience was horrible learning English, I know English but not very wellbrSo guys, beware some bad people on the internet, hope you are safe :)
Comment from : 카디자

pudli nudli
Helló! Thank you the Hungarian subtitles! (why Great Britain flag, she speaks beutiful american accent)
Comment from : pudli nudli

Nur Allya Muhammad Iqbal
been learning french for three years at school since i finally had a chance to learn a new language with a teacher all that paid off, i had an exam two days ago and i'm suddenly wondering if i could learn spanish or mandarin someday :)
Comment from : Nur Allya Muhammad Iqbal

Diễm Kiều 8/6
I watched this video more 10 times but I still like it because It's gives me too much motivations
Comment from : Diễm Kiều 8/6

hida ah
Comment from : hida ah

English is not my first language earlier I don't understand anything about EnglishI started learning English few years agonow I can speak in Englishnot fluentlybut I can handleI still learningI think near future I can talk in fluently
Comment from : Aree

Amanda Sugatadasa
English is my first language, I'm learning french and hv a bit of arabic vocab hanging, I'm now learning Korean and hoping to catch up with Japanesethis really motives me to continue my journeyI'll get there !!
Comment from : Amanda Sugatadasa

⟭⟬ Wang Yibos left Ass-Cheek ⟬⟭
I was watching a Taiwanese drama last week and the subs just stopped working for a short time and I understood what the characters were saying I haven't felt that happy in a long time!
Comment from : ⟭⟬ Wang Yibos left Ass-Cheek ⟬⟭

Sofia Hubbard
Thank You Ms Lydia Machova for sharing your observations with all of US!!
Comment from : Sofia Hubbard

This video encourages me and makes me feel optimistic
Comment from : ojd

Saba Khogiani
I am learning english i really enjoy understanding some youtubers now but i hope i will see some improvement in speaking also
Comment from : Saba Khogiani

My Cozy Cottage
That was so inspiring! I needed to hear that and it touched my heart Thank you for the encouragement!
Comment from : My Cozy Cottage

Boo *
Harry potter the stolen book??
Comment from : Boo *

yeah, i watched this video from start to end, but i still know nothing about how to leaning a new language
Comment from : 阿杰Ajay

Dipali Bagul
Learning new language the secret is consistency then you will find daily new change yourself
Comment from : Dipali Bagul

One of my favs
Comment from : motivator

Robin Däller
My method is really strange:brI learn basics of grammar, writing and pronounciationbrI take a book I like and translate it into the language I wanna learn Each time there is a word I don't know, I search in my lexic At first it will be really annoying, but with 1 week of practice I can get good at writing and speaking the languagebrNow the second part: to understand the language When Im really good at translating, I watch a show/movie/yt videos that i like in that language with subtitles in that language And, often, in 3 months I understand well the language At this level i turn the subtitles of and watch and read in that language everyday, and, in one year, you 'fluent'
Comment from : Robin Däller

I'm just imagining this happening with the Russian guy:brbrDude 1 Convo:brGuy Learning Russian: Hi!brRussian dude: Hi!brbrDude 2 Convo:brGLR: Hi!brRD2: Who are you!?brbrDude 1 Convo:brGLR: Who are you!?brRD1: Dude you messaged me first
Comment from : Smokey

Islam for Girls
I'm actually develop my english, I'm french, originally moroccan I can speak french, moroccan, arabic, english and I'm learning three languages, english surely, german and japanese
Comment from : Islam for Girls

Anne Aretxederra Peña
good accent, very comprensible
Comment from : Anne Aretxederra Peña

I’m trying to learn Norwegian because I want to live in Norway Wish me luck 👍
Comment from : プリンスさん

Missael G
This is so right you know?? My way to learn english was thanks to videogames and card games like yugioh hahaha and right now im learning german and fortunately there is this option in resident evil 4 where i can change the language to german hahaha so i enjoy learning a new idiom while i am killing zombies xD es ist so wunderbar!!
Comment from : Missael G

Brianna Shaye
I love her voice
Comment from : Brianna Shaye

bruh bruh
Translating children book was my way of learning Japanese language
Comment from : bruh bruh

Eva Bak • Russian World
Such a motivational talk! I wanna start searching for the best method for me and apply it for French :) And while reading your comment You, guys, are awesome !
Comment from : Eva Bak • Russian World

Joe Crow
I have not been able to speak my native language well and I have lived for 51 years with my parents speaking it
Comment from : Joe Crow

34 Nguyễn Thùy Trang 11A1
I've just started learning Mandarin recently Everything has been going so well (enjoyment), I have enthusiasm, I have a book with curriculum to follow (method) and I have enough patience and time for it everyday brBut soon enough, I start to wonder about pronounciation I sound the same as Youtubers I found on the Internet However, will they be right? Will I be able to communicate with native speakers? Am I putting my tongue in the right position ?? brNow I'm writing these sentences, keep questioning myself I believe that I'll find a way out of this problem Any ways you try, never lose your enthusiasm br(I tried my best to write in English, but if there was any mistakes, please correct me :<)
Comment from : 34 Nguyễn Thùy Trang 11A1

Ftron177 9000
conclusión solo disfrutar en momento y ya, nada fuera de lo común
Comment from : Ftron177 9000

Admirable Emanuel Aquila
Read the Bible in your native language and listen the language You need to learn Input comprensible I'm learning hebrew using the new testament Ha Berith hadasha My native language is spanish God bless u all
Comment from : Admirable Emanuel Aquila

Nicholai Barak
Wow I loved her! She was so inspirational, also for some reason she reminded me of Céline Dion, i think it’s bc they talk very similarly
Comment from : Nicholai Barak

julieta sued
When you want to be a polyglot but you're also an introvert :')
Comment from : julieta sued

Ishika agrawal
😍🥰 thanks
Comment from : Ishika agrawal

Jacon Fitz Albeus
When I was a kid, I often heared these languages: Hindi, Korean, Japanese, English and Spanish I super loved watching cartoons, movies and anime Now, I think that the most effective ways for me are: Hearing, loving and enjoying languages while acquiring them Also, awareness is important Acting, I didn't want to learn English and be good at it But because of my awareness about how people around the world are being connected, and how this language used in trading, I decided to learn it without hesitation brbrLoving and enjoying what you do, plus awareness, you can achieve your goals of learning languages
Comment from : Jacon Fitz Albeus

Simo Ox
How I understand English this my problem 😌😣😣
Comment from : Simo Ox

Minh Hieu
I love learning foreign languages In fact, I love it so much that I like to learn a new language every two years, currently working on my eighth one When people find that out about me, they always ask me, "How do you do that? What's your secret?" And to be honest, for many years, my answer would be, "I don't know I simply love learning languages" But people were never happy with that answer They wanted to know why they are spending years trying to learn even one language, never achieving fluency, and here I come, learning one language after another They wanted to know the secret of polyglots, people who speak a lot of languages And that made me wonder, too, how do actually other polyglots do it? What do we have in common? And what is it that enables us to learn languages so much faster than other people? I decided to meet other people like me and find that out
Comment from : Minh Hieu

Mu Mu
I can apply these methods and techniques in learning new languages like Python and JavaScript haha!
Comment from : Mu Mu

Tasnim Anjum
main matter is whatever you want to learn its totally depends on you depends on our dedications, if we are dedicated at something then we can easily find out our own methods which actually work for us honestly, i want to learn english i don't know theses grammars at all, i just want to be fluent in this language
Comment from : Tasnim Anjum

Akshay Kumar
You described really very well I got every single point and starting the journey to learn language right now!!brAlso, i think it's will help me in computer languages so, not far away, going to take a little sort of coffee and starting the 1st step
Comment from : Akshay Kumar

Milad Emjay
bI speak 8 languages with all the wrong accents difficult to understand/b
Comment from : Milad Emjay

Juan Álvarez
Thank you for sharing so refreshlng and positives thoughts
Comment from : Juan Álvarez

Vee Wisdom
i want to learn 7 languages! ( or more ) i’m speak english and i understand french and spanish but don’t speak them fluently!
Comment from : Vee Wisdom

Afjal Ahmed
I am from Bangladesh,i need English speaker who want to talk with,please Knock
Comment from : Afjal Ahmed

Why not try to learn Chinese?
Comment from : BAWANG LONGB

Sudipta Das
Comment from : Sudipta Das

Jim English
Comment from : Jim English

Omer Erdeniz
I write lyrics in Türkish and sometimes in Englis to all kind of musics like French , enstrumentalIn car as possible as fast , in room for resting
Comment from : Omer Erdeniz

9 Nurjannah
I'm from Indonesia, and still strugle speaking english fluently, because i have no friend to talk with, and my friend too shy to speak up in englishbrI'm taking English Department in universitybrIrony right?
Comment from : 9 Nurjannah

The Alperen
Nice passion
Comment from : The Alperen

Abhishek Jangra
It's always pleasure to see and hear other language lovers
Comment from : Abhishek Jangra

İ've been trying to learn Englishi am 15 years oldactually i understand in Englishbut i cannot talkwhen i try to speak englishi forget everything
Comment from : MrsPerfect

American Thoughts
Take risks and speak the language whenever you can)
Comment from : American Thoughts

Дмитрий Димак
You even can start to watch many videos about how to learn a new language in language which you want to lean And that's it)))
Comment from : Дмитрий Димак

Salim AlShati
i'm also interested in learning new languages , so far I can speak Arabic, English, and some French but what hinders me most is the great difference between the spoken and the written systems , do you have any recommentions
Comment from : Salim AlShati

Mohamed yassin Bakali
I totally love this video , because it's so helpful for biggeners and who want to learn a new languages , 🤩
Comment from : Mohamed yassin Bakali

Jose Casimiro
Excellent argument
Comment from : Jose Casimiro

Yasin Akyüz
Heyoo That's great bro Now I am looking a friend Who can know Englsih
Comment from : Yasin Akyüz

Nihal TÜRK
Exactly 1👋27
Comment from : Nihal TÜRK

Khanh Ha Ngoc Hoa
The macho raincoat sadly help because taste intracellularly love times a mellow bass opposite, domineering football
Comment from : Khanh Ha Ngoc Hoa

Andreea Tricolici
Comment from : Andreea Tricolici

Adkhambek Yashnarbekov
Thank you ! I learning english at this time
Comment from : Adkhambek Yashnarbekov

Arnoldo Soares
I speak 6 languages it s because we listen to others
Comment from : Arnoldo Soares

Akmaljon Zarifi
I am always told that make mistakes during conversations with foreigners but sometimes the foreigners prefer to laugh at me that's why I can't learn foreign languages
Comment from : Akmaljon Zarifi

Henry Thiago
I hope to help you learn English brB0: When learning anything you should learn from easy to difficult, like you are playing a game It helps fight boredom brAnother aspect I want to share with you, the shortest way to learn English: brB1: You should learn pronunciation first and how native speakers speak in different contexts brB2: Understanding pronunciation you understand how native speakers speak you will catch and hear, and speak along brB3: Applying grammar when listening, speaking and writing helps you to understand deeply and remember for a long time brB4: Be persistent, when you are bored and want to give up, go back to B0 and determine that conquering a foreign language costs a lot of time, The more difficult it is, the sweeter the results
Comment from : Henry Thiago

YouTube Commenter
Hi Lýdia, I wish you good learning in Swahili I need great fluency in Greek
Comment from : YouTube Commenter

E Crunky Llice
Now I have a great excuse to watch Money Heist as a academic reason:)
Comment from : E Crunky Llice

ich sprecht doeutch, je parle francious, me hindi bolti hoon, ami bangla bolte paari, I speak english
Comment from : hi

ueliton nascimento
I'm struggling to reach the fluence in English Unfortunately, I'm not able to get poliglot
Comment from : ueliton nascimento

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