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Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money

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Information Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money

Title :  Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money
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Frames Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money

Description Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money

Comments Bank of America Scam why can’t I withdraw money

V v
dam blacks really get good customer service anyone else would be laughed out of the building and have police called on them for even asking to get 10000 let alone 100000
Comment from : V v

HAE Narita park
I tried to withdraw 30,000$ In BOA Vegas strip They said they didn’t recognize my checking and when I showed them the truth they called security and escorted me out… I’ve done 40k withdrawals in NYC without a problem but in VGS???? They closed my account and it takes me 2 fucking weeks until I got my money and i got a 1,000$ fee? Bullshit and I’ve changed to chase bank
Comment from : HAE Narita park

Raj Kumar
How dumb are you to not realize that you gotta order that type of money a couple days in advanced
Comment from : Raj Kumar

Renzel Bey
fractional banking
Comment from : Renzel Bey

It aint ur money boy
Comment from : GreatVids

Methat lovesCats
That's what the $ truck does,it comes by to pick up alot of $ so it's not all in that bank They store it elsewhere so the bank can't get robbed
Comment from : Methat lovesCats

Comment from : Jibril

Yeah That's not how banks workbrbrFractional reserve
Comment from : E A

Kel Glo
Yea your stupid 😂 how you got that much money in your account and don’t know banks have to place an order for amounts that large
Comment from : Kel Glo

And you want it in cash
Comment from : marski

AG Sig
That much money, you need to call Banks don’t have large amts sitting in the vaults
Comment from : AG Sig

Chris Phister
This jackass really thinks banks are like in the movies with millions of dollars in a safe 😂😂😂
Comment from : Chris Phister

Cay Cay
I used to work at Bank of America as a teller and I can tell you right now that banks don’t carry infinite amounts of money in their vault like most people think lol… they aren’t designed to carry large sums of cash for security reasons brbrThat $100k was probably all the money they had in their vault for the day!
Comment from : Cay Cay

The idiot behind the camera sounds ignorant as hell He even saod he went through this last time I guess he didnt learn
Comment from : Candice

How do you have 100K in the bank and still not know what fractional reserve banking is??
Comment from : Shinobi

You have made money but you still don't understand how banks work No branch will give you 100k on the spot likat You need to call them and order in advance Because technically your 100k is not stored in a valt somewhere By law they are only supposed to keep 10 of customers deposits in cash and the rest they can lend it out to other customers like in the form of personal loans, credit cards and many other ways So your money is actually no longer in their hand When you want a large amount like that they have to go through a process in order to get it back and although they will give you your money, that process can take a few days It's a shitty system and I don't support it but it is how it is now Only congress can change that
Comment from : In2TheAction

ジPrinceJayジ Gaming
Banks don't give out that much money at once it must be ordered
Comment from : ジPrinceJayジ Gaming

Mark Holder
I'm still trying to figure out the real purpose of bank's other than a pyramid scheme really if you have enough to pull out 100k to pull out then buy a safe it's nuts if you think about it we work and then take our checks and instead of getting our money we give it to them which ultimately gives them the power over your money I'd rather have my cash than a plastic debit card
Comment from : Mark Holder

renegade rabbit
You should know that you have to put in a request for large amounts of cash No bank will be able to provide 100k in cash for walk-ins
Comment from : renegade rabbit

Enoch Gnosis
Banks are running out of cash … the bail ins has started
Comment from : Enoch Gnosis

Chris Connell
Look up "civil forfeiture" laws in the USA ANYONEA, let alone a minority man having a large sum of cash is a huge no-no in this country
Comment from : Chris Connell

WOJness 12
Yeah if i were gonna want that much cash id call ahead Wouldnt expect it same day
Comment from : WOJness 12

Chris Connell
Honestly, it's not a total scam because banks can't hold that amount of physical cash, however, I do find it crazy that the banks (in the USA) don't HAVE to have anything on hand at all
Comment from : Chris Connell

Joan Kamberaj
Scam? More like you should educate yourself
Comment from : Joan Kamberaj

It’s like you going to your car dealer asking them for 1,000 pair of tires for your car and expect them to have it in the back room!!
Comment from : RADRADOUANE

Elijah Campbell
I always come back to this video to see this idiot from time to time because there’s people who actually believe and think like this that you can just walk into a bank and ask for $100k like that and the bank is gonna have it Dumbass
Comment from : Elijah Campbell

jamill baker
What can’t you do with a cashier check that you can do with cash fuck he going to the strip club
Comment from : jamill baker

Comment from : 5iVE §†★R GENER∆L

Robert Loyale
You want to get in contact with the feds 😂
Comment from : Robert Loyale

The amount of people sticking up for corporate banks is hilarious
Comment from : SedateSix

Peter Rouse
Wouldn’t keep more than 250K in a single bank anyway after what we have seen both 2008/9 an just last week
Comment from : Peter Rouse

Peter Rouse
They did this to me for 10K
Comment from : Peter Rouse

Juicy Lips BySpirit
They can't just give you money because they got to have money to keep the bank running Yes you have to order the money
Comment from : Juicy Lips BySpirit

Luke Stone
They should have the cash they have 10 of all the ppl cash there
Comment from : Luke Stone

My money my rulesgive me my money
Comment from : BERSERK

Pearl Mack
Dude get a gripgotta wait till tuesdays
Comment from : Pearl Mack

Dawit Belay
I had someone check me for 10k once They gave me the money but I found it odd how they had to get it approved I waited a few minutes
Comment from : Dawit Belay

Hung Nguyen
The system is in place to control the masses and to track you Before 1971 they printed more dollar than they had really gold Now they don't even print enough of that paper to give you because they just print money by changing an excel sheet All these types of system collapses in about 50 years
Comment from : Hung Nguyen

Stephen Junior
For someone who has millions in his accounts, you should be well aware that banks NEVER have that high of an amount of hand Large bank franchises usually have no more than 100-200k on hand So even if they have enough on hand to give to you, they still need to be able to have cash available for other customers that are withdrawing smaller amounts
Comment from : Stephen Junior

Roberto Del Rosario
I've worked for 2 banks in the past, and yes, for a larger amount, you need to order it ahead of time Banks don't carry millions of dollars in their vault That would be dangerous as hell
Comment from : Roberto Del Rosario

you want quick access to your money like that you should probably build yourself your own vault at ur home like Scrooge McDuck style keep it close to you
Comment from : Hillshire

Spencer Royal
First mistake doing business with bank of america
Comment from : Spencer Royal

Sam Islam
this is not scam it happens everywhere in the world when you ask for a large amount of money you have to order that before some timebror you can withdraw the highest possible amount and withdraw from the other branches
Comment from : Sam Islam

Mike K
dude you are stuipd no bank has that much money on hand anymore because of robber
Comment from : Mike K

Temu with the deals 👀
Anybody that has a large some of money knows you have to order in advance 🙄🙄🙄
Comment from : Temu with the deals 👀

Rips offs brah
Comment from : Ash

MirKing 666
Americans have most scams bank systems in the world
Comment from : MirKing 666

Welcome to an entire country built on credit and debt (mostly debt since the government never likes to pay back it's debts and instead "extend the roof") This should be illegal I think the banks should be able to back every dollar with 15x Sadly a lot don't
Comment from : frackamaduk

cliff cox
Banks can't give that amount out at once If you take out big amounts, you know that You have to give them notice It's like ordering party platters You just can't order it and expect it at that moment,, They have to buy food and have time to prep it for you Banks have an allotted amount to use for NORMAL business daily Read the post of people who know this below
Comment from : cliff cox

Black Lyfe
Who in their right mind goes to the bank and withdraws 100k from a bank? That sounds like money laundering to me
Comment from : Black Lyfe

fino franco
Homie about to go put it all on black (roulette) 😂
Comment from : fino franco

FreeMan OnTheLand
Better think REALLY hard about continuing to use moneybrbrRecent change in regulations allow for banks to no longer keep ANY percentage of deposits on handbrbrThey are shrinking the cash supply, to usher in the centralized banking, digital currency control mechanism
Comment from : FreeMan OnTheLand

Calming Music
As a former bank teller, ( I worked as a teller for a little bit) There is NO retail bank ie Bank of America that is going to be able to accommodate a request like that on a short notice The movies will lead people to believe banks have millions of dollars at a retail bank and that is far from true The bank employees were correct in offering him a cashier's check
Comment from : Calming Music

fox mulder
LOL they don't have that much in the entire 🏦 Lol folks need to learn how the banking system works! AND WHEN THE SYSTEM CRASHES, THE FDIC ONLY HAS 1 OF THE 💰 TO COVER EVERYONE'S ACCOUNTS! AKA EVERYONE IS ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING THAT'S IN A 🏦🏧!
Comment from : fox mulder

Leo R
If you really have that much money with them, you know damn well you can't just go in there and get it You call ahead NO branch of any bank has that much cash on hand, NONE Don't be an ass Find better ways to get attention
Comment from : Leo R

James The eggplant
Tony you are an idiot there isn't 100k in cash in the bank
Comment from : James The eggplant

Planet of Robots
Sorry sir we don't see you have any money here, that account was closed 😬
Comment from : Planet of Robots

Damian Green
Now they're stealing money
Comment from : Damian Green

Marco Del Real
I'd do the same exact thing, because I've told myself numerous times that the banks rob us! Like rn I'm negative -$20 in my checkings when just a few hours ago when I got home I had money Then they want to try to show you all of these "processing" charges that make no sense because those are charges that have already been paid for They steal money from us for their own bullshit purposes then act like the people are stupid The banks are fucking thieves!
Comment from : Marco Del Real

Who actually uses cash nowadays 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : jaymeez

D S Drone
Dude I see where ur coming from but u should have done your research BEFORE putting your money in the bank If u know that ur gonna large amounts of cash on a days notice than u should either spread it around different banks in ur area (20k x 5 banks) OR just have your money put ur money in stable coins or sum to have instant liquidity whenever u need THIS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT! Don’t blame the banks for u not doing DD
Comment from : D S Drone

I've had this happen to me and it wasn't even that much money When they asked me why I wanted the money I told them it's for a Nigerian Princess that is being held hostage jk
Comment from : RarelyAccurate

Made in the USA
It’s funny how you can’t withdraw that amount of money in the bank, but they can send billions to another country in a instant
Comment from : Made in the USA

Bat Man
Bank of America is the worst bank in America I have filed a police report on them they wouldn't let me get any cash out for 90 days
Comment from : Bat Man

It’s not a scam! He also did not say you can’t have your money He said they don’t have that amount of money on hand It’s like that because of security reasons They ship the money out to mitigate risk They do not expect anyone in they’re right mind to come to the bank asking for 100k cash to walk around with
Comment from : gdice22

Edrian Cunanan
This dude ignorant
Comment from : Edrian Cunanan

Vicente Licerio
Blacks are always creating drama and show fuck outta here with ur ghetto ass money clown
Comment from : Vicente Licerio

It’s my money and I want it now 😂
Comment from : DarkskinTV

Aya Nguessan
It’s my money & I need it NOW wthhh??
Comment from : Aya Nguessan

Oliver Rabies
manager breathing heavy
Comment from : Oliver Rabies

Um im sorry sir but your money is only available for us to use and not for you We gave your money to someone else so we could profit from your hard work but if you want to make an appointment for next week we will steal another customer's Money and give that to you
Comment from : Slapnuts716

Billy BOB
I withdraw 250k It was simple call them ahead of time Banks don’t carry that kind of cash with them They have to put in an order It also depends on the branches size too
Comment from : Billy BOB

FTB Nation
0:28brThey think u Robbing
Comment from : FTB Nation

The Wolf
Black Americans clearly don’t even understand what a fractional banking system is and that they don’t have hundreds of thousands in cash to give out on demand They don’t understand the very basics of life It’s disgustingly pathetic And, the people in the comments that agree obviously have no idea how monetary systems work in America and have never studied past page 1 of a macroeconomics book YouTube has truly given a voice to the most incoherent members of society
Comment from : The Wolf

Team Liberty
Shame on bank of America They do not deserve to have that name How dare that manager say he can't walk around with cash That manager should be fired immediately It's his money bank of America give it to him
Comment from : Team Liberty

First-world problems
Comment from : NTEXHUNTER

FlapJacks & Syrup
He should be dealing with a private bank instead It doesn’t make sense to use a retail bank with that kind of money He’s screwing himself in the long run It’s not Bank of America that’s the issue here He’s using the wrong kind of bank
Comment from : FlapJacks & Syrup

Brandon Jones
Yeah I bet that order of cash would’ve came with 2 complementary 3 letter agents asking questions too…
Comment from : Brandon Jones

I get what the bank is saying I do, but I also agree more with Tony BOA is not a small institution Furthermore it's none of anyone's business if he wants to walk around with 100k cash or million cash It's his money you don't tell another grown man, "so your not walking with 100k cash I dont think he had a problemordering it, but it was a time issue Tony said it perfectly, " why can I not get it basically within 2 days A bank that big should be able to have it within 2 days
Comment from : Fross

Malik Frank
Tony didn’t understand how the process works he was wrong He didn’t understand that after his withdrawal the bank would have to close for a day or 2 until they get more cash brought in He thought they were denying him
Comment from : Malik Frank

RAL1980 Lawhorn
It’s the so your not walking around with $100,000 cash for me
Comment from : RAL1980 Lawhorn

RAL1980 Lawhorn
Shit citizens bank told me they couldn’t give me 8grand at one time 7 was the max cuz it’s a small branch My ass
Comment from : RAL1980 Lawhorn

Be professional and just call in advance next timebr save you the trip and headache,brbecause you can scream all you want,bryou still aint leaving with 100kbr LMAOOO
Comment from : BabyFace

EaSt ToNe
They ain’t got the money cuz they lending it out
Comment from : EaSt ToNe

Rachel Guyer
This is the scam of all banks They take your money and give it to others on the promise they will keep your money safe
Comment from : Rachel Guyer

T B Nice
I'm leaving their bank!
Comment from : T B Nice

Aaron• Highcloud
The thing is banks have changed a lot in the past 100 years…they take your money in and they loan it out…so that’s why they have to make orders for cash and such and to buy houses or what everI forgot what it is but it’s the true meaning of “The American Dream” and banks make that dream not you…
Comment from : Aaron• Highcloud

John Gibs
A lot of banks will tell you the same thing
Comment from : John Gibs

Signs Of The Times
The only logical person in this video was the financial senior manager Anyone who knows how banks work know that they don't have that much money available in hand, you have to order it If you want money like that readily available buy the best safe you can buy and safely store it there
Comment from : Signs Of The Times

E36 R98
Comment from : E36 R98

E36 R98
Comment from : E36 R98

Nophuc Yew😌
Fk these people bruh they’re fkn jealous as hell lol How do their women like them? 😂
Comment from : Nophuc Yew😌

turns out dude has -br2000 in the account
Comment from : Billabong_Matt

F*ck BOA racist a** holes
Comment from : Evie

This is ridiculous The day to day bullshit a black man has to go through is ridiculous!
Comment from : Evie

IT’S OUR TURN!!🙏🏽🙌🏾🙏🏽🙌🏾🙏🏽🙌🏾
Comment from : Evie

Stephanie Bernard
Our turn
Comment from : Stephanie Bernard

Brittany Farmer
Its our turn
Comment from : Brittany Farmer

Or get a AMEX Centurion card…you won’t have these problems
Comment from : PRETTYGIRL40

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