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Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents

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Information Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents

Title :  Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents
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Frames Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents

Description Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents

Comments Traveling with Gold u0026 Silver, Customs u0026 TSA agents

Promodh Sridhar
China the epidemic of the world
Comment from : Promodh Sridhar

Krubbe K
dudes in communist china complaining about the US having a corrupt government LMAO
Comment from : Krubbe K

Mark David
Are you kidding me? this guy needs to tell people Not to put precious metals in their checked bags?brGood bye
Comment from : Mark David

Mark David
lol that place looks Very Polluted get some glasses !
Comment from : Mark David

May the Schwarz be with you
People have gotten in a lot of trouble trying to claim face value for their coins
Comment from : May the Schwarz be with you

KGB Spy School
Let me slow that down Did you say one hundred ounces, lol
Comment from : KGB Spy School

David Dowling
There is still a lot of smog there wow
Comment from : David Dowling

Slym BOY
Hi sir is there any way I can contact you
Comment from : Slym BOY

Nick Jr Channel Bumpers
bReally/b , hiding gold and silver as to not declare it when entering a country?? This is straight up illegal, no matter what your reasoning is Do you really thing TSA (or another country's equivalent) will miss chunks of metal going through the scanner? And the custom forms ask you list the bvalue/b of the goods you are bringing into the country, trying to invent a lower number is illegal and will end up badly for you
Comment from : Nick Jr Channel Bumpers

Seek Bear
Lmao near perfect day I can see the smog FUCK U CHINA
Comment from : Seek Bear

Silver Flyer
Important Question: I’m living in China also and thinking of taking Gold and Silver home with me brWhat about exiting China with precious metals? brWhat are the laws here in PR China?
Comment from : Silver Flyer

Conor S
Isn’t it just easier to sell it in whatever country you’re in put the cash in your account, move and buy back in the country you’ve moved to Also, government has done plenty for people Don’t be one of those guys
Comment from : Conor S

Philippine Paradise chronicles
This is the most ridiculous vlog I’ve ever seen brbrTSA doesn’t care about how much gold or silver you got !brbrThere only looking for bombs,Guns,other weapons brbrI fly with gold and silver in bars,coins,jewelry all the time brAnd to many different countries and if they ask to check my carry on bag I just ask for private screening so everyone in the airport don’t know what I got brbrJust declare what you got to customs and no problems brbrWhen you try to get sneaky and conceal or hide stuff that’s when you get big problems !!brThat’s the RED FLAG and they can and Will seize your property for NOT declaring it
Comment from : Philippine Paradise chronicles

Kelly Wes Kirkconnell
i read these comments some people seem to be antagonistic to producers videos for no reason
Comment from : Kelly Wes Kirkconnell

I wore a 5 ounce Pamp bar around my neck and no one asked any questions at the airport TSA black lady wanted to know where she can buy one for her son I told her they sell them for 50 bucks in canal street

Silver eagles have a "Face Value" of $1 you can carry 9,999 of those and not have to declare them because it's not over the limit That's 9,999 OUNCES of silver It doesn't go by their value the silver, but by the " $1 face value " on it
Comment from : Awake

In Europe you can take €9999,99 to a other country,i am alway s traveling with gold between the Netherlands and TurkeyHave in two country s my metals
Comment from : TheOlddantucker

Wandering Wade
This video needs an update TSA agents are more intrusive
Comment from : Wandering Wade

Charlie W
Smuggling? Just cheak it
Comment from : Charlie W

You can bring in $10,000 USD In "monetary instruments" more than that you will have to declare or take the risk of getting it confiscated
Comment from : LiFeInMoTion

Jack Mcgregor
TSA has been caught stealing gold coins from passengers,these people are sneaky
Comment from : Jack Mcgregor

Open a goldmoneycom account Your deposit is converted to physical gold and stored by Brinks You can access it with a debit card, convert it back into USD and transferred to your checking account, or request delivery in gold
Comment from : chillywit

If you are carrying american eagles wouldn't they count the value vs spot rather than face value ($1 or $50)
Comment from : BreadAndGatorade

When this video was made you could have bought one Bitcoin for around $5 One Bitcoin is now worth $9700 and much easier to carry across a border too
Comment from : KonaChuck22

I think trying to state the value of your coins at face value at customs is asking for trouble, because the actual value of a US Silver eagle (with face value at $1) is actuallycurrently over $16 You don't think customs people know this? An employer in Las Vegas was paying his contract workers in US silver eagles (with face value at $1) I don't remember the details of the case but IRS busted him for tax evasion among other things
Comment from : KonaChuck22

Tony A
You can also carry a few coins in your pocket mixed with your change, especially if it appears circulated If they are marked with dollar values, again it is considered currency and is not out of your sight
Comment from : Tony A

Bill Rundell
TSA agents are very educated on PMbrUse PM mint coins of metal value under the $5000 limitbrUse credit cards for expenses and PM purchases
Comment from : Bill Rundell

Noorul Hasan Halwai
Waste of time
Comment from : Noorul Hasan Halwai

Michael Turner
so far yap yap
Comment from : Michael Turner

shoulda used bitcoin
Comment from : SEM

Dale Gooding
if you have problems wear the gold you will never have problems
Comment from : Dale Gooding

Dale Gooding
if you have problems wear the gold you will never have problems
Comment from : Dale Gooding

Silver Coin Valuer PRO
Sounds like you had less than $10k when you went through security (@ 4:18), so no need to even declare itTwo years ago I got stopped and questioned at LAX about the three 1oz gold Krugerrands I had on me (bought in LA) No issues, but was kinda intimidating There's some good info here:br preciousmetaltaxcom/transporting-metals-internationally/brbralso, try one of my silver coin valuer apps next time!br playgooglecom/store/apps/details?id=comsilvercoinvaluerprobr itunesapplecom/us/app/silver-coin-valuer-pro/id1191174036
Comment from : Silver Coin Valuer PRO

Stirling Greer
bpanning around what appears to be a dark and gloomy Pripyat/b "It's a beautiful spring day"
Comment from : Stirling Greer

R Smitdog
Why not just mail it to the states ? insure it of course
Comment from : R Smitdog

David Lane
Please, I need an answer ASAP! I made my girlfriend's engagement ring and plan on proposing this Friday I'm from England but my gf is in America and I fly out on Thursday to make my proposal The ring is very valuable (somewhere in the region of $13000) and I'd like to know how much I'll end up paying in Tax if indeed I do need to pay tax Thanks
Comment from : David Lane

Thx for this informative video! You live in a really nice part of China :) The houses look quite German though :D brCheers!
Comment from : Lippo187

Dr Who
Why would you even suggest that TSA staff are stupid??? They will have everything at thier disposal to establish the price and value of just about anything you're carrying Only a fool underestimates the opposition
Comment from : Dr Who

Debi Sovelet
I took 16 oz of God and turned them into Jewelry, increased their value by 1000 [get a good, well known jeweler] and i wore it through customs - doesnt even show up on the scanner
Comment from : Debi Sovelet

I can only speak for US authorities You do not have to declare gold unless it is currency Pamp Suisse type bars are not currency brbrIf you have gold that is for COMMERCIAL, not personal use, then you DO have to declarebrbrOnly the face value of gold not the gold content value is counted in the 10,000 USD reporting thresholdbrbrEach country has different laws and rules about gold importation The US is rather lenient unless it is currency then it is rather strict
Comment from : ContrarianExpatriate

what is this bullshit about 5000 dollars max?   i can use the atm anywhere around the world  does that mean i have to fucking declare my pincard when i have more then 5000 dollars on my bank account   seriously some of these laws are so damn retarded  WHY would anyone take more then 5000 dollars in money with them  just fucking use the atm machine once you get there
Comment from : attack125

50 grams is 2 ounces?   can you private message me?  i'd like to sell my precious metals to you
Comment from : attack125

Richards World Traveler
Your best bet is to use gold coins that are denominated as a currency such as the $50 Gold Eagle coins, or Canadian $50 gold maples It is a rule that that counts as currency
Comment from : Richards World Traveler

Face the Sky
I want to move with me 16 oz bars and about 150 oz of canada silver $5 through Canada, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Bhutan, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Rajahmundry, back to Darjeeling and possibly permanent Bhutan SUGGeSTIONS?
Comment from : Face the Sky

Rodriguez Chavez
that look like England
Comment from : Rodriguez Chavez

Jason Roth
Gold coins are allowed into the country tax free
Comment from : Jason Roth

Sooner Science Nerd
what about junk silver,for silver dimes,foreign, US?broff topic question- what about medications, in a carry-on bag?brthanks for the info!
Comment from : Sooner Science Nerd

cMadusanka serasinghe Cristoper
how many gm gold can we bring normaly
Comment from : cMadusanka serasinghe Cristoper

Rubico Ybarra
Hey guys I live in china now and I have gold which i am planning to move abroad and it's more than USD5,000 what documents do i need to present in customs to declare the gold or what would be the best way to take it out? Thanks in advance guys
Comment from : Rubico Ybarra

Doctor Euge
It's called "face value"
Comment from : Doctor Euge

Rosanna Rossi
Comment from : Rosanna Rossi

why take the risk? why not just sell your gold or silver here in the states and buy it back again in China? The price is global the risk is none unless you get in an accident on the way to the coin shop
Comment from : pandarama67

Btw, Chinese cops were more interested in my portable hard drives and flash drives Didn't bat an eyelash at the PM in my carry ons
Comment from : BeaufortNinja

When I moved back from China to the usa last month I had 4 oz I silver and about 30g of gold I just said on the customs declaration that I had souvenirs and personal effects I had so much stuff, a pet crate, baby in a stroller, and two carts loaded with bags Cops didn't bother us
Comment from : BeaufortNinja

Comment from : 陳某人

Dean Mohamed
Bro, its not wise to own and hold gold or silver while travelling Just rent a safe deposit box and lock them there Unless you are in the States, gold is abundant there already from pawn shows to gold dealers in every state
Comment from : Dean Mohamed

Ashok the Viking
Dude, you're an idiot If the gold is legal tender, (government issued with face value), its considered money at the face value There is no duty I have taken coins back and forth from Europe, declaring everything to the TSA and Customs, showing them the regulations for legal tender They were very cordial and nice about it Jewlery and Bullion gold can be subject to taxes depending on the country, but not in the USA, where its considered a raw material
Comment from : Ashok the Viking

hevitra vaovao
Clearasvodka, Waht about raw gold less than 100g but more than 50gram?? What if I don't wanna declare it?? Thanks
Comment from : hevitra vaovao

Just stick it in your carry on & move on Don't take a whole lot and they won't say anything The TSA is just trying to push everyone through as fast as possible They don't question it Otherwise, ship it ups w/ insurance Again, not to much at any one time
Comment from : socalsilver

How can that be a perfect day??? Look at all that air pollution!!!!!!
Comment from : CSIDecon

50 gramm are not 2 ounces 1 ounce is 31,1 gramm (311gramm)
Comment from : CaptainAssbeard

Can I travel with around 1 kilo of gold with me?
Comment from : Abulbsl

Frank Amado
What if you're carrying your gold to another country to put into a secure storage facility? Does that have any bearing on the situation?
Comment from : Frank Amado

Warhawk USN
lol, I worked for the FAA and with TSA; I'll tell you this  They don't care if you are bring in small amounts of gold or silver  They only care about large amounts  FYI  There are sensors in the airports that detect your money, radiation, and rare metals  I have seen people get stopped just for having heart medicine because it sets off the sensors  Or people trying to bring in money in large amounts of money they did not declare thinking it was not tracked  Small amounts of gold and silver no problem  Good luck bringing in large amounts though
Comment from : Warhawk USN

justin case
eat 3 or 4 dozen 1/20  gold coins
Comment from : justin case

Link Knight
over here in australia we have 1oz gold coins with the queens head and "australia, queen elizabeth II, 100 dollars" on one side so I could claim i was bringing in $1000 and take in 10oz of gold we don't have silver coins with a gov denomination value on them which is kind of odd coz many governments will have both silver coins AND gold coins, but for whatever reason, ours only has gold!
Comment from : Link Knight

If you're travelling to and from Australia, Gold & Silver are completely tax free and can carry as much as you want in and out of Australia
Comment from : DoubleZero

Tons of smog
Comment from : gbvoul

This is a very interesting video I travel internationally a lot My experience is, when in doubt, declare it! That being said, gold and silver coins with a face value can be declared at face value Seldom would anyone carry large enough quantities of bullion that it would be an issue So, worse case scenario, declare it at market value You would be surprised how many people carry $10 thousand in cash or equivalent and declare it with no problem It is only illegal NOT to declare it and there is no tax on cash Then again, if it is cash, just bank wire it Cheap, easy, and secure
Comment from : databaseexpert

vodka,, they cant take coins from you ok, its legal tender ,, bars are regarded s bullion youll be charged a TAX, don't tell them ANYTHING, till you HAVE to,
Comment from : LORD DOBBY king

Trent Hills
They put the nominal face value on gold and silver coins so they can pass through borders Best way to bring home gold and silver is to mail it via ups or FedEx
Comment from : Trent Hills

Feta Cheese
how about if you take a cruise there? there's no TSA at the boats right?
Comment from : Feta Cheese

how to move silver from the us to china? sell silver for bitcoin in us, sell bitcoin for silver in china tada
Comment from : xcvsdxvsx

Why not Bitcoin?
Comment from : Anonybadger

USSA-United States of Soviet America?:D
Comment from : karwane1

Bob Kemper
I was wondering how many U S Dollars it takes to buy a 1 oz Panda while in china?
Comment from : Bob Kemper

thanks! nice video i just uploaded a video of my newly purchased silver and gold
Comment from : Fancy Farm OFFICIAL

Nid Styles
You'll get over it If not, that is your problem
Comment from : Nid Styles

Nid Styles
Go fuck yourself?
Comment from : Nid Styles

Well that just sucks! You have to learn how to transport your own property like a drug dealer We live in a world ran by criminals Just sad
Comment from : JohnPavilonis

No it is not Chinese law prohibits ALL gold & silver products from being shipped outside the country They open everything and check I have already tried this There is no easy and simple way like UPS to get it done And, you risk getting your goods stolen or confiscated by the Chinese employees at FedEx & UPS
Comment from : clearasvodka

It's easier to ship via FedEx or UPS and insure it
Comment from : JohnPavilonis

Nid Styles
I have never had to declare anything and I travel often
Comment from : Nid Styles

man tan
Did you know that Homeland Security, the police, and other officials can go to your home and steal all your gold, silver, guns, food… don't believe me… Just look at what happened in New Orleans during after Hurricane Katrina The police, national Guards, politicians went door to door taking guns, gold , silver, food away from ordinary people…
Comment from : man tan

man tan
Just buy your gold and silver inside United States and you do not have to put up with that TSA homeland security non sense
Comment from : man tan

Slap 10x 10kg lunar silver coins on the TSA agents desk Claim as 3000 USD Look on the TSA agents face Priceless
Comment from : Sheograthkiller

exactly the same way as before - for transferring money through the borders, as I explained here time & again Now, go & ask people in Argentina, Cyprus (soon to be other places), how transferring gold, silver, or even paper cash or even their plastic credit cards over their borders works for them
Comment from : michbushi

Emory Dean
How are those bitcoins workin' for ya?
Comment from : Emory Dean

Patty Queques
Is money your only issue? I mean, for me it is job, family Better question, where could you go and get more freedom? You may get different kinds of freedom, and ones that you value more, but a limited government you will not find
Comment from : Patty Queques

what are your thoughts on the ATB 5oz silver coins legal denomination 025 (so a quarter dollar) but would exceeds that 50 gram level? but it is not jewelry, its legal tender, so would it fly? bc at 25 cents per every 5 oz coin, you could move A LOT of metal, duty free
Comment from : TheDragonflyDoji

It doesn't take that much to leave look into it lots are doing it now,you can do it as a student, as a farmworker or nanny or WWOOFer world wide & just pay your ticket then figure the adventure out, anywhere is going to be better than in a FEMA work camp which is the plan for most-those who remain won't be having much fun under martial law, Country & Nature are the safest & most peaceful beautiful possibility when TSHTF Away from the big cities drones, tanks, MicroChip, check pt reality Leave
Comment from : KoruEcoSpa

Actually it is people like him who know their stuff and can stand their own and know their rights and march on through obviously in their face are the ones that get through it is those who are fearful and hide and cower under the jackboot they try to put on one's throat Don't have to Get in their face just stand tall & own your rights & they sense it & know to let you pass, they are bullies & feed on those who r afraid So stop with compliance & act FREE if you want to be treated as FREE PEACE
Comment from : KoruEcoSpa

IT can work in your favor face value vs metal value that is A solid silver 5 dollar coin is just that legal tender a five dollar coin and so that is good in this case You just have to be careful as to what you purchase re technical loop holes
Comment from : KoruEcoSpa

oh and lastly, "travelling around the world" myself, I can tell you, that without a shadow of doubt, US customs and TSA are the most fascist, totalitarian experiences, that I've ever had Luckily, I do not go there too often But I would certainly NOT advise anyone to do something against their guidelines - fuck, even being WITHIN their guidelines, but out of ordinary, is enough to give you big hassle Like I said, I prefer hassle-free, when dealing with them Just don't ill-advise others, man
Comment from : michbushi

()unless you prefer to write all these CAPITAL LETTERS EXCLAMATIONS, in the letters to your adequate branch of customs office, foaming at them, how BAD, BAD and UNFAIR they are, and give me my metals back!!! And they will laugh at you, all the way to the court If you are prepared to sue them And MAYBE, you will be able to win, because indeed, it seems their own department rules are against legal tender laws MAYBE Good luck with that
Comment from : michbushi

() it is because PMs are rather uncommon, and I'd say most of customs officers are probably oblivious to the fact But it might change any day with one memo, or you might croos one who actually knows his department's rules in that regard, and YOU have a problem - unless YOU prove your innocent I prefer bitcoins on my thumbdrive, for such a purpose And before you foam yourself too much at mouth, yes, I do own silver, and gold, yes it is majority of my savings I do not need to wake up-you do
Comment from : michbushi

cash & precious metals, is the same in that government agency declares at a whim the rules regarding them, that you have to obey, and you have to obey, unless you are prepared to fight them, on their own turf, on their own terms - which puts you in a direct disadvantage And it happens all over the US So if they decree that you have to declare metal value of coins, not face value, that is what you have to obey, or face the (possible) consequences I agree it is quite possible to do, but it (
Comment from : michbushi

Muppet? How is CASH (paper dollars), the same a precious metals? Do tell?! TWO TOTALLY different assets that you fail to understand I've traveled all over the world with precious mtals and have had NO ISSUES If we take your advice, everyone will be slaves WAKE UP MAN! Understand what you are saying I've lived what I am talking about so I know And you? Where is your reality? Experiences with what the video is about? Get real
Comment from : clearasvodka

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