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How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?

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Information How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?

Title :  How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?
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Frames How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?

Description How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?

Comments How to identify cleaned coins. Is your coin cleaned and should you clean it?

E Z est Easiest DUH
Comment from : EQ3Q

Natural Illusion
Quick question, as I am really a novice when it comes to coins I have 2 1964 Kennedy half dollars One is mirror-like and pretty clean with the accented hair so I can pick up the details However, the other is so dirty I can't really tell if it is anything special as the detail is hidden by the dirt Should I try cleaning it or just leave it? What would be the best solution to clean it if that is an option? Thanks
Comment from : Natural Illusion

handduggrave420 rdr2online
My very first Morgan I found in a house I cleaned for a few reasons 1 it wasn't a semi or key date 2 it was damaged already and 3 I found it under rotten chicken bones that sat there for years and had a black tone to it and I thought it was disgusting
Comment from : handduggrave420 rdr2online

Thank you for the experiment and a clear understanding! No hate here! ❤
Comment from : FLAT BLACK BANANA

Is gently using a pencil eraser ok?
Comment from : TheGrandLevel

Justin Taylor
I have zero reservation In buying cleaned coins You get a beautiful coin cheaper I don't collect for the value, I collect for the history
Comment from : Justin Taylor

Anthony Garcia
Great Video, Yes Never Clean Your Coins By Dipping But Things Such As Your Troy Piece's Are Different And Not Gonna Lose It's Value 🤘 * MybrOpinion * 😇
Comment from : Anthony Garcia

Akdu Said
Comment from : Akdu Said

If cleaned coins are problem coins why do even dealers sell them, which they all do??
Comment from : charles

Are the coins you said it would be ok to clean considered problem coins afterwards, should they have been cleaned or melted???? If it looks really bad do you just throw it away, or melt them, or IMPROVE them by correctly cleaning them, Then everyone calls them problems!!! I have cleaned coins that are most beautiful and would have never been able to afford uncleaned ones, I do not considered problems at all!!!! Thanks Much!!!!
Comment from : charles

Where you held it is still icky They should have a drinkable basket type dip method I have a silver coin with really ugly toning/corosion that I would love to dip
Comment from : heidigib01

Anna Johnson
I want to get silver but am afraid that the dealer will burn me because I don't know what to look for other than maple dollars and dimes like Kennedy and liberty dollar What else can you tell me to buy and what year if new is real silver and if so why not go to a bank and get it
Comment from : Anna Johnson

Space Fury
The green on that large cent is the oxidation from being in the ground Most likely found metal detecting in an park where the soil was highly mineralized
Comment from : Space Fury

donald person
The best way is to use ammonia and a sonic cleaner it’s not acidic and won’t damage the coin
Comment from : donald person

Rodney Gomez
I'm sorry but I clean my coins so I can see all details but I never use anything that will scratch it espically when they are really dirty
Comment from : Rodney Gomez

cmon man!
Comment from : paddypointhound

Milwaukie Dan
It’s all subjective and often times used as a tool to pay 1/3-1/2 of its real value Once the own it… their asking price is increased
Comment from : Milwaukie Dan

Justin Brooks
From the UK here When I was a kid my nan used to give me lots of copper 1p's and 2p's They were all dark brown and sometimes green We just got a bottle of malt vinegar,dropped the coins in for a few minutes,then rubbed off the coin and they were all nice and shiny like the dragon coin there! I much preferred to have shiny coins than grotty old brown and green ones! 👍
Comment from : Justin Brooks

Will Weed
I have to agree with the man Everything has probably been cleaned and grading is definitely subjective
Comment from : Will Weed

My owns a coin shop in North Carolina
Comment from : Starburst

I have A error on dime It’s so noticeable can I send picture if your interested
Comment from : Theresa

Steve Nohr
I always use a soft Rag to wipe my finger oils & other stuff off my Coins before I put in a mylar coin flip Is this considered cleaning a coin, & does it lower the price
Comment from : Steve Nohr

I'm a little late to this party I see at my LCS, they dip coins on the reg One place for sure they have a chest of shillings and pennys on the counter for the kids at like 6 for a dollar Those coins are always brilliant copper and obviously dipped They sell lots of dipped and polished Morgan's and peace dollars, often times at a premium So, as much as "cleaned" coins may be frowned upon, there's still very much a market for them
Comment from : W1NGXER0

With ancient coins you often have to clean 1500 years of crud off There are videos about how to do it right
Comment from : emcee

Jeff Danelek
I'm curious as to whether a cleaned coin that eventually returns to its original toned state is then no longer considered "cleaned" I'm thinking if a coin dealer back in the 1920s dipped some coins to make them more presentable, if those same coins would still be considered to have been cleaned a century later? It seems like there should be some statute of limitations in play here
Comment from : Jeff Danelek

I only recently got into collecting Morgans and I prefer toned coins, not shiny
Comment from : draksig

Ted Smith
Hello from the great state of Michigan
Comment from : Ted Smith

Robert Virnig
I don't agree that cleaned coins should take such a severe drop in value, especially those cases where the "damage" is so subtle that most people can't even tell for sure whether the coin was cleaned or not The fact that the major grading services consider them totally ungradeable seems ridiculous to me as the coin is not really damaged in any material way I have no problem with the cleaning being noted on the holder along with the grade though Wizzed coins are another story, these are obviously clearly damaged with part of the coin removed
Comment from : Robert Virnig

eric jones ewok rogue ip2
Yo all my Penny's are coroded and pure white I can't even see anything can I clean them or what
Comment from : eric jones ewok rogue ip2

Michael Bay
Why would you want dirty coins?
Comment from : Michael Bay

It's the acidic vinegar in the ketchup that is the active ingredient
Comment from : Coroa

Die Maschine
This is something i will never understand about coins Why is it so bad to clean up a coin? Only reason i see is rich people who can afford proof sets or buy directly from the mint want to control the market The coin grading companies are controlled by these same people who want to keep themselves on top If i find a great condition 1904 wheat cent that was dropped basically new but over the centuries got a bunch of crust obscuring some of the fine details So i clean it without damaging the natural tarnish and snobs like this will slap a cleaned grade on it and chop its value in half But if they or one of their snob friends get one and clean it they call it restored if they even do that and save its value These are the same as fools who walk around with the stickers still on their hats to act like they are still new and better than you
Comment from : Die Maschine

Anthony Neal
Thank you Thank you Thank you I needed this information
Comment from : Anthony Neal

Shaggy Rogers
I inherited my great uncle's coin collection that was stored in those old late 70's PVC books, and they were all inside a rusty metal lock box in his basement There was mold and lots of that nasty green oxidizing I only used a small amount of soap and water, a soft bristle tooth brush, and q-tips to clean them because they had to be preserved brCoin collecting was our shared hobby He brought me hundreds of world coins as a kid and started my state quarter collection I was so excited to show him my first constitutional silver from my first coin show, but I never got to see the amazing collection in the lock box until he passed brIt took me many hours; days even to get through the collection Some things were unsalvageable I don't know if that cleaner was on the market 15 years ago, but I wasn't about to use Brasso There are definitely some cases where cleaning is absolutely necessary in order to preserve the coins I absolutely hated that I had to clean every single coin, but I couldn't reasonably store mold in my home Aside from the copper oxidization, which inevitably would have taken over the coin There were some I wasn't able to get certain staining off of I may have a go with some E Zest As long as they're not key dates, I would like to try to put my mind at ease to save some of the older copper from continuing to corrode One of the most atrocious coins was a couple of rolls of steel pennies They never looked like steel pennies again, well, because of rust I'm getting excited to look through my collection again soon when I get it out of the safety deposit box! I was able to get the other 3-cent piece variation that he didn't have in his collection (gifted from a friend a few x-mases ago) I'm sure we would have geeked out over that one! brMy Great Uncle Louis was like the grandfather I never had He was a unique, eclectic, hard-working man, and a lifelong volunteer firefighter I always looked up to (even though he couldn't pronounce my name correctly), lol I know he would be proud that I have continued his collection I bought some new books, and I'm still searching for one Franklin Half to complete that set and a couple of Walking Liberty halves brHe is truly missed by many I am blessed to have had him as a grandfather figure brCheers, and thanks for the video! You just brought back so many wonderful memories for me, and for that; I thank you!
Comment from : Shaggy Rogers

Joseph Mitchell
The dragon round looks more like copper than silver, which that series came in both silver and copper but maybe the artificial toning is stubborn? I’ve used simple solutions from most household products, aluminum foil with salt and baking soda with warm water works amazing
Comment from : Joseph Mitchell

Emil Phoryew
I want that owl clock, so cute and crafty looking!
Comment from : Emil Phoryew

jack christensen
The silver bar envelope was pvc
Comment from : jack christensen

Barry Lell
This is funny they always tell you to never clean your coins yet many dealers sell this cleaner and they use it themselves I have an 1870 Seated dollar in AU/UNC condition I've had for 50 years I took it to a local shop and they said it was probably cleaned I said not since I have had it The shop owner said well maybe it was cleaned 100 years ago Yea right People weren't into cleaning their coins 100 years ago I know dealers do it all the time Common stop telling people Your coin has been cleaned when they do it themselves Not that cleaning{ dipping} is bad but only when a coin is in mint state or AU condition We know many people use abrasive cleaners which is a no no Occasionally I use Goddard's Silver dip which I find is the best
Comment from : Barry Lell

Jared White
I have a 1941 D nickel I found in pocket change What’s it’s worth?
Comment from : Jared White

Jared White
Ultra sonic clean them No coin dealer will ever know
Comment from : Jared White

Parrots and More
18 Mins in, there is still tarnish because you were holding it in the solution with your finger, you have to turn it so it can clean the part your finger was on
Comment from : Parrots and More

Parrots and More
I just cleaned my 1891 coin 😢😢, but I gotta say it look beautiful now!
Comment from : Parrots and More

Marty Parsons
Very cool video, thank you! Shouldn't the coin be put into something to neutralize the acid before rinsing with fresh water?
Comment from : Marty Parsons

Robert Fannon
Alcohol also works well especially on Silver coins
Comment from : Robert Fannon

The Devil Has Diabetes
I’ve been collecting and I appreciate a properly cleaned coin
Comment from : The Devil Has Diabetes

Orlando Minichiello
Agree don't collect copper, too easy to spot etc
Comment from : Orlando Minichiello

Jerry Agonoy
Hi my name is jerry,my question is do i need to clean the dirty coins before i sell it
Comment from : Jerry Agonoy

Veteran Metals
This video answered a lot of questions I've had 🙏💯🔥
Comment from : Veteran Metals

Lookup 551 solution
Comment from : shadow4280

robin traina
Cool , I believe cleaning to a certain extent should be in allowable degrees?
Comment from : robin traina

Carl Womersley
How come every vidios extras is in a different language m8
Comment from : Carl Womersley

Carl Womersley
Silver cleaner don't ruin any coin if its knackered it don't matter mate
Comment from : Carl Womersley

Old Currency Man
Wow I Leaned a lot in this video
Comment from : Old Currency Man

ICU Looking
I found an Indian Head Penny, last year made and I took it to a local coin shop and they basically told me they wouldn't buy it it wasn't really worth anything I went online and found some of them for about $5 It said it will always be worth something because halfway during the last year they switched to the Lincoln head penny I took some mother's mag and polished it not to mirror finish but got rid of the patina Somebody's probably going to tell me they're worth more and that was the stupid thing to do Oh and it's pronounced Cen-TAV-os which is Spanish for cents
Comment from : ICU Looking

knut blume
The cleaning: All your waste ends up in the big container Not good copper, silver waste mix I take out a litte and save the liquid after processing silver for copper in a second jar for a later session And I don´t use acid anymore The copper goes crazy after this and the silver result is not good The surface is effected Have you tried acid free "Conservo" coin cleaning liquid? It´s a highly specialized product I swear by it
Comment from : knut blume

Moonbeam 87 / Jack Kelly
It's only a Model SH
Comment from : Moonbeam 87 / Jack Kelly

Would a dry ice blaster work?
Comment from : J T

I thought the silver bar came out the best Unlike a collectible coin a dipped silver bar probably wouldn't bother me
Comment from : M N

Evil Sharkey
I think the faster tarnishing is true These dips work by chemically turning the silver tarnish back into silver It’s how Tarn X works and the old “baking soda, hot water, and aluminum foil” method works You can tell the reaction is working because of the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) stench being releasedbrbrWhen silver tarnishes, the tarnish has a different crystal structure than the metal, and when it turns back to silver, it retains that modified structure It doesn’t revert back into neatly stamped, polished, or plated metal That new structure has a higher surface area than the original metal, and more surface area means more places for chemicals to attack, aka tarnish brbrA dead giveaway that silver has been chemically dipped is a matte, white luster in the areas of heavier tarnish, like in the nooks and crannies On silverware and hollowware, you follow any dip with polishing to smooth it out and bring back the shine Any white areas that you can’t reach to polish will tarnish again fairly quickly It’s why I don’t buy new silver jewelry that’s too weird shaped to polish and/or won’t look good with black tarnish in the books and crannies Silver jewelry that’s not smooth is a recipe for future ugliness
Comment from : Evil Sharkey

Julie Bennett
I was given a bag of wheat Pennies but they were all covered in gunk too so I rinsed them with dish soap and they came out with purple and blue hews and toning Is that bad?
Comment from : Julie Bennett

I can't see anything on my penny Can I use hot water and dish detergent?
Comment from : Mont

Jade Tarawa
Just a question, why would one not clean coins, is the dirt and scum from from handling coins valuable?
Comment from : Jade Tarawa

Michael Looney
Why do all you Americans use that 'slabbing' (Plastic Coffin) crap? All they are, is a poor excuse for ripping you guys off with their FANTASY grading In the real world, if a coin is in top Mint State, the correct grading is BU! I've heard they 'grade' each coin for between $30 and $50, is that correct? If so, they are making a hell of a lot of money out of a hell of a lot of dupable people Even on this video, you are trying to look at the coins THROUGH the plastic - how can that be accurate?? I wouldn't pay a penny for that kind of service
Comment from : Michael Looney

Peter Haynes
Great informative video, Thank you Sir
Comment from : Peter Haynes

Hlo Sir no complete coin clean but sorry
Comment from : 01error,coin

Tom Hale
I have about 40 steel pennies 43 the person who was holding them didn’t really take good care of it they’re oxidized you can hardly read anything on how do I deal with that
Comment from : Tom Hale

Katrina Carson
Yes it should be told
Comment from : Katrina Carson

I don’t think numismatic coins should be cleaned or dipped unless doing so is absolutely necessary to keep them from degrading like the green copper piece coin guy showed If a coin has been cleaned or dipped the seller should definitely let it be known before selling it
Comment from : GunSperg

Have you tried hot sauce? If ketchup works, my bet is hot sauce works wonders I might try it myself Tabasco? Sriracha?
Comment from : Brushstroke

Ron Freitas
Ketchup has vinegar in it that's why
Comment from : Ron Freitas

SpegTacular, was thinking of using this for just cleaning & look purposes for my coin album coins any thoughts? I dont want to damage the coins, but would like them to look a little better as they will sit in the albums for years Thanks for any feedback
Comment from : ComicBookRobb

Sergio Ortega
Hi good day you know father I have a piece The first coin minted in the US it is more are two currencies from the year 1700 to 1720 but if it is dirty do you think I should clean it like you in this video either I leave them as they are, they are not damaged, it is just the dirt of time Greetings from Connecticut USA
Comment from : Sergio Ortega

Bdog 711
Very cool info Thx 👍🏼brId love to buy the 1oz silver bar from you as it’s a significant year to me
Comment from : Bdog 711

I believe back in the day a lot of coins was more rare because a person had to travel so far & wide to find that coin , Now days most people just get on the internet & find what we need , What's that do to $ price & That 1794 Silver Dollar that The Coin Guy is looking for , It can be found right on eBay
Comment from : sandman_732

William Hearn
I think cleaning bullion coins and bars is fine I wouldn't use any kind of acids though There is a method of cleaning using aluminum foil, warm water and baking soda that works well without causing damage Don't clean currency though because it will reduce the value Having a nice patina on your silver dollars is desirable
Comment from : William Hearn

Allen Johnson
Word of the day WHIZZED I love it
Comment from : Allen Johnson

Coin Show
i like this guy!🤩 brnice vid to 👏
Comment from : Coin Show

Organic Honey
One time when I filtering my honey some honey spilled on some coin's then I wiped off the honey with a micro towel and I couldn't believe how clean the coins came out Something in the honey did a great job found out by accident I don't clean my coins at all so I tried on just some other junk pennies and they came clean to Plus it doesn't put scratches on them
Comment from : Organic Honey

Craig Bosko
Cleaning a coin is a SIN!
Comment from : Craig Bosko

Mr Gigi
Being made of metal, in my opinion, coins should not be cleaned, but greasedbrWithout grease, metal corrodes
Comment from : Mr Gigi

Probably be smarter to dip it for less time and if it doesn't work give it for another 3 seconds maybe 3 seconds each time because you would rather under do it than overdo it
Comment from : LazyboyLarry

The coin that you toned with an egg actually look pretty good in that color giving the subject matter of there being a dragon on it I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Comment from : LazyboyLarry

Michael Martin
1973 is my birth year!
Comment from : Michael Martin

Benigno Rivera
You need to experiment with white vinegar white vinegar is good on copper
Comment from : Benigno Rivera

David jeffers
Sometimes a really rare coin is found and the last guy had it stuck to the bottom to his car cup holder I would think this process is much less harmful than abrasives or other alternatives Sometimes a coin is cleaned not to deceive others, but to be enjoyed in its best form
Comment from : David jeffers

Shaun Corless
1sy rule don't clean 2 rule don't even think of cleaning ,your cleaning value of them especially a collectable coin ,👍
Comment from : Shaun Corless

julio l
I have a few 1964 half dollar 90 percent silver I would like to know if I have that coin worth some money how do I check them
Comment from : julio l

Pokémon cards
I’m 11 and I have some coins that are old but not under 1930 I have a nice collection and I also collect Pokémon cards
Comment from : Pokémon cards

shakedown2u2 da buffman773
I'll buy your clean coins 🪙 and I'll restore them
Comment from : shakedown2u2 da buffman773

Just one more hit, might do the trick! - Oooo - That smell Can't you smell that 😂😘🐥🙆
Comment from : Goldcic

Mike  Dixon
What would happen if you added a third bowl of water with dissolved baking soda to first dip the coin in to help neutralize the acid and then rinse wist water Sorry I just found this vid a year after the making I’m trying to find a way to clean coins that I have dug out of the ground Thanks
Comment from : Mike Dixon

Barry Lell
I use Goddards Silver dip Works must better than E Zest
Comment from : Barry Lell

Adam Marano
If the coin isn't damaged, then why would it matter if it is dipped/cleaned? Is it a matter of false advertising (upping a coins grade when it isn't actually as pristine as it appears now) ? And if that isn't the issue, then what IS wrong with cleaning a coin if no harm came to it?
Comment from : Adam Marano

Adam Hampton
I guess the same could be said about your significant other on a date Do you think it would be fair to tell you that they've had a lift or a tuck or a reduction or enlargement, or gender change before you get too serious in the relationship? I think it needs to be disclosed with the coin community if you're in any way altering the coin If this was a classic car and you did a restoration or a rebuild, it should also be disclosed when you sell it or take it to the auction or competitions Sure, it can still be sold, but it should be said up front that it went through a cleaning/restoration process I would even ask for them to properly document the original condition before the restoration/renovation, and then the condition afterwards
Comment from : Adam Hampton

Numismatic Stacker
That solution you're using will ruin copper
Comment from : Numismatic Stacker

Derek Bueckert
ive never done it but unless it is a very valuable coin I don't care if people clean coins
Comment from : Derek Bueckert

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