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Title :  Fake Silver Coin How to Tell
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Comments Fake Silver Coin How to Tell

Ray Mings
buy from bullion place and you will not get riped!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Ray Mings

Mike Kelly
Even if it was $15 per ounce the RED flags would have been waving BIG time, but $15 total?Silly people buying with no idea of the fake world, sillySadly filing the edge of that beautiful coin was hard to watch
Comment from : Mike Kelly

John Jacob
I have a question about "pure silver" coins made and sold by "we buy gold" shopsbrI saw a huge liberty silver coin collection at a shop and all of them had a rainbow patina across a section of front of the coin, looked like burnt spotbrI have seen this on steel before, but never a precious metalbrI even tried duplicating this by melting my own pure silver and pouring under intense heats, but never had anything but shiny clear silver producedbrWhat could cause that?
Comment from : John Jacob

Dude! There are so many non distrusting test, why ruin that beautiful coin Great test for bullion bars & rounds but yikes not to a semi collectible
Comment from : TR P

Comment from : UFO

How do you know when you've filled deep enough The only safe way is to cut it in half
Comment from : kenmastersmaster

One God Jesus Christ
I cringed went he filed the coin
Comment from : One God Jesus Christ

April W
What’s that liquid called and where can you get it?
Comment from : April W

Richard R
Can this be ping texted? I love info, very valuable and I’m about to do my first refining in a couple weeks brI cringed on the destructive test What are some other recommended ways to check? brI would think a counterfeit that was not overly greedy could drill out a core and fill with tungsten Take off 3-5 oz and still have it test good
Comment from : Richard R

Steven S
Who is going to file down their silver unless it is scrap silver
Comment from : Steven S

Timothy Dean
Man I would like to get some silver Crystal
Comment from : Timothy Dean

Steve J
congratulations on buying a beautiful coin at a great price!
Comment from : Steve J

Lily Formosa
The 10 oz silver coin currently costs around £250 + 20 VAT per coin in the UK from the Royal Mint CGT free Everything in the UK seems to cost much more than any countries in the world and the UK average salary is not as high as the US This is why most the British people live on the breadline Pure slaves mastered by the so called the Crown owned by the cabal Thank God this is going to change soon Once QFS/NESARA/GESARA are announced which will free the earth slavery and help with humanity 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Lily Formosa

Bit Barrel
Thank you for the info!brKeep stacking and don't sell it Visit the WallStreetSilver reddit and join the silver squeeze
Comment from : Bit Barrel

The Pea Shooter on the desk is just a friendly warning that a thief will NOT get a free cup of coffee
Comment from : emilee

Thanks for the great advice
Comment from : FAYEZ ALHASHEM

He's smart, he guessing pretty close for almost a year ago, in hearing it will jump to $200 oz in the end of 2021
Comment from : DAVE DEFROST

Dennis Weifenbach
Rather destructive way to test a potential silver coin
Comment from : Dennis Weifenbach

If you're going to buy a coin, look up the original mint that made it That will tell you easily if it's solid or clad If you're going to file down an edge like that you might as well just melt it down because you're destroying the whatever value it has as a collectible or commemorative
Comment from : Orxenhorf

Joseph Lieberman
Legaly and Technically, it is referred to as a "Coin" when it bears a monetary unit such as Dollars, Pesos etcbrNow if an ebay add describes a coin and its size is larger than officially issued coin, it is suspect to be Fraudbrit is not fraud if it is marked as "Copy" or "Tribute"brIf the fraud involves duplication of United States Coinage, then you should have full attention and resources of the anti counterfeiting efforts of the United States Secret Service,brAny ambiguous item/advert on ebay should be dealt with by ebay using extreme prejudicebrIn medieval England it was discovered that certain persons having access to the assay samples kept from each batch of gold coins minted had stolen some of these historic and necessary items which help to assure the integrity of officials government minted goldbrThe punishment was ordredbrThey poured hot molten lead down the culprits throatbrHistoricaly it is unwise for those whom we trust to act as brokers and Dealers of gold and precious metals to intentionally betray this trustbrWe must always insist in the highest levels of integrity
Comment from : Joseph Lieberman

Dixie Normus
This physically hurt me to watch you scratch that coin
Comment from : Dixie Normus

Pam Lemm
Love your videos!
Comment from : Pam Lemm

Cryptocobra Thompson
99 of what I bought on ebay was fake I got refunded for everything
Comment from : Cryptocobra Thompson

God is good #1
OMG I can't believe you just did that to the coin
Comment from : God is good #1

God is good #1
I paid 600 bucks for a precious metal verifier Sigma it's the new ages LOL
Comment from : God is good #1

South of Hollywood
I always get ads on Instagram selling one-ounce Silver Eagles for nine bucks! Why aren't those ads removed?
Comment from : South of Hollywood

John Mclain
I'm afraid that before silver reaches $100 an ounce, the entire economy will collapse meaning dollars will have no value to compare them with silver Good news is, silver will still have value for barter
Comment from : John Mclain

kyzercube _
It's a shame you gotta blemish the coin to prove its' metal It wouldn't surprise me if you get a lot of screeching comments about that 🤣
Comment from : kyzercube _

$100 an ounce may be a dream for another decade or 2
Comment from : glbernini0

Keep it Real
You said at the front of the video, you mistakenly bought 10 oz coin, thought it was 10 X 1oz pieces By the end of the video you said " you bought it for the video to demonstrate testing " so which was it?
Comment from : Keep it Real

What an idiot
Comment from : laracaille

Howard Schultz
Thank you for the informative video Please be careful when investing in precious metals
Comment from : Howard Schultz

Tree Climber
That was Me 😔, Now I know Why you have your Name on EverythingThanx
Comment from : Tree Climber

Tuomas Haarala
Non-destructive testing by measuring the density is somewhat realiable, but not 100 - remembering the tungsten filled gold bars from ChinabrbrThinking about how to measure the density of a coin sized object - it would take some glassware, but making a (small) pool that has a thin overflow channel into a separate container might be precise enough to give pretty close overflow of same volume as the object being measured is (touch of soap to break surface tension?) Weigh the overflow and calculate the volume from there, then weigh the object and see if the density lands where it should be
Comment from : Tuomas Haarala

Can't believe what I've just seenSpecific gravity and magnetic residence test
Comment from : zzxxenith

$200 for 10 Ozsthose were the days 😪😪😪😪😪😪
Comment from : samroxeva

FIRST thing you do is WEIGH itlolThat right there will tell you 99 of the time if it's fake or notz
Comment from : zardiw

Is that a 1911 I see?
Comment from : Wildstyles

Jade Hadfield
read it carefully? dint you mean just read the listing lol , and dont lie about the spot price , you do use the spot price to determine the value of your physical metal , ie it is used to work out the premium being paid for your physical metal above the current spot price, your good at science but hella dumb giving people bad advice and knowledge
Comment from : Jade Hadfield

And ALWAYS AVOID "Germain Silver", it is worth about 1/10th of Silver!!! But will be sold at or above Spot! It is used to make Fake Silver jewelry!
Comment from : Lemzia

Travel Junkie
I never use liberty anymore 100 of everything they sell is second hand per there email response back to me, that is fine if thats what you want I dont trust them though to do a thorough check of every piece they pass on to buyers I've had them send me coins that were different from what listing said they were In one case they sent me 3 cent nickel when they were selling Indian head pennies
Comment from : Travel Junkie

William Eddy
Great video but why do you have a handgun on you worktop?
Comment from : William Eddy

The Canadian 1 oz 9999 silver coin is another great coin with security features They also offer an ultra pure 1 oz 99999 gold coin
Comment from : orange70383

I like the 2021 Britannia 1 oz coins, they have a small hologram-like security spot
Comment from : orange70383

Silver is still really quite cheap there was a silver (and gold) mania in the late 70s and early 80s and silver hit its all time highs when you consider the inflation for the last 40 years the price of silver would have been several hundreds of dollars/oz in today's money so 27 dollars isn't that much now when the industry demand for silver is getting higher and higher In 2018 silver price was just ridiculously low
Comment from : redX111t

buttcrack jack
Comment from : buttcrack jack

You can return the coin If you damage it you won’t be able to return it
Comment from : ypcomchic

Christopher Sanchez
That's now considered a used coin😅
Comment from : Christopher Sanchez

Justin Keller
For the first three minutes of this video I felt like I was getting put into time-out for not verifying eBay sellers and reading the listing
Comment from : Justin Keller

Joe Whitfield
You didn't know what a 10 toz maple even is?
Comment from : Joe Whitfield

Erich Ritz
Don't buy on e Ebay
Comment from : Erich Ritz

Mike Jones
Interesting video I was led to believe that you could use some type of magnet device & or machine to determine the authenticity 🤔 ?!?
Comment from : Mike Jones

David Gatzke
You don’t need to file are take it out of the casebrIf you have a sigma metalytics precious metal verifier it can test through the plastic
Comment from : David Gatzke

stephen lennox
I am new to this game so can you tell me what silver crystal is and why is it premiumbrThanks
Comment from : stephen lennox

ken dalton
Thr great rise in price i think is happening now and is a great time to sell The premium price is nesrly 15 over spot prize, so anyone who stacks its a very good time to sell as i do believe prices could drop after all this covid crap ends brLove your vids man 👌 thumbs up from Ireland ✌️
Comment from : ken dalton

Joe Silver
Watching this video for the 1st time, almost 1 year after it was made Thank God, the divergence in spot and REAL price continues to expand! Thanx for making this vid btw, very informative and entertaining
Comment from : Joe Silver

Seth Dahlberg
I have found that ebay is more over priced then the large sellers online
Comment from : Seth Dahlberg

Boy are those futures contracts being exposed now!
Comment from : GrungeGirl314

Filing that beautiful coin hurt my soul OUCH!
Comment from : GrungeGirl314

Some sellers are sneaky They like to put a picture of several items inwhich you only recieve 1 Or so called estate sales
Comment from : Rich

Donald Baker
Great video
Comment from : Donald Baker

Vk Travel log
Is there a less destructive test you can use like a magnet?
Comment from : Vk Travel log

Infinite Reality
Don't buy from ebay simple buy from a bullion dealer only
Comment from : Infinite Reality

David Wearne
Hate to burst your bubble but silver goes up and down in price and has done for like a 100 years Holding on to it and hoping that its going to go to like $100 an ounce is crazy Buy and sell make some money sure but we will all be long dead before it hits $100 an ounce
Comment from : David Wearne

Charles Sharrard III
If you damage it you might not be able to sell
Comment from : Charles Sharrard III

Charles Sharrard III
You can tell easier by weight
Comment from : Charles Sharrard III

A lovely coin ruined
Comment from : aucourant

paul charlesworth
Buy not off eBay is a good way to start
Comment from : paul charlesworth

Kayne Fryday
One look tells me that coin is beautiful, I feel your pain tho , it is easier to sell 10 one oz than it is 1 ten oz Ten oz bars or coins are what some stackers call the sweet spot !
Comment from : Kayne Fryday

Tom Shively
Buy an XRF gun for quick metal analysis unfortunately they're expensive!
Comment from : Tom Shively

Dimwitt Flathead
Would you show us refining integrated circuits? I'd like to know how to grind them into powder, extract copper, tin, silver, and gold The rest is landfill because no more metals in the powder
Comment from : Dimwitt Flathead

there has to be a better way to test it than filing it down ive seen people test silver by tapping it with a pen because it makes a distinct sound even if you just press your hands together on it if its real silver it will easily absorb the warmth from your hands
Comment from : A C

Conner Hopfer
7:51 is that a gun?
Comment from : Conner Hopfer

Matthias Kidd
The coin says fine silver in both English and French The newest version is 99999 fine silver in French "argent pur"
Comment from : Matthias Kidd

Should you weigh it first
Comment from : RobboNSW

Bify Gif
I sell silver on ebay It has a high premium, but its all legit
Comment from : Bify Gif

brad miller
Defacing the coin is the first test you do ? Wow
Comment from : brad miller

Fernando Fernández Vargas
Mt Sreetips, being that coin a pretty big thing, why not checking the density (m/v), instead of damaging the coin? It does not fail Also use of magnets is very good, and allows to spot many false coins
Comment from : Fernando Fernández Vargas

Oscar asi
The other day I bought some onzas silver and they were all fake
Comment from : Oscar asi

All you had to do before destroying the coin was weigh it fake coins will always be lighter than 311 troy! What a waste!
Comment from : proslice56

Now file those 002oz off to get exactly 10oz :D
Comment from : V D

you need to invest in a sigma verifieryou just ruined that beautiful coin
Comment from : gazoo5681

i meanyou dont REALLY have to damage the bullion right then and threre the maple leaf has a really nice proof mark that takes a high high amount of machining to do and cant be replicated with plating use a loop first before you go gungho into damaging a bullion
Comment from : RedKamel

John Parla
I like going for the old junk sliver little to no fakes
Comment from : John Parla

Rick Neumann
Stop buying off the internet ,💩
Comment from : Rick Neumann

HD Dyna lowrider
15 dollarshe didnt do tobad then It was probley marketed as silver coated
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

China is pushing out tons of counterfeit coins
Comment from : pdxeddie1111

mike thrash
silver is an 11 to1 ratio with gold both of which are highly under valued to make us think we don't want to back our dollar with some we think is worthless and fluctuates too much! this is false when our dollars were backed with silver and gold we didnt have to pay income tax! after they took our gold and silver out in 1913 we the people stated paying off the interest on what the gov borrowed which is modern day slavery interest system! good news is we just took it all back! GOD BLESS AMERICA and the patriots who took her back for all of us assleep as sheep at home watching our TELE-VISION look it up at patent office your jaw will drop when you read it Have a nice day and go buy some silver or gold and HOLD the line patriots
Comment from : mike thrash

mike thrash
you think silver will only hit 100 an ounce? this is way low if i were to guess it will go up to 4 to 10
Comment from : mike thrash

Freedom Or Death
Buy buy buy Buy every ounce you can get your hands on and hold The price is gonna fly soon brBtw, That was hard watching you damage that coin
Comment from : Freedom Or Death

I’m from Montréal, Canada and « argent pur » simply means « pure silver » brAlways interesting to watch your videos! Good job Sreetips!
Comment from : scstmtl

Lynn Dunn
I've often thought you sure love to put your brand all up in every ones face, I never considered people stealing your content I had to laugh when you said "It's a pain in my butt"
Comment from : Lynn Dunn

Chris Smith
Man with this guy right
Comment from : Chris Smith

dan jones
You destroyed the coin 😓
Comment from : dan jones

Bill K
why not use neodymium magnet to test on silver bullion ? As with fake coins it will stick to them
Comment from : Bill K

Chris Holfeuer
That coin he just destroyed has a lot of security features DNA maple leaf etched into it and the rays on the face of the coin
Comment from : Chris Holfeuer

Ian Spooner
I thought this was fake silver at first
Comment from : Ian Spooner

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