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How to Make Money as a Kid

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Title :  How to Make Money as a Kid
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Comments How to Make Money as a Kid

This helped a lot, thanks!
Comment from : Renessas_rblxlife15

Keyboard Trx
Im tryana get the iphone 11 cause I got an android uh im at 10$ and im wacthing this video and imma get that phone imma sale my ps4 and 5 controllers new and r games for 300$
Comment from : Keyboard Trx

With video game coin one, wouldn’t recommend it because in lots of games u ain’t allowed sell coins or virtual items for real money
Comment from : BRuHWars007

Ailsa Peck
I only have $1028 so this helps me
Comment from : Ailsa Peck

I made 200$ off selling gum in 3rd grade (i got caught)
Comment from : DuskRoar

Chicken nuggies
Would selling pop it’s work
Comment from : Chicken nuggies

Haydal 2012
Comment from : Haydal 2012

On my bus I give ppl like chip bags for like 1 dollars I got 20 bucks weekly
Comment from : TaiterTait

And sell your tiktok account 😂
Comment from : DriqLit

Patricia Mia
Hello Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategies
Comment from : Patricia Mia

Zack ahmeer Kadon
I need 6000 to get the new iphone 13 😩
Comment from : Zack ahmeer Kadon

faith dawson
To trick people get get 2 cups of water and get a paper and write on one side you will give them 1$ if they drink a cup and on the other side write drink 2 cups and give me 5$
Comment from : faith dawson

stargazer gaming
make another video on this subject! i love this video
Comment from : stargazer gaming

By the bricks
I made 102$ in a week for gum but then I got Busted
Comment from : By the bricks

Bopity Sux at things
when even if u carry the house for the day but don't get paid a penny: :{ :/ :(((
Comment from : Bopity Sux at things

Bopity Sux at things
bgets to part where he brings up the thing about shy pple/b Yes but do u have something for a kid who is skared to ask to go to the bathroom in skool and doesn't even do it and nearly p-p's his pants but doesn't because he gets home in time and that happens everyday continuously? oh u don't?
Comment from : Bopity Sux at things

Bopity Sux at things
When u have extreme social anxiety, even as a kid and can't even ask ur parents if u can get a peice of candy that costs literally 099c
Comment from : Bopity Sux at things

Linda Van Rhyn
I made a list $20299
Comment from : Linda Van Rhyn

We are in the pop-it trend
Comment from : SuperMarioObsessed

Hey guys it's me you better hurry up because I'm about to be selling some cool stuff
Comment from : Wolf_lived♡

cutie piegaming
I sold boba and im still broke
Comment from : cutie piegaming

Isreal Cereal
just tryna get money for my dream gaming pc
Comment from : Isreal Cereal

dattatraya shinde
I earned 💰
Comment from : dattatraya shinde

Thomas Leite
Nedd 1000 dollars so what can I do?brbrI want a gaming setup soo its a little bit but its it is imposeble
Comment from : Thomas Leite

Huge sub from Pakistan
Comment from : AYAN

Sarah Wilson
666 nooo devil 👀👀👀😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😧😧🤭🤭😈😈😈
Comment from : Sarah Wilson

I like ho this is for kids but he said use twich witch is 13+
Comment from : Lizzygamergal

likeicarethe games
Sell icecream is a good idea
Comment from : likeicarethe games

I like how he goes silent when he says he gets 1000 dollars a month
Comment from : A POKEMON FAN

i used to sell homemade slime for 20 bucks i got the ingredients from rite aid so it was like 6 bucks that i sold for 20 LMAO
Comment from : Imaddiio!

I sell my homemade bookmark for about 2 dollars But that didn't really work out so I gain only 20+ dollars lol
Comment from : fusuna

Silvio Dujmovic
In balkan my friend the 5one we have to do for free
Comment from : Silvio Dujmovic

Mr Mehlo
If I sold stuff,a kid would probably rat me out and I get punished
Comment from : Mr Mehlo

number one sounds like something my parents would saybrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrthey did
Comment from : SamuraiDoge

i need like 350 dollars _ me need gaming vr ready laptop I was super duper happy because i got oculsu quest 2 and i wanted to play roblox vr but you need a vr ready laptop the cheapest one i found was 700
Comment from : SamuraiDoge

The title is EXACTLY what I searched up
Comment from : UnBeastingVR

Proxima Hoku V
you dont play for video game currency anymore you just have to buy it
Comment from : Proxima Hoku V

Supreme 🎶
Thank you for giving us advice on how to make money
Comment from : Supreme 🎶

Seb gaming
I made 100bucks with gum
Comment from : Seb gaming

Jennie Ruiz
Many of the traders today fail especially the newbies, because they give up easy, it takes time and lots of experience to become a profitable trader, An alternative is seek guidance from some pro traders I lost my time and money some time ago trying to start trading myself after ignoring so many warnings till I lost them all Currently trading with bHarry_fxvalue/b on I nstxgram ever since it has been a successful journey staying happy and earning massively
Comment from : Jennie Ruiz

Pera Gaming YT
the video is very good, i want to buy a new HUAWEI P SMART phone and it costs 25000 thousand dinars, otherwise I'm from Serbia
Comment from : Pera Gaming YT

The Master Gamer
Comment from : The Master Gamer

Manchi Dog Collectables
it is against the rules
Comment from : Manchi Dog Collectables

Manchi Dog Collectables
I can't sell things at my school
Comment from : Manchi Dog Collectables

bella chicken butt
whching this in 2021 👁👄👁 😭
Comment from : bella chicken butt

I made 900$ selling good grades
Comment from : torianimation

Brandy McGuigan
I need 539$ for a gaming setup
Comment from : Brandy McGuigan

3:00 well there is something called pop it going around and a store sells them for 250 and i could sell them for like easy 5 euro so yes
Comment from : Lyfe

Comment from : Dragonboi

Jamy Jamiyan
who is a kid?
Comment from : Jamy Jamiyan

Avery Jackson
I'm here in 2021 trying to make money so I can buy a new phone 😩
Comment from : Avery Jackson

Alea Perez
I have Hispanic parents i dont think the parent thing will work
Comment from : Alea Perez

I was trying to make money for a while and i succeeded with 5 ways Its on my page if you want to check it out its about how to earn money fast as a kid
Comment from : yuhitsameen

Lewis Mocker
Mrs Tessy is legit and her method works like magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Lewis Mocker

now whatttttttttttttttttttttttt labor? is what i heard
Comment from : Sunshine_123

Melia Riccio
I just wanna afford a Hamster •-•"brAND I'M BROKE 💔💢
Comment from : Melia Riccio

another way to get money is to sell halloween candy
Comment from : 954scrappy

Summer The story teller
I need money 💴 for my new Lego
Comment from : Summer The story teller

I don't find any good thing to make money, im about to steal lmao
Comment from : Xx-lzzz-xX

StickNodes Animationz
Parents:ughh why cant i get a job and brEarn moneyybrbrKids:omg i made money by selling things and you are still confused why cant you get money
Comment from : StickNodes Animationz

connor kelly
nowa days pop its are the trend and i new that was gnna happed so i bought 250 for 2 dollars each and later made over 1000 bux
Comment from : connor kelly

River Crain
I would upload videos but I am not allowed to have a channel
Comment from : River Crain

Hi it’s me
In the uk we don’t have lunch money for the 2 nd one :(
Comment from : Hi it’s me

I want 1000 dollars for a gaming pc, I’ve decided on 2 of the things you listed: twitch and paper routesbrWish me luck
Comment from : Trayn_

lee cresham
hey prinsesses do a whats in the box challenge
Comment from : lee cresham

I still dont know what the hell video game coins are and im 10 bruh
Comment from : SST_Ratical

Zoe Mullins
That's not funny that's really rood
Comment from : Zoe Mullins

William John
Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now
Comment from : William John

I earn 80a day door to door selling chocolates with my hb - subtract 40 that we paid then split the money sadly lol so 20 a day if you want to do it alone selling chocolates to boxes will get you around 40-50 a day depending on what you charge I charge 150
Comment from : 123ididntpee

Dominic Chassagne
You need twitch prime for people to donate to you
Comment from : Dominic Chassagne

Jack Hendrych
I’ve had my channel for a while I’ve not gone far 🙁 and I joined 2020 25 may
Comment from : Jack Hendrych

young j
why do you wear sun glasses
Comment from : young j

another good way is to do somthing u will probably get banned for doing in a game but you could sell stuff in video games for real money there are roblox games like adopt me where people will try to get pets if they cant theyl buy them some people will do that and its basicly getting irl money for selling stuff in games if your worried about getting banned use alt accounts maby when u do your 1st trade transfer the pets to a different account and from the money you might make enogh money to buy a vpn if u get ip banned
Comment from : ADecentClutcher

Leonel The best
this helped me a lot
Comment from : Leonel The best

king kronos
Half of these are scamming kids at your school lol
Comment from : king kronos

I was watching my friends stream someone donated 2500 eurobrbrNow he is rich
Comment from : AN IRISH POTATO

Faze blaziken be getting all these kids suspended
Comment from : Cinnamon

Pixel Gonzalez
Who else wants to get soemthing and what's it so much they gonna make their own money?brEdit: omg I got my own iPad Pro I bought myself!brbrEDIT 2: I GOT A PUPPYY
Comment from : Pixel Gonzalez

My dads dead and mums poor
Comment from : I_DO_RANDOM_STUFF

Junior Sommer
Im seven
Comment from : Junior Sommer

I got suspended for being Sus
Comment from : Lewi

Me: looking for vids to get more moneybrbrbrbrAlso me:wait a damn minutebrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrI already have 62 dollarsbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrWhatever I want more
Comment from : *Itz_Ashley!*

890cupcake gamer girl
Comment from : 890cupcake gamer girl

where do I get the shades man??
Comment from : crabEH

PolarBear Maisie
Im literally a kid watching this and one time, in my old school there was a snack things for break times so you could get a snack, so i bought everything on the table and sold it to people for more excpensive I WAS LITERALLY LIKE 6 (im only ten now)
Comment from : PolarBear Maisie

u get in trouble for selling stuff at school
Comment from : ArcanePlasma

I dont live in a neiborhood :(
Comment from : iitz_gavin

Isobel Bradbury
I sold a Rubin cube for 50 buckz ! Lol
Comment from : Isobel Bradbury

mariposita 🦋
i have a tip: if u have a family member or someone u know owns a store, ask to work there i know bcuz im 13 my dad owns a store and i work there and he pays me :)))
Comment from : mariposita 🦋

Elyas Kohsar
I got caught selling ooshies
Comment from : Elyas Kohsar

It’sJocelyn Kelly
I’m tryna save up for a iphone
Comment from : It’sJocelyn Kelly

It’sJocelyn Kelly
Wait, is the add real???????? Like, real??????????????
Comment from : It’sJocelyn Kelly

Guys how to make a anti flashlight but you need your phone and a Banda the rest your head on a couch or bed and then tie the bandana on to of the phone and then tie the bandana to the back of your head and it can work with any phone
Comment from : Nobody

Wow is my profile hot
Comment from : Nobody

bthat dude be wearing sunglasses inside (in a dark room)/b
Comment from : Julie

I Think You Could Coach People Or Edit There Video's And Make Like 10 Bucks Of Of That
Comment from : Claw

I'm watching cause i want to modify my room to be a gaming room
Comment from : TheironkenGG

Tessa Gillett
only that i am to young to baby sitting and selling stuff online
Comment from : Tessa Gillett

Leonard 4143
I spent hours making a card game only made 300$
Comment from : Leonard 4143

Jakson avery
With effective risk management and leverage system and a good broker to guide you You will discover that forex trading is really profitable and currently being the only stable market due to covid-19 pandemic across the world You can easily make profits from the comforts of your home
Comment from : Jakson avery

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