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Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

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Information Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

Title :  Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?
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Frames Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

Description Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

Comments Is the American Gold Eagle the Best Gold Coin to Buy?

2 is 1
📹How about smaller gold coins? Video here: wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=25qWv7XcOgU&t=629s
Comment from : 2 is 1

…put it the other way around: even though that US government is uniquely subsidising the American Eagle, it is from a global perspective still not the most popular coin… my take is that aside of special taxation, there isn’t a lot to love reg the eagle…
Comment from : jogu123

Change Change
When you hold one that you own in the palm of your hand you’ll know why!
Comment from : Change Change

how can the MLF be more beautiful having that boring woman called a queen filling one side of the coin! I find the American Eagle very beautiful
Comment from : Jo

nice Palestinian scarf!
Comment from : Jo

I dont get it The US Mint just makes some God awful coins Ok, i admit the Buffalo was a home run and I'd buy it every day if i could The Maple, the Britannia, every Australian mint gold coin are infinitely more beautiful than the AGE
Comment from : john

st gaudens udc is the best design period
Comment from : MFR FPV

wayne pugh
I have a 1981 maple 999 fine
Comment from : wayne pugh

Trekkie Junk
As far as premiums…maybe it’s changed in the last year, but the premium for the ugly gold nickel has been a lot lower than the premiums for the Eagle for 2022
Comment from : Trekkie Junk

Trekkie Junk
The problem for me with AGE’s is that they reused the St Gaudens design It’s a gorgeous one, maybe the best ever But it’s already been done Just like that stupid gold Buffalo nickel They’ve already been done At least the Britannia, Maple and others have created new designs for their bullion coins
Comment from : Trekkie Junk

Winchester Brothers
What if u were exchanging 100k in paper for 14 American gold and silver eagles in slab sets @7,645 per 1oz Michael Reagan 2021 gold coins, is that over priced, is there a way to determine the value so not overpaying buying from US Money reserve?
Comment from : Winchester Brothers

Dimitrij Kadurovsk
Well, at least the “Eagle” is really just loved in the US, not in Asia, not in South American States, not in Europe, and also not in Australia brIn Europe the Maple Leaf and Australian Nugget, same as the South African Kruger-Rand are much better bought then US-Eagles brSorry Guys, but just a coin which is famous in your country, but avoided more or less in the whole world ;) brif i would buy american coins, I would prefer Maple leafs, or mexican Ounces
Comment from : Dimitrij Kadurovsk

Paul Collins
Really beautiful coins, but which brand capsules are you using in this video? Thanks for the information
Comment from : Paul Collins

T Lee
I buy Britannias, 999 fine 🙂 and cheaper too
Comment from : T Lee

Any gold you want to get ride of, be sure to hit me up for my address
Comment from : esmann

Not a fan of Gold Eagles Thankfully, today we have many choices whereas back in the 80s it was only the Krugerrand
Comment from : NavyVet

Vito Asaro
Buying a 22 kt coin is the most popular? What s joke
Comment from : Vito Asaro

Shaun Corless
Over here in Scotland there's no tax on gold , but 20 tax on silver ,so golds worth buying 👍
Comment from : Shaun Corless

G Ng
Is a 2020 coin more valuable that a 2022 coin or vice versa?
Comment from : G Ng

Austin Vermillion
So eagles are tax exempt when selling? Cause everything I've read online says you still have to pay capital gains tax if you make profit
Comment from : Austin Vermillion

Haha, PO Box Thanks for an amazing video 2-1 Go maples!
Comment from : MuddyCreek109

Peter Pete
How I wish I could find 2020 1 oz gold eagle for 2,000 these days lol Not gonna pay 3000 lol
Comment from : Peter Pete

David Martin
The Saint-Gaudens Liberty is timeless, classic, elegant, and simply damned beautiful Only a leaf peeper would think the Maple Leaf is a more beautiful coinbrbrThat being said, the 225th Anniversary of the US Mint Liberty has a drop dead gorgeous African American Liberty and I will stack those beauties to the moon
Comment from : David Martin

Almost Literally
I’d be sad to see the gaudens design go away However i would like to see them bring back other pre-33 gold coin designs too
Comment from : Almost Literally

Almost Literally
22k gold rules for coins Not a fan of 24 Gold eagles are LIQUID They seem to be treated more like money here in the US it’s the official go-to gold coin for investors and just people who wanna save their money in general They trade at a premium
Comment from : Almost Literally

Semi Numismatic Guy
Buffalo far better than eagle in my opinion , it a nicer coin anyway may not be as recognisable
Comment from : Semi Numismatic Guy

Hugo Stiglitz
I don't know if Eagles are that popular, A lot of people are buying the Britannia, the philharmonic, sovereigns, maples Eagles are very bland, I hate the new design
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

Buffalo gold coin is ugly in my opinion over the American eagle Reminds me too much of the buffalo nickel
Comment from : ApplezToOranges

WHat you think of nationwide coin and bullion? They have a lot of advertisement of this 1 oz gold coin I may jump on it
Comment from : ApplezToOranges

Carl Childs
Awesome content!
Comment from : Carl Childs

Bryce Hubbard
is AGE the only one exempt from the tax? What about gold buffalo, silver eagle, and silver buffalo are those exempt? Sorry if you said it in the video, i might just not have understood
Comment from : Bryce Hubbard

Carl Childs
A better Eagle on the reverse would be incredible!
Comment from : Carl Childs

Buffaloes not exempt?
Comment from : mattmilladb8

Brian Jones
Damn bro you sound like a commy 😂 I’m just kidding of course I appreciate the content I love the age’s but I understand where you’re coming from Those maples are beautiful as well 🇨🇦 Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend brother 🇺🇸
Comment from : Brian Jones

D Berg
can you tell what the brand is of the capsules that contain the buffalo and american eagle?
Comment from : D Berg

Billy Bob Mirango
We have 9167 overall purity of the AGE 311g of pure 24k gold and about 3g of silver and copperbrbrIf the AGE had one troy ounce of 24k gold but the fineness was 995 or 999 would that be an issue? I have been after the US Mint to pin them down on the fineness of gold used in the AGE before the copper and silver is added The US Mint is dodging my question and I have elevated this question high I am very suspicious the fineness of the gold used in the AGE (before the alloys are added) is actually 995 It is definitely not 9999brbrHeads up, the Canadians also cut the demand for AGE off at the knees with their own sneaky tax tactic I found out Canadians will NEVER buy a AGE (or Krug) because they need to pay tax on any PM that is not at least 995 fineness The Buf is much more expensive for them to buy, so the Canucks buy only Maples because they are the best bang for their duck-buck
Comment from : Billy Bob Mirango

D Love
Best coin hands down for reasons beyond looks and if you get in 1oz it looks great
Comment from : D Love

Beardly Gentlemen
I'm sorry but I just can't get my head around the American obsession with hating on Elizbeth She's the longest reigning monarch in English history, she's never declared war on the USA, and the Monarch involved in the American revolution was her 4th Great Grandfather (sins of the 4th great grandfather, eh?) And even the word "bullion" comes from middle English, so she gave you that too brbrI'm friends with many Americans (I even have a couple in my family) and I know they are tenaciously patriotic but I think what they don't get is that so are Canadians Elizabeth has been our figurehead since the Eisenhower years and what she represents is a sense of nobility and grace to our parliament that is not normally seen in world politics And when it really comes down to it, she's just an old lady with a busy schedule of waving at people; but she's as much a part of our culture as Teddy is to yoursbrbrBesides, every kid knows that pirate gold coins have either a King, a Queen or a South American Indigenous symbol on them 👍 brbrbr-BG
Comment from : Beardly Gentlemen

Vito Longo
Just tried to buy my first AGE (2021) online - at the checkout I saw plus tax? Is this just for Eagles? Bought a maple and Buffalo recently with no added taxhave you heard about this before?
Comment from : Vito Longo

American Bald Eagle all the way in any form no one cares about the leaf
Comment from : 888

Josh Miller
I actually like 22k better 24k gold coins just seems wrong Its so fragile, not what a coin should be The buffalo is beautiful on both sides I like the gold eagles too They look like what I picture a classic gold coin should look like And the maple leafs are beautiful on the leaf side I don't mind the queen's ugly mug for silver, but on a gold coin, nah That 225 anniversary coin is a nice design, but something looks off about it Like there's not enough writing on the front or something Too much blank space
Comment from : Josh Miller

Send It
What about purchasing large quantities of gold and silver In a single buy? Like $60,000 worth of gold and silver? And you pay buy bank wire? Is that gonna be reported?
Comment from : Send It

Mark Nordgård
BUFFALO OR BISON are the best US gold coin
Comment from : Mark Nordgård

Beez Neez
I actually think the AGE is beautiful
Comment from : Beez Neez

Viral Shah
The Gold Eagle is currently most desirable gold coin for me as I am struggling to find any Eagles in Australia I already have Maple and Britannia
Comment from : Viral Shah

Cache Katz
I am a relatively new gold stacker and you edumacated me Thanks brutha☠
Comment from : Cache Katz

Ken Kaufman
No the gold coin that is recognized and has the lowest premium is At the end of the day, you are buying gold, not a rare coin Buy the gold with the lowest premium
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Richard Sanchez
I would buy the shit out of a 24K gold eagle If they ever made one
Comment from : Richard Sanchez

AGE's are no good for me, am taxed on 22k gold AGE is also kinda average looking, would take a Britannia or Maple over an AGE any day
Comment from : Andomaca1

Some Random Vertebrate
Heh, I'm European, and on the contrary, I think Gold Eagles are beautiful! Not least, I find the eagles motif on the flipside gorgeous and it actually saddens me the US mint is replacing it in 2021 The coin is extravagant and tasteful; it's liberty, art deco, 'in Gold we trust', all true American, and the copper-silver alloy makes it brighter than say, a Krugerrand, which is the standard fare over here I almost exclusively stack Sovereigns and American Gold Eagles, and that's for a reason!
Comment from : Some Random Vertebrate

Did you know that Onza is the Spanish word for ounce? Onza pronounced (Oh-N-SAh) like wooh-sa It's just stating weight una = one onza = ounce
Comment from : Alpa_Chino

Rick Pumariega
Is the gold buffalo subject to the same standard as the American Eagle as far as taxes
Comment from : Rick Pumariega

Fred Valencia
Whats so beautiful about the gold maple leaf on one side it has an image of a maple leaf and on the other side theres an image of a ugly old lady with wooden teeth and bad breath
Comment from : Fred Valencia

Wild one
Your crazy! The American gold eagle is AMAZING!!! Your gold buying privileges have been revoked for at least a month lol
Comment from : Wild one

James Joyce
Much prefer Gold Eagles, which have 3 silver and 533 copper added to them to make them stronger I assure you, the 22k Gold Eagle coin is a lot more robust than the 24k gold coins The Gold Eagles are harder, don't scratch or scuff like 24k Buffalos or Maples, which are a lot more fragile And yes, all of these coins contain the same amount of gold
Comment from : James Joyce

I like Maples too! I find that they are actually much more beautiful than eagles except in gold I actually like the half ounce eagle the most
Comment from : Chrisinsocal

Goldcic Vibefel
Its a coppery colored low relief fake looking version of St Gaudens masterpiece of 1907 I really dislike them
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

Awesome Silver
I think harmonics are the worst looking coins and I love American 🦅
Comment from : Awesome Silver

Only in America007
Hi question if you sell the American Eagle and buffalo gold coin are they gonna tax you please let me know coz I’m thinking buying American and buffalo gold coins thanks
Comment from : Only in America007

Dennis Silverstein
Never had a dealer mention 1099b to me I think because if they did, most pick up there coins and walk out :)
Comment from : Dennis Silverstein

Jeff Koehne
It is better to buy the purest gold 999 finethe man you sell your coin to will not have to pay VAT taxthe buffalo and maple are superior
Comment from : Jeff Koehne

In Germany 🇩🇪 the Maple Leaf 🍁 is better 😃✌️
Comment from : THE HUNGER GAMES 8

No The buffalo or maple leaf are
Comment from : Scepter

FBI van 451
Maple Leafs on one side are gorgeous face of a bull dog on the other
Comment from : FBI van 451

sun horn
I prefer gold buffalos, 9999 rules
Comment from : sun horn

Gardener Earth Guy
Bullion is bullion, reflecting melt valuebrbrYou won't ever get premiums back, only offset them through appreciation- that's itbrbrAll the coins mentioned contain the same amount of goldbrbrStackers should explore numismatic coins- things with history, rare, not something made latelybrbrThe tax advice is good for staying under the radar
Comment from : Gardener Earth Guy

In Canada, any gold less than 4 nines (24 carat) is subject to a 5 tax on purchase (GST) This makes eagles, any many other coins less desirable
Comment from : Phil

May the Schwarz be with you
Lately the Buffalos have been going for the same price as the ASEs
Comment from : May the Schwarz be with you

Silver Heist
I’ve seen production numbers and one ounce AGE exploded for 2009-2011 for last price increase But the Buffalo did not I would think it was demand driven rather than supply
Comment from : Silver Heist

Silver Heist
Is the Buffalo treated the same as AGE for the reporting? Isn’t the Buffalo also IRA approved?
Comment from : Silver Heist

I’ve bought the AUS gold coins and British sovereigns, I live in the USA but are they caught up in the 1099B?
Comment from : Eli

Here in the USAbr Maples all the way, gold and silver 9999 and cheaper because of US / Canada exchange rate br Period the end
Comment from : spg77777

nipun kapoor
Also, govt can change laws anytime especially if dems wins
Comment from : nipun kapoor

nipun kapoor
Does it really matters which coin you buy, if you sell less than 25 oz? If it’s less than 25 then no 1099 reporting , correct?
Comment from : nipun kapoor

Sookie E
Im glad Im not the only one that believes the design on the ASE and AGE's are sub par and openly admits it and also glad you worded: "most popular in the United states" I hear everyone says "IN THE WORLD" I don't think necessarily so
Comment from : Sookie E

You explanation of tax and investment advantages of the Eagle is how shall I say, Golden! Excellent content!
Comment from : HUNTER HAMILTON

I’ve seen British sovereigns They look nice
Comment from : Ubiquitary

The reason AGE’s and AGB’s don’t have 1099B requirements is because they didn’t exist when the requirement was written There are reporting requirements for dealers and reporting requirements for the individual Too many people assume if they avoid a 1099B the IRS does not require them to pay capital gains This is false The IRS considers coins, gold and otherwise, collectible From the Schedule D instructions: “Collectibles include works of art, rugs, antiques, metals (such as gold, silver, and platinum bullion), gems, stamps, coins, alcoholic beverages, and certain other tangible property” AGE’s are not exempt from capital gains tax No PMs are exempt The IRS requires the taxpayer to report capital gains on the sale of collectible items on Schedule D whether or not a 1099B has been issued by the dealerbrbrI am not a tax professional I am not giving advice I have read the code and consulted a professional I’m not telling anyone what to do, I only want people to make an informed decision We do not have the IRS’s blessing to not report capital gains on PM sales
Comment from : SilverChickadee

Anna T
Good video, a lot of good information, thanks for sharing your perspective
Comment from : Anna T

Bill Kats
Gold is gold no interest in brand just price matters
Comment from : Bill Kats

Pistol Packing Pilot
Extremely informative video Thank you very much I actually learned quite a bit! Love your content Thumbs up 👍
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

That Sebenza 😍😍😍
Comment from : CloseTheDoorItsSnowingOutside

Silver Scorpion
Great video
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Comment from : Spartan

Induction Records
I picked up my first 1 oz eagle a couple of weeks ago, and chose it over the maple It's like a Mercedes S class or Air Jordan 1 - a classic design that's universally recognized and respected
Comment from : Induction Records

I N T E N T I O N A L  F R U I T I O N
Hell no I own hundreds of ounces of metal and I have never even touched an American Eagle I never will, either If there is one country in the world that I will not voluntarily support financially, it is the Evil Empire called the USA (Chinese coins come with the same moral hazard, as do Australians, btw) Despite the liquidity, I won’t buy or sell Imperial American coins for the same reason that I don”t deal in Nazi memorabilia There are plenty of people who love to collect evil shit, but if you value freedom (or truth, or justice, etc), then you can’t afford to compromise
Comment from : I N T E N T I O N A L F R U I T I O N

Juice Stacker
I totally agree man love the American gold eagles and buffalos and maples look nice but ehhh I rather get my stacking goal in AGE then move on to Canadian lol
Comment from : Juice Stacker

I'd rather a Gold Swan (5000 mintage) 9999 pure GoldI like the Eagle design but I like 9999 gold better Perth mint for variety and always produce the best Gold coins and limit their mintage also
Comment from : Stonezster

And the most expensive haha
Comment from : SilverGameOfThrone

Lucky Winner
She's (Queen) so vain She probably thinks this coin is about her She's so vain- from Carly Simon revisited
Comment from : Lucky Winner

Chris Summerfield
I think the maples are so pretty, it's a shame about the queen on the back just my opinion great video again
Comment from : Chris Summerfield

David Johnson
For small transactions, I think that many people prefer to skip the dealers and go peer-to-peer via social media, though that comes with its own risks In that case, the gold coin with the lowest premium or the smallest buy-sell spread would make the most economic sense Things like sovereigns can make sense in that regard, since they have a low premium
Comment from : David Johnson

Think For Yourself
I don't understand why there are so many snowflakes in the PM community I don't give a damn what it looks like I just want to stack the most liquid gold bullion coin in the US and best for tax purposes
Comment from : Think For Yourself

Rewatched the video to be sure I got the reporting requirements straight Most of us aren't facing reporting and paying CG tax, because we will not be selling enough at one time to reach the threshold Many of us don't even own at the threshold level
Comment from : 1redrubberball

Bricktown Silver
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I'm American!
Comment from : Bricktown Silver

Tom Horn
Maple ugly queen face brBuffalo all day
Comment from : Tom Horn

Fleeko Onehundred
Sell 24oz everyday for Kobe 😎
Comment from : Fleeko Onehundred

Peter Pete
Can’t do mixture of gold/silver/copperYou don’t see any new 90 silverThese are just newer version of pre 33 coins
Comment from : Peter Pete

James M
As annoying as it is for Liz to be on everything, it's gonna be a rough day when they replace them all with Charles' ugly mug
Comment from : James M

Silver Ripples
AGE update to the reverse in 2021 will solidify its place as most popular in 🇺🇸 I am not a big fan of the Buffalo design that needs an update toobrI like the look of 24K gold, but not enough to have more of them than AGEs
Comment from : Silver Ripples

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