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Plan With Me: Project Based Learning

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Title :  Plan With Me: Project Based Learning
Lasting :   1.09.14
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Comments Plan With Me: Project Based Learning

Stormy, the Low Country Kitty
Excellent and helpful
Comment from : Stormy, the Low Country Kitty

Wendy Chen
Thanks for sharing this in-depth lesson planning process! When you plan, do you think about your students' strengths/weaknesses/needs?
Comment from : Wendy Chen

Edwin Lopez
Great video You made it look so simple Can you please make another plan for a middle or upper grade?
Comment from : Edwin Lopez

Courtney Bazen
Love the video and already have the planbook Is there a link with your form? I love how user friendly it is:)
Comment from : Courtney Bazen

FourTwenty Hellions
bro this saved my planning fr thanks
Comment from : FourTwenty Hellions

Elke Jackson
Comment from : Elke Jackson

Marisol Bobik
I would love a copy of your Editable PBL Template When I clicked on the link, it said I was denied I asked for permission Thanks
Comment from : Marisol Bobik

Dominick Morizio Jr
This video was super helpful! Thank you for producing it
Comment from : Dominick Morizio Jr

Daphne Colomer
I've worked with traditional schools until last year (2021) In Latinamerica, schools usually do not work like this, so PBL has been a challenge Your video has helped incredibly Thank you so much! Best regards from HN
Comment from : Daphne Colomer

Tomas Garcia
Loved this but instead of using the word hate, use dislike Just a recommendation
Comment from : Tomas Garcia

sibtian Nazia
Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : sibtian Nazia

Lisa Sherwood
How to I get access to your PBL Template?
Comment from : Lisa Sherwood

Mina Alrufei
Loved loved loved watching this, and love ur whole detailed walk through into ur planning, it is very helpful One question though, what is mentor text?
Comment from : Mina Alrufei

Whimsical Woman
great video!
Comment from : Whimsical Woman

nouha ham
I couldn't leave without leaving you a thank you note That was awesome
Comment from : nouha ham

Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat
If you didn't understand it, translate it into the translator, I'm very good at Spanish, as I told you, it took me 2 years to be able to speak in Spanish and I feel very happy to learn
Comment from : Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat

Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat
hola soy miaa se hablar español me costo 2 años para hablar español me siento feliz soy la mujer mas feliz del mundo gracias por escuchar mi español te quiero xd
Comment from : Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat

Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat
Look, I can speak Spanish, I'll show you
Comment from : Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat

Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat
What is the name of the app or is it not an app? I want to have it
Comment from : Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat

Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat
what app ??¿
Comment from : Mía Alexandra Rivera Bernat

Mark Ganus
ich bin derzeit in der Schule
Comment from : Mark Ganus

Nour Djihene Benchadi
thank you , you saved my life
Comment from : Nour Djihene Benchadi

Reini Kurniawati
Bunches thanks for making this video, it obviously helped me!!!!! mwaaaaaaah
Comment from : Reini Kurniawati

Momin Khokhar
its not good need more effort
Comment from : Momin Khokhar

Darkbite Ejust
While I was checking on this with my son Joshua he said you are once his teacher at Rogers
Comment from : Darkbite Ejust

Fabiola Ratuschny
Thank you very much for your video!!! I would like to receive more videos from you, they are very important to me I' m very grateful for your help Greetings from Argentina
Comment from : Fabiola Ratuschny

Earth day is not talked about anymore and has very little social media presence Biodiversity has a more practical ability to deal with climate change rather than switching light off for an hour
Comment from : E K

Trecia T
Thank you SO much for sharing this AND sharing the lesson plan/template! This is exactly what I needed to help me get started on my first project!
Comment from : Trecia T

Lisa Corbett
Hi, this has been super helpful as I have just started at a new school and they use Project Base Learning Your link for the template did not show up at the end? Can you suggest where else I could find it? Thanks
Comment from : Lisa Corbett

Kimberly Mercado
Please do another PBL plan with me! Maybe this time for an older grade! This was sooo helpful
Comment from : Kimberly Mercado

enlightening video! Even though the education system is way different here in China, and PBL is still a new thing here, I got some great inspiration from you Hope my new school can be a game changer here
Comment from : 禹向

Gabby Parr
This is my favorite video of yours that I've seen yet Please do more Plan With Me videos!
Comment from : Gabby Parr

Hem Star
great I just understood what's d pbl
Comment from : Hem Star

Megan Christensen
This was super helpful! Thank you!
Comment from : Megan Christensen

Lindsay Munroe
I've just come across this video and I love your straightforward, purposeful approach to planning for Project Based Learning Would love to see more planning videos in the future
Comment from : Lindsay Munroe

Ding Renlun
Thank you so much for sharing!
Comment from : Ding Renlun

Jenn Robertson
What program do you use to create your template?
Comment from : Jenn Robertson

Gosh planning sure takes up a lot of time
Comment from : Danguie

Meredith Montgomery
Great video! I teach Social Sciences research to Master's students and found this incredibly helpful for planning our PBL for the semester I almost fell off my chair when I heard the reminder at the end of the video that you are planning for kindergartners Blown away by what kids that age are doing these days! Thanks for your efforts both in the classroom & in sharing with other teachers!
Comment from : Meredith Montgomery

J Patterson
I enjoyed this video Hope you do more planning videos
Comment from : J Patterson

Roderick Woodard
I ❤ this video! It taught me so much about the importance of planning quality lessons for your students! 😀 Thank you so much! 😀
Comment from : Roderick Woodard

Tayla Wiggin
WOW!!!! This was such an informative video! I love the way you planned for PBL, especially how many different resources you pulled out Also to see how you transferred your unit planning into planbook was really helpful You've done an awesome job at integrating your students learning, offering the students a lot of choices for how they learn/present their info which is customised to them Would really love to see another Plan with me video when you have timebrThanks again :) :) :)
Comment from : Tayla Wiggin

sofia freites
Hi! a clicked on the link for your blog and got an error- can you send me the new one?
Comment from : sofia freites

Good info I will try to use this in my classroom, but I couldn't find the PBL template on your site
Comment from : ortizelectric

Kevin Drury
Thanks for doing this video I am in the middle of muddling through making the transition of just doing projects in my classroom to doing PBL the right way and this was a big help You really helped me be able to apply what I've been reading about PBL to actual practice I'm teaching a new grade level this year and have been procrastinating on planning because it just seemed so overwhelming and now I'm excited to get going on it Thank you again!
Comment from : Kevin Drury

Nancy Cox
Loved this video Thought project based learning would be so difficult to plan Thank you for making this less daunting and a great way to tie many subjects together!
Comment from : Nancy Cox

Ana A
Where do I begin?! Saying that I love your channel is a understatement This past school year was my first year as a teacher assistant, which has now motivated me to go back to school to become a teacher! This upcoming fall I start my long 5 year journey to become a elementary educator! (BTW I've been out of school for 10 years! OMG) anyway I just loved this video I am kind of jumping the gun trying to learn about lesson planning but I enjoy it and this video just blew my mind I am so excited to see how your channel is going to be now that you are going to 4th grade! Please keep doing this you are helping me sooooo much! :) I understand teachers are busy though!  Thank you again Tasha
Comment from : Ana A

Immycorn the unicorn Queencorn
We celebrate earth day in England
Comment from : Immycorn the unicorn Queencorn

Violet MacMartin
Greetings from Spain! I´ve just come across your page and I must say I think you seem to be a great teacher Thank you for sharing your way of planning Wonderful to see and listen
Comment from : Violet MacMartin

Emily Lauren
This is awesome! While my kiddos are on the older end of the spectrum (middle school!), this was still really helpful for me to see your thought process on PBL We're starting to implement a STEAM model in my school, and PBL is a huge part of that - and something that I NEED to work on in my own teaching! I think this will be hugely helpful for me this summer as I work on training as a STEAM Lead Teacher for the Fine Arts department!
Comment from : Emily Lauren

Paige Maria
Yes! A fellow simmer! (Noticed the sims icon on bottom of your screen) :)
Comment from : Paige Maria

Lumara Llavina
I was wondering if you would make a video about how you're using Plannercom and your planning notebook I like to change things a bit now and then and the online planner looks awesome
Comment from : Lumara Llavina

It was nice to see your thinking/planning process- very helpful!
Comment from : NROD

Elizabeth Skaggs
Thanks so much for this video!
Comment from : Elizabeth Skaggs

Helen Almond
Love your videos, find them very inspiring Do you know any pre k teachers who have similar channels?
Comment from : Helen Almond

Ashley Zimmerman
I loved how long this was! it was so helpful I'm a first year teacher and very interested in Project Based Learning this was such a great video that really showed what it is like it's great to read books but to see it in action makes all the difference great video :)
Comment from : Ashley Zimmerman

Hi :) brThanks for that interesting video brDo you do all your planning on your computer? I remember a planning video of you doing Valentine's Week in your teacher planner Do you always do both? brDo you print these plans and check them off, when you have tought it?brbrSarah
Comment from : S88PD06

Im in school for elementary education and recently found your channel You are so motivating! Thats for giving a behind the scenes look at teaching its very helpful!!!
Comment from : Emerald

Derrick Robinson
If you don't mind me asking, what type of camera are you using?
Comment from : Derrick Robinson

What a great video ! loved it!
Comment from : curlydo32

I have not even started watching yet, but when I saw the length I let out an audible "Yippee!"
Comment from : Amy

susanne marti
Is "Discovery Education" free?
Comment from : susanne marti

Go you! Your Brain works fast lol! I can tell you put a lot of planning into this project for the kids, as well as sharing it with us I appreciatebr it :)
Comment from : Olli85Olli

Sade Scott
I'm in school so I can teach special education and your videos keep motivated to finish school
Comment from : Sade Scott

Lumara Llavina
Now that is a really functional Plan With Me video, loved it Looking forward for more like these Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Lumara Llavina

Hannah S
This video has been really helpful! I've just got my first teaching job for September with a year one class (kindergarten in the UK!) so have been watching all of your videos!
Comment from : Hannah S

Andie Elayyan
I'm in Dubai and we do Earth Day!
Comment from : Andie Elayyan

I'd like to try out a project based lesson thanks for the info
Comment from : Zulma

Kiara Jones
Omg I'm so excited to watch this video I'm going to get up at 5:30am to watch it before school tomorrow! Yippee an hour long video, so sad I need to go to bed right now!
Comment from : Kiara Jones

Oma Xoxo
First!I love your videos they are so inspirative if that's a word lol If you can can you do another vlog of or in your classroom cause I love when u do those videos
Comment from : Oma Xoxo

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