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Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

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Information Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

Title :  Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail
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Frames Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

Description Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

Comments Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

All my friends failed to answer this 8:21 question! What about you?brbrThese logical riddles are also cool 😀 wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=BYOoWyoRDPY&t=10s
Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

wayne knox
They dont bury the survivorsbrThe matchbrIts a bungaloobrBaldbrThey were marriedbrBed, chair,couch
Comment from : wayne knox

Chuck Murphy
Waste of time
Comment from : Chuck Murphy

I have 200b subscriber but how ? To find answer go down brbrbrbrbr brBecause i am laying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : SOBANKHAN

James Edmonds
Common sense is not to do the testbr 😄
Comment from : James Edmonds

85 Studios
Common sense huh Common sense should tell you not to swim in a river where there are Crocodiles because Noah's are was Thousands of years ago and that's if it wasn't just a made up story Knowing that Giraffes, and Elephants do not fix in Fridges, knowing that a plethora of these questions are illogical and thus invalidate themselves for Common sense to begin with and therefore do not require or have a "common Sense Answer" Which also thereby invalidates most if not all of this "Common Sense" Quiz Are Logic and Common Sense two completely different things, because last I checked Logic was part of common sense
Comment from : 85 Studios

Error Fly
my answer to the last one was just go during the morning so you become the crocodiles breakfast not dinner lol
Comment from : Error Fly

Deborah Lagarde
Maybe if you eat the crocodile before you cross the river you can evade the crocodileput a giraffe or elephant in a frig? Really? This quiz was an insult to me common sense! Sheesh!
Comment from : Deborah Lagarde

Laura Fernandez
These are not common sense question brThese are riddles brDo you know the diffference
Comment from : Laura Fernandez

bookworm er
i knew the answer would be taking a giraffe out and putting the elephant in, but if it can fit a giraffe, the elephant could probably fit in too, without giraffe removal
Comment from : bookworm er

Aaminah Hussain
im a kid and i got 80 right
Comment from : Aaminah Hussain

For number 15 I said to do it in the morningbrAlso, who else hates the last parts where all the riddles were dumbly connected to each other lol
Comment from : FunTimesWithCARBONATER

These are the type of trick questions that annoying people at parties randomly go around asking The type of person, that those who actually have any common sense avoid, or roll their eyes at!
Comment from : cookie

Andrey Staroselskiy
What do you sleep on, sit on, and brush your teeth with? Hands, mate You sleep with your head on your hand, you sit on your hands when they're cold, and hopefully, you brush your teeth with your hand Common sense bcondescending noises/b
Comment from : Andrey Staroselskiy

THINK The Arts
Comment from : THINK The Arts

Gary Turner
How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?brFirst, find a VERY tall fridgebrbrHow do you put an elephant in a fridge?brFirst, find a very WIDE and DEEP fridgebrbrHow do you know when an elephant's been in the fridge?brFootprints in the butterbrbrHow do you know when a giraffe's been in the fridge?brHoof-prints in the butter!
Comment from : Gary Turner

Smh this common sense test makes me mad but I enjoyed it
Comment from : Jikjin

noah's ark only put 2 of each so there would still be crocidiles
Comment from : Dennise

Musa Elsayed
Can someone please explain how it's common sense to let a whale ride a boat in a flood?
Comment from : Musa Elsayed

Festadds Manster
this was more over complicated than my answer what do sleep on sit on and brush your teeth with your over complicated answer a bed a chir and a tooth brush my simple answer your hands this is more about not getting cuaght out by trick questions especially when your nont catching the whole question at the time it was spoken so tried reading the question in the ten seconds you get to answer common sense either put the question in writing with no verbal narration or give the verbal narration without the written question i know i have failed every question because my mind does not work when it is written dyslexic so was tricked everytime because i was destracted trying to read the question while listening to the questionbrseems you lack the common sense that we all are individual and out thought prosess matches itbrbrguess i was the typical example of einsteins fish climbing the tree maybe you should try an live in my pond and see the results 🤣😂
Comment from : Festadds Manster

Sherry Arflin
Hahahahahaonly four right!!!
Comment from : Sherry Arflin

According to Wikipedia, Brightside gets his own answer wrong, it tells us that a bungalow "is single story or has a secong story built into a sloping roof usually with dormer windows", so therefore stairs would be a common feature of many bungalows, and they are not all single story as he mistakenly believesand states
Comment from : johnjamesmoses

Oxygen of Truth
I could put the giraffe and the elephant in the fridge together because they are toys and only two crocodiles went on Noah ark
Comment from : Oxygen of Truth

too many asinine riddles, I like pure logic
Comment from : Melinda

1:17 and onwards were all correct for me
Comment from : Lithiumblack_

xavier csc
Bright Side: How do you put a giraffe in the fridge? brMe: please go to a psychiatrist brBright Side: How do you put an elephant in the fridge? brMe: please go to a psychiatristbrMe: where should I put "Bright side channel" ?brPeople around the world: in the fridge brsince they don't know the difference between "common sense" and "riddles"
Comment from : xavier csc

Anony Mouse
"All" the crocodiles are on Noah's ark? Only 2 went there, a male and a female LOL
Comment from : Anony Mouse

Flame Alligator
These are children’s jokes and riddles 😁
Comment from : Flame Alligator

Just to be clear, there’s more than one elephant in the world, correct?
Comment from : SMS

Jaden Charles Dy
bruhhh at Noah's ark one is when I losttt my streak THE ELEPHANTTTT i said the animals that lived in the ocean
Comment from : Jaden Charles Dy

itsjust katie
the one with the ark was not correct??? its def the whale
Comment from : itsjust katie

Felix Sila
How will the giraffe even fit in the fridge in first place
Comment from : Felix Sila

Music Oldies
Question #3 actually goes against all the rules of "common sense" The only way you can enter a pitch black room and see the newspaper, oil lantern and wood sticks lying inside of it is if the match was already lit to begin with prior to you entering the pitch black roombrbrTo reiterate what the narrator said in the beginning of the video: "Common sense ain't so common" 🤣🤣
Comment from : Music Oldies

Michele Dawson
Common sense is not so common
Comment from : Michele Dawson

Ryan 7
These aren’t common sense questions there riddles Still kinda fun though lol
Comment from : Ryan 7

Bruce Wayne
If you give someone a multiple choice ? And give 3 answer choices the answer has to be 1 of the 3 choices not a answer from nowhere that's not put of the problem I'm still correct answering the ? About the lamp and if you answered the ? With either other choice then what if there wasn't a fireplace you would end up burning down the dark room you entered so I'm still right so choke on that
Comment from : Bruce Wayne

Kathy Kaveh
How do you put an elephant/giraffe in the fridge? You don'tbrHow do you not become the crocodile's dinner?? You go in the morning so you become breakfastbrThese were not common sense They were ridiculousespecially the one about the elephant not being on Noah's ark b/c it's still in the refrigerator
Comment from : Kathy Kaveh

Common sense is knowing the giraffe won't freeze in the fridge when switching it out with the elephant
Comment from : Gorilla

Patricia w Collins
In their home town
Comment from : Patricia w Collins

Maxwell Martin
These are riddles Not common sense questions
Comment from : Maxwell Martin

This video made me want to take a bath with a toaster
Comment from : Voidable

9 points!
Comment from : Graceej

I'm 12 and i'm mentally an overthinking adult
Comment from : kwingrese

CATastrophe Crew
Narrator: what do you call a person who does not have all fingers on one arm?brbrbrbrMe: a person who does not have all fingers on one arm
Comment from : CATastrophe Crew

Joy Enge
4:05brbroh i's gets its
Comment from : Joy Enge

Joy Enge
Comment from : Joy Enge

Vinayak Raghunath
this is
Comment from : Vinayak Raghunath

Tina Carreón
These are just riddles, not common sense
Comment from : Tina Carreón

Reema Virden
To be honest, this just made me mad😅☹️
Comment from : Reema Virden

Christian Mayhew
#5, total BS By saying, "Not a single hair on his head got wet" implies he had hair on his head
Comment from : Christian Mayhew

Sandra Scriver
you don’t bury survivors?
Comment from : Sandra Scriver

Sandra Scriver
Comment from : Sandra Scriver

Yaksha Y
Common sense is the sense which is not common at all😅
Comment from : Yaksha Y

Anne E Culbertson
Normally don’t bury the survivorslanternpinkhe was baldthey missed their flight1 in 48
Comment from : Anne E Culbertson

Jordan Arano
I dislike this video
Comment from : Jordan Arano

Margo Meyer
It's trick questions not common sense
Comment from : Margo Meyer

L Lawliet
8:35 Answer: “Your mum”
Comment from : L Lawliet

Mary Patten
lol loved the 28 days question
Comment from : Mary Patten

Did he say "umbrellow"?
Comment from : FlyBoyGrounded

bro I didn't know this was a cinematic universe and that all the questions were connected Common sense would tell you they aren't connected
Comment from : Zombie

Number 2 was super hard
Comment from : Adoptmehacks

Odette Babayan
no kids can solve this I'm a kid I don't know what half the questions are
Comment from : Odette Babayan

Hashmat Jutt
The survival are married
Comment from : Hashmat Jutt

Hashmat Jutt
He is bold
Comment from : Hashmat Jutt

Hashmat Jutt
We can't see in the room because of the darkness so how we can choose anything in the room
Comment from : Hashmat Jutt

Hashmat Jutt
Survivors mean alivebrThe are not buried
Comment from : Hashmat Jutt

Hashmat Jutt
To call with his name
Comment from : Hashmat Jutt

Jez Fumbles
Q: The weather was sunny yet all humans got wet Why? A: It was "whether" they'd go outside or not, and they weren't PEOPLE there was just a SINGLE PERSON and it turns out a THE GREEN TRIANGLE wasn't green to the BLIND AND BALD man who was also in a POOL in the deep end sat down the bottom for hours and SURVIVED HOW? He was in a POOL HALL in a POOL that didn't have water in it Oh then a plane crashed and everyone died and survived why? Because it was a model plane!!! THIS IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HOW BAD THIS IS!!!
Comment from : Jez Fumbles

Alyssa Hunter
Its just started to make no sense
Comment from : Alyssa Hunter

Madhu mita
Giraff and the elephant one! Rest were ok
Comment from : Madhu mita

At the start this was pretty funny but after the elephant in the refrigerator question things just got out of hand It made absolutely no sense because someone with common sense would know that elephants and giraffes don’t fit in refrigerators Plus, the Noah’s ark and the the river one are completely unrelated to one another so it makes absolutely no sense grabbing two different stories and trying to make them connect
Comment from : Missycheesy!!

shilpa kulkarni
Comment from : shilpa kulkarni

howard fine
i have no common sense but some of it was cool
Comment from : howard fine

Matthew Coolness
A person with no fingers isn’t “Normal”, THEY’RE MISSING FINGERS!! They’re HANDICAPPED!
Comment from : Matthew Coolness

Tom Barrett
Half of these questions are just ridiculous
Comment from : Tom Barrett

Roldan Arcipe
Comment from : Roldan Arcipe

Angus Hutchings
The giraffe wouldn't be frozen if it was in a fridge 🤣🤣 not to overcomplicate anything
Comment from : Angus Hutchings

Chris James
This isn't common sense It's riddles and pure stupidity Don't waste your time
Comment from : Chris James

Weakenedbus0 1
Comment from : Weakenedbus0 1

Lewi Girum
4:10, this man just said "attentative"
Comment from : Lewi Girum

Motu Singh rathore
The ark one baffled mee the most
Comment from : Motu Singh rathore

Mariah C
Common sense says you don't put a elephant or a giraffe in a refrigerator
Comment from : Mariah C

Srinivasan Maduraimuthu
4:47 this riddle is so easy every one knows that all months have 28 days
Comment from : Srinivasan Maduraimuthu

Christian Olyn Yanes
7:54 Open the fridge put the giraffe out and put the elephant😃
Comment from : Christian Olyn Yanes

Christian Olyn Yanes
7:30 I lauged so hard LoL i thoight u could not put a giraffe on a fridge😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Christian Olyn Yanes

Common sense is not so common anymore
Comment from : Nala!

James Keller
I must be a kid at 52 or just use common sense because I got everyone right 🤷
Comment from : James Keller

Joey Boucher
8:40 pretty sure that whale isnt on the arc
Comment from : Joey Boucher

Were there fridges in Noah's time really

somya garg
"How to cross the river without becoming crocodile's dinner"brCross it in the morning 😪
Comment from : somya garg

Michael S
It's not common sense it's, "uncommon sense"
Comment from : Michael S

#05 Don't people have hairs on arms and hands???
Comment from : Udaiveerplayz

Mr Potatohead
bFridges didnt exist during noah's time/b how do they expect us to be that thick?
Comment from : Mr Potatohead

Margou Keesha
my anger issues can’t
Comment from : Margou Keesha

Its common sense since these questions doesn't make a sense at all
Comment from : LOGAN LEE

Gabriel Da Cruz
The elephant would have been on the boat because when Noah was alive they didn't have refrigerators
Comment from : Gabriel Da Cruz

Gabriel Da Cruz
The only animals that weren't on Noah's ark wasn't an elephant it was actually fish and dolphins and whales also the crocodile wouldn't be on the boat either because crocodiles live in the water
Comment from : Gabriel Da Cruz

Gabriel Da Cruz
I know you're going to think I'm picky if your car's on fire on the highway who grabs the fire extinguisher and comes over and tries to put out the fire it's the police officer they don't wait for the fire engine
Comment from : Gabriel Da Cruz

Gabriel Da Cruz
P see he's wrong because even though it's a bungalow there's always steps there's a step into the house or the step outside the house but there's always a step unless it was ground level and most bungalows are not sitting right on the ground
Comment from : Gabriel Da Cruz

Common sense? More like nonsense
Comment from : JOOT X

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