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11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

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Information 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

Title :  11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others
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Frames 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

Description 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

Comments 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

How good is your memory? If you don't know, take this test wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=VtGYIGimhzA
Comment from : BRIGHT SIDE

Informational dot
All techniques are very effective and authorized Thanks for sharing !
Comment from : Informational dot

Nise Biggs
Getting rid of that music will help!
Comment from : Nise Biggs

Kuna Pradhan
Memory dismiss Unwanting and unnecessary thing means Your concise behavior attitude is the power of interest for memory by memorising that dismissal of memory for own interest @kuna Pradhan;orissa
Comment from : Kuna Pradhan

Brain teaching itself how to memorize
Comment from : Ace

Rockstar Gamer
Omy goode
Comment from : Rockstar Gamer

Rockstar Gamer
Comment from : Rockstar Gamer

Rockstar Gamer
GoodI lick it
Comment from : Rockstar Gamer

This is a lie You can remember everything
Comment from : KING JOE

Thank you 😊
Comment from : DJK

Me fully mad after studying
Comment from : MARIE DSouza

Keabetswe Blessing
What I do is I read a small part of a topic and try to rewrite it in my own words without referring to the book and after reading the whole chapter I write it without referring to the book and in this way it's simpler for me to memorize things
Comment from : Keabetswe Blessing

Try study loudly while you 're studying cuz you can see the book with eye and read it with your mouth and listen it in your voice with your ear thats the most essential way to study at all !!!
Comment from : THE EYE

Pinays appetite ASMR
The secret is absorb new information like a gossips just like what Marites (gossipers) do in Philippines, they're top notchers with that ability and amazing long term memory 😂😂😂
Comment from : Pinays appetite ASMR

Anjoé Davis Catholic™️
Look on the bright side
Comment from : Anjoé Davis Catholic™️

I want to memorize Quran what is the best method anyone will help??
Comment from : ACTUAL ISLAM


Khadija El Abbassi
Am starting to forgetful lot’s of things, I am worried if I gets dementia well you pleased advice me 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Comment from : Khadija El Abbassi

S D Mann
Till the end of the video, I forgot almost everything I am not sure who is like me 🤔
Comment from : S D Mann

I have only 3 hours to learn 5 chuncks of healt education😩🥴😬😬
Comment from : Cajez

I like trains kid
Comment from : I like trains kid

I have social studies exam tomorrow, and i cant remember civics so i am here to remember it fast blol/b
Comment from : HET MISTRY

Georgia Williams
Literally did a math test today and forgot everything even though I revised for 3 house yesterday
Comment from : Georgia Williams

Hassan Abbas
I literally went and watched the entire movie(limitless) hehe
Comment from : Hassan Abbas

Try to associate everything irrationally
Comment from : SK EASY LEARNING

Elaika Sinogbuhan
I study like 2-4 hours then after 10 min I will forgot what I learnedbrIf it's a song I can memorize it in 5 min
Comment from : Elaika Sinogbuhan

Jungkook my baby
I'm here in 2021 watching how too memorize fast because I need to beat the class topper brMy brain : instead of studying I should watch how too memorize fast 😬😬😬
Comment from : Jungkook my baby

i am an Indian student currently in my last year of school I am preparing for jee advanced , an examination to get admission into one of the most renowned and respected colleges of India I have been preparing for it from last 15 years I have been taught by many teachers All they said in common to every student in my batch was to revise again and again the concepts in intervals of weeks , months and sometimes just days so i can confirm that the ways shown here really work In layman terms , we can consider that each revision is like a shell of information or data the more you revise something, the thicker the shell gets and you remember it for a longer time One more tip that can give from my side is that before studying have at least an hour as a gap between the last time you used phone , tv or something grabbing your attention (like music) this way you will be able to concentrate better and your productivity and speed will increase brbrbrbrbrPS: It really works for me Hope you yes you stranger :) too find it useful have a nice day
Comment from : Harshit

Cute Girl x
Love the background music 😂
Comment from : Cute Girl x

Comment from : lmao

giduthuri Navya
And other trick is to make an image related to the topic, it's really works😊😊
Comment from : giduthuri Navya

nelema pk
For me not I Day it is 1 minut
Comment from : nelema pk

Elyn Mahinay
Comment from : Elyn Mahinay

Muskan Muskan
Big fann
Comment from : Muskan Muskan

Nguri Hmar
Watching this while learning hits different 😳
Comment from : Nguri Hmar

Abdullah Waqas
Me watching this in exams
Comment from : Abdullah Waqas

Sreedev Nair
Read daily 9 pages of a book it will help you to memorize things
Comment from : Sreedev Nair

war gaming with Garry
Focus, file, picture, glue, review
Comment from : war gaming with Garry

purabi phukan
Comment from : purabi phukan

madhuri malladi
After 2 to 3 weeks I'll even forget that I'm doing this technique 😂
Comment from : madhuri malladi

bA mind for numbers - chapter 10, page 153/b br“The epidermis has five layers From deep to superficial, they are the stratum basale , stratum spinosum , stratum granulosum , stratum lucidum , and stratum corneum To remember which one is the deepest layer, visualize your basement That is the stratum basale To get from your basement (deepest layer) to the roof (superficial layer), walk up your basement stairs be careful! They are covered with cactus spines ( stratum spinosum ) That leads you to the kitchen, where someone has spilled granulated sugar all over the floor ( stratum granulosum ) Then you go upstairs and stop to put on suntan lotion before you go to the roof The stratum lucidum is like a layer of suntan lotion because it protects you from UV rays but is present only on the palms and soles, so that’s where you picture yourself applying the lotion Now you are ready to go to the roof and enjoy a nice corn on the cob ( stratum corneum )”
Comment from : Omorfiá

Jake Romero
Practice makes perfect 👌
Comment from : Jake Romero

Tasha Tasha
How to memorize something in my long term memory
Comment from : Tasha Tasha

Hitler Laishram
Watch it in 15* speed now that’s the first step of smart study
Comment from : Hitler Laishram

Legends watching hours before exam and trying it 🔥
Comment from : TARUN

Comment from : NO EXCUSE

Im so thankful for teaching us now I'll try what u say becuz when I'm studying when I forgot it my parent will be mad and it will say that my phone or sports do this to you so now I'll change myself because of your tips Nō 11
Comment from : Void_ツ

Nitin Shilimkar
Dont forget ha ha ha! how I can forget to subscribe after watching this video
Comment from : Nitin Shilimkar

Sherlock Holmes be like br( Jhon watch this video before launching on me )🤣🤣🤣

brooke many
It's all true except no_1
Comment from : brooke many

Jenifer Adongo
Comment from : Jenifer Adongo

Katerina Wc
I just wanna thank whoever made this video, not like I'm ever gonna study early but still thanks
Comment from : Katerina Wc

a2z video
This all is known as cramming
Comment from : a2z video

Vivek Kumar
I do once next day then after a week and then after a month and final before exam
Comment from : Vivek Kumar

Justin Chung
at 1:25 it talks about how the brain gets rid of information that made me wonder, could photographic memory/perfect recall be considered a disorder? cuz then that means your brain can't get rid of information? i dont know too much about that stuff but that did make me wonder a bit
Comment from : Justin Chung

deeksha jain
Easier said than done what should i do with my insolence😩
Comment from : deeksha jain

nnoka timothy
chewing gum
Comment from : nnoka timothy

Kevin Riaño
valiosa informacion para estudiantes
Comment from : Kevin Riaño

2 years ago and this thing uploaded Anyway I just remember the important word every time I learn about school haha poor me
Comment from : Rye

Marzuk Rahman
To all 16M viewers, bCan you Memorize things quicker now?/b
Comment from : Marzuk Rahman

ehud thegreat
I feel like a lot of people talk about the memory palace but no one is ready to go in-depth explaining how to do it
Comment from : ehud thegreat

Wait I don't know what you mean but I can only speak French and I'm bad at a lot of things and I can't remember everything back at primary school can you help me please
Comment from : sus

Delskie Gaming
Thank you for sharing this video 😘
Comment from : Delskie Gaming

marvel LV_XDJ
Idk if im loosing some brain cells when watching your videos or GAINING some
Comment from : marvel LV_XDJ

Shogun TDK
I, personally just write the word, or sentence or just the keywords in my rough notebook atleast 10 times, this way i remember it all
Comment from : Shogun TDK

Mohammed Usman
Legends watching this 1 day before exam😂😆
Comment from : Mohammed Usman

Mingoti Limbu
I just cant even remember what this vid said so i have to rewatch it againn
Comment from : Mingoti Limbu

Makkal Psychology
Comment from : Makkal Psychology

Noushin Akhter Esha
This is so much useful
Comment from : Noushin Akhter Esha

Nargis Parvin
Who else memorize song lyrics more than anything
Comment from : Nargis Parvin

Marlo A Ladrona
someday, i will also be known as a successful streamer and youtuber i will always grind and support me too, thank you
Comment from : Marlo A Ladrona

Ibrahim SHD
the music is so bad in this video
Comment from : Ibrahim SHD

Puneet Rawat
I can not forget my ex 😭😂😂
Comment from : Puneet Rawat

John Rholly Autentico Jao
You can read the information aloud to remember it better
Comment from : John Rholly Autentico Jao

Shreya Saxena
Easiest way : Just forget that u can forget things Infinite storage
Comment from : Shreya Saxena

Rohith K
I forgot
Comment from : Rohith K

Shanmukh Kakinada
The timestamp 2:34 is what I need to do from now onwards
Comment from : Shanmukh Kakinada

Remy Fernandes
Such a wonderful teaching Thanks for all the efforts you took to prepare this! 🙏
Comment from : Remy Fernandes

Ahmed Nahid
Can we see the great man behind the bright side?
Comment from : Ahmed Nahid

Praveen Sriram
Loved this video and watched the whole entire video and found it very helpful!!
Comment from : Praveen Sriram

Raniel Tuppil - Personal Account
Don't Memorize it, Understand it
Comment from : Raniel Tuppil - Personal Account

Aahan Swain
Before Video - Sorry, i forgot to like share and subscribe the videobrAfter video-Remembered! Now I have done it!
Comment from : Aahan Swain

Geneviève Crockett
Thank you
Comment from : Geneviève Crockett

𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚌𝚊𝚟𝚎
Sir today is my science exam how can i study fastily🤥
Comment from : 𝙲𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚌𝚊𝚟𝚎

Foolish Me
Did this work pls guys
Comment from : Foolish Me

Una Nymous
What was number 3 again? ( dont replay the video 😝)
Comment from : Una Nymous

Samin Al Raiyan
2:47 it will be write not right
Comment from : Samin Al Raiyan

If my brain is a hard disk of 16 gb brI have ¹¹¹⅔ kB left
Comment from : Sycronix

Joker Jussi
I tried thanks alot
Comment from : Joker Jussi

Gabriel Gaming YT
Any college or schools students here 😅
Comment from : Gabriel Gaming YT

I’m not quite sure if it’s because of lack of sleep, but I literally can never remember what I did an hour previous from then I swear, I can never remember anything So here I am now, watching this to try and memorise my homework 😭😂😂
Comment from : •chair•

0:15 that is terrifying im not even gonna watch this video just because of how terrifying that character is
Comment from : HAIR JE

i only watched this bcz i forgot my fb pass
Comment from : Ah

malayali 😄
Background song!? 😃
Comment from : malayali 😄

Amulya Meher
Mug it up
Comment from : Amulya Meher

Gabriel Claudio
Do you have brain?
Comment from : Gabriel Claudio

Kartikeya Mittal
Hey, I wanna ask some questionsbr1 What’s ur name?br2 From where do you get the information for your videos?
Comment from : Kartikeya Mittal

How to memorize something quickly: br1) repetition Right after learning br2) After 5-20 minutes br3) After 6-8 hours br4) After 24 hours br br brHow to memorize something for a long time: br1) Right after learning br2) After 20-30 minutes br3) After 1 day br4) After 2-3 weeks br5) After 2-3 months br br- Try to understand what you learn 4:18 br- Learn the most necessary info 5:10 br- Serial positioneffect (Learn key parts in the beginning and the end 5:40 br- Interference theory 6:02 (rest every 20 minutes, switch to smth diffrent) br- Learn opposite things 6:58 br- Build your own mind palace (try to connect smth in your room to your word) 7:19 br- Use 'nail words' 8:18 br- Make up stories 8:39 br- Use a tape recorder (record your info with voice) 09:07 br- Visualize 09:46 br- Choose only the best materials 09:58
Comment from : Express

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