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Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"

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Information Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"

Title :  Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"
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Frames Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"

Description Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"

Comments Dwight Yoakam u0026 Buck Owens ~ "Streets of Bakersfield"

crackerskills !
The little girl handing Buck his guitar looks familiarDid she grow up to be an actress?
Comment from : crackerskills !

Sicilian Princess
Dwight was so hot!
Comment from : Sicilian Princess

Terri Proteau
That’s awesome
Comment from : Terri Proteau

James Pace
Buck Owens pioneers so many styles
Comment from : James Pace

Michael Williams
Bakersfield's Kevin McCarthy is a tool But this is a fun song
Comment from : Michael Williams

Luis Foreal
Bakersfield even has a street named after him
Comment from : Luis Foreal

Anthony L
Walking the streets of Bakersfield now will lead to a trip to the hospital 😂
Comment from : Anthony L

Ellie Bellie
Hard to believe the Blonde is in her '60's by this point
Comment from : Ellie Bellie

Dex Duger
Dan Patrick brought me here, did not disappoint! Not a big listener of country but this song is dope!
Comment from : Dex Duger

Joe Johnson
I lived in Los Angeles all my 40+ yrs and I never heard of this genre of music right in my back yard😳
Comment from : Joe Johnson

Mr Moose
Comment from : Mr Moose

Dean Adema
When someone says "accordion", and the first thing you think of is some corny joke about how crappy accordions are, my friend, you have not yet explored the accordion's splendour, in all kinds of music, zydeco, polka, tango, country, folkI will stop before you go acc acc acc
Comment from : Dean Adema

Bonney Evenhart
Comment from : Bonney Evenhart

punda milia
I like this version better, gives it a Tex-Mex flavor
Comment from : punda milia

So freaking good!
Comment from : wolco003

Kelley C
I think it's funny that he is skinnier then the model lol
Comment from : Kelley C

LOVE this song!!!
Comment from : Cheryl

Clendenen James
I was tan out of Bakersfield
Comment from : Clendenen James

Hugo Vargas
Because of this song I when to Bakersfield from Miami Fla
Comment from : Hugo Vargas

Leona Pater
I live in eastern Europe but listening to this makes me miss Bakersfield 😂
Comment from : Leona Pater

Rebecca Hayes
The steel guitar is the most beautiful instrument ever invented
Comment from : Rebecca Hayes

Eric Wylie
This is polka country :)
Comment from : Eric Wylie

Don Vergalarga
Bakersfield born, Kern County bred n fed 🔵🇲🇽
Comment from : Don Vergalarga

hey hey nowinga
Comment from : hey hey nowinga

benito herrera
I see me dancing to this with my chaparrita de jalao 😉😉
Comment from : benito herrera

Charles Law
You two vs grandpa rock and roll why
Comment from : Charles Law

Keto Trucker
Love this
Comment from : Keto Trucker

Beets by Hometown Brew
The accordion and fiddle fills in this tune are hot fire
Comment from : Beets by Hometown Brew

Chris Farris
Brings back memories of me and my mamma dancing in the kitchen to Dwight
Comment from : Chris Farris

Alex Yuvia
Being a Chicano from Bakersfield and seeing these two legends I look up to dancing in front of a Menudo sign just puts a damn smile on face I hope they both enjoyed a nice big bowl of Menudo
Comment from : Alex Yuvia

Tammy Lively
The little girl whi hands Buck his guitar wax my neighbor I live on Bank St at the time and she won a contest to get to be in this video She had a vhs tape of this video but her family did nit have a VCR so every day when I came home frome work her and her sisters came over to watch this ove and over I always wondered what happened to her
Comment from : Tammy Lively

Brenda Seager
I don’t think many people are coordinated enough to play the accordion
Comment from : Brenda Seager

If you've ever felt unwanted cheated not getting a decent break this is truly your song!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Larry

The girl at 4:05 is really really beautiful Song is good too
Comment from : tejanochris

Brad Simmons
as a yankee i can say southern people suck
Comment from : Brad Simmons

I hate to say, but Dwight does all of Buck's songs so much better
Comment from : Bstiger

Cwick Yo momma
Comment from : Cwick Yo momma

Deckie Deckie
Buckmowens rest in peace!!
Comment from : Deckie Deckie

Linda Renslow
Dwight and Buck Are a great pair They make a real team I think Dwight Yoakum is a very nice and well mannered young man
Comment from : Linda Renslow

I heard these cool mexicans partying down the road and heard that a song with the accordion then connected the dots to this one Cool instrument when used
Comment from : VicZX6R

Vito Corleone
Mexican American accordion action, perfect fit for Bakersfield AWESOME!
Comment from : Vito Corleone

Anne Anderson
Love love love ❤️ 😍 💖 brFavourite song of mine in New Zealand 🇳🇿 ❤️
Comment from : Anne Anderson

Anita Harris
You can tell that Dwight is having a great time doing this video with Buck That's one of the happiest and greatest smiles I have ever seen
Comment from : Anita Harris

Nicole MacIntyre-Micallef
This issss the funny part xo
Comment from : Nicole MacIntyre-Micallef

violinist_ stirlingite
My dad loved this song and he played it all the time when I was growing up Remembering him now while listening to this 💕
Comment from : violinist_ stirlingite

Poker Joker
I love the fact that 13 plus million people have great taste in music! Not only that, but Dwight is such a great Actor! God I hated him in Sling Blade Mmm Hmm 😂
Comment from : Poker Joker

pjimmbo jimmbo
Tacky Car
Comment from : pjimmbo jimmbo

The Rain Maker
Comment from : The Rain Maker

Alicia Turitz
My heart loves this dude!
Comment from : Alicia Turitz

Patricia Slocum
I've driven through that city, but never had to walk I would like to have seen Buck's museum
Comment from : Patricia Slocum

I have always wondered how Dwight's knees circulation He does rock that look
Comment from : RocketsRedGlare

They became good friends Of course
Comment from : RocketsRedGlare

Brian Waskow
Buck should be using his red, white, and blue guitar
Comment from : Brian Waskow

Lois Hall
I really love this song! Life is like that 😂🙏
Comment from : Lois Hall

Dee Lynn
Ahhhh, yes, Bakersfield/Lancaster areaknow it well, one of my Uncles had a chicken farm in this area of SoCal before it became overrun w/the spillover from downtown LA/Hollywood types and hundreds of rooftops of 'affordable' housing that destroyed the agriculture/desert, once picturesque Country music was the only 'game in town' Memories It used to be a relaxing drive away from the maddening, uptight, elitist crowds, through Pear Blossom/Bishop/Lone Pine, a stop at Schat's Bakery and away from Beverly Hills/Bel Air and Malibu and their 'hustle' Great tune
Comment from : Dee Lynn

Jef Leopard
Excellent song Can’t believe that I wore pants that tight when I was younger
Comment from : Jef Leopard

Kathryn Leger
I from south Texas and when Dwight Yoakam and Flaco Jimenez played Bakersfield that damn song rocked!
Comment from : Kathryn Leger

susan galvan
Who here remember GAC on tv and remember the channel
Comment from : susan galvan

Pam Lamrouex
Love it❤️🎶🤗
Comment from : Pam Lamrouex

Ol’Dwight sure can boogy with the best of em 🍻
Comment from : CANADIAN REBEL

Clendenen James
A damn great song S it's amazing how great a son
Comment from : Clendenen James

Alex Tepozteco
I hope this song gets played when I go with my dad to the concert next month, October 6th is his birthday and Dwight is his favorite artist it was pure luck that he's having a concert that day all I said is I'm invited him to a dinner at this venue and he has no clue what's actually going to happen
Comment from : Alex Tepozteco

Joe Onley Sr
Not Buck's song, actually written by a man named Homer Joy
Comment from : Joe Onley Sr

Guitar Man
Comment from : Guitar Man

Christopher Reed
I love this frickn song I listen to it a hundred 💯 times a day God blessed us with this beautiful 😍 music 🎶 l love them much
Comment from : Christopher Reed

Yvonne Rodrigue
I remember when this video came out & played it for my Mom (Buck Owens Fan) me, Dwight Yoakam fan Mom was so excited to watch it that we both watched a few dozen more times 😁🥰 This ones for you mom RIP🙏💖🌹 I'm still listening in 2022 💖
Comment from : Yvonne Rodrigue

My brother is born in Bakersfield Found this song a couple days ago on Spotify and love it
Comment from : FairyTaleAlice

Tom Wagner
Love the tejano feel of this song
Comment from : Tom Wagner

Lancaster Ritzy Escargot Diner
Que can beat musica Tejano fantastica y un serving grande de Menudo Rico con onions y crema sour after a long week!
Comment from : Lancaster Ritzy Escargot Diner

Hillys music channel
Yoakam is a true country master
Comment from : Hillys music channel

Alex Kealey
Such a beautiful cake,The ingredients came from Ireland and Mexico and finished in AmericabrWhat a beautiful taste
Comment from : Alex Kealey

The real deal and a very deep song
Comment from : Larry

William Lee
Is that John Cowan playing bass at about the 1:48 mark? Looks a lot like him and also looks like one of his basses
Comment from : William Lee

L W Jr
Some of my best memories took place in Bakersfield
Comment from : L W Jr

Don Doyle
Buck knew real talent 👍👍
Comment from : Don Doyle

Randall Barr
Blisters on my heals!! Time wounds All heals
Comment from : Randall Barr

RIP Buck Owens
Comment from : VenomStryker

Mark Davidson
One of my favorite okie songs!!!🌹🌹🌹
Comment from : Mark Davidson

Wesley Lewis
Really great song
Comment from : Wesley Lewis

The singers: 🤠brThe band:🇲🇽
Comment from : AstralDread

I’m a Latino who grew up in the Bakersfield area, and I have a newfound respect for Buck This is a nice tribute to both Mexican styled music and the many Mexican laborers all around the Central Valley I found this too late
Comment from : Chrispy_noza

Sandra Taylor
What A ("Great,Duo,")& ("Song And Official Video,'')brSo,Glad,It Was,Done,Before,Buck Owens, Passed-AwaybrA Great,Pair, Together,For Sure
Comment from : Sandra Taylor

2:29 is that a hood ornament ? 🤣👍🏻 a Rifle
Comment from : TPHVICTIMS

Hillbilly twerking 😉👍🏻
Comment from : TPHVICTIMS

Mark West
Dwight Yoakam could play Tom Petty in a movie/documentary about Petty's life Something about Yoakam reminds me of him
Comment from : Mark West

Andy Harvey
Flat top lots of love
Comment from : Andy Harvey

GDR Float
Zydaco !
Comment from : GDR Float

Good music is never outdated🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎶🎶🎶
Comment from : maxx641

Wesley Feltner
Cajun not Mexican
Comment from : Wesley Feltner

James Lynall
Beautiful song we miss u buckowens
Comment from : James Lynall

Dwights guitar almost hit Buck at 1:33 The look on Bucks face lol
Comment from : KONJUNTO

Rick Saunders
The Bakersfield soundbrSounds good brRight Merle
Comment from : Rick Saunders

Eduardo De La Garza
Had to hear it again reminds me of Texas
Comment from : Eduardo De La Garza

John Bonifas
I would like to hook up with you and ride are bikes
Comment from : John Bonifas

Fuck yes man
Comment from : CTK166x

jr morales
Dwight reminds me of Kevin bacon in tremors
Comment from : jr morales

Jimmy Z
2 great American entertainers! Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam Together How could you not love this? Good stuff
Comment from : Jimmy Z

Mario Olvera
Can listen to this song everyday everyone is this video looks so happy to be doing what they are doing
Comment from : Mario Olvera

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