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My FIRST Laundromat Collection!

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Information My FIRST Laundromat Collection!

Title :  My FIRST Laundromat Collection!
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Description My FIRST Laundromat Collection!

Comments My FIRST Laundromat Collection!

Vince Moreno
Can you do a video on the financing part ? How much down total did you have to put down
Comment from : Vince Moreno

Jose Macias
You need to retool those tumblers are ancient
Comment from : Jose Macias

suliman mohamed
if you work a regular job you will make more than this amount 😜
Comment from : suliman mohamed

Benjamin Birch
I am a new subscriber! I am a vending guy Lets see what else you have Thank you for sharing!
Comment from : Benjamin Birch

How is it doing now?
Comment from : Demetrio

Joey N
Have you noticed your business slow down over the past year? Asking because I am looking to buy a laundry mat over the next year Thank you
Comment from : Joey N

ohlashia cowley
Absolutely loved this video!! I’m looking into purchasing my first Laundromat I’m negotiating with the owner This is super encouraging I will be subscribing to the channel!
Comment from : ohlashia cowley

Love the big dryers
Comment from : Bob

Edwards AG
I like the old Huebsch Loadstar dryers they look real cool its a vintage 😎
Comment from : Edwards AG

Gry Phyn
Love this guy More honest that some of the others
Comment from : Gry Phyn

Get some dryers from this century, double stackers
Comment from : MarkH10

Following Ralph
Great video I opened a Laundromat in The Netherlands - big difference with the USA I made a video about it on my channel to explainbrbrKeep up to great videos :)
Comment from : Following Ralph

Some Girl Laly
why so many jealous ppl in the comments?? he has his business yeeshh its okay
Comment from : Some Girl Laly

Pete S
Well informed my friend I wished I had the money to start with because I would love to own one of the laundromat and to start with I’ll will put a lot of my time in to it
Comment from : Pete S

@17:03 doesn't want to sound like a money gurubrbmakes youtube channel called cashflow coma/bbrokay buddy lol
Comment from : social3ngin33rin

Mike G
Location" Location!
Comment from : Mike G

Give the customers WIFI
Comment from : FRANKLIN 1776

Michael Paul
Hey matebrJust found this brI’m looking at a laundromat 500m from homebrIt’s cash free Fully unstaffed brWhat should I be looking for before I drop the $$$brHidden secrets to laundromats etc
Comment from : Michael Paul

24k Starlight Medical Aesthetics Spa
I love your ideas I just bought a business too and need all the advise!!
Comment from : 24k Starlight Medical Aesthetics Spa

Tiara Mack
Hey did you get a loan to start or you did cash
Comment from : Tiara Mack

Get more quarters so you don’t Need to collect as much You wasted your time you could have done something else Like fix the broken machines
Comment from : Neal

Bawws Reecky Rawws
Liked and subscribed Sir Thanks for the insight
Comment from : Bawws Reecky Rawws

Odetta Hines
God bless you and your familyPraying blessing's upon youKeep doing what your doingYes investment joy is great I have been watching about two week'sHe is a wise man
Comment from : Odetta Hines

dustin block
“Double your sq footage double your profits” haha what a moron
Comment from : dustin block

Ivette Silvestre
How much will cost,to have a first laundry place,it look so cool
Comment from : Ivette Silvestre

Street Runner
Free 99 knowledge!!!
Comment from : Street Runner

Amin Mahendra
Good job sirbrI’m interested in laundromat businesshow many dollars invest in laundromat and profit
Comment from : Amin Mahendra

Rashed Saleh
What you think about top-load washing machines productively and revene?
Comment from : Rashed Saleh

What are expansion expenses from the Government?brbrIn many jurisdictions that store hooking into sewer and water is $150-300kbrSo don't "JUST " knock down a wall
Comment from : MarkH10

Great video! exactly the content I was looking for Thank you !
Comment from : Naomie

FaZe Paino YT ____________
What i’m going to be doing one day
Comment from : FaZe Paino YT ____________

Yes No
Stop being so cocky good for you jesus
Comment from : Yes No

Buy a program from a successful person saves you time Hunting "free" info costs you lots of time Time is money
Comment from : PayThePlumber

Jay D
ones watched keenans channel
Comment from : Jay D

Shera Gistand
I’m new to this space and I’m about to get into vending This is on my list this year!
Comment from : Shera Gistand

$10K-$12K month in that placenot likely Also, you could not even replace half your dryers for $20K Yes I own a laundromat so I'm not just talking shit to you
Comment from : TheSoloAsylum

Freddy Rd
In nyc own 1 laundromat 350 a day 🤞🏽you got this brother
Comment from : Freddy Rd

Zip it Shhhh
Throw a soda machine or a Arcade claw machine to make good profit I'm sure kids who goes to the laundromat be welling to spend a couple bucks for the time being there while doing laundry
Comment from : Zip it Shhhh

Seafarer Bones
You’re on the right track- trying to make the business pay for its upgrades is ROI to infinity
Comment from : Seafarer Bones

Seafarer Bones
You’ve got an excellent start! I like how unfinished your business is; SO MUCH POTENTIAL!
Comment from : Seafarer Bones

Sabah Taha
Very neat and informative dude Much obliged👍
Comment from : Sabah Taha

You should make some videos on real estate, and just share some of you’re knowledge with us!
Comment from : THPY HUNT

Larry Singer
Get a coin scale, but you're doing the right thing counting what comes out of the machines and not counting the cash from the changer You're in the laundry business not the change making business brbrGet rid of the toploaders, especially if water isn't included in rent TL washers use 2x as much water as front loaders As ugly as those dryers are, if they work and use natural gas, you're fine Double pocket dryers are better tho Get a snack machine & pop machine Can make about $500 per month from thembrbrEdit- i see you have a scale Nice Haha
Comment from : Larry Singer

McProseph Gaming
cool vid, enjoy dat money!
Comment from : McProseph Gaming

@Cashflowcoma, so you're in Texas?
Comment from : Billy_Hollywood

Thanks for putting out a great video that was informative and entertaining Keep up the good work and worthwhile content put into the videos and you can fill in the same role that Investment Joy had for you
Comment from : JLS2169

Good honest (seems to be) content So what's the profit supposed to be out of that 200?
Comment from : kozac97

Yolanda Cook
Great Content, im looking forward to learning alot from you I appreciate your no fluff, approach I have wanted to own a laundromat business for a while
Comment from : Yolanda Cook

Adam Salaah!
Love this, I'm in a different industry (music) but I'm looking to invest in other cashflowing industries as well I'm rooting for you and learning from you a the same time!
Comment from : Adam Salaah!

Patrick Dreis
1980 is calling, they want their dryers back
Comment from : Patrick Dreis

Oguz Oguz
How much didnyou buy the store? Roi? Cash or loan?
Comment from : Oguz Oguz

Hot Dogging with Dan
Did you spend money to buy this laundromat?
Comment from : Hot Dogging with Dan

Thomas Perkins
How Many Laundromats In Your Town
Comment from : Thomas Perkins

Tom Gretsch
Excellent video You make me very nervous how far away you walk from your collection bucket If the store is closed, that is very different
Comment from : Tom Gretsch

Great video and I look forward to seeing more of your journey Before you get rid of the old machines and you do me a couple of favors? I'd like to see you go up and down the toploaders, looks like there are some old ones there! Also could you show the backs of those dryers? It would be cool if you have space to keep one in the backroom as a relic, they are probably close to 50 years old!
Comment from : Cooldude84343

Leon dunstan
The rent in Washington would probably make a laundry business hard to keep up
Comment from : Leon dunstan

John Bastiani
Oh by the way I've subscribed I'd like to see you fulfil your journey Do what you can with resources you have change things as you can Thanks it's john from Sydney Australia
Comment from : John Bastiani

John Bastiani
Hi there!! First time seeing you Honestly what your saying is all true If you make the changes you'll do the money Think about drink confection machine coin pusher there good for the coins Maybe music?? Disco bubbles??? I hope you do well Take care bye
Comment from : John Bastiani

Matt Zinicola
Good video Thanks for sharing I took the plunge shortly before you (May) If you haven't checked out some additional channels, you'd likely find useful information at Following Keenan, Chock Full of Quarters and There I Fixed It Best of luck Continue to post content on how it's going In 4 months, I've done painting, lighting, a couple of new machines, LOADS of machine maintenance, a new soap machine (old one was broken), have brought the cleanliness level WAY up, etc Every day I get compliments from multiple customers and the top and bottom lines are continuing to grow steadily (so I think I must be doing isomething/i right) Keep up the good work
Comment from : Matt Zinicola

Mike Schulte
What brand are those dryers? I have never seen dryers like that before I really like those
Comment from : Mike Schulte

Do you think starting with gumball machines a good investment to start in Vending compare to an actual Vending snack machine?
Comment from : Zaniah

247 coin laundry
Learn how to fix every piece of equipment in there yourself
Comment from : 247 coin laundry

Yes I heard of Investment Joy by the way
Comment from : CrestwoodRocks

Yeah if I were you, I likely would replace the top loaders and put in the 20 lb hardmount washer/extractors in their place
Comment from : CrestwoodRocks

Keven King
Put a pop and vending machine in there and that would be more profit👍
Comment from : Keven King

Keven King
Very motivational
Comment from : Keven King

Kevin Stilwell
How long is your lease?
Comment from : Kevin Stilwell

Tyler Mulholland
Vending guy watching Your getting the hard money don't forget about the easy money Cranes arcades bulk pop machines coin pushers
Comment from : Tyler Mulholland

Comment from : xyzcantcme

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