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Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)

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Information Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)

Title :  Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)
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Frames Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)

Description Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)

Comments Pawn Stars: THE RAREST COIN IN U.S. HISTORY (Season 18)

Pawn Stars
Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, Saturdays at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at historycom/schedule
Comment from : Pawn Stars

Arturo SL
Take it somewhere else
Comment from : Arturo SL

Veteran Metals
Excellent video! This gives me inspiration for my channel 😁
Comment from : Veteran Metals

Sheila Keenan
That’s crushing
Comment from : Sheila Keenan

sato naoki
I have original Double Eagle coin 1933
Comment from : sato naoki

Nathan Bertram
Fair play to that man not going absolute mental when he found out it was a fake
Comment from : Nathan Bertram

Im from Oman I have 20 dollars Golden Double Eagle 1924 I sell it
Comment from : MOHAMMET mody

Little Bombbuilder
He turned a 200000$ coin into an 1800$ goldnugget not that smart 🤭
Comment from : Little Bombbuilder

eddie nash
This appraisal is an insult to the "I know what I got" community
Comment from : eddie nash

Michael To
Click bait man
Comment from : Michael To

DUDE 😳 I HAVE ONE OF OF THOSE COINS I found it when I was 6 or 7 under a vending machine, I thought it was a cool coin, so I took it home And I still have it, it’s WAY bigger than that coin, it’s like if you made a circle with your hands kinda big It’s not a D coin, but I have 12 hundred dollars taped to the side of my locker at school
Comment from : 4737Studios

D is for disappointment lol brbrYou still got $1800 worth of gold That is a lot
Comment from : TheBlueKnight

“What do you have here?”br“The Mona Lisa”br-This Dumbass
Comment from : KingArgon

Usha Singh
Sir I have few $1 gold dollars how can I sell it
Comment from : Usha Singh

I attended a sales training years ago and one big insight from it is that sellers lie far more often than buyers They have less to lose in being dishonest Since I’ve heard that I’ve noticed it all over the place
Comment from : W

Miklós Tamás
What a great chap
Comment from : Miklós Tamás

Gold confiscation act in 1933, democrats have loved tyranny for close to 100 years
Comment from : MrBcady12

Sikandar pervez
I have rare Americans n other countries unique n rare coins n I want to sell but problem is that I'm from Pakistan but I don't know how to sell I have 1 dime coin 5 cents Jefferson coin 1 cent Lincoln's coin I have some quarter dollar coins please reply me I want to sell them all contact me
Comment from : Sikandar pervez

Zack V
People are saying he knew it was fake because of his reaction? Dude, not everyone is a drama queen What did you want him to do? Start crying and holding his head?
Comment from : Zack V

Comment from : Rub3en

𝐀𝐧𝐮𝐩𝐨𝐦𝐀𝐆 🅥
2:24 Just like that?brIt was too easy for him to believe RickbrBad scripting
Comment from : 𝐀𝐧𝐮𝐩𝐨𝐦𝐀𝐆 🅥

When the pawn shop guy says not an unreasonable amount requested then you know you asked way too little if it had actually been real
Comment from : Giggidygiggidy12

He probably brought the coin for sale knowing it was fake and just wanting to see if there was a value other than the gold value, and the producers wrote the script so it would make Rick look good, and have a story to tell That is why Rick was easy going

Scott Simmons
Imagine the government passing a law where you can’t save and hoard money lol…
Comment from : Scott Simmons

War Iyu
Saya punya uang peranc nilai uangnya 1 belakangnya gambar burung depannya gambar wanita Pegang Bunggah THN 1988
Comment from : War Iyu

In this case the D stand for Don't do steroids
Comment from : DLUX

Boston Nate
1913 liberty nickel is the rarest
Comment from : Boston Nate

C Michael Rinehart
This feather brain actually thinks he can get half a million at a pawn shop?
Comment from : C Michael Rinehart

Pokémon Pedigree
Fun fact: actually the rarest coin is the 1933 saint gaudens double eagle It sold for 18 million dollars in January 2021 Its so rare due to the Gold Confiscation Act mentioned by Rick in the video, and it was never meant to be in circulation Only 1 of this coin is legal to own, and that is the coin that sold for 18 mil
Comment from : Pokémon Pedigree

Why didn’t you call a coin expert Rick ??
Comment from : V V R

Idk Dino 🦕
That guy did all the work khowing about the coin yet takes it to a pawn shop what a 🤡 not the sharpest tool in the shed
Comment from : Idk Dino 🦕

The D stands for dud in this case
Comment from : STHFGDBY

Julian Burns
You know its valuable when rick suddenly starts wearing gloves
Comment from : Julian Burns

Lake Racer
What's it worth as a Philadelphia minted coin without the fakery? In other words, how much value was negated by altering it? Especially when it's sure to be caught
Comment from : Lake Racer

ridge runner
rick did buy it off camerahe gave him a half eaten happy meal with a missing toy and said he's taking a chance on it
Comment from : ridge runner

Yo! AB Breaks
You know what drives me up the wall about the production of this show? That they put nearly half screen-sized boxes of short text during the moments they're zooming in on the details of the item They can include those factoids in so many more less intrusive ways 0:40 Just, why even zoom in?
Comment from : Yo! AB Breaks

Kensleigh Severino
Comment from : Kensleigh Severino

I got a 1913 coin I would like to sell
Comment from : goofmentzzzzzzzzzzzz

I must be getting good b/c it looked not genuine the moment I saw it Mostly because something this high-end is now almost always encapsulated
Comment from : ObssessedwithGermany

get over it its real gold and still worth $1800
Comment from : JxT1957

Tom Segura’s brother has a coin
Comment from : X X

Delia Lamprecht
I have a Nelson Mandela s 90 th birthday regards
Comment from : Delia Lamprecht

where is your shop
Comment from : MZ GAMING

While Stock Marketeers may have Bitcoin  brWorshipers of Our Savior, soon to be Raptured to Heaven  brWOW!  The Government Digital Coin may have the face of Biden
Comment from : ABC XYZ

I know a guy lemme call him
Comment from : Fawkes49

GroggDog Fitness
He did this just to be on TV, he puts this up online or at an auction he gets waaayy more than Rick would even imagine giving him How embarrassing that it was fake too
Comment from : GroggDog Fitness

We'll just call it the CNN coin
Comment from : AgateMaster

Adam Schwarz - Political Commentator
If you just lost $500k, would you really only look mildly disappointed? He knew it was fake
Comment from : Adam Schwarz - Political Commentator

Stock ssxd
Rick had to bust the gloves out for this one coin that turned out fake 😭😭
Comment from : Stock ssxd

Reda Mehdi Hassan
Greetings It is with great pleasure that I learned a lot from the information that is presented in all the videos that I follow closely and with unparalleled enthusiasm I wish you success and progress in your work
Comment from : Reda Mehdi Hassan

Reda Mehdi Hassan
Beautiful and very beautiful show I wish you health, peace, success and progress in your wonderful work My greetings
Comment from : Reda Mehdi Hassan

kingafendi kingafendi
20 is Fake ha ha ha 🤣😝
Comment from : kingafendi kingafendi

Clive Sangster
Comment from : Clive Sangster

antarctic orb
I think this guy knew all along it was faked
Comment from : antarctic orb

Lawrence Ushamba
Am in Namibia How can you buy my coins??
Comment from : Lawrence Ushamba

Not sure why he even looked at it If it isn't slabbed and graded, I wouldn't touch it for anything over face value
Comment from : sparkplug1018

Kai 🍭
D stand for Donkey on this one 😁
Comment from : Kai 🍭

Ryne Read
Stupid for selling it and stupid for selling it at a pawn shop
Comment from : Ryne Read

"What are you looking to do with it?"brbr"I wanna trade it for a Pikachu Pokémon card"
Comment from : Greg

D stands for DOH!!!😂

Michael Lombardo
What was your first indicator on a fake? Not certified by PCGS or NGC That type of coin is slabbed for posterity alone
Comment from : Michael Lombardo

Eddie Saninocencio
Where did you get this? "I stole"
Comment from : Eddie Saninocencio

Dr Barry Cohn
I'm thinking the owner had suspicions the coin was a fake After all, if I were carrying a coin I fully believed was worth $500k and someone just told me it's a phoney, I would have flipped This guy was way less emotional than I'd expect and he didn't seem to express much surprise
Comment from : Dr Barry Cohn

Denis Mefaev
Hard to believe the owner didn’t know the coin was fake
Comment from : Denis Mefaev

hey rick im from philippines, i just enjoyed every minute of your show! i am addicted watching every episode you got here and i got fired by my boss because of watching your show while working
Comment from : PrincePrettyPancake

Ewetoob Blowzdogg
If I had a nickle for every time the holy grail walked into that shop, I'd be Rick
Comment from : Ewetoob Blowzdogg

D stands for da-scammer
Comment from : MDJAK

Dude just needed the money to buy some more protein shakes
Comment from : Bryan

Californian Ussa
The offeror didn't seem anywhere convincingly surprised the coin was a fake, as is clearly this whole episode A new low for Con Stars
Comment from : Californian Ussa

The Chocolate would probably taste nasty too
Comment from : JAKE the KANGAL

Mister Meg
What you got he asks, with his coin gloves already on 🤣🤣
Comment from : Mister Meg

DioScuri Mas
Click k bait on this one!!!!!
Comment from : DioScuri Mas

mlg 6000
like how chill the guy was
Comment from : mlg 6000

Clive Sangster
Poor seller😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Clive Sangster

This entire show is FAKE, there are always a few clues to prove it, here are some;brWhen the camera pans to the front door, you NEVER see passing traffic, even though it's on Las Vegas Boulevard no traffic?? seriously??brI've been in the shop, you have the "souvenir" section, which is never shown, brThe counter where they have their computers, isn't there doesn't exist in the shopbrThere are NO motorcycles in the shop, it's not big enoughbrRick's upstairs office??? it's a single storey building!!! And it's not as big as this studio setbrOh and on this particular clip, look at the counter a guy walks in with a coin and there's a piece of felt there ready to show it off!!!!! And he's wearing gloves
Comment from : gggggggg

Dak Ota
His reaction to it being fake was not genuinebrbrWe are talking about finding out the coins worth going from $500,000 - $1,800
Comment from : Dak Ota

markus hutto
It's worth more than gold value
Comment from : markus hutto

chris 889
Opps !
Comment from : chris 889

Andys Travels
Comment from : Andys Travels

Jason W
Kind of a lackluster reaction to being told your $500,000 coin is fake I'd say there's a decent chance he already knew Plus it just doesn't add up, even his story doesn't add up Something tells me he knew about it's inauthenticity and is adding a believable story to justify why he has it and is selling it I mean the fact that a coin worth incredible amounts of $, life changing $, gets past down from generation to generation to generation ect It's just hard to believe MAYBE that part is true, but very doubtful
Comment from : Jason W

So the seller 'knew' it was worth half a mil and he brings that coin to a two bit pawn shop, yeah right
Comment from : R S

Rab Fallon
In this case , the D stod for DOH!
Comment from : Rab Fallon

Van Raphael Dayola
I have a lot if coins ranging from 1800 - 1985 dont know its value or worth
Comment from : Van Raphael Dayola

🐲 My Kitten Is A Grand Master 🐉
When negotiating always start off for way more than what you're looking for this guy should have started at 1 million dollars
Comment from : 🐲 My Kitten Is A Grand Master 🐉

philip cobb
I'm not an extremely knowledgable coin expert, but when the camera panned over it the first time my brain went "FAKE"!
Comment from : philip cobb

sean delgado
I can't believe that one little letter makes it go up almost half a million dollars crazy!
Comment from : sean delgado

Anthony McVey
It’s a piece of chocolate
Comment from : Anthony McVey

Ryan Silver
They’re not melted down but they are in a vault 300 miles away from the sun
Comment from : Ryan Silver

Matt N
Even though I know most of these are totally scripted, I still love watching these clips
Comment from : Matt N

Any one know 1907 coin same no d mark
Comment from : Cookiexzz

Phoenix Michaels
He's claiming the coin was in his family since the 40's? Because then the coin would have had to be faked BEFORE then, which is highly unlikely He knew it was a fake when he brought it in, and the family heirloom yarn is a lie
Comment from : Phoenix Michaels

Phoenix Michaels
Rick: FDR did not make it illegal to "hoard gold" Unless property that you own legally is considered "hoarding" Are YOU "hoarding" a building? A car? Your inventory? And is your ownership of said items HOARDING if declared so by the government which hopes to appropriate it? He confiscated it in an absurd, unconstitutional, and egregious manner Took property from citizens by force of law Then screwed them by revaluing gold to the dollar stealing 40 of the value from citizens he took it from to fund his "new deal"
Comment from : Phoenix Michaels

Comment from : hippydippy

This video was also a disappointment
Comment from : Markus

Sir Loin
Steroids aren’t free Dude needs to start a new cycle
Comment from : Sir Loin

Olaf The Mighty
Fun fact that the St Gaidens design is still used to this day on the obverse side of the American Gold Eagle coins that the US Mint produces and 2021 was the 1st year that they tweaked the reverse of the coin since inception The St Gaidens design is loved and revered and will probably stay constant for another hundred years
Comment from : Olaf The Mighty

Don Phillips
The Holy Grail isn't worth that much on Pawn Stars lol 😆 😂 🤣
Comment from : Don Phillips

Being here to listen to expert really broadens my horizons and adds to my enthusiasm for collecting old coins and antiques
Comment from : COIN OLD 🪙

Manny Tiburcio
The d stands for disappointment that’s what my ex said
Comment from : Manny Tiburcio

Don Nguyen
that man really got some nerve pretending not knowing the coin was fake and asking for 500k
Comment from : Don Nguyen

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