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How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1

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Information How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1

Title :  How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1
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Frames How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1

Description How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1

Comments How To Roll Coins With Just A Sheet Of Paper - Part 1

Bacon and Pancakes
Just like rolling a B
Comment from : Bacon and Pancakes

Thanks Jim very useful
Comment from : Manu

Thank you, Jim! This has been very helpful!
Comment from : pummichell

Let me think
Comment from : Let me think

Ghost The Unholy Spirit
Comment from : Ghost The Unholy Spirit

Every so useful in 2022! Thank you!
Comment from : Joey

Nicole Kathlene
I watched so many other videos & this is so quick & easy - no gluing, measuring, copying, cutting etc brRight now with the coin shortage - quarter wraps are non-existant for months at my bank - this was so helpful when counting out business money So I didn't have tons of coins to count - I was throwing $10 worth of quarters in the corner of a baggie but it was very bulky This is wonderful! Glad to know I'm not so weird seeing other people in search of the same DIY hack! Kuddos to the creator!
Comment from : Nicole Kathlene

Turtle Turtle
Thank you so much for this
Comment from : Turtle Turtle

이 이
Roll the paper first, it's much easier
Comment from : 이 이

Thanks bro
Comment from : SrVesta

E Lye
You use virgin white paper? I use newspaper I have a length of plastic pipe whode diameter is bigger than the largest coin I cut this into half lengthwise so I have two formers to use I place the coins in there and they stay together Since the newspaper may be flimsier than the writing paper you use I fold the shorter edges in for edge strength as well as to pull the initial edge under the coins this is strong enough that I can drop the roll of coins from waist height and it does not rupture No tape required
Comment from : E Lye

appreciated even just to feel connected to others thinking we are all doing the same thing
Comment from : Moomin

Stephen Sanchez
we need to appreciate video tutorials for menial tasks more thank you 😊
Comment from : Stephen Sanchez

He pearled that bitch tho😂👏🏽
Comment from : DRACULA

I've done this using memory pad notes for the house's random stash of FIM coinagebrRolled them by type and face value You wouldn't believe the amount of 1990-2001 10 penny coinsbrbrI stsrted rolling by getting a stack on the edge of the paper, then folding the corners to hold the coins in place, rather than fold the ends at the end of wrapping I've tried crimping with some of the larget coins, but I've yet to figure out the best way to do that
Comment from : Tounushi

Best tutoriel ive ever seen beforebrThx jim
Comment from : SkiBoxing

Numismático Eclético
Excellent, bCongratulations!/b
Comment from : Numismático Eclético

Sudarshan Bhat
I am seeing this video for the first time
Comment from : Sudarshan Bhat

Wali Ahmed
Daada ju
Comment from : Wali Ahmed

Hlee Artwork
If you made this coin wrapper and put coins in it and go exchange at the bank do the bank take it
Comment from : Hlee Artwork

Margaret Gaby
I feel like this guy knows how to roll cuban cigarshaha
Comment from : Margaret Gaby

Wow thank you so much for wasting my time :D
Comment from : Pelican

15 DurangoRT
Or you can just go to the bank and get the REAL ones for free
Comment from : 15 DurangoRT

Isabel McConnon
I like the idea, thank you for sharing your idea
Comment from : Isabel McConnon

Thanks bro
Comment from : BlakeBrown

Isaac Mcknight
I’m all late, but this mans IQ broke the scale 💯
Comment from : Isaac Mcknight

Make the rolls first!!
Comment from : Piper042

You are my level of cheap
Comment from : Chilldownmom

Atonu Kabir
This video is actually helpful though 😃
Comment from : Atonu Kabir

Jud S Carie
Your Ring Finger!!!
Comment from : Jud S Carie

Eddie Kulp
I will stick to wrappers I buy there cheap in store free at bank
Comment from : Eddie Kulp

Thanks, Jim
Comment from : pollutedcatfisheater

Suzan Mcfadzean
Thanks this was a big help for me
Comment from : Suzan Mcfadzean

Tanujas lifestyles
Good Information Thank you for this video !!👍 🙏From India🙏
Comment from : Tanujas lifestyles

Mike Wright
i love videos like this Thank you!!
Comment from : Mike Wright

perämettä meihemit
Comment from : perämettä meihemit

Fuzail Khan
Lovely coins
Comment from : Fuzail Khan

Dee Prastiningtyas
YOU, Sir, saved my life! :) Thanks so much!
Comment from : Dee Prastiningtyas

Dylan Tan
Awesome technique Thanks
Comment from : Dylan Tan

Yassine EL AZMI
I was looking for how to roll a joint wtf youtubebrbrbrEdit : Good tutorial tho imma try it with weed
Comment from : Yassine EL AZMI

Luis Zenteno
Ty! Saved me some dough, Joe!
Comment from : Luis Zenteno

Is there ANYTHING you can't learn how to do by just searching for it on YouTube? THANKS, Jim!
Comment from : Pennyloafer

Luna Dash
I just used a salbutamol inhaler canister(pressurized gas) to make the roll, fold the one end and slide the canister out which is the same diameter as a quarter
Comment from : Luna Dash

That was very helpful and all tips were spot on! Thank you!
Comment from : AnneloesF

Roman Reigns
thanks for the tip jim
Comment from : Roman Reigns

Buster 107
Good video but to much explaining
Comment from : Buster 107

jangalexis Ruiz
They're called ring fingers
Comment from : jangalexis Ruiz

Muatasim Al Raisi
Fantastic I leaned it from you and enjoying rolling coins thanks for the video I use my cash registers unwanted receipts to roll coins
Comment from : Muatasim Al Raisi

Patty Taylor
Dimes are the hardest I'm driving myself crazy now with those
Comment from : Patty Taylor

Earl Troy
Thank you The bank gave me flat papers now instead of the usual old rolled paper It is a bit tricky at first but once you do it few times it does becomes easier Thanks for sharing this trick
Comment from : Earl Troy

Snow Frog
Thanks! Pretty helpful tip!
Comment from : Snow Frog

Shredder McScumbag
Ring finger??? lol
Comment from : Shredder McScumbag

i usually use a very fat book opened in half instead of putting coins in a flat surface for rollingmuch more easier and helpfull!
Comment from : ndimon

Leonardo Romero
I didn't expect to find a videotutorial of this Thanks internet, and the people behind Thanks Jim, this is very helpful
Comment from : Leonardo Romero

Hugo Galeana
I het to be negative but about 4 minutesto do one roll!!brand I'm guessing on pennieswill take at least 6 minutesbrthen I 'll be rolling $5 in about 1hr!brit does not help mebrthanks for sharing any way!!
Comment from : Hugo Galeana

This is very helpful! Thank you very much for sharing this trick with us! :)
Comment from : SakuraC3

Ibrahim Kure
Thank you very much this video really helped me out on my first time rolling coins
Comment from : Ibrahim Kure

Arya Stark
You can also use a touch of biodegradable non-toxic clue just made of flour & water to keep the middle of the paper down, instead of tape
Comment from : Arya Stark

KiKi Divine P
Thank you very much This useful video saved me time and energy
Comment from : KiKi Divine P

karol droszkowski
Problem I use pounds and pennies -
Comment from : karol droszkowski

Sabrina Hogan
I've been a customer of Wells Fargo/Wachovia for over 20 years now and they refuse to take loose coins They insist they are rolled I find this to be insane especially since they have a coin counter to count coins and it would be so much easier to take the loose change in and just let them pour the coins into the automated sorter especially if you are a customer of their bank!! That's like taking your car to a mechanic and them telling you you gotta go to a gas station and put air in your tires cause they don't have an air hose! Anyway, I started rolling coins too and this video was helpful
Comment from : Sabrina Hogan

Rose Gardner
Comment from : Rose Gardner

Marie Watch me
I'm so glad UK used bags
Comment from : Marie Watch me

Dee Kay
Well there is a slightly easier way which i did in less time than it took to make this video if you have markers or a girlfriend with make up you can quickly find something more solid to work with that is the size of the coin your rolling I literally just made a penny roll to exact specifications with a NYC Applelicious lipstick container lol 1 minute tops complete with 50 pennies sealed
Comment from : Dee Kay

@David Quintero I know I am responding five months after your query, but I do know that banks will accept these rolls Most banks will immediately open and count them, even if you use store-bought rolls, but, if they take coins, they will take them in this form as well as any other! Thanks for asking --
Comment from : Jim

Sahara Anne Burns
Oh my gosh, thank you for this I found a couple of other pages with print outs, but my printer is outdated and only compatibke with windows 5 So, now I can finally put my coins in rolls, to exchange at the bank I have almost 10 dollars in just pennies, nickels and dimes, just from a school year Since, apparently teens don't care for their money now a days, so I basically find change EVERYYWHERE I can't imagine how much my piggy bank will weigh now, that it is empty I can't wait to start all over though, thank you sooo soo much for this Saved me time, and space 😊
Comment from : Sahara Anne Burns

Thank you :D Tried so very hard to prove you wrong and use every finger except for my ring fingers to hold the roll in place, but yep, that's the only way to roll it without them falling out  However, since I have smaller hands than you, and was doing pennies-- I found it to be easier to have the paper in your hand while you are forming the roll in your hand, so you don't have to move it onto the paper later
Comment from : Lunatic

Rakesh Nandi
Thank You so much It was so helpful :D
Comment from : Rakesh Nandi

David Quintero
So do you know if banks will accept this kind of homemade "wrappings"?
Comment from : David Quintero

@Johanna Batista brI think you are asking what the standard size coin roll is -- in the video, I am rolling nickels and they are rolled into sets of 40 nickels which is $200 The other coin denominations are standardized as follows: Pennies (cents): 50 to a roll or $050 Dimes: 50 to a roll or $500 Quarters: 40 to a roll or $1000 Dollar coins (Susan B Anthony) are rolled 25 to a roll or $2500 I hope that helps
Comment from : Jim

Ki TheGroomer
thank you!
Comment from : Ki TheGroomer

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