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A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley

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Information A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley

Title :  A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley
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Frames A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley

Description A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley

Comments A New Way to Learn to Read English | Narda Pitkethly | TEDxSunValley

The problem is in your culture Over hundreds of years, the pronunciation of words has changed, but the spelling has remained the same The ideal option is one sound = one letter
Comment from : mcflyspb

Phillip Rodriguez
Very Nice, A job well done I teach physics and chemistry, I have had to fail many students who are unable to read Ethically, I cannot pass students who cannot pass chem or physics From my perspective, if a student wanted to learn how to read, they would I believe the issue is less of a cant (with school age students) and more of an "I dont want to" I believe Narda's program is great for those who desire to learn (no matter the age) If students dont want to learn, I dont believe there are any programs that will work And by the way, I teach physics and chem in both English and Spanish (I read and write both)
Comment from : Phillip Rodriguez

Jonathan Jollimore
my school didn't have the resources of the budget even bother teach me to read
Comment from : Jonathan Jollimore

عراقي خاوة
🇮🇶Good evening and happiness I liked the way you learn to read words Is it possible to get a book in pdf format that is not available in my country, and I suffer from reading weakness? I would like someone to explain to me the rest of the letters
Comment from : عراقي خاوة

Andrew Baker
At last someone who actually knows what they are talking about For decades so call teachers written me of as dyslexic Less than ten minutes she has answered all questions the teachers can not or did not understand many thanks
Comment from : Andrew Baker

This woman seems like an absolutely lovely person brBut I don't get it brThe home page of the Nardagani website correctly points out that "there are more sounds in the English language than letters" brIn fact, there are over 40 sounds in English Yet the home page then says that the "12 Nardagani symbols show you how to make every sound in the English language" brHow can can the TWELVE symbols tell you how to make over FORTY sounds? brWhat am I missing?
Comment from : Pegasus

Redha Ahmed
how i can find the 8 lessen for this method ; thanks
Comment from : Redha Ahmed

Reading is one of the best activities, i'm not an english native speaker, but i am learning the languange and books are a great tool that is helping me reach that goal A bought a fiction book and is not only a good ibrEntertainment but also a great way to learn new vocabulary
Comment from : S H F

Suzanne Monti
I could listen to her for hours incredible method congrats 🥰
Comment from : Suzanne Monti

This is really cool! But why not just use IPA characters? The knowledge is transferable
Comment from : Cambarcus

Mamunur Rashid
You should have used IPA symbols instead
Comment from : Mamunur Rashid

Very interesting idea!:) Thank you!
Comment from : LG LG

Savitri Devi
Comment from : Savitri Devi

Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza
7:26 Aprende a leer con 8 horas de lecciones con su método y sus símbolos
Comment from : Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza

Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza
5:25 ejemplo
Comment from : Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza

Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza
4:20 examples no sounds
Comment from : Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza

Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza
3:08 de las 26 letras hay muchos sonidosla o tiene 8 diferentes sonidos
Comment from : Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza

Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza
2:30 Ira gana method
Comment from : Fernando Joel Cortés Mendoza

Our Large Family Life
I cried when he started reading 😭😭 my 2nd grader is struggling I can only imagine how this boy felt and everyone in his life ❤️
Comment from : Our Large Family Life

Alexander Patrick Dela Costa
Wow I was amazed
Comment from : Alexander Patrick Dela Costa

Love, Esmeralda
OMG! This is the most amazing thing I’ve heard to learn how to read 🤩 THANK YOU
Comment from : Love, Esmeralda

Good job!brHowever, may I add my comments?brI believe that kids will learn languages well if somebody takes time to accompy them and talk to them The specific technique is not required in the most conditions
Comment from : Sodabahonda

I bought her course I do not recomentLogic it doesnt make sense insted of her course you can find out plenty free youtube source
Comment from : Napcan?

Iska Farah
I do appreciate this type of approach she settled to make it easier for english learners read every english word clearly and concisely I admire her as one of those rare teachers who has the talent to inspire others/students
Comment from : Iska Farah

How confident she is😍😍🙌
Comment from : Sipa✨

I listen english because speak languange english sound comfort to every to be, no sound america no comfort because america speak languange fast to be instant man or woman for education :)
Comment from : DanielPakpahanumen,se,mbc

Guge Zhao
Why did she speak so slow?is it for some kind of reason?
Comment from : Guge Zhao

fatin hanifah
Her vibes so positive
Comment from : fatin hanifah

женя корнеев
Создали такой геморрой в английском языке, что писать и даже читать не возможно Одно радует, что грамматика примитивная
Comment from : женя корнеев

Stephen Kalim
Thank you
Comment from : Stephen Kalim

Shinobi SR
I struggle a lot with english pronunciation, I might try that out, its 30$ /month
Comment from : Shinobi SR

Santiago Vizcarra
the autistic condition is very special Maybe they don't see the world like us, but they have other amazing skill, so that for us It might be kind of hard to learn like them through symbols Howewer it's very motivating
Comment from : Santiago Vizcarra

André Luís Pereira
This is just awesome! Congratulations!!!
Comment from : André Luís Pereira

Simon Thomas
Set this to 125 playback speed And someone send the link to Trump? PS Phonics teaching for dummies? Anyone?
Comment from : Simon Thomas

Frei Sein
I agree that this reading and writing is VERY complex This is why I LOVE ESPERANTO: for each letter there is only one pronounciation and every sound only one letter
Comment from : Frei Sein

2ynhu Nguyễn
I love how she speaks very slowly to adapt the target audience of this video, people who try to learn English Thank you, Narda!
Comment from : 2ynhu Nguyễn

Anderson Silva
Her english is so easy to understand! Congratulations!
Comment from : Anderson Silva

lakshmanan komathmanalath
Comment from : lakshmanan komathmanalath

Saminem Redjomoenawi
🌹🌷🌻🌸WOW! May YOU DEAREST Lady NARDA LIVE very long in this better WORLD in Good HEALTH and in Prosperity in EVERYTHING Happy greetings from SURINAME that is in South America brStayyyyyy very happy DEAREST Lady NARDA 🌹🌷🌻🌻🌷🌹
Comment from : Saminem Redjomoenawi

Lakhwinder kumar
I love the way of her teaching and speeching
Comment from : Lakhwinder kumar

Woww Love ur voice mam
Comment from : Eric

Jumma khan Baloch
Comment from : Jumma khan Baloch

Nino Kapanadze🇬🇪
Comment from : Nino Kapanadze🇬🇪

Siddhant Education
great initiative, Ms Narda
Comment from : Siddhant Education

Wikum Fernando
We like her voice
Comment from : Wikum Fernando

Abdur Rehman
Her happy face is very attractive
Comment from : Abdur Rehman

юрій неживий
a very nice woman, but she dresses very badly,
Comment from : юрій неживий

Aidana Abduraimova
Comment from : Aidana Abduraimova

WTF? Native Americans struggled with English? Damn
Comment from : Lucifer

om prakash Gupta
Great teacher! No words to say about such great teacher
Comment from : om prakash Gupta

Mannan Nawaz
Greati can't understand the native speaker but the way she talk I understood every word of herthank u mam
Comment from : Mannan Nawaz

Thanh Hương
Your voice is so nice I love it ❤
Comment from : Thanh Hương

Ravi Geeta
Nardagani wow! Her explanation is outstanding I love to teach this technique in my class
Comment from : Ravi Geeta

Eddie Schneider
assign 44 sounds to 44 symbols--learn to read and write in one day--problem solved
Comment from : Eddie Schneider

Eddie Schneider
correlation-not causation criminals-think the opposite
Comment from : Eddie Schneider

Amel Fenini
Lovely voice
Comment from : Amel Fenini

Amel Fenini
Lovely performance
Comment from : Amel Fenini

Rinchen Dolma
wonderful teacher you are 👍and thanx for sharing your lovely knowledge which is really very beneficial for us🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Rinchen Dolma

Yousuf Y
Comment from : Yousuf Y

Tukky Kota
Her voice is very smooth
Comment from : Tukky Kota

You are the best! I’m crying!
Comment from : Inez

Aman Kumar Kanth
Comment from : Aman Kumar Kanth

antana rivo
English is not consistent in the pronunciation of words that makes learning this language difficult why still hundreds of million people in the world still learn it Should Japanese language have no 'kanji' this language should be much more easy to learn
Comment from : antana rivo

Oybek Maxsumov
Thank you very much
Comment from : Oybek Maxsumov

Bahiano Losa
This is amazing
Comment from : Bahiano Losa

Bindu Jambhulkar
What a serenity in her voice
Comment from : Bindu Jambhulkar

kasmin simanjuntak
I love her voice and the way she talked
Comment from : kasmin simanjuntak

Wafa Ras Lain
Comment from : Wafa Ras Lain

أطياف الزمرد
Great woman has a kind heart and when she laughing she make me smile she really happy for seven and proud 🥺💕
Comment from : أطياف الزمرد

Comment from : kadiyalidurga

No name
I love her voice very much
Comment from : No name

Mohammed Abu Aishah
great 👍
Comment from : Mohammed Abu Aishah

Marcus Vinicius Cunha Sabóia
Comment from : Marcus Vinicius Cunha Sabóia

Nguyen Lynh
Comment from : Nguyen Lynh

anas Med
her voice <3 a storyteller Thanks for making world better
Comment from : anas Med

Айгуль Мурзалимова
Thank you, you great person
Comment from : Айгуль Мурзалимова

Roshmond Roi Entrina
Comment from : Roshmond Roi Entrina

ada leung
I love her presentation
Comment from : ada leung

Her voice sounds like my grandma reading some fairytale for me when i was very younger than now
Comment from : pick

Profesor Daniel Alvarez
The child who appears reading at minute 8:30 felt the joy felt by a child who is learning to read in Spanish because Spanish is a phonetic language
Comment from : Profesor Daniel Alvarez

Profesor Daniel Alvarez
As a native Spanish speaker I MAKE FUN ONCE AND MAKE A THOUSAND TIMES at English because Spanish is a phonetic language (with very few exceptions) We do not need someone to tell us how to pronounce a word, just by seeing it written we can pronounce it perfectly (if you do not have any problem / disease of pronunciation or speech, of course) In Spanish, each vowel (we have only 5: a, e, i, o and u) has one and only one sound (NEITHER MORE NOR LESS) The same happens with almost all consonants English is not a phonetic language and that makes it a clumsy and poorly structured language from its origins Spanish is a THOUSAND TIMES better language than English
Comment from : Profesor Daniel Alvarez

Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man
Oh come on, even native speakers have huge problems learning that?
Comment from : Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man

Élvio Moura
Gratidão 🙏🏻
Comment from : Élvio Moura

Dan Dan
she is a beutifull elder
Comment from : Dan Dan

Zorro Zorro
It's amazing!
Comment from : Zorro Zorro

Raghu Prashanth Raja
Thank you for these wonderful toolsAny developments we would like to hear All the best
Comment from : Raghu Prashanth Raja

yuvaraj S
Her voice is amazing and motivating
Comment from : yuvaraj S

Hoàng Thu
1 đứa dốt tiếng anh như mình lại thích nghe tedtalk
Comment from : Hoàng Thu

thamar HM
Comment from : thamar HM

Xiu Mi
Do you guys offer me any podcast with the voice like her ? Its so sweet and creat inspiration for my listening 😻
Comment from : Xiu Mi

Syed Amjad Ali
Comment from : Syed Amjad Ali

Ngoun Chantha
Her tips are very awesome🙏 almost nationalities are stuck and lazy to read
Comment from : Ngoun Chantha

Tr Thazin Hlaing
Impressive guideline brLove it!
Comment from : Tr Thazin Hlaing

Carlos Lara
Comment from : Carlos Lara

Chetan siri sai
Walking dead fans?
Comment from : Chetan siri sai

Israa Afeef
She is so sweet 🥰🥰
Comment from : Israa Afeef

choong jia hing
This is the only video that I watched without subtitles and able to understand what she had said
Comment from : choong jia hing

Gustavo Simó
I´m not an English speaker but I could understand everything she said She pronounces very clear words
Comment from : Gustavo Simó

Kiều Chinh
I don't know but when I listen her voice, i am extremely sleepy Maybe her voice is so soothing
Comment from : Kiều Chinh

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