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The Other Prodigal Son

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Title :  The Other Prodigal Son
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Comments The Other Prodigal Son

First time I heard anyone talk about the eldest son as a prodigal but then forgiving
Comment from : Jason

Anthony Marc
When you withhold forgiveness for someone, it is like taking poison and expecting your enemy to die It is one of the most harmful things we can do to our soul just because we sin differently than someone else This is a great message that anyone from any faith can learn a lot from Truth is truth regardless of your religion This message is one of the great truths Thank you for sharing this!
Comment from : Anthony Marc

I dont think of the brother was jealous What Jesus was trying to teach, in my mind, is that the older brother was working with His Father and forgotten the glory of being the Lords servant is working with him Many in the religious work get bogged down by the work and forget the glory That is why the Father reminds the older sonyou are ALWAYS with me Everything you have is mine Because it's not parties that are the reward of being in the fields with Godits learning and working with God
Comment from : aguyfromnothere

When they started being happy my heart 😫❤️
Comment from : crocs

Alex Adam
Love one another Such a simple Commandment so easily forgotten
Comment from : Alex Adam

Sapa Marillac
Fantastic ! Praise the Lord God bless your Church Amen
Comment from : Sapa Marillac

K & C Kutzleb
"Prodigal" does not mean "wayward"
Comment from : K & C Kutzleb

Cesar Gonzalez Esquivias
Nice story, but it's wrong The narrator says the 2nd son is upset because his brother came back and is now doing well This is not true at all brThe 2nd brother is upset because he worked hard for many years and never got the treatment that the other brother is getting from their father He feels upset that his dedication, loyalty, respect, and hard work were not (in his eyes) acknowledged, while this other brother was wasteful, disrespectful, and disloyal and is now being celebrated in a way he never was brHe feels as if his father is overlooking all his dedication and hard work THAT is the issue, not him being upset that his brother is there and doing well
Comment from : Cesar Gonzalez Esquivias

José ignacio Rodriguez
Amén God is wise
Comment from : José ignacio Rodriguez

Brent Garner
Great video!!!!!!
Comment from : Brent Garner

David Frey
I had to watch this again today to remind myself that we are ALL on our journey back to our Father and each of our courses are different and varied, but we all have the same goal
Comment from : David Frey

Tim Miller
2022AD!! Praises to God!
Comment from : Tim Miller

Harold Brown
Almost shed a tear too🐸
Comment from : Harold Brown

I also want to be more than everyone 🥺 feel bad wen someone does better than me brMy God let my soul be fred
Comment from : Djah

I mayn't be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but these message videos are excellent and well done
Comment from : McNielEntertainment

Denise Skinner
Comment from : Denise Skinner

BRUN_YT_Official (MLBB)

Comment from : BRUN_YT_Official (MLBB)

Troy Augusta Fuehrer
i cried the whole time watching this 😭 thank you elder! ❤
Comment from : Troy Augusta Fuehrer

ruby dupaan
Maybe im the part of jealous man because sometimes im tired to find someone trully love me😥Sometimes i feel jealous to other because they found but me nothing
Comment from : ruby dupaan

Neal Fry
" God have Mercy upon me Please, amen"
Comment from : Neal Fry

Patrick Rose
I thought this Parable , be a Temple , Parable in the Bible to , that Son coming home , to the father br The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints br have you ever watched a music video and it ruined the song
Comment from : Patrick Rose

Shiba Inferno
Beautiful Also, the thumbnail makes this look like Mission Impossible: Holy Ghost Protocol
Comment from : Shiba Inferno

Kenneth Brown
There is nothing like getting back a love one
Comment from : Kenneth Brown

Reality Steve
Envy, envy is bad!
Comment from : Reality Steve

Saul Fernàndez
You have a funny way of living your brotherpunching a dummycant you do again the things you did before, restorebrbrReminds me of Israel and the Gentileswhen Israel saw Gentiles receiving the gift from God they got jealous, but God wanted wanted to win them like that, ti provoke them to jealousy, to win them backbrOther sheep have I (Lord) which r not of this FOLD, them too nust I
Comment from : Saul Fernàndez

Chad Lindsey
I am the prodigal son, a bunch of times already I try running from other things until I remember to RUN TO JESUS!!! DUH!
Comment from : Chad Lindsey

Scott Wardle
Well most people are like that for other reasons in life that depending on the circumstances and the situations that we are facing of what is going on here whether it has to with family or validating our pride and greed on somethings that are a seed of destruction and we happen to lose ourselves in worldly things because of our human nature conditions, envy pride Jealousy hatred, holding grudges on people serving your own ego of something to be desired and the pride of Life But we have to remember of who we are serving the God of this World Baal, Lucifer the prince of Darkness of mammon worldly things to be desired for our pleasure or are we serving our Lord savior, Jesus Christ , of Jehovah and Laying ourselves treasures in heaven where moth nor rust do not currupt things but there where your heart will also be in heaven and Loving not the things of this world that that there is nothing that the world can give us that we can be happy but only pleasurable things to be happy but that is only temperorary happiness for a moment and then it goes away and does not last for long Our labor for that which cannot satify our joy Choose whom you will serve God or Mammon ye cannot serve both Masters Even the church Leaders can be like this too because like I said its a human nature conditions of the mind and egos that get in the way of our own selfish pride and vanity so the All church Leaders both Prophets and Priest can become be defiled and get corrupt too and be part of the worlds problems as well go down a path of their own freewill because freewill is being taken of advantage by people nowdays anyway I wouldnt be surprised of what is happening in our world today already
Comment from : Scott Wardle

I really needed this message today ❤️❤️
Comment from : Zetti

Ba boo ra Are re ifel
Thank you Jesus for love it will hide alots of hurt when you truly love from your heart let's love one another more and more each and every day
Comment from : Ba boo ra Are re ifel

My dad used to say the same to my brother and me - "if you want to fight then you do it in the ring"
Comment from : Jay

I always had a problem with this parable With the way that it is worded in the New Testament, the elder son came home from work and found the party going on for the younger When the father brings up the subject of the return, the elder son complains that Dad has dressed a calf (the most valued for meat and flavor), while he was never given so much as a goat (tougher and gamier) to have fun with his friends It says the elder son was unappreciated for his diligence His real gripe isn't so much with his brother, but with his father, and I think (still) he has a point Now, in light of each of the Lord's relationships with His children, He constantly shows appreciation for the faithful, and He shows compassion for the repentant So my gripe isn't with the Lord I just think it's a poorly-written (or poorly-translated) parable
Comment from : blackhawkswincup2010

Laminar Flow
I don't know why this happens but everytime I see the guy on the cover of this video, my mind keeps on tricking me into thinking that guy is Tom Cruise lol
Comment from : Laminar Flow

Nobody zName
What if rather than taking his inheritance early, the wayward son left for decades instead of months and lived a good portion of his life away to avoid the responsibilities of dealing with aging parents and only returned to collect his inheritance after his return Should the good son still welcome him back to share in 1/2 of the family wealth?
Comment from : Nobody zName

Brayden Wong
God teaches us to love your family, neighbors, and enemies, so that you may understand on why are they hated or jealous, amen
Comment from : Brayden Wong

This is a great video I wonder if these guys really are related, that picture at the end, they definitely look like it :)
Comment from : Horsehead

Northern Star
Amenn Jesus Lord !!!
Comment from : Northern Star

Beautiful message Thank you for sharing this <3
Comment from : ShredMonkeyMatt96

John Patrick Rakoto
Amazing lesson Who has not been jealous or felt marginalized This lesson helped me and my family for the better
Comment from : John Patrick Rakoto

v Bremont
JESUS very creative " a wise men" Great imagination 😥 🤔Parables of Jesus: The Prodigal Son: INTERESTING 🤔 BHL & JESUS " the lost son " the path to divinity, the Saviour of all religions, BHL vs JESUS: the renaissance🤔
Comment from : v Bremont

Gay Michaelis
Thank you again, Elder Holland, and whomever else helped with this video!
Comment from : Gay Michaelis

Comment from : Chance

I always looked at the elder sons trial a little differently than jealousy I interpreted his sentiments as too guarded When someone you love lets you down too often or cuts you deep enough, it's hard to let your guard down and open your heart to them again Sometimes those prodigals sons "come back" for a short time then tear another wound into the hearts of those who have let them in again Perhaps the most painful thing for the elder son to bear was the idea that the his younger would break their father's heart again and the elder son would have to again try to mend the pieces back together The world would support and condone the elder brother in his beliefs, but the Savior offers a better path Either way you look at it, the elder son needed healing power from the atonement in order to find peace just as the prodigal son did
Comment from : battheman777

This make my heart feel softened
Comment from : shaggy ULTRA INSTINCT

Emily ♥️
Hello dear brother or sister in christ I want to say,that whatever you are going through, jesus is with you,no matter what happend,jesus is with you Call to the lord,and he will answer you! I wish you peace n love ! May god bless you!!! 💞
Comment from : Emily ♥️

Divine Inspiration
BLESS the Lord
Comment from : Divine Inspiration

ceteris51 kelényiné
ÁMEN! <3
Comment from : ceteris51 kelényiné

Gay Michaelis
Really good video! About the prodigal son!! With Elder Jeffrey R Holland narrating!!!! I just love him!!!! Love this story & love this take on it!!! Thank you very much!!!
Comment from : Gay Michaelis

Jean Yoane kabambire
This video reminder me how is important being humble and abide of compassion Gospel is compassion and true love very inspiring
Comment from : Jean Yoane kabambire

The Alabama Woodsman
A near total miss of the scripture
Comment from : The Alabama Woodsman

Isaac Arteaga
I love Jeffery Holland He is truly an prophet of God
Comment from : Isaac Arteaga

Martin Rampersadsingh
Great story all should learn
Comment from : Martin Rampersadsingh

Cynthia Marble
and when we see him we will know him, for we will be like him I pray every day, that I WILL be like him!
Comment from : Cynthia Marble

Johnathan Hernandez
Jesus Christ is Lord! God manifested in the flesh 🙌
Comment from : Johnathan Hernandez

All I could say to this video is “wow”
Comment from : THM

Edmundo Alarcon
I feel so much pain
Comment from : Edmundo Alarcon

Love Jesus for what he has done for us 🙏🙏👼🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : tray

K Ambrose
Funny thing I donated billions of dollars and never took a penny for myself and some ministers just bash me I know I'm different then Jesus but my heart is pure ✌
Comment from : K Ambrose

My fellow green eyed Dragons 👊 It says nowhere in the Bible or by God that green eyes are a sin Passion and strength are those with the dragon eye's
Comment from : Hol¥Diver

hailey martinez
Comment from : hailey martinez

Rakoto Andrianarimanga
I want to watch this video on my whole day, the bigest lesson have never learned
Comment from : Rakoto Andrianarimanga

Maryann Garza
Comment from : Maryann Garza

Darren Barnhisel
Excellent video and wonderful principles taught None of us are perfect and will all fall short in life Am grateful we can all be forgiven and given an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and find true joy Thank you for this video
Comment from : Darren Barnhisel

come home jarad i haven't seen you in 5 years stop making thse videos and come home
Comment from : AnticGoldfish

way to stereo type us Latinos as gardenerssmh
Comment from : SuspiciousAlertness

Michaih Ricketts
Beautiful Story
Comment from : Michaih Ricketts

Dharmendra Juvvala
Hi all, since 2004, it's been my biggest dream to make a movie on this great story of the Bible in an Indian context After grace of God, what matters is money and moneybrbrWhen I watched this video I felt so good Beautiful thought and cinematography congratulations to the team
Comment from : Dharmendra Juvvala

Alice Smith
Such a timely message
Comment from : Alice Smith

Douglas Okpo
My best Sunday School teaching topic that i am so passionate about when i teach the teenagers in the Church The Words of Jesus Christ Himself The Love of the Father towards the lost son God bless you
Comment from : Douglas Okpo

Joey Borja
The best!
Comment from : Joey Borja

Diego Dominguez
I can see why this video came up it’s spooky that they can hear what we talk about
Comment from : Diego Dominguez

C Barrera
We need to humble our self, this can only be done with the wisdom, peace and love that only our heavenly father can provide
Comment from : C Barrera

I needed to hear this message As always, Elder Holland is spot on
Comment from : hwailee1

Comment from : PETER LOURIEMA

Lane Hennefer
My family is very different My brothers abused me my entire life and i was no saint either, but my family encouraged his drug and alcohol and would rejoice as he tortured and abused me Where was God then? so i resigned my membership in disgust as no one in the church would believe me or help me, furthermore they told lies to all the local church leaders and justified this because i am an apostate and i deserved it I met a woman that tried to love me and the first person i ever met that showed any compassion and showed me that life is not all misery and suffering I tried to change but my family intentionally played on my weakness and i lost her She was a member, but i was so full hate for the church for not protecting me that i stayed in that lifestyle years later i'm thinking if the mormons had just known they might have helped me
Comment from : Lane Hennefer

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 Mother Mary Pray For Us 🙏Abba Father Bless us and we Adore You 🙏
Comment from : Chris

I'm just gonna say it, the older brother's boxing form is awful
Comment from : Paladin2906

Mary Callahan
Great video !
Comment from : Mary Callahan

Amrita Sohtun
Comment from : Amrita Sohtun

Joseph Shumway
I love this version of the parable
Comment from : Joseph Shumway

Great message
Comment from : BINOSH ART

I really needed this I think sometimes I get caught up in the numbers of youtube that I lose the reason I made my channel To have fun Thanks!!
Comment from : ShojoDraws

""GREAT'' This story of "The other Prodigal son '' is really beautiful , ultimatelty at the end ALL ARE HAPPY & ALL ARE AT PEACE IN CHRIST and that's the beauty GOD BLESS YOU ALL TEAM MEMBERS FOR PREPARING THIS VIDEO
Comment from : A ILAIYA BHARADHI

Reena Solanki
Blessed 👍
Comment from : Reena Solanki

Josh Penaia
Hello good message
Comment from : Josh Penaia

It is more than jealousy/ envy the elder brother felt like it was unfair, you do all the bad decisions and still go unpunished( it’s the same feeling Jonah heard when the people of nenivah were not punished)I believe Jesus was trying to explain the true meaning of Loveit’s unconditional and it conquers all things
Comment from : UPPER ROOM FAMILY🔥

Mbithe Dorcas
It is heartwarming to know that those whom we run away from will be there with open arms when we come back begging God's love is amazing!
Comment from : Mbithe Dorcas

Mbithe Dorcas
It is good and heartwarming to
Comment from : Mbithe Dorcas

Jose Domingo
Comment from : Jose Domingo

salve galang
Stay safe from covid
Comment from : salve galang

Melissa Matthews
actually the father saw him from a distance and ran out to him
Comment from : Melissa Matthews

This is a blessing for me and my family
Comment from : Josiane UMUGWANEZA

Bishnu Bishwokarma
I really love it ❤️💖
Comment from : Bishnu Bishwokarma

Yehoshua HaMashiach
This was truly an amazing experience watching this impactful video, Thanks be to God
Comment from : Yehoshua HaMashiach

David Blakley
Being a military man 28 years of my life has made me tough and I rarely shed tears, but this story softened me today and I did just that Thank you Elder Holland
Comment from : David Blakley

Clara Mitchell
i feel like i learned even more of gods love for me through that video and i am not discouraged on his love
Comment from : Clara Mitchell

Mark Mocarski
The vocabulary has always confused me So many times I watched my dad hold the hurricane against the door--stay closed Civilization is a misnomer The individualism available--is a casualty--turned casual
Comment from : Mark Mocarski

Adam Beyerle
This is my favorite church video to date
Comment from : Adam Beyerle

Just Reactions
This video makes me desire that I had a brother or at least have two sons and be a proud dad
Comment from : Just Reactions

Yes two sons
Comment from : ONEWITHIN1 WON

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