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Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History

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Information Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History

Title :  Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History
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Frames Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History

Description Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History

Comments Pawn Stars: "Ides of March" Denarius Coin (Season 15) | History

He'd have better luck at an auction
Comment from : Iridian

The old guy probably won't see any money because he's old
Comment from : TONEY MC

Igneous Zepuloon
Colonel Sanders refused to budge for the Coin
Comment from : Igneous Zepuloon

Z NE29m
What a time waster, propa drip
Comment from : Z NE29m

Ghassen Ben Hassouna
Love how rick wants to make 30+ return on every trade and thinks just because it has to wait to be sold he has to make 30 grand on it
Comment from : Ghassen Ben Hassouna

Bro turned down $110k for a coin he has stored in a Pandora pouch
Comment from : sammydarealest

Will I
I love how everyone is just mulling around in the background pretending to look at something more interesting instead of directly standing around sticky beaking Americans… 😆
Comment from : Will I

Alex H
Selling in an auction for 260k right now
Comment from : Alex H

Richard Kassouf
The guy is at the last half of his life and would rather hold onto a coin that he's going to keep out of sight, then sell it for $110,000 and have a really good last year's of his life Lol
Comment from : Richard Kassouf

Jacob Ivey
I was there when this happened Rick went out and bought it in the lot
Comment from : Jacob Ivey

Roberto Bordamonte
Small but Large amount collection
Comment from : Roberto Bordamonte

Rick: I actually know 1 of the guys who stabbed Caesar, let me give him a callbrbrSeller:😦
Comment from : Beezlebub

Joven Bobis
That man look like james cameron
Comment from : Joven Bobis

William Shepherd
Guy has a coin worth 120k and it's just part of his collection
Comment from : William Shepherd

Faton Krasniqi
Comment from : Faton Krasniqi

Chris Johnson
I found a gold coin made for Hermon cortez show his victory over the aztec between 1519-1521 When he became gover of Mexico it's for sale
Comment from : Chris Johnson

EID MAR is short for Eidibus Martii (Ides of March)
Comment from : nonplayerzealot4

Standard E Cover
"I dont trust anybody", trust his expert
Comment from : Standard E Cover

Ishtiaque Ali Khan
I have Alexander's coins
Comment from : Ishtiaque Ali Khan

Tom Z
30 minutes later loses the coin in a public toilet lol
Comment from : Tom Z

Len Drury
The geek rejects a hundred and ten thousand dollars then puts the coin in a little bag and puts it in his shirt pocket
Comment from : Len Drury

That coin probably was used to pay to see some guy get eaten by lions
Comment from : EyeProps

Clive Sangster
If Rick really wanted it he could have upper his bid
Comment from : Clive Sangster

Ghost Wolf
Rick did offer 110 kbrThat's not bad for him
Comment from : Ghost Wolf

Laxman Kadam
if this old nerd dies in corona or by heart attack??
Comment from : Laxman Kadam

There For A Yam
"I bought a $150,000 rarest of rare coin bprob'ly/b in the mid '80s"
Comment from : There For A Yam

There For A Yam
This is pre-electricity, remember "Beware the sentence ahead of the crime"! 'Ride the lightning'
Comment from : There For A Yam

Karim Shaikh
Pocket change by mistake given to anyone🤣
Comment from : Karim Shaikh

Ilir Nasi
this is not a Roman coin but it is an Illyrian coin that has plisi in it
Comment from : Ilir Nasi

About 2/3 of the value seems to be the norm for Rick I can't believe people would agree to that!
Comment from : Dragon420

Lance Burnworth
Modern currency spends better than a relic,take 100, 000 or walk around with a worthless antique They have to be in debt to bookies
Comment from : Lance Burnworth

Xavier Hellspawn
🤔 Note to self never try to sell anything of value here
Comment from : Xavier Hellspawn

This guy is too greedy
Comment from : Izaac

Charles Lincoln
Lol people trying to get exactly what things are worth even though it’s a pawn shop lmfao
Comment from : Charles Lincoln

ronie abror
Can't believe that old man just walk around the street with a 140k worth coin in his pocket,,
Comment from : ronie abror

Mohamad syafiq
2years laters, sell it for 60k only
Comment from : Mohamad syafiq

Todd Stevens
Ahhh, I see it is a top pocket find
Comment from : Todd Stevens

0:55 to 1:00 if you all notice it
Comment from : Fakhree

Alfi Sujan
sir I have one USA trade dollar 1876 sliver 420 grains 900 fine want to sell it contact thanks
Comment from : Alfi Sujan

these so called experts are so full of it
Comment from : César

Mike Miller
One those coins sold for 27million pounds at auction last year 150 grand woda been a steal for Rick
Comment from : Mike Miller

Fe Al
lol coins 800000 usa dollar yes guys 800000
Comment from : Fe Al

the ides of march coin is worth 4 millionnot 150k
Comment from : Kai

reg ister
This guy is smart, like previous coins, he's using the show as free advertising Now he'll get full retail Smart
Comment from : reg ister

James Soltis
wait until Biggus Dickus hears of this
Comment from : James Soltis

Lushendran Govender
It's crazy cause that coin sold for over 300k in 2016
Comment from : Lushendran Govender

Michael Kirby
Alright can we just talk about how looonnngg this guys neck is 😂😂
Comment from : Michael Kirby

Fulgurius Design
The coin is fake! You see a mile away that it's a fake! And would that be an expert? hahaha !!! He didn't even check the weight and the diameter mammamia 🙈🙈🙈!!!
Comment from : Fulgurius Design

Pat Watson
Well I look at it like this,brYou have something that old and rare, and valuable as that coin,brWhy is it at the pawn shop??brbrbrbrWhy did you not go to a dealer??brbrbrMy advice tell Rick you want$105,000 $50,000in cash the rest in check,then 25,000in trade from the store
Comment from : Pat Watson

In auction, this coin was sold in 330,000 dolars
Comment from : F L

kpkdhar 36
30 years he kept the coin
Comment from : kpkdhar 36

Castro 504
I’ll give you a pack of Gum and a nickel best I can do
Comment from : Castro 504

I have to old coin but I don't have any idea about this one and have face man and behind is gazal or something like this
Comment from : JUST GO AWAY

2A merica
You know nancy and Hillary dreamed of doing this to president trump
Comment from : 2A merica

in the auctions the average price these coins were sold for was between $250,000 - $350,00 K , the gold one was sold for over 4million US dollars asking for some stupidly low price
Comment from : Olympus5551

Ameeth Ravjee
Everything about Rick screams crook LOL
Comment from : Ameeth Ravjee

Prashant Chaudhary
Killing someone and issuing coins, bragging level - roman
Comment from : Prashant Chaudhary

H76 Pro
The seller wants the full retail/auction price at a pawn shop!
Comment from : H76 Pro

Rick Frantz
The man withthe ide marcoin why did you take it to the pawn shop you wanted 125,000 when the praises looked at it said you could get between 140& 150,000 you changed your mine and got greedy?
Comment from : Rick Frantz

Ledrich Oller
He left the pawn shop with a coin he couldn’t purchase a cheeseburger with lol
Comment from : Ledrich Oller

Ledrich Oller
He said no to $110,000?
Comment from : Ledrich Oller

Rick should do our negotiating with aid to other countriesbrbrRick: So how much aid are you looking for?brbrForeign Country: 100 millionbrbrRick: Would u take 25 bucks?brbrForeign Country: No less than 50 millionbrbrRick: Best I can do is 75 bucks
Comment from : Psyco

Manga Man
Mr Brown and Brutus would have gotten along famously
Comment from : Manga Man

Jeff Crisafulli
If the guys not familiar with auctions and stuff I would of did it That was a good offer
Comment from : Jeff Crisafulli

Jeff Crisafulli
If your at a pawn shop actually trying to sell it
Comment from : Jeff Crisafulli

Jeff Crisafulli
I think that was fair enough
Comment from : Jeff Crisafulli

Seth Emenaker
“Let me call in a friend, he minted this coin”
Comment from : Seth Emenaker

Alex Lambert-Cole
Not a numismatist, I want Nero's domus aurea denarius!! One of earliest known government currency manipulation!!
Comment from : Alex Lambert-Cole

Alexa Rose
The jumpy tire decisively beg because arrow complimentarily love circa a broad legal loud, agonizing drill
Comment from : Alexa Rose

Penguin boy
Professional:wow this coin is worth 1000000brRick:I mean I’ll Ofer 100 dollarsbrOwner: bruh
Comment from : Penguin boy

Imagine he just lost the coin while returning to home
Comment from : REAL CRICKET 20

Art Vandelay
Spare change?
Comment from : Art Vandelay

Joseph Mountford
The guy accidentally puts the coin in the parking meter after he left the store
Comment from : Joseph Mountford

I was born on the ides of March 15 I would love to have that coin
Comment from : Knightmar3

The Bullet
The sharp steven univariably balance because titanium modestly guarantee inside a robust border shut, moaning segment
Comment from : The Bullet

2:40 George Lucas sitting In his studio apartment in the early 70s thinking of an idea for a movie
Comment from : Kaleb

Glip Klopsyiop
Everything on this show is the holy grail of something
Comment from : Glip Klopsyiop

Caio Miguens Reis
Comment from : Caio Miguens Reis

Jelly Bean
Let me call my friend in In walks Mark Anthony
Comment from : Jelly Bean

Aidan Clark
Cant sell something if you know you’re attached to it
Comment from : Aidan Clark

The classic comment from Rick "It's not that I don't trust you I don't trust anyone"
Comment from : CallMeJuicer

I can only give you $100k for it I have to put it in a plastic capsule! Lol
Comment from : Turk58

ربي يسهل على الجميع
Hi i have the sam oh this piece if ther is any on who want to buy it
Comment from : ربي يسهل على الجميع

Mitch McConell trying to pawn a coin?
Comment from : blind8686

Samuel M
When will sellers realize that pawn shops are a business and they need to make money? The pawn store doesn’t buy these items to collect
Comment from : Samuel M

i really wanna know what coins he wants to buy after selling that coin
Comment from : LetsGoGetUm

Somansh Abrol
Another one of these was sold at an auction for 27 million dollars brThe video is on YouTube brSearch eid mar auction
Comment from : Somansh Abrol

Andy M
That's what they did to Jon Snow!! There like, hey Jon guess what? stabstabstab!
Comment from : Andy M

Bob Silver
I love me some silver!
Comment from : Bob Silver

Gene OBrien
"I don't trust anybody" (except my appraiser)!
Comment from : Gene OBrien

pat tran
too soon
Comment from : pat tran

Lance Burnworth
Hey kids chase those toys
Comment from : Lance Burnworth

Jimmy Vasquez
I don't know anything about coins, but as far as coins go, I would think there's not much else that compares to this It's hilarious that some people come in trying to get retail value out of a pawn shop
Comment from : Jimmy Vasquez

Kevin Sadees
The men pawn stars is call is men who is gave a low price when it is way more I will not go there to pawn or sell anything
Comment from : Kevin Sadees

"like killing a President in the Capitol" - not sure if aged well or not
Comment from : ferdisb

President getting killed at Capitolhmm now how would that ever happ
Comment from : Upamanyu90

Hector Quintana
Since when does Rick break even 😂
Comment from : Hector Quintana

Brendan Cytulik
Little did Rick know what would happen at the capital building 😂😂
Comment from : Brendan Cytulik

An Actual Airhorn
"it would be ashame if you had some bad luck while you're in town and the coin came up missing"brIs basically what Rick said lol
Comment from : An Actual Airhorn

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