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Is College A Waste Of Time And Money?

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Title :  Is College A Waste Of Time And Money?
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Comments Is College A Waste Of Time And Money?

Ricky Ticky
No one I know has a job in their hard earned degree unless they are in the medical field
Comment from : Ricky Ticky

Impulsive Urge
who needs college when you can sell NFTs or trade bitcoin?
Comment from : Impulsive Urge

Listen to this man!!!
Comment from : Timelessocity

W Kamara Njoku
Am going to college so that people won’t use it as an insult during an argument with me
Comment from : W Kamara Njoku

Jamal X
Every college graduate that I know of works at a regular job making regular wages
Comment from : Jamal X

Richmond Brown
How about we add meaning and value to degrees by making it more like a contract How about a degree comes with a guaranteed salary?
Comment from : Richmond Brown

The more people there are in the job market with college degrees, the less valuable those degrees are worth as they are so plentiful as to be almost worthless brbrThis is the reason the De Beers diamond company hoards diamonds, and creates artificial scarcity so that the diamonds don't lose their worth per karat or gram, as those diamonds are actually more common than the diamond mining companies would have you believe
Comment from : MLFreese

Kyn Chan
You know when employers ask for extra curricular activities and any degree can apply You'd imagine the degree doesn't really matter What if the employer asked the builder or electrician about their extra curricular activities what then The builder could say I really enjoy singing, dancing and back flipping and I can do that all the time while I'm bricklaying like a clown The electrician could say they enjoy swimming and playing with water, while working with electricity and loves the shocking and excitement he gets
Comment from : Kyn Chan

angela mae patindol
Comment from : angela mae patindol

Ding ding
Isn’t Facebook a perfect asset to business? YOU CAN THANK A LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR for inspiring its creation Also, long live the THERANOS
Comment from : Ding ding

I dont understand how you completed college had it was paid for but yet you're dumber then a box of rocks with a masters in a very high position of powerbr# ALMOST EVERYONE I KNOW IN AMERICA WITH A COLLEG DEGREE brPOOR KIDS/ PEOPLE DONT STAND A CHANCE TO YOUR PARENTS BANK ACCOUNT
Comment from : SERIOUS CURIOUS

Katya Dunn
A college diploma has less power than a University degree
Comment from : Katya Dunn

Jamal X
College is a scamgrow up
Comment from : Jamal X

Ronnie P
I have a computer science degree and have been an IT professional for 15 years now The degree was pointless, I learned everything I needed on the job
Comment from : Ronnie P

College is only "necessary" for careers that require it, like a teacher, surgeon, or some other medical person, or also a lawyer, etc, 80 of the other majors are useless, if you can start your job without a degree, if it's not a requirement to have one, DON'T GO
Comment from : HAZOXX

r 15
College is a scam!
Comment from : r 15

K world
In India college is necessary for job
Comment from : K world

Mr hrfister
I still think the root of our problem is public schooling where, like someone here mentioned, is designed to get you into college whether you qualify or not I would say that all they prepare you for is to get you a one time grant at a small community college that will lead you to getting what they really want you to get, a loan at a better college you can transfer to Money they will use to pay their staff better and build new buildings to make the school look nicer and nicer And to make more money, they force you to buy overpriced books and increase the tuition needlessly Then all that extra money goes to wallstreet to help multiply their assets tenfold You weren't college material to begin with, but you were pushed to go by your HS counselor, and eventually helped finance the college's scam with loans you will have to pay back whether you land a good job or not Why does it have to be this way? It's called letting the government get involved and destroying the free market all in the name of opportunity and equality for all That's how they sucker people into voting for them and for things that will benefit only them at the end, not you How you say? Well look at what has happened How many desperate recent graduates exist that need jobs? The more needy graduates, the cheaper they will cost per hour And if these companies need smart students that are really smart, not just flashing worthless college degrees, then they force the lawmakers that they have in their pockets to allow more foreigners from India and China to immigrate on H-1Bs to do the job better, cheaper and complain less Keep voting for globalist policies and expect more of the same folks
Comment from : Mr hrfister

Mr hrfister
Let me 🤔 about it YES IT IS!
Comment from : Mr hrfister

C 4
Do I go to college man? Junior year is coming to an end and I have no clue what the hell I wanna do but I wanna be done with school man
Comment from : C 4

Da Yo Man Yo
Skills pay the bills boyo no matter if your an employee or an entrepreneur
Comment from : Da Yo Man Yo

Da Yo Man Yo
I disagree i think with the information age its better to drop out in this era as its totally possible for someone with 0 qualifications to build a business as long as the business owner has good knoweledge of design, and a basic knowledge of IT I Think back in the day people were more old fashioned and there was a big enthuses on a class system in society
Comment from : Da Yo Man Yo

Nat attack
Then people gotta send that message out that college isn't the only way to get a good job We're all told from a young age that college is the only way and if you don't go you're gonna be a loser and have a job where you have to use your hands
Comment from : Nat attack

The dumbest thing is that people actually think ppl w a degree are smarter
Comment from : Progo

vault sama
Its not a waste of time but a waste of money
Comment from : vault sama

Ashley Baker
I'm earning my bachelors in chemistry and medicine Then I'll be working towards my doctorate and I HATE college I hear med school is better I wish I didnt have to pay 20k for classes I don't like or will not be using in the future (eg Natural disasters 109) When am I going to talk about natural disasters in a chemistry lab focusing on blood spatter and homicides?
Comment from : Ashley Baker

the worst is indian education system
Comment from : koysor

Fixer Upper
College is even more dependent on intent and effort than High School Why is this news?
Comment from : Fixer Upper

I feel like college is worth it if the majors your going for is good like lawyers, doctor, psychiatrist, and etc for me I feel like I need a year break before I TRULY know what I want to do Rn I’m having a hard time what really interested me Sometime I would even asked myself, “What do I really like to do?” “What do I do that makes me happy?” “What’s my passion?” “College seems hard” “I feel like I’m going to dropout either way, is it worth it to even try?” “why would I try when I know I’m going to dropout” “Never in my life have I reach a 30 gpa throughout my high school years, why should I go then?” “If I don’t go, friends, family, relatives are going to look down on me” “college is harder than high school” “I feel like I won’t even make it through my first year or even a month” “if I keep trying, doesn’t that basically means I wasted my time, because of not knowing what to do?” These are the question I be asking myself, I just don’t want any regret and want to make sure that I REALLY know what I’m getting myself into
Comment from : YU

Nicky Kiki
Is college worth it?brYes, if your programme is on demandbrNo, if you don't even use it after your graduation
Comment from : Nicky Kiki

richard ramfire
I do agree with a lot of the points being made about college being somewhat useless unless you are going to become a doctor, engineer or something like that But many companies require undergraduate degrees for entry level positions My wife had to provide a copy of her degree to her employer Her job has nothing to do with her degree
Comment from : richard ramfire

Luc Grillet
ewwww this is such free market cis white man capitalistic approach to fixing this issue gross
Comment from : Luc Grillet

You Tube
Here’s a thing about college, if you’re not that good at academic, it’s gonna cost you time and money Here’s why, I have a friend who is always been smarter than me and he chose a different path, while i choose to go university We’re both 19 years old and he has about 100,000$ and Im in debt and still trying to
Comment from : You Tube

super nerd
outside STEM college is a waste!brno gender studies/sociology/ philosophy etc are not a real majorbrand STEM should be 2 1/2 years max with no forced basket weaving classes
Comment from : super nerd

Radar Rider
Speaking from experience unless you get a degree to become a medical doctor, nurse, work in some other type of medical profession or get a trade degree DO NOT expect to make a lot of money
Comment from : Radar Rider

Cassidy Jean Depauw
I don’t want to go to college, but what place is going to hire an 18 year old straight out of high school? Genuinely asking, I know this is an old video but I graduate in a few months and I don’t know how to get a job
Comment from : Cassidy Jean Depauw

baka baka
I never went to college, I went to trade school Pipe welding since 6 figures easy No debt, Just pure money!
Comment from : baka baka

The short inswer is: yesbrThe long answer is: I took a 2 day traffic control course and made $100,000 in a year
Comment from : RoboJules

College dropout? or simply have other passions? Nothing to worry about! Here's my take on why a college degree isnt required anymore!br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=ZOASiKLXF5Q
Comment from : ONE AWAY

Breh Breh
Considering that it consumes time of your life that you”ll probably never get back, then hell yes, it’s a waste of time, and if it’s a waste of time then it could be a waste of money as well!
Comment from : Breh Breh

Drewski 1996
There are quicker and cheaper ways to end up working at McDonald's than to go to college
Comment from : Drewski 1996

Win 00
Of course a professor would say college is a good investment
Comment from : Win 00

Mexa Mex
I’m a biomedical engineer and you cannot work in my field without a university and sometimes a post-degree qualification Would you let anyone make you a surgical intervention on yourself or a diagnostic and intervention in a 2 million dollar PET scan? No, and me neither So, let the degrees get the proper certification they have and change other actual “degrees” have a different certification paths
Comment from : Mexa Mex

whenindoubt mutemyownmouth
If you want to work fast food and never move out of mom's house skip college You still need to go to school to be a trucker in some places don't listen to anybody that says college is useless
Comment from : whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

John Dyer
Unless you have serious grades in high school don't even consider college Beyond that pay cash or don't bother If your unable to pay cash then do something else You don't need a ton of student loans to add nore stress to the process of finding a job A college degree will not guarantee a job regardless of the school Always pay cash If your not willing to work extra to pay cash then it's not worth your time in the first place Don't be fooled, nothing in life is ever easy, nothing There are no free lunches If you want something you have to work for it Burying yourself in debt will not change that fact
Comment from : John Dyer

bt lim
Gonna take your advice I plan to be a doctor, skipping college because it's a waste of time Will just set up my clinic after high school and start treating patients
Comment from : bt lim

Gianni H
Meh, for me personally it was absolutely worth it because I'm going for free and making connections Not that hard to do either
Comment from : Gianni H

It’s not, I only got hired because I’m a college grad, most college degrees can get you an entry level office job, then you go from there
Comment from : Luluzyz

Alyssa Jones 🎀
I'm currently in Medical School Well, taking online classes due to the Coronavirus, but still the tuition is expensive asf 😫
Comment from : Alyssa Jones 🎀

Haoran Gong
College is useless What is the deal with it?brTo lose money and time?
Comment from : Haoran Gong

In germany and sweden there is no/next to no student loan interest debt
Comment from : asharedo

Kai Hartmann
Thank you for mentioning Vocational education Germany does so well with their apprenticeship programs It'd be great to see that expanded in the US
Comment from : Kai Hartmann

Royal Madrid
maybe u will change ur mind after watching this in a cool animated video check it outbr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=nr6yqsHkZ98
Comment from : Royal Madrid

So im debating if i should go or not i want to animate which im doing rn but i feel that college isnt for me because i dont really need it for what im doing At the same time im pretty much covered by fasfa and rds(im going to community btw)so if i go it wont be too bad im a senior in high school :(
Comment from : JamesGalaxy41

The Dashing Rogue
Tell this to HR
Comment from : The Dashing Rogue

Adrian :/
Comment from : Adrian :/

Elijah Alesana
Over 90 percent of millionaires in America didn’t go to college and 20 million people living in poverty have college degrees Just thought I should throw that out there haha
Comment from : Elijah Alesana

Dark Moon
College is like a cookie cutter machine that is funded by the government to funnel out the talented and gifted individuals that have the potential to become apart of their elaborate schemes Meanwhile the rest of the hard working and mediocre people are just a cog to fit into society's wheel Most government programs are like this even the homeless shelter and orphanage have potentials Counting people as numbers is easier then looking at them as sentimental values
Comment from : Dark Moon

Any engineer student here ? Lol 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Comment from : Adrian

Mark Armage
The point is what college?br Medical school, yes, law school, yes The point is that you have to learn useful stuff there
Comment from : Mark Armage

We’re just here because we hate college
Comment from : PrimeProdigy

Heyhan Bee
Them: College is a waste of timebrMe: okbrAlso them: bmust hire a college graduate/b
Comment from : Heyhan Bee

Melanated Frequency Handler
I just dont get the reasoning of going to college just to "meet new people" and get the "experience"brbrBe honest with yourself: you just want to be degenerate, and get drunk, party and smoke weed every weekend, after you studied for tests and quizzes and worked on assignments all weekbrbrIf you need college to meet new people, you have a boring personality and wont survive well in the real world
Comment from : Melanated Frequency Handler

Linux Inside
Udemy and lynda courses are much better then college
Comment from : Linux Inside

Stephanie Chang
Ironically, the ad right before this video played was for a university
Comment from : Stephanie Chang

Kelvin KJ
I think if you just want to get a job; the right question is to ask is "what kind of skills are needed?" and go to that school or training center to get that required qualification eg ACCA (you don't have to go to college)
Comment from : Kelvin KJ

Michael Brodie
There are some benefits to college that you can't quantify in monetary terms - like being open minded, questioning, enquiring, and consequently, seeing through Donald Trump
Comment from : Michael Brodie

Jorge Alfredo Domínguez Antonio
I'm at that point where I can't handle anymore college and the stupid subjects teachers try to show as "important" brI'm literally learning nothing useful 🤯
Comment from : Jorge Alfredo Domínguez Antonio

orlando calderon
The issue is that everyone has a degree now in days and that has made it worthless Degrees are just like money, the more you print the less they are worth
Comment from : orlando calderon

Samantha wh
College is a extremely huge and risky investment and I think it's either the best or worse decision you will ever make if you know what your studying is your passion in life great but if your going to college to show off its it's a huge mistake
Comment from : Samantha wh

I'm only going to college because I got nothing else to do in life
Comment from : Ness

Angry Boi
I'm in middle school and when I finish high school I'm never going college
Comment from : Angry Boi

ID Number:0̳
Instead of paying money there in college you can donate the money to someone else on PayPal or paytm for their life
Comment from : ID Number:0̳

yoshida carter
Yes college is a waste of time and a college degree is nothing more than an expensive piece of toilet paper
Comment from : yoshida carter

As always it’s different for different people/circumstances/fields of work brHis argument about some “social” downside is bullshit, because so many products we buy are based on popularity over utility (iPhone is the perfect eg)brThe question at 2:30 is exactly it - and this clown actually argues against himself (Ie he gives all the reasons college IS important)
Comment from : DB

Isn’t the guy a uni lecturer ??? He too probably went to uni ? So ?
Comment from : Fredaaa

Crystal Cook
“Socializing with other people your age” I’m a commuting junior in college living in my own 1 bedroom apartment and I haven’t been to a friend’s house in over a month
Comment from : Crystal Cook

Illuminati aqi
Noobs I tell you a life hackbrbrWelfare
Comment from : Illuminati aqi

Aieshoo 1234
I have a STEM degree and only make $2 above minimum wage
Comment from : Aieshoo 1234

funnytots totorials
For me personally, yes college is a waste of time and money and I know lots of other people that waste their time going to college
Comment from : funnytots totorials

Leopoldo Johnson
The answer to your question is yes
Comment from : Leopoldo Johnson

Singing For you
I don’t want to grow up
Comment from : Singing For you

Save your time, the answer is: YES!
Comment from : Pepe

Guess Who
It's 2019 just do bluecollar computer job like everyone else, below are background of coworkers/buddies doing computer job that I've met over the years, brif they can do it so can you! br- my music major coworker doing computer fullstackbr- my history major buddy doing computer web stuffbr- 2 of my practicing lawyer buddies (corporate and immigration lawyers) doing computer database and web stuffbr- my chemistry buddy coworker doing computer for aerospace company (scarry huh)br- my mechanical major coworker working at pandora doing computerbr- my unemployed 08 GPA college dropout buddy doing windows/linux admin certs and in computer making big $120k/yearbr- my unemployed mcdonald coworker now doing computerbr- a stay at home mom that I know also in computer field nowbrwhy spend all that money for school, just get computer job
Comment from : Guess Who

Mohammad M
Literally just let people learn themselves then test them with statewide tests this college crap is stupid
Comment from : Mohammad M

I have college for free but I’m failing everything and the semester is going to end in a month

John Dyer
STAY OUT OF DEBT If your stupid enough to go up to your eyeballs in debt for a piece of paper which make no guarantee of a good job, you will go broke Pay cash or don't bother
Comment from : John Dyer

They criticize young people for being lazy after they wasted so much time and money getting suckered by the bogus system It’s not really their fault They were taken advantage of
Comment from : AS1313

Meant many degrees Young person Irked in debt
Comment from : AS1313

Generally May degrees are a waste of time and money If you can’t get a job with that degree why go Then you graduate a young Redon buried in debt Some degrees are ok A good liberal arts background good for law Science courses for pre med pre dental But don’t waste your time and money You can learn much on your own The trades are wide open and pay well Technical and vocational courses can lead to good jobs If you don’t know anything that you can earn a living Why go What are you thinking
Comment from : AS1313

Jonah Sonnentag
I never went to college and ahead of sales and make a shit ton of money School is worthless sell yourself if your smart and have skills your good
Comment from : Jonah Sonnentag

Joe Cut & Run
All but 2 or 3 US universities are left wing socialist indoctrination centers Poisoning young minds to hate America, and brain wash them to think they deserve everything without working for it Just Pathetic !
Comment from : Joe Cut & Run

Jesse Mnmehe
The question is still valid The answer is Yes!
Comment from : Jesse Mnmehe

Waluigi 420
I didn’t go to college only go to college if you plan on being a lawyer doctor if not you can still get a high-paying jobs or just go to a trade school college is not worth it it’s a scam unless you’re being a lawyer or a doctor
Comment from : Waluigi 420

Renew Crew
Huge waste of money
Comment from : Renew Crew

Thomas Edison never went to college He also only went 3 months to school
Comment from : PIANOPHUNGUY

Vaporous Elm993
Why doesn't the government look at these type of videos
Comment from : Vaporous Elm993

#JulioJones 11
Depends on the degree But if you go to college like I did, and get a pointless degree like in Finance then yes Companies that wanted to hire me asked me for my Sales exp and if I passed the insurance test, not for the degree Its my fault as soon as I graduated high school, I thought you could only be successful with a college degree, I couldnt be any more wrong with that statement
Comment from : #JulioJones 11

King Henry VIII Tudor
Go to college if you're gonna get a STEM degree, law, accounting or any high paying licensed profession that has college as a requirement, if not there is always trade school, community college, or the military
Comment from : King Henry VIII Tudor

The two year degree should have been the default from the beginning
Comment from : Azaurus1

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