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How to spot a high relief peace dollar

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Information How to spot a high relief peace dollar

Title :  How to spot a high relief peace dollar
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Description How to spot a high relief peace dollar

Comments How to spot a high relief peace dollar

Cathy Lee
I've found a peace coin with no year on it, and it has one Troy oz on the back. Can't seem to find anything out about it. Anyone know anything?
Comment from : Cathy Lee

Gregg Goldstein
Why is the face of your Peace Dollar printed backward? With the face being the right side instead of the Left Side?
Comment from : Gregg Goldstein

Sunil Kumar Massey
Comment from : Sunil Kumar Massey

Sunil Kumar Massey
I Have This Coin Minted In 2922
Comment from : Sunil Kumar Massey

Hussein Shahed
Hi l have this dollar 1922 it is for sale can you tell me its price please it is in very good condition thank you
Comment from : Hussein Shahed

Pheonix 17
I’m here one coin peac 1922 are you interested
Comment from : Pheonix 17

Janardhana Reddy
I have peace 4 silver doller 1921,1922,1923 I need advice to sale
Comment from : Janardhana Reddy

Matteus coins
Check out my 1922 high relief!
Comment from : Matteus coins

Daniel Clayton
I have a 1985 silver dollar on the back of it it have a zero on it I have a 1900 silver dollar on the back of it have a zero on it I have a 1923 silver dollar 1922 silver dollar I have a 1882 $10 gold piece
Comment from : Daniel Clayton

Arvin Alejano
How can i contact you ? I have a 1922 peace dollar coin that matches the details you say hi value coin
Comment from : Arvin Alejano

Very cool stuff!
Comment from : CraccaLaccaMacca

José Lucas
1 dollar peace 1922s af plata 26.78 grs. 30 milles dollares venga venir MG brasil
Comment from : José Lucas

Mohammed Sharif
I just saw ur video i have a 1922 one dollar coine how can i send you pics of it ?
Comment from : Mohammed Sharif

José Lucas
Venga vienir
Comment from : José Lucas

José Lucas
1dollar peace 1922 s af 26.78 grs. 50 mlles dólares viendo usa.legitime plata .
Comment from : José Lucas

Rose Lynn
I need some advise on 4 coins I have 1921. 1922 1923 1924 silver dollars they were put in a glass case all there life please an thank you they are in excellent condition. An you were talking about a relief coin not sure but maybe this one is. Can't fond a mint mark for the 1922
Comment from : Rose Lynn

Felix Plata
Yo la estoy betiemdo en #100 peso un peso de 1922
Comment from : Felix Plata

Felix Plata
Yo.tego un peso.de 1922.nadie ella.quieren combral
Comment from : Felix Plata

00 BUCK 671
I will get it everytime now. Thank you. Great video.
Comment from : 00 BUCK 671

James Tague
Next time you make a fake and show it to the camera make Shure the letters aren't backwards
Comment from : James Tague

What if the lines on the back do not go past the one but everything is is the same as in your video .Is it high relief ?
Comment from : vgmrmojo

Yo tengo el dólar de l paz del año 1922 letra s
Comment from : FELIX G

Descalante Escalante
How can I sell a 1922 peace S1 dollar coin
Comment from : Descalante Escalante

Bill Driscoll
Thanks for the information and have a great day.
Comment from : Bill Driscoll

Adam Thirdbourne
Looked like a Balisong ya had there. 🧐
Comment from : Adam Thirdbourne

Jasper Brooks
I think I have the 1922 high relief but everyone I go to wants to treat me like I don't know what I have. Need help
Comment from : Jasper Brooks

Mack Austin
Hi my name is Lawrence, I have a high relief coin 1922 an 1923 . Would like to sell..
Comment from : Mack Austin

shannon watkins
I have several old coins. I have a 1923 and a 1921 coin. I need help. Lol
Comment from : shannon watkins

Debbie Brevard-Davis
Thanks so very much for educating me about the 1922 peace coins. I was given two them when I was ten years old and I still have them. I really would like to see what they are worth, but I am leary about letting anyone look at them I live in Maryland and do you know of any trusted coin dealers.
Comment from : Debbie Brevard-Davis

My 1922 peace dollar has the sun go through the N but the face side has small spikes
Comment from : Nugget31

OGRE !!!!
mine clearly has the sun ray going through the N, but it doesnt have the shortened sunrays at the top
Comment from : OGRE !!!!

Have you ever seen one that looks like 1922 with 1921 look
Comment from : X P

Are high relief valuable for a BU 1921 P? I bought one at auction (my first Peace dollar) for about $80.00 Normally I ONLY buy Morgans. But I have about 30 morgans and I wanted to start collecting Peace Dollars.
Comment from : passthepuck

I am confused , so this vid should be about the 1922 high relief , but you presented two different years a 1921 ( high relief ) and a 1922 ( regular relief) so , for me to have a 1922 higher relief , I will need to have the characteristics of the 1921 like in this case correct??. Looking at your vid , you said that a high relief has shorter sun rays on the obverse , but in this case your 1921 seems worn out make them the sun rays shorter , and the sun ray on the “ N” that is longer on the high relief isn’t clear because I have a 1822 that meets some of this criteria but the sun rays are not shorter . There is another vid about 1922 high reliefs that seems more accurate , and described the hair strike to be sharper .
Comment from : EivinSukoi

Thank you for showing me the difference, this video was helpful. Sadly I have the 1922 P normal relief, not the one on pawn stars. I can now properly label my coins and put them away knowing what I have. :)
Comment from : jasonjjj27

Cameron Despanza
I have a 1922 made like a 1921 with a velvet looking finish and concave
Comment from : Cameron Despanza

Robert Lundberg
Thank you. You are great 👍
Comment from : Robert Lundberg

Gale Fulton
I just watched the one on Pawn Stars and it does not fir the differences you point out. It looks exactly like the low relief you show here.
Comment from : Gale Fulton

Hydropower Fan
Just joined your fb group and I’m a former twin cities resident. Just watched the Pawn Stars episode you mentioned too and I tried to look that coin up on the NGC verification page but I couldn’t find it, maybe you can try….? The NGC registration numbers are easily seen on the PS video.
Comment from : Hydropower Fan

The New Brunswick Guy
Good information, Thanks
Comment from : The New Brunswick Guy

michelle Petry
I inherited a few months ago, a coin collection thats been in storage since a solider returned from WW1 and trying to get some help with the Pease $'s and Morgan's in the collection. One of them I can find no other coin like it. Would you or could you give me some direction on their value if I send you pictures? Much appreciated.
Comment from : michelle Petry

Douglas Leavy
Great info. Thank you!
Comment from : Douglas Leavy

José Lucas
Tenho vendo 50 mil dollares
Comment from : José Lucas

Nitin Shah
I have 1922,23,25,26 Peace Dollars in Pristine Condition for Sale In Mumbai [email protected]
Comment from : Nitin Shah

Lovely Lyfe
I have one of those.
Comment from : Lovely Lyfe

José Lucas
Está que você está mostrando ,aceito troca por carro, semi- novo venha verificar se é legítima USA.
Comment from : José Lucas

José Lucas
Tenho ,vendo por 50 mil dólares 1 dollar peace 1922 s af 26.78grs.prata 90 por cento sem registro
Comment from : José Lucas

Vasilios Kosman
High relief is kick back 2 ancient greek and roman coinage.
Arent u a little bit ols 2 believe in the pawn shop show?
Its all Fake a staged show.

Comment from : Vasilios Kosman

Are you still buying that Peace Dollar?
Comment from : Fritz

Sir I have one 1922
Comment from : Fritz

juan gomez
I have one 1834 and one 1924 peace Dollar rimbo color
Comment from : juan gomez

tommie kato
Also I think I may have a matte high relief ..but not positive 🤗
Comment from : tommie kato

Well explained Thank you for that Knowledge Base.
Comment from : Fritz

I have 1922.
Comment from : Fritz

Larams Gto112
I have a 1922 s silver high relief peace dollar coin I don't know if I should I take it to heritage action Los Angeles CA city of Beverly hills to sell it there I need top dollars what is your advice for me or were can I take it to exchange it for big buck's ?
Comment from : Larams Gto112

Great video 👍
Comment from : Fastfreddie

Justin Sartain
I like morgans but the peace dollars are beautiful . I got lucky made the decision to buy bu peace dollars when I heard the new peace dollars were coming out . I got a bunch of them . Keep stacking . I dont have a high relief yet maybe one day
Comment from : Justin Sartain

Joann Diaz
Details, details, details. Thanks!
Comment from : Joann Diaz

Ryan Aquino
Hi sir i hope you can help mewith my 1922 peach one dollar
Comment from : Ryan Aquino

Joseph Celestine Celestine
I have a 1922 and i a 1923 peace dollars
Comment from : Joseph Celestine Celestine

Herbert Ramos
I have 1922 one dollar coin and 1964 half dollar coin
Comment from : Herbert Ramos

Robert Winslow
Man on the Silver Mountain..... GREAT SONG BROTHER
Comment from : Robert Winslow

Jackie Johnson
Man I got one of those.
Comment from : Jackie Johnson

Ariana T
I have a relief dollar
Comment from : Ariana T

Richard Liew
Thank you for your information regarding the peace dollar interesting coin regards from RichardLiew from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Comment from : Richard Liew

Romiboi Dela Cruz
ito pinaka malupit.
Hindi ko maisip kung paano nag doble ang mukha ng OLD coin nato na JUAN LUNA wala syang year kung kilan sya ginawa!
Isang pala isipan diba?

Comment from : Romiboi Dela Cruz

I AM Starseed I AM
Great informative video. Stay positive And confident.
Look forward to the next video.

Comment from : I AM Starseed I AM

Awesome video, thanks for the information
Comment from : MrLbsrdi

Robin Farrar
I have been looking at my 1922 peace dollar and watching videos for months now trying to figure out what I have. If it is what I think it is I think both of us will be happy. Can you please help me ? I don't really trust just walking into my local pawn shop.
Comment from : Robin Farrar

boss TV
Hello i have that coin the silver coin dollor its year 1922 .i would like to sell it how can you help me ..tnx
Comment from : boss TV

I noticed in the side by side that the one on the left, the tiara's point almost completely covers the B and on the right the B is much more exposed.
Comment from : Magnetron33

Holy crap! I have the high relief! Who would I talk to to sell it?
Comment from : MommyofJosh

Roberto Hernandez
Comment from : Roberto Hernandez

Brandon Harris
I have a 23 no mint what would the value be on it... I know depends on grade but ballpark
Comment from : Brandon Harris

Kent Mclellan
Thank you for letting me know After 4 years of buying Morgan and peace dollars for no reason , i may have something. I only bought them because i couldnt find silver .
Comment from : Kent Mclellan

allan knight
Hi, I don’t know what that means but I have a 1923 silver dollar peace. I’ve looking at YouTube videos to see the best way to stop tarnish.
Comment from : allan knight

Minato Namikaze
I have one coin 1922 I live Switzerland 🇨🇭 I want conta pls
Comment from : Minato Namikaze

Thanks again for sharing another great video 😊👍🏼 Lots of Love Bobbi 😊🙏🏼
Comment from : Bobbi

What about 1923 P $1 hi- relief I get one same 1921 that appears on this video.
Comment from : MPSTUDIOBI

Kio Chiro
I have one but how much is it
Comment from : Kio Chiro

Partridge Family Prospecting
Just won my first peace dollar.. is a 1922 ms63 im really excited.. I haven't seen it yet but expect it'll be here soon. Great info man I hope its the high relief lol
Comment from : Partridge Family Prospecting

0b Obar
I have 1922 nickel
Comment from : 0b Obar

I have one of them but idk how much it’s worth I want to get a computer for college and my grandpa told me to sell it before college
Comment from : Joseph

José Lucas
Tengo viendo 50mildolars
Comment from : José Lucas

Bruce Colby
Pitman act melted what into what again??? 🤔
Comment from : Bruce Colby

Nelson Manaois
I have 1922
Comment from : Nelson Manaois

Cameron Schwoegler
Thank you for the video, you are amazing!
Comment from : Cameron Schwoegler

Ren White
If you look at the line going up to the eagles chest between O and L on the reserve DOLLAR the high relief line is shorter the other ones go all the way up to the eagles chest
Comment from : Ren White

Divine Angelic
How much would a 1923 peace worth
Comment from : Divine Angelic

Juan Garcia
I got one 1922
Comment from : Juan Garcia

My 1923 peace dollar has the sun ray going past the N one ONE. Well the ray stops at the top of the N
Comment from : Cj

henrique Carreirinhas
Hello good evening watched my YouTube channel carreirinhas henrique MANY videos palindrome banknote rare euro collections subscribed you on my YouTube channel thank you very much a little thumbs up
Comment from : henrique Carreirinhas

I have coin 1921 and1922
Comment from : ESMAIL SIAWAN

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