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How The Harry Potter Cast Spends Their Millions

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Information How The Harry Potter Cast Spends Their Millions

Title :  How The Harry Potter Cast Spends Their Millions
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Description How The Harry Potter Cast Spends Their Millions

Comments How The Harry Potter Cast Spends Their Millions

Tech bangla
Harry Potter is an classic instant for me
Comment from : Tech bangla

Its Sharma Chanel
This is amazing series
Comment from : Its Sharma Chanel

Daniel Radcliffe has the mind of an investor, he doesn't spend his fortune on worthless liabilities, instead he purchases assets He's the MAN Keeping modest and his wealth increases That's incredible and the perception he has along with it I wish him the best -)
Comment from : KKKkiri

Rupert's winning it with his massive real estate portfolio
Comment from : zhishulovesxiangqin

damn 17k mattress, sleep is definitely worth spending on though
Comment from : nicole

Somorpan Roy
Ayo, How did Lord Voldemort got his nose back, this is something of concern
Comment from : Somorpan Roy

Spasoje Kulašević
Punto, sounds funny
Comment from : Spasoje Kulašević

jessica gouin
i thought weasly's were poor
Comment from : jessica gouin

eric carney
How Ironic that someone that pushes all the beliefs from 1984, lives in the house once owned by the author that warned the world about those beliefs
Comment from : eric carney

Rupert's house looks amazing! Definitley a good buy! I just hope the taxes and utilities isn't insane!
Comment from : RomulusTheThird

Bruce Carter
🔮 1:23 am pm a i p
Comment from : Bruce Carter

What the hell is a long hines watch 🤣
Comment from : Alver87

a guy
Just cause Radcliffes rich doesn't mean mean he should spend like crazy
Comment from : a guy

Farid Musbah
Actually Rupert Grint might actually be richer then all his cast mates lel, if only dis dude actually did his research and actually looked into his philantropy investments My guess he just googles most of this shit up lel Just an FYI, he financed his lil bros F1 career; just a lil taste of what he did
Comment from : Farid Musbah

If im millionaire, of course first i will spend my money on buying big and nice house, nice cars(mercedes benz, maserati etc), my own jet, buy a house for my parents and open my own business such as cafe or animal vet, donate to charity and build a new big house for stray animals and last saving for future ☺️🥺
Comment from : 오세륜

im sorry, but did you say Porsche Hurrican???
Comment from : Majcarp

EarthDragon88 Gamefarm
Lagas naman kaayo si Daniel Radclif
Comment from : EarthDragon88 Gamefarm

Wtf is Long Ine? « Lonjeen » please
Comment from : W J

It's pertinent to know that investment is essential to make more money, I hit big on crypto, don't be afraid to step into your greatness
Comment from : Jess

to bad grint did not spend his money on getting rid of his gingerness!
Comment from : helvis

tinks Patel
Ron ice cream man that cool
Comment from : tinks Patel

Nomad Steve
J K Rowling lives less than one mile from me, and that’s as far as my involvement with the Harry Potter story goes
Comment from : Nomad Steve

Joe Kunsch
I may be mistaken here, but did the Sidemen use Ruperts mansion in some of their videos? That pool looks so familiar, and so did the outside
Comment from : Joe Kunsch

Al Pacino
Shittiest movie franchise ever Its my opinion so fy if u disagree 😘
Comment from : Al Pacino

A flying Punto is exciting
Comment from : Sreehari

Oscar Seidel ojeda
they are still getting paid each time somebody watches Harry Potter imagine it’s endless funding
Comment from : Oscar Seidel ojeda

I watched the borrowers the other day and couldnt beleive draco " tom felton" was in it and he was called peagreen clock, 4 years later he was in harry potter
Comment from : JAMZ

Alan will forever be remembered and he will be missed <3
Comment from : Liiam

Luke W
Tom Felton is the YouTube vlogger of the cast
Comment from : Luke W

Sarang Sharma
Thankyou for doing Harry Potter first
Comment from : Sarang Sharma

steven martell
Rip Allen snaps was the g of Harry Potter
Comment from : steven martell

An evntador for 500k? Some of these channels need to do some homework on actual pricing if cars the aventador is around 230k as of right now, and it's not even an SVJ or 63
Comment from : ★[FKI]

Eko Flame
“long eins” 😅
Comment from : Eko Flame

Graeme Findlater
I don't think he's clueless He just foenst care about cars, he's doesn't need to show off Cars mean nothing, just that you may have a small p***s
Comment from : Graeme Findlater

Also spend $1 million on hookers
Comment from : w23857980

voldemort 50m and malfoy 20m Dosent make sens And Tom i think earn well on different things now
Comment from : Nice

Taehyungs nose mole
Alan Rickman being a wholesome mentor to the young actors just makes my heart grow 3 sizes He will forever be missed Always
Comment from : Taehyungs nose mole

Dc Ejay
They got way more money than that 😂😂
Comment from : Dc Ejay

Brian Gust
Hahah long ines it's longine
Comment from : Brian Gust

jc ntp
papparazzi proof home? is there anything more needed? lol good purchases, good purchases
Comment from : jc ntp

Roman Minárik
Well earned money
Comment from : Roman Minárik

i just watched the reunion❤️
Comment from : ArtPaste

Andrew Felcey
JK,, paid them way to much,,
Comment from : Andrew Felcey

someone somewhere
Felton's cars broooo he is deadass a real life Malfoy
Comment from : someone somewhere

Katherine Gonzalez
Why the fuck don’t they drive a nice ass car
Comment from : Katherine Gonzalez

Ally T
i may or may not have folded $8,000 sheets Daniel bought for a cottage rental He got quite a few and obv didn't keep them lol
Comment from : Ally T

Elite Lifestyle
ONE of the best movie sagas OF ALL TIME!!!
Comment from : Elite Lifestyle

Alasdair Henley
Comment from : Alasdair Henley

James Clifton
Snake would most definitely not run all the reds 😅😅
Comment from : James Clifton

Janka Louw
Comment from : Janka Louw

Trishala Tah
If they could only give a part of their millions to me to do a masters degree😩
Comment from : Trishala Tah

Okeyo Giose
I sold Tom Felton a pair of apple AirPods in 2018 Prob my favourite story to tell I worked at the apple store in Cape Town, SA and I knew he was down because word spread fast but didn't think id actually meet him I just saw him standing in the que and I ended up being the salesperson helping him It was an epic moment and the whole interaction probably went on for maybe 5 minutes I also took a picture with him of course but I definitely don't have the pic anymore which is sad really But he was really really friendly and he was carrying a guitar on his back which I thought was cool
Comment from : Okeyo Giose

7:11 a nose💀😭
Comment from : 오소정

Yung Don
Every now and then, I binge the whole series
Comment from : Yung Don

Blossom Butterflies!
101st comment 😂
Comment from : Blossom Butterflies!

I'm sorry but they were severely underpaid for 7B franchise
Comment from : Alister

Karen Corpus
Glad to see some child actors grew up normal
Comment from : Karen Corpus

This comment section is full of bots
Comment from : Justafanofbts

Brenda GP
Lol, man this video's comment section is full of bots
Comment from : Brenda GP

Michael Phoenix
Rickman could not have been too much of a gossip, he was the only cast member to know the ending of Harry potter and how it played out, and never told anyone
Comment from : Michael Phoenix

GH05T 0F 2O08
What is this, I don’t know no Daniel, I know potter, my father will get you fired if you don’t change this >:(
Comment from : GH05T 0F 2O08

I B Newton
Ungrateful woke little snots Made rich by J K Rowling and then backbite her Goddamn bSHAMEFUL/b iFUCK THIS WOKE SHIT!/i
Comment from : I B Newton

that longines is like 600£ mate rofl
Comment from : Chris

Luxury LifeStyle forever
Harry Potter is an instant classic for me amazing 😍
Comment from : Luxury LifeStyle forever

Bruce Rivers
I love Harry Potter I’m glad all the cast are enjoying the fruits of their labor They worked their asses off to make an incredible series
Comment from : Bruce Rivers

Harry Potter helped me stop smoking, I must have tore through the books three or four times smoke free for over 20yrs hurray
Comment from : Muffassa

Taren Gibson
TDG #1 FULLSUPPORT brAll Harry Potter
Comment from : Taren Gibson

I always have a feeling how they will grow up, Harry will be a investor, hermione will be a activist, and Ron will be a hippie like shaggy 😂
Comment from : Lupinforever

Lora Concepcion
Wait only $16 million for Alan Rickman?
Comment from : Lora Concepcion

Lydia Overend
You missed that Rupert has a successful property business!
Comment from : Lydia Overend

Md Omar Faruk
I hope make a video about google founders spend billions
Comment from : Md Omar Faruk

I’m happy there parents didn’t steal and spend all there money while they were kids😌
Comment from : Birdie

Melvs DLP
Jeez, pronouncing Longines “Long-eye-ns”😡😡😡
Comment from : Melvs DLP

Георгий Андрасян
I need a trip
Comment from : Георгий Андрасян

Георгий Андрасян
Hello I have a nace day
Comment from : Георгий Андрасян

Nice one James (TheRichest)
Comment from : A

Aaron Amos
It must nice to be rich!! What will will Harry Potter fades away like lots of other series!!!??
Comment from : Aaron Amos

Rofer Nk
Do the same for Twilight Cast
Comment from : Rofer Nk

Aurobindo Ghosh
how they vanished your millions if you hadn't watched the movies in theatre
Comment from : Aurobindo Ghosh

Hadley Hill
I absolutely LOVE The Harry Potter movies
Comment from : Hadley Hill

Harry Potter is simply my childhood I watch all the films every year and would have loved to play in them
Comment from : ShowMe

Celeb Village
I'll be rewatching the movies for decades to come likely Timeless classics, right? Right up the alley with LOTR & Star Wars
Comment from : Celeb Village

Those royalties will do just fine
Comment from : level7

Oh my god, how is there so many bots?!?!
Comment from : xenox

What happened to the other person who used to voice this
Comment from : Cubby_sure

Candice Perry
It is awesome&bizarre to watch Harry Potter on youtube
Comment from : Candice Perry

jim dunk
Remember when Rupert grinch 😭
Comment from : jim dunk

3:10 BMW is for a port guy not a girl 😏 she knows
Comment from : Ash888Mohd

Luxury Focused
Harry Potter is an instant classic for me I'm glad to see that the cast are doing well 👍👍👍
Comment from : Luxury Focused

Hiba Boug
My favorite movie till now is Harry Potter
Comment from : Hiba Boug

Nik Official
Great idea for this video! Very interesting? 😀👍🎬
Comment from : Nik Official

Can someone pls to me who the female actor is at 8:53
Comment from : fsluni

Haaaaary Pottttter
Comment from : Mark186

Uthaya Kumar
We want the old voice pls
Comment from : Uthaya Kumar

Buying a ice cream truck for kid's is great idea
Comment from : Seriesyapa

Hey more power to them…they earned it with their acting so I hope they enjoy every bit of it…I don’t understand why some have a problem with them spending their money any way they want…I get social security of $9000 a year roughly $750 a month and I’ll say if I had that type of money I’d spend it the way I wanted also…after I set my family up I’d buy be a nice home and a brand new Corvette and a 1964 Impala SS…I’d love to have another men’s homeless shelter built in Columbus Oh they need it then support A Baptist church…
Comment from : ChevyMan#1

Luxury Hub
Real estates purchases financial sensible
Comment from : Luxury Hub

Adrian Guzman
Who cares how much Rich People spend their money on
Comment from : Adrian Guzman

Unknown Stone Age Man
9mins and 11k views
Comment from : Unknown Stone Age Man

tapsweet Top 10
remember when Rupert Grint said he wanted to own an ice cream truck? 😂😂😂
Comment from : tapsweet Top 10

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