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Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)

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Information Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)

Title :  Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)
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Frames Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)

Description Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)

Comments Learn Mind-Blowing Coin Magic Trick (Expert Secret Revealed!)

Thanks for watching this video! And remember, for your chance to WIN one of my 'Metamorph' gimmicks leave a comment and tell me, "If you could magically split anything INTO TWO - - - what would you split???" Can't wait to read your comments Love live REAL magic!
Comment from : SankeyMagic

Abu Habeeb
I'd split my brain into 4 hemispheres Then I'd be able to use the carpool lane BECAUSE I'm sure that's how that works
Comment from : Abu Habeeb

Katie Fruits
He said no precious metals but a diamond is fair game!!!
Comment from : Katie Fruits

I want to split a coin into pocket and also bend it into two coins
Comment from : ←ROHIT ARORA→

Robin Elaine Murray
My 🐕
Comment from : Robin Elaine Murray

kenny hicky
You are the master at sleigh of hand the thing I would love to duplicate is my family
Comment from : kenny hicky

A pea because i want to make split pea soup

Shailendra Pratap Singh
Would split sankey to learn the double of what we are learning today 😊
Comment from : Shailendra Pratap Singh

I would probably split my time in two That way I would have more time to learn and grow as well as more time to have fun
Comment from : N8ExtrAwesome

abigail coldwell
Comment from : abigail coldwell

Peter Woods
Comment from : Peter Woods

Lou Johnson
My wife So more things that she wants done can get done I love her so much
Comment from : Lou Johnson

David Moore
This was really interesting and well performed Mr Sankey Thanks for sharing
Comment from : David Moore

Andrew Cobos
I would split an atom 🤯
Comment from : Andrew Cobos

Mike Hughes
what would I split? I would split all of the love in the world to make it a far far nicer place
Comment from : Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes
Jay, I would love to learn a lot more mentalism as this is an age that captures my imagination more than all of the others
Comment from : Mike Hughes

William Shaffner
I'd split a banana ba dum ching 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : William Shaffner

HD Bulldog
Split my time in two, so I’d have twice as much time to get more things and learning done
Comment from : HD Bulldog

Tyler Callahan
Everyone: "I would like the split food"brbrMe: bSpliting the atom/b
Comment from : Tyler Callahan

Iqbal uddin
I tried to subscribe Jay's Free Magic Newsletter on friday more than 10 times but it did not worked!! Is there any problem in the website?😟
Comment from : Iqbal uddin

Lucas Maldonado
I would like to Split the moon!
Comment from : Lucas Maldonado

Comment from : kazuki先生

John Chase
I would split uranium fission in my hands!
Comment from : John Chase

MT Gold
Nice ser
Comment from : MT Gold

Fluster Zero
The large hadron collider Take that, science!
Comment from : Fluster Zero

Ayjay Gurb
Myself so I could do two things at the same time
Comment from : Ayjay Gurb

Arfan Khan
hi its arfan form Bangladesh we'll split carona Virus vaccine 1 to 2 so its can help more pepole
Comment from : Arfan Khan

Carl Jensen
I would split my banana split to eat it twice
Comment from : Carl Jensen

Nic Carrick
I would split myself I always wanted a twin and I could be at two places at one time
Comment from : Nic Carrick

I'd double the time I have with my daughter, they grow up too fast
Comment from : 1111yellowflash1111

Anthony Madson
I would split half of a pancake because why not 😃
Comment from : Anthony Madson

I would split my ass long ways so that it’s easier to shit after I eat as much food as I do
Comment from : SpedCODM

Faheem Ibrahim
I would split my phone into two so that i could use the other half if the first half has empty battery
Comment from : Faheem Ibrahim

I would spilt my personality 😛
Comment from : silleme1

Kevin Wyatt
My time, double my time gives me more time to spend with my kids I love spending all my time with my kids but work gets in the way especially during these lock down times I'm working from home and my little lads (aged 4, 2 and 4 months) just don't understand I can't just drop work to play cars or play football (soccer for my American friends)
Comment from : Kevin Wyatt

Shanghaï Chase
I would split my prescriptions!
Comment from : Shanghaï Chase

Dough Boy
I would split my grill into two so I could cook twice as much
Comment from : Dough Boy

Syed Fahad Ali
I would split happiness and give it to the one in need
Comment from : Syed Fahad Ali

Sonja MagicFire
This blows me away Can you reveal voodoo needle please? Lovely greatings
Comment from : Sonja MagicFire

Michael Kolb
While hanging around with friends and/or family, I would split the last whatsoever on the plate in the middle of the dining table cookie, piece of cake, chickenwing doesn'nt matter
Comment from : Michael Kolb

I would split any entire meal into two
Comment from : tomaboy100

Armando Barros
I would split my mind in 2 to have to different life outcomes
Comment from : Armando Barros

Gary Dreifus
I would split an infinitive and "boldly go where no one has gone before"
Comment from : Gary Dreifus

Pedro Reis
I would split the 24 hours in two, and live the double!
Comment from : Pedro Reis

Fav vv
I would split jay sankeyIts becaue one of jay sankey i will bring back to my home and practising for ASIA GOT TALENTThe other jay I will tell him to entertaint you guys with his insane magic
Comment from : Fav vv

Zach Adelic
So I would split the feeling of Love into two so there would be 2 different ways to experience Love Double the Love!!!
Comment from : Zach Adelic

I’d split The Earth into two, and laugh because they totally broke!
Comment from : Barbutt

I would split my fan in half so I could get twice the cold air its sooo hot
Comment from : WOW WHAT

Steven Strong
I would split my homework in half so I can re do the things I messed up😊😊
Comment from : Steven Strong

Jay Leno
I would split you sankey in half so we can have double your great content😍😍
Comment from : Jay Leno

Nokkie Senegal
I would split my stomach so I wouldn't have to be so fat and hungry all the time
Comment from : Nokkie Senegal

Stefan Strydom
I would split my mom in two so one of her can rest while the other half can do her work
Comment from : Stefan Strydom

I'd split a banana, mmm
Comment from : Liam

I would split the earth into two, so we'll have an other planet and climate change is stopped or at least slowed down
Comment from : Lukas

FAST EDisimo
I'd split my home to make twice as big
Comment from : FAST EDisimo

Abdulfatai Ibrahim
I would split you to two so we can enjoy more😄
Comment from : Abdulfatai Ibrahim

Great trick
Comment from : GO TRAINS GO 🚂

Hank Harris
Comment from : Hank Harris

Richard Dominguez
That's easy Adrienne Barbeau
Comment from : Richard Dominguez

Card Reviews and Magic Theory by Jesse
I love the visual of that first pop that reminds me of duplicating something in a video game It just really comes off as magical Definitely going to need to add this to the repertoire!! Thanks for the content!!
Comment from : Card Reviews and Magic Theory by Jesse

Bob Crane
I would split a banana and create yes , a banana split ,
Comment from : Bob Crane

Ronald Ulibarri
Jay, I would split myself in two and live a second life
Comment from : Ronald Ulibarri

B1M Magic
I would magically split my tv in half so i could watch one show and one on the other
Comment from : B1M Magic

I'd split the Moon, and hopefully not my pants that wold show another moon :)
Comment from : MarkWilliams50

Resolute Gryphon
I heard about a guy who could multiply loaves and fishes I'd like to be more like him
Comment from : Resolute Gryphon

Yusuf Şahin
I would split all the mandarins in the world in half
Comment from : Yusuf Şahin

Hickory Strength
I would split a beer in two, it'd really help my performance budget!
Comment from : Hickory Strength

Sandy Hill
I would split every pair of socks I have into 4 cause I’m always losing 1
Comment from : Sandy Hill

Tim Carper
I would make 2 of my grandson Mason With this lockdown I don’t get to see him enough
Comment from : Tim Carper

flying aardvark
Let's split some atomswhat could go wrong
Comment from : flying aardvark

tommy phillips
I would split the speed of light in 2 so that traveling at the speed of light would then be possible
Comment from : tommy phillips

Toon van Miert
Earth We could use a planet B right now
Comment from : Toon van Miert

كامران ثروت
It depends on what you mean by split ٫ If you mean halving I will halve my weight But if you mean doubling ٫ I double my eyesight (my eyesight is weak) my name is kamran_s
Comment from : كامران ثروت

I would split myself in two and go to aparallel universe, and see which world is better to live inbrbrGod knows things are really crazy here, and maybe things would be better in a parallel universe
Comment from : GLENN EWELL

Zaid Clack
I would magically split fruit in half Much less work
Comment from : Zaid Clack

Randall Beaton
I would split the Earth, if I had a truly amazing supernatural power
Comment from : Randall Beaton

Vincent Staples
Stunning! Lovely to watch
Comment from : Vincent Staples

Razors Edge
I would split Jay Sankey into TWO Jay Sankey's The more the better! 😂😂😂
Comment from : Razors Edge

Mike Deadpool Large
Split atoms Then you are capable of anything
Comment from : Mike Deadpool Large

Michael Marcellino
My wife
Comment from : Michael Marcellino

If I had real magic powers I'd split food and water, and finally solve the famine problem, so all of mankind could move on to our next evolutionary phase! Come to think of it, I might have already heard of someone who did that once 🤔😅
Comment from : badale80

Noah K
I would preform a trick were I would ask for a volunteer in the audience That person I would then ask if they have ever been split into two parts The person says no I'm like, do you want me to split you in half and then mend you back together? The person says yes Then I ask the person to lay down on a table, I put a sticker on one of his or her shoe, I then put two boxes over most of the body so that only the head and shoes are to be seen and I then start "sawing" the person in half, but what I actually do is use my powers to split the person When I have then split the person, I call for my assistant to help me pull away the table half, which also got split, with the legs of our volunteer and touch one of the feet and ask if they fell it The person says yes The audience cheers I say, now I'll mend you again I push the legs and upper body back together, I insert the saw in from the bottom with the blade down and I pull the blade up Now I actually mend the body, I take off the boxes everyone goes nuts, the person doesn't know what is going on and goes to his or her family who tell him or her what happenedbrA classic with a cherry on top
Comment from : Noah K

Tom Pasley
A Banana And, I would call the effect, you guessed it! Banana Split!
Comment from : Tom Pasley

Joshua servedio
if i had supernatural powers i would split the statue of liberty into 2
Comment from : Joshua servedio

Mark Ditullio
I’d split an atom Cold fusion and unlimited power!
Comment from : Mark Ditullio

Martin Richard
I would cook my favorite dish and split it every day
Comment from : Martin Richard

Kenneth (Cionaod) McGrath
I would split my personality in two and add ventriloquism to my magic act
Comment from : Kenneth (Cionaod) McGrath

I would split sun in half as we have seen moon as half but not sun
Comment from : HemuTube

Matt Winters
Split a beer, so I wouldn’t have to make a beer run
Comment from : Matt Winters

Jus Swagg TV
Hi, first thanks for the videoI’ve been a fan for a few years and you’ve taught me how to be a magical distractorIf I could split anything into 2, I think about when I’m at a res and a waiter forgets the utensils, why not make my own? Lol 😂 or earrings when your girl get mad you got her mom better earrings than her
Comment from : Jus Swagg TV

It would certainly be crazy if you could split the sun Well it would also be great if you could put it back together again so we all don’t die
Comment from : Drago

Martin Bansey
This handling was so slick by the way, time well spent
Comment from : Martin Bansey

Martin Bansey
We’ve only got 1 teabag left so I’d split it so the missus and I could both have a cup of tea in the morning
Comment from : Martin Bansey

I'd split timebranching realities c'monlol
Comment from : BullScrapPracEff

Cold Feet
world hunger
Comment from : Cold Feet

AFC 9798
I would split myself in two I can get twice the work done in the same amount of time I do now Also It would make for a great teleportation trick
Comment from : AFC 9798

Bineet Sengupta
I would split myself and do cooler tricks with my twin ( prestige)
Comment from : Bineet Sengupta

distance ya self
Loved the trick as always
Comment from : distance ya self

distance ya self
I would split myself in two so one of me can carry on looking after my mum and the other me can go see friends
Comment from : distance ya self

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