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How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

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Information How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

Title :  How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?
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Frames How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

Description How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

Comments How to (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes | Why The Rich Don’t Pay Taxes?

An army of lawyers and tax code analysts costs upwards of lets just say $80,000 per person per year say they have 100 analysts and lawyers devoted to paying as little taxes as you canbr100x $80,000 = $8,000,000brNormally this company would pay $52,000,000 in taxes but the army of tax code analysts bring this amount to only $12,000,000brIn essense you're paying eight MILLION dollars to avoid paying $32,000,000 not to mention that simply having these employees added alone would also likely lower the taxes the company paysbrNow imagine what I just laid out very simple terms but 11 billion dollars and paying 0 in federal income tax This is what amazon does
Comment from : Leontoner

Da I3oss
We all want money but yet we can’t keep it all I don’t understand everyone should work for what they want a get what they want I know paying taxes pays the police,firefighters,etc but most of the time there not doing anything this is really said yet people don’t know we are the only spices that have to pay to live on the earth
Comment from : Da I3oss

I would like to know why I’m getting taxed when I am not even old enough to vote in any elections so would that be taxation without representation?
Comment from : Rukasu

_useless _
Fuck the irs I’m not paying any taxes
Comment from : _useless _

The elephant in the room is that taxation is theft There will be a reckoning The feds and state governments can only push this thievery so far before revolts and people are forcibly removed from their positions of power
Comment from : PrefixToEpiphany

Mara S
What if someone is a small business owner, such as they own a motel or gas station, would they fall under self employed tax bracket or the business owner tax bracket?
Comment from : Mara S

Shawn Breaux
This doesn't answer the question How does an employee, avoid paying taxes the same way an investor does?
Comment from : Shawn Breaux

Rosario Escobar
Great content
Comment from : Rosario Escobar

Claire Zhang
I have a question I thought dividend was double taxed - once as a corporation, another on the individual level How can a person use a corporation to get paid tax free dividend then?
Comment from : Claire Zhang

Mr G Rattlesnake
Does this work in Canada?
Comment from : Mr G Rattlesnake

I would be happy to pay taxes if the government understood how to budget appropriately Everyone else has to live on a budget in order to pay their bills, why can't our "leaders" get it together
Comment from : iMoney

Haha I'm 12
Comment from : Benjamin_

Richard Yamato
Us ch 13 tax sucks
Comment from : Richard Yamato

Bradley Henderson
Easy, stay below poverty
Comment from : Bradley Henderson

Deon Morrison
Living in the Matrix
Comment from : Deon Morrison

henri coanda
IF IT IS LEGAL NOT TO PAY, why accuse the "rich"", IDIOTS???
Comment from : henri coanda

Guitar George
If you receive money from crypto, no matter who you are in the Kurosaki table, you don’t pay government taxes
Comment from : Guitar George

Jarrod Yuki
you can also use tax havens like the mini countries in Europe hong kong dubai
Comment from : Jarrod Yuki

The top 2 pay well over 40 of the Federal taxes so bYES THE RICH PAY TAXES IDIOT!/b
Comment from : GOOGLE TAQIYYA

DEM current Admin trying to get rich people to pay more income taxthey will find ways to write it all offso how else will Biden pay the 6 trillion given his promise to not charge more taxes for middle class? Umwho cares? Biden will be long gone in 10 yrsit'll be the future gen huge problem, it seems the Dems think
Comment from : RYAN F GRANT, Jr

This is why I buy everything that is either stolen or black market
Comment from : MUSCLE RUSSELL

There leaches that’s why they tax us so much it’s pathetic we need a revolution
Comment from : MUSCLE RUSSELL

Daniel Rayson
Me: Lives in UKbrAlso Me: I have no idea how to pay taxesbrAlso Me: In jail for not knowing something
Comment from : Daniel Rayson

This is an actual irl GTAV money glitch
Comment from : DannyIsco

I thought that paying taxes was cheapbrlike just 125
Comment from : Mr_Lamp

Armed robbery : A person demands your money If ypu don't give it to him his buddies will try to take it by force and punish you If you resist they will kill you The buddies are the police
Comment from : HaobinLu

act of 1871taxes null and void
Comment from : Likes&Favorites

Gustavo Castro
Imagine having to give away almost 40 of your earnings to a corrupt ass government
Comment from : Gustavo Castro

Keyser Swift
Comment from : Keyser Swift

Aaron Nathan
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office
Comment from : Aaron Nathan

Teflon H
rich folks write tax lawbrrich folks cheat and steal from the public legallybrpublic blames IRSbrbrWe deserve this you all deserve this
Comment from : Teflon H

Heather Erickson
Let’s ask WHO is liable for federal income tax Are you a foreigner using a middleman to obtain gains from the USA? If not, you are not liable and are gifting on your 1040 Voluntarily You are swearing under penalty and perjury to being a foreigner deriving from a middleman USA INCOME???? You’ve all been duped by agreeing on your 1040
Comment from : Heather Erickson

slab busterRTR
The ones that can afford to pay higher taxes don't pay any taxes yeah that makes alot sense 🤔they only tax the slaves
Comment from : slab busterRTR

Voice in the wilderness
This tax system is totally unfair brbrEveryone should have to pay some percentage of their income towards taxes that way everybody has some skin in the game The less you make, the less you pay The more you make the more you pay
Comment from : Voice in the wilderness

David Cardwell
Great video bud your tax videos are so informative
Comment from : David Cardwell

George sirris
The top 1 percent of wealthy people pay 90 percent of the nation's taxes
Comment from : George sirris

Full Nelson Visuals
whos here when we become rich off amc and gme?
Comment from : Full Nelson Visuals

Johnathan johnathonson
Really thought this was a video about how to do tax evasion
Comment from : Johnathan johnathonson

The Ghost
I worked really hard this year then all my money went to f tax
Comment from : The Ghost

Legally pay 0 taxes? #1The federal cartel is NOT legal Everyone simply DON'T PAY What will they do? Please tell me What Will They Do? It's not legal for them to take it! Study on it to show yourself approved Start with the constitution everyone is worried about Damm we been taxes since my life began Simple: EVERYONE not 4 million 75 to 90 mill will destroy the wicked here anyway
Comment from : deadburnit

Bao Nguyen
what's the different between business and company?
Comment from : Bao Nguyen

Alternative title: how to legally commit tax fraud and how rich companies love committing tax fraud
Comment from : Macaronus

im 12 years old and im starting to stress about taxes lol
Comment from : GaMErBtw

Alexandria Azada
Im not even close to the age of being allowed to get a job but im just so paranoid abt my adulthood bc school isnt rly teaching us much :/
Comment from : Alexandria Azada

Love Conquers All
Just put your income in a trust people That's the real secret
Comment from : Love Conquers All

IRS asking foreigners to pay taxes when they can't collect the ones from theire country
Comment from : KEEVVY

David Jordan
Technically the existence of the irs is infringement of the 4th amendment
Comment from : David Jordan

Nick Young
It’s funny how the majority of neanderthals that are taking up for the irs and the corporations are the same ones who struggle to live off of minimum wage 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Nick Young

Northern Roofer
This one video just taught me more then the other 20 videos I’ve watched about the same topic🤦🏾🤣
Comment from : Northern Roofer

winter ramos
Government: you can't hide your taxesbrbrCash: I'm king
Comment from : winter ramos

Chief Rabbi
Is this how Google exploits legal loopholes to pay zero taxes?!
Comment from : Chief Rabbi

Benjamin Leneham
So to "add insult to injury" - when you have to manage your own money for your own living, the government forces you to manage for their sake as well, based off your living management
Comment from : Benjamin Leneham

Josmer Carvajal
This video shows how much this f ing government is f ing us up
Comment from : Josmer Carvajal

Drew Poston
Just don’t pay the IRS There’s no law saying you have to pay the IRS
Comment from : Drew Poston

Great video, Learned a lot👍🏼
Comment from : 0penthaugtz

tax is temporary swag is forever
Comment from : Polska789

Any mo ey💵Good money🤑🐱💰
Comment from : OMCat!!

Make 250K and only keep 150K lmao why even bother Rather be a welfare bum than fund this highway robbery
Comment from : kaputasri

Ryan Holloway
I think it's funny if you earn more after working your butt off, just to get taxed more We need to go back to founding fathers tax rates
Comment from : Ryan Holloway

Marc Gardner
The government takes money without permission and spends it on whatever they want Thieves
Comment from : Marc Gardner

Daquan McDonald
I think its ridiculous how the us says Work hard But then say oh You have to pay us money for the money you earned Down right fuckin dumb There is nothing you can say to make me believe this is right
Comment from : Daquan McDonald

Blaze Kleinschmidt
Bite the pillow everyone, the government is going on dry
Comment from : Blaze Kleinschmidt

Matthew Call
Not exactly true While a business doesn’t pay tax on the interest of a debt, it does pay taxes on the principal Which means if I have a business with debt and I pay $100k in principal payments in one year, I’ll pay tax on that $100k, even though I never actually received a dime of it
Comment from : Matthew Call

Noah Washington
We can't even claim thefts on tax returns anymore ridiculous
Comment from : Noah Washington

Moin Malek
A company owner can buy a mansion as a business expense on behalf of their company and can live there and also save his/her taxes from itbrCorrect me if i am wrong
Comment from : Moin Malek

how to never pay taxes:brbi1 be homeless & have no job/i/bbrbi2 die/i/b
Comment from : ִ

Bizzy G
According to the government, It's not our money Any money an employee makes is something the government allows out of morals (Christian or otherwise) This is why the IRS pundits roll their eyes when you present them with any argument or plea Taxation isn't theft because it is not your money But there is no written law requiring any individual to pay income taxes And yet, you can go to jail for Tax evasion This entire system is morally bankrupt and backwards, and we're stupid enough to keep going along with it, even though if we shed our individualism and work with one another, we have all the power The IRS is essentially King George III
Comment from : Bizzy G

or just move to a tax free country
Comment from : Catota

Mytutors world
big corporations are different than the little guy watching a utube video it pointless to say what their tax breaks also saying illegal ways is pointless
Comment from : Mytutors world

You actually explained it better than Robert Kiyosaki Good job

Wolf Robinson
Or you can challenge the Federal government under 28 usc 3205 (a) and demand proof of bond or legal contract
Comment from : Wolf Robinson

Mariya Shafi
Comment from : Mariya Shafi

Mariya Shafi
Nice video
Comment from : Mariya Shafi

Tanja Milacic
Nice video👍
Comment from : Tanja Milacic

Dr Gumby
Taxes are very cringe don't pay them
Comment from : Dr Gumby

Bobby Hempel
Taxation is theft
Comment from : Bobby Hempel

Well when you consider who writes the laws it makes sense
Comment from : tastyfpv

Sonya Monroe
What if I want to start a business in the US but I'm not a citizen I still have to pay taxe
Comment from : Sonya Monroe

Just a guy without hair
Very very informative indeed Thank you for the quick and informative video Now time to read a book that goes more in depth
Comment from : Just a guy without hair

There headquarters are in other countries this is what trump was doing with corporations
Comment from : Salingstuff80

Eat Pant_faggot
Donate it all to a charity get most of it back on your tax return its just that eazy
Comment from : Eat Pant_faggot

Sir Reginald Lee
Good vid bro
Comment from : Sir Reginald Lee

Wayne Smith
Ok, can anyone answer me this Do shares and stocks etc get taxed when they actually get sold on an exchange or when the money actually leaves the exchange and goes into your bank or leaves the exchange? I’m wondering if I sell a stock that I’ve had for less than a year but keep that money in the exchange and not transmit it out will I pay short term capital gains tax or not?
Comment from : Wayne Smith

Tommy Rommazontz
I watched this 3 timesnow I'm gay
Comment from : Tommy Rommazontz

Coffee And College
So basically this means that we should invest in property!
Comment from : Coffee And College

Darwin Cedeno
IRS Is devil the government get our money that all
Comment from : Darwin Cedeno

Darwin Cedeno
I am pay 5000 last year
Comment from : Darwin Cedeno

Darwin Cedeno
That why this contry Going to Hell
Comment from : Darwin Cedeno

Wow corporate america Your tax laws suuuuuuuuuuuuuck I’m so glad I live in EU
Comment from : BossPanzer

Tuhi Tuhi
Still doesn't explain how Bezos paid 2
Comment from : Tuhi Tuhi

Dr Moshe
great vid
Comment from : Dr Moshe

Vincent Gray
Easy answer: the tax code is literally written by and for the rich
Comment from : Vincent Gray

Hookers are a business expense as well 🤔
Comment from : Batman

Gods Child
Slavery never went away
Comment from : Gods Child

you definitely read rich dad poor dad I like your video because his books are very vague and do not give specifics, just concepts which i understand is great for a beginner brbrDo you know any books/other sources that are more for the WHAT, instead of simple concepts?
Comment from : landenew

I thought dividends were considered taxable income
Comment from : landenew

Only if the south won A man can dream
Comment from : JustGiveMeGold

j DxNzzxl
THANK YOU SOO MUCH It really helped me out
Comment from : j DxNzzxl

This really help

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