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5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language

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Information 5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language

Title :  5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language
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Description 5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language

Comments 5 Reasons to Learn a Second Language

I have to do a project over this video for school 😢😊
Comment from : something

Jamil Abdelali
Imagine you are talking to the world with that speed : i thing you you have to speak slowly and clearly
Comment from : Jamil Abdelali

Dinesh K
Sister your English very fast please slow
Comment from : Dinesh K

solomon sesay
I am learning Brazil Portuguese and you are right You video is encouraging
Comment from : solomon sesay

Turtle Beach
I didn't understand the last reason can someone explain it again pls ?
Comment from : Turtle Beach

Such wonderful inspiration Thank you
Comment from : signmeupruss

君のビデオはありがとうございます!日本語は好きな言語です。とてもキレイですね!言語はすごい - 大好きです!thank you for your video! Japanese is my favorite language It’s very pretty! Languages are amazing, I love it!
Comment from : elliott

Rick Chollett
I've been brushing up on my French I find it is easier to read it than speak it I'll be in France in March visiting friends!
Comment from : Rick Chollett

I discovered your channel by chance and I like it a lot, brI'm learning English and for the first time I understand everything on a English videosbrI think it can help me a lot to improve my English, then continuous like that you assure
Comment from : Datenshi

I am a french and dutch native speaker, picked up english on the internet and learned german at school (then I stayed one year there for a social project), and all I can say is: the more you speak languages, the more you understand how they work and thus fater it becomes to learn new ones Well, maybe that doesn't apply if I try to learn an african/asian language, but I haven't tried yet
Comment from : Biditchoun

David Guy
Merci pour vos vidéos J'essaie d'apprendre le français C'est très difficile pour moi mais je vais continuer Bonne chance avec votre apprentissage
Comment from : David Guy

Mana Howe
starting to catch on my maori and swedish and so far im loving it No regrets thx andrea it really doescome handy when i need it
Comment from : Mana Howe

If you are not really interested in the language or and don't have any way of using It then should you really learn it? People say I should learn Chinese but I have no interest in the language It sounds really choppy to me When Chinese people talk it looks like their chewing on something No offense to China or its people but I tried learning it's language and I could never take it seriously I am however really fascinated with Japan ,Japanese culture, and anime I also love collect the Godzilla movies And my Japanese is pretty much intermediate and I really strive for fluency When compared to Chinese it sounds a lot more smooth and a lot less choppy
Comment from : 僕はユニコーンです。

Brian Conn
#2 was good! I wish I'd thought of that
Comment from : Brian Conn

Nichole Hathaway
Hello, I'm 16 and have been teaching myself Hebrew You really do learn about the culture and what-not while doing so I hope that I am good enough so that when I am old enough I can spend a summer in Israel ❤️🤞🏻
Comment from : Nichole Hathaway

Dan Pesmed
Thanks for your video Andrea! I couldn't agree more I'm a native spanish speaker and the first language I learned was my local sign language It gave me a completely different culture from the one I was living in I then learnt English, it took me a long time to learn it, but I didn't know how to learn a language Now I have a clearer idea of how to learn a new language and I'm son starting learning Greek
Comment from : Dan Pesmed

Dominique B
Comment from : Dominique B

Hey, i'm brazilian Your videos are helping me to learn englishbrThank you!
Comment from : Payao2012

Why learning a second language? I couldn't explain this better A lot of solid points you made I'll share this with my students in my future English classes I have been refining my English skills watching vlogs on YouTube It's so far my favorite way to both learn and enjoy the content, which is not only fun, informative and practical! :)
Comment from : emeraldfire

Ruby Taylor
I speak English and I'm learning German, Russian and Esperanto
Comment from : Ruby Taylor

Soren Tyto Alba
Hi Andrea I loved your video, it's really enjoyable My name is Anthony, I'm 15 I'm French and I'm learning English (by the way my mom is an English teacher but unfortunately she's not an English native speaker) Next year I'm going to study in America for a term to improve my English and speak it much better because nowadays I'm watching videos, reading books in English but I rarely have the opportunity of speaking except when I have an oral at school this is why I want to live the American life! Continue learning French :-)brBisous de France !
Comment from : Soren Tyto Alba

Katrina Eames
Right now I'm working on learning French I speak german fairly well, and my spanish is passable, but I can't wait to be able to actually use these languages and speak to other people
Comment from : Katrina Eames

Ali smart
When can I call myself bilingual (I'm not a native English speaker)
Comment from : Ali smart

Ali smart
Great thoughts!completely true!
Comment from : Ali smart

I don't even know what my mother tongue is, I speak low Javanese (which I can't use when speaking with older people, since it is considered rude to speak to them in low Javanese) and Indonesian since I was a kid, and English as my second language (or perhaps in this case, third) I can relate to that, but keep going! It's fun though :)
Comment from : Sameto

idk idk
do you work at Vat19com?
Comment from : idk idk

David Varga
You really deserve more subs to your channel😄😄
Comment from : David Varga

Gabriel Bauermann
Learn a foreign language is amazing It opens a new world to you!brWhat do you think about flashcards? Do you think they are useful? I use an app, like this one: googl/9zDUTX
Comment from : Gabriel Bauermann

Jeanne LaGeek
J'aimerais tellement apprendre l'anglais pour pouvoir voyager aux Etats-Unis et pouvoir communiquer avec vous les américains que je trouve tellement cool!! Mais je trouve la langue dure a apprendre :/ Un conseil? J'espère que tu va comprendre mon commentaire! :)
Comment from : Jeanne LaGeek

Carlos Navarro
you look absolutely gorgeous on your video and the topic is so good as well!
Comment from : Carlos Navarro

I learnt Japanese when I lived in Japan for two years, and definitely agree with your comment about learning a foreign language deepening your understanding of your own language: Learning Japanese taught me more about English than either learning English as a child or learning French ever did And after two years I knew about 300 characters which put me at the level of a seven year old child
Comment from : komadori

Sara Cosentino
As a languages student (English and Norwegian - also a little Danish and Swedish in comparison) at univeristy, this video speaks to me on so many levels, absolutely agree with everything!!
Comment from : Sara Cosentino

Austin Brandon
I know Chinese你很漂亮。Hurray
Comment from : Austin Brandon

Abel Delgado
Creo que la razón más grande de porque la gente no quiere aprender otro idioma es que no valoran la cultura No quiero sonar arrogante, pero creo que es la verdad :/brbrbrTranslation: I think the biggest reason people don't want to learn a foreign language is that people don't value culture I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think that is the truth
Comment from : Abel Delgado

Rich Brothers
I've been learning as much Polish as I can Great challenge and deeper appreciation for the Beautiful Polish people and culture Connects me with my Polish heritage Do Widzenia!
Comment from : Rich Brothers

Saad 22
iam studying english nowbrbrrecently i think that i found my hobby which is learning languages brbrafter finishing english i will probably learn Japanese :)
Comment from : Saad 22

Em Q
I'm learning my fourth language ((:
Comment from : Em Q

Solenn P
OK, I completely agree with you on everything you said! Learning foreign languages is really helpful, but most of all it's enriching! I am French and I've been learning English for about 7/8 years now and Spanish for 5 years, and I absolutely LOVE IT I've had the chance to travel a lot, and thus to speak English and Spanish with natives, and now, I have friends from different countries (Spain, Italy, Ireland, USA, Taiwan) and that's so cool :) Now, my goal is to improve my English and my Spanish in order to speak them completely fluently, and also to start learning Italian which, I think, is a beautiful language too I would love that you answer me back in French, or even that you make a video in French when you're ready!! :)
Comment from : Solenn P

Religiously ILLITERATE?
Awesome video! I speak English and Japanese! Everyone I grew up around was fluent in Spanish so I probably speak more of the language than I give myself credit for, but I do wish I was more proficient in it
Comment from : Religiously ILLITERATE?

I agree I have the luck to live in Switzerland where we have four different main languages Plus my mums from Indonesia So I grew up with german/indonesian, since 4th grade I'm learning French and since 7th EnglishbrI'm kind of able to survive in all 4 languages which super amazing
Comment from : Dari

Speaking practice makes all the difference! (But that doesn't stop it from being terrifying)
Comment from : Rachel

Daniel ODonovan
You are absolute right I'm Welsh but don't speak Welsh I'm trying to learn it at the moment I feel a connection to it in a way I can't really explain It feels like the language I should be speaking - but don't because of a quirk of history A lot of people I speak to don't seem to understand the idea that learning a language has value for itself rather than just being useful to communicate with more people
Comment from : Daniel ODonovan

You know why it's called a second language? Because English is number one brbr(Just kidding, I speak a little French Besides the odd conversation with French people (which is actually pretty funny) it was the most boring and useless 3 years of my life
Comment from : Jordan

This video helped me to motivate myself to improve more in the languages I'm studying I really want to improve a lot in vocabulary because I love reading and I want to try reading in English and French, but it seems impossible to me to understand every concept of the book or know what's is happening in some parts I really want to make an improvement in learning English and French and I know I can do it, It would feel really satisfactory to see all the improvement you have made
Comment from : sumsetgirl36

ジェイI Look Like a Toe
I've been learning French since I was 8 years old (I'm 16 now) and I'm really passionate about learning it fluently I want to take it at college and uni Even though I been doing French for half my life, I know I would struggle to speak French without a dictionary It sucks because the system of learning language at high school is so stupid Its just memorizing passages and learning some vocab Its not helpful at all
Comment from : ジェイI Look Like a Toe

Saija Eeva
I agree with you completely I think learning languages is so important! I'm fully fluent in Finnish and English and I've studied French and Swedish for several years I feel so lucky to have been born in Finland because learning a second language is mandatory here Most people start learning English either in kindergarten, first grade, or third grade and continue until they graduate from high school Then on seventh grade we start to learn Swedish which also continues until the end of high school On top of this, it's also encouraged to study at least German, French or Spanish So most young Finnish people will end up being able communicate in three different languages, at least to a certain extent
Comment from : Saija Eeva

My native language is (chilean) Spanish but I studied English at uni so I'm quite fluent I would love to learn another language though but this time on my own, I'm really interested either in swedish or norwegian but it's hard to start learning on your own from scratch so i'm taking it slow, exposing myself to the language and hopefully start learning it Muy buen video, me encantó :D
Comment from : valegabriela

I want to learn Greeks so I can communicate with the locals in Cyprus but it's really hard:(
Comment from : PMint8

Canal Andréia Diogo
I agree with everything you said, I'm learning English now, I'm so excited about this that I created my channel where I post vídeos about this subject in English and I'm also working as an au pair here in the United States :) I can't wait to become fluent!!
Comment from : Canal Andréia Diogo

Merci au revoir
Hey great vidéo I'm learning English (in my own) since last year (by watching videos, movies and reading), I LOVE English ! I'm learning Spanish at school and the French system in school when it comes to learn languages is terrible, I've been learning English and German for about 6/7 years, and yet, I wasn't able to say a sentence normally in both languages so I gave up with German Anyway, German is a language that I still want to learn, Spanish too, but I will learn them after English because I want to improve/polish it (speaking and reading)brbrI didn't see any videos where you speak French, Spanish or other languages, you should try it !brbrGood luck for the future ! :)
Comment from : Merci au revoir

Lore 123
It can be really difficult sometimes, it never ends even if you spent years studying it However ,from my experience,I don't think I would have know even half the things I know if I haven't learned english in the first place :)
Comment from : Lore 123

First just kidding I wasn't first I was wondering if you could subscribe to me? It would make my day
Comment from : MonsteR_

Adolfo Quezada
Right! I agree with this Spanish (first language), English (second) and I've been also studying German
Comment from : Adolfo Quezada

Davide Gemello
As a speaker of 4 foreign languages, I completely agree with everything you said!
Comment from : Davide Gemello

Tituba Tituba
Hey, thank you for this video well , for me Arabic is my first language, English second , and French third ^^
Comment from : Tituba Tituba

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