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Geometry in the solar system

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Title :  Geometry in the solar system
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Comments Geometry in the solar system

Taren Gibson
Comment from : Taren Gibson

Mike Shenefiel
This is so insanely incredible, that it all may just be so so meaningless What if we ARE the being made in stars? What if we ARE the perfect geometric walking human? What if we ARE god? The insanity and brilliance of this could mean everything and nothing brA prison, if anything For the mind If we are this mind, this is what humanity needs to grasp all together A collective consciousness coming into one thing Can you even imagine this?
Comment from : Mike Shenefiel

kamlesh sandhu
amazing work 3d model blew my mind can u make a more details video in 3d model
Comment from : kamlesh sandhu

Happy Now Olivia!
Amazing! Thank you🌹
Comment from : Happy Now Olivia!

Erik van Ravenstein
Now what if the sun is inside the earth and the observed sun is a reflection in the atmospheres photosappgoogl/PAqKqmiR1d58yazk8 tnx for the video Exactly what I was looking for
Comment from : Erik van Ravenstein

What program did you use to make that ?
Comment from : 6isfixed

- Frasse -
What software do you use to create this animations?
Comment from : - Frasse -

David Zwoboda
8:40 you may as well have been showing the geometric packing of atomic structures As within so without
Comment from : David Zwoboda

Raj Muddana
youtube/rQ-Y0S-u-hQ Venus Analemma
Comment from : Raj Muddana

Raj Muddana
Comment from : Raj Muddana

Dude, I knew there was a golden ratio relationahip in the solarsystem and have been working on it for a while to see if I could figure it out for myself Now I've found this, I'm so glad to have seen someone who has done it too but even more elaborately and masterfully! What a joy it is to be alive with minds like this floating around the cosmic void! Thank you for this video!
Comment from : O

Thanks so much for sharing your fascinating work!
Comment from : barbosberg

Mr K Lakhan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
it's beautiful Thanks for Sharing There's no coincidence Our Earth section of the universe, is Carbon based, and at the exact point 1618 in our space map ( It's so new, that the picture I talk off does not have a name as yet )brbrMetatron = Vishwakarma = God's architect linked to 1618 ( phi , the Golden Ratio ) from Hemachandra-Fibonacci series Related to 432Hz ( Sound of the shankh 🐚) brbrI wrote a small Google doc, if anyone is interested
Comment from : Mr K Lakhan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Eric Kuhn
It's the Apoapsis and Periapsis Respectively, they are farthest and closest parts of the an orbit with eccentricity
Comment from : Eric Kuhn

Thank you,something amazing,first time I see what they are called "wheels within wheels",can this methode be used to analyze stocks charts?
Comment from : M M

Éva Zajáczné Rudolf
Ez gyönyörű szép!!!!!
Comment from : Éva Zajáczné Rudolf

Bible Liberation Movement
Fabulous work! Totally forgot I had Martineau's book and your vid appeared on my recommended list just at the right time to help me with material I am writing for my book
Comment from : Bible Liberation Movement

Jonas 10080
Genius What software are you working with?
Comment from : Jonas 10080

Da Hawk
Excellent video!brbrAnd there is much more to say about the STAR pentagram in the inner solar system It is also produced by the 8:13 orbital resonance between Earth & Venus which are in a Phi Golden Angle ratio, with phi being a prominent feature of the pentagrambr wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=fFDBeTdPKigbrbrThen there is a whole other set of Cosmic Coincidences The most obvious one being how the Sun and Moon have the exact same apparent sizes But that's just the top of a rabbit hole that goes very deep Here's a webpage that takes you down that dive:br webarchiveorg/web/20170406134727/ blogworld-mysteriescom/science/unbelievable-cosmic-coincidences/
Comment from : Da Hawk

Colt Magnus
goldsphere can you create the merkabah with orbital planetary patterns like this one but just the 5 and 6 pointed star from Jupiter and Saturn? 8:15 is very close to what I am looking for I'm just trying to find out if that is it's source, factually
Comment from : Colt Magnus

Ariel Shikoba
Wow! OMG! 😮 I had no idea! You've just unlocked my mind to what I didn't know before!
Comment from : Ariel Shikoba

J Sims
Is there any way to speculate an orbit of planet 9 /X from such a model, to see if there’s a possibility of its existence? If it exists wouldn’t it have to fit into this model or pattern somehow?
Comment from : J Sims

Colt Magnus
Amazing Thank you for clearing some things up
Comment from : Colt Magnus

No joke, this looks almost exactly what I saw on my last psychedelic journey, where I experienced source consciousness
Comment from : aFiberInTheFabricOfLife

Patrick Dirks
Hi, what is the program you use to draw the orbits?
Comment from : Patrick Dirks

If you applied this to every planet as it’s own epicenter, I wonder what you’d see
Comment from : myrrhrax

John Wright
This is very good and informative, but on much of the video, there ore too many different overlays at the same time The same information, but presented one overlay at a time, might be clearer in communication Thanks for posting!
Comment from : John Wright

The orbit of Mercury makes a Pentagram
Comment from : MuchoTaco

I am very intresting to get a map of this awesomenes
Comment from : ElisabethBach

Vincent Gill
According to John Lear – ex CIA pilot – there are 40 planets in our solar system and most of them are cloaked by a holographic projection of empty space Best wishes
Comment from : Vincent Gill

Didi Vanh
what programme do you use to do this? I would like to repeat it
Comment from : Didi Vanh

Veli Martin Keitel
Excellent! I also have that book What is very apparent to me is how these geometrical synchronicities are similar to the ones found in crop circle geometries And often crop circles are also referring to astronomical events Just wached a couple of videos addressing the randomness of our solar system's structure, compared to exo star systems Of course they would say nothing about the sacred geometrical order of things!
Comment from : Veli Martin Keitel

Riyadh AlDuwaisan
Brilliant work thnx for sharing worth 2 subscribe
Comment from : Riyadh AlDuwaisan

Christopher Nunez
Can you share the file? Please?
Comment from : Christopher Nunez

Jonas 10080
Thanks for sharing This is amazing Would be nice to be able to view the file online
Comment from : Jonas 10080

Ambient Relaxation
Hey man! It's 'perihelion (closest orbit)' and 'aphelion'(farthest orbit) that you are looking for I studied astrophysics and also know about this stuff I also wrote a rather different program to represent the mathematical beauty TY for this if you want to talk about it or see my program (it's javascript on a canvas), email me at [email protected] There is a LOT to this, and i DO NOT understand it lol Gravity waves from the orbital periods resonating, maybe? That's my best guess so far
Comment from : Ambient Relaxation

Thank you for your time and effort to give us such an ideaIs there an energy coming from sun and planets affects (as a reason) the human thininking then he becomes Optimistic or pessimistic? and how can we know the time that energy comes?Thank you
Comment from : M M

Ismail Muslim
Comment from : Ismail Muslim

Geometry, is but the fingerprint(s) of the divine perfection brbr-Divine Aphorisms of Danielito w/Critical and Bibliographical Notes [email protected]
Comment from : Danielito

"The motions whitch the planets now have could not spring from any natural cause alone, but were impressed by an intelligent Agent" - Sir Isaac Newton
Comment from : emilnow

Will Parr
Pretty sure this tells me it's not a random bang sort of thing
Comment from : Will Parr

Herein rests an alternate method of discovering intelligent life in other solar systems Are there any other systems out there displaying these charactertistics? If so, are they common? The less common they are, the more likely they will be indicative of intelligent life I am postulating
Comment from : CanisLupusSeesUs

This is amazing!! I would love to see an updated HD version of this! Thank you so much
Comment from : darkflamestudios

Finger print of the Omni present electric consciousness, source God It fractals up and down everywhere and in everything
Comment from : TwennyGee

So, without having read the book yet (which I plan to do), what are you doing? Just throwing shapes at the CAD and keeping the references that decently match the three orbital rings of each planet? It's a terribly disorganized description of what you're doing Otherwise, it would have been pretty cool
Comment from : georgianbents

Earth; The Geometric center of the solar system, Just Beautiful work; Thank you so much for your time making this wonderful video; Cheers :)
Comment from : Dubmajick

Felicity Dawson
Still believe the earth is flat?
Comment from : Felicity Dawson

Charles Fraser
one of the sickest things I have ever seen
Comment from : Charles Fraser

soth1 sol
you wouldn't happen to be able/willing to export/email a sketchup file of this?
Comment from : soth1 sol

Foun tain
Whats even more incredible is that you dont have to draw your own pentagram randomly because the orbits of Venus and Earth as an example will draw the pentagram naturally whenever they align in their orbits between themselves and the sun
Comment from : Foun tain

ok it s autocad i didn t read the other posts
Comment from : Maël GALLAND

wahou ! you did it ! so long time I dream about finding a program to do this corespondances my self ! Bravo for that video ! you help me in my reserches could you tell me the name of the software you used ? it looks cool for geometry Thanks and go on !
Comment from : Maël GALLAND

Our Cosmic address Home
Comment from : shring7

Michael Gaio
what software are you visualizing this with ?
Comment from : Michael Gaio

Galore Bofando
youtube/6-MaudzA9es wow i just saw this and realised that i was doing almost the same thing,, watch the video on the link and tell me what your opinion
Comment from : Galore Bofando

Соɾу ℛ
I'm at 5:08, and I already feel like this will end up relating to the Golden Mean
Comment from : Соɾу ℛ

Соɾу ℛ
InterestingbrI guess you could say that this Geometry is,br(•_•)br( •_•)>⌐■-■br(⌐■_■)brSacredbrYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!
Comment from : Соɾу ℛ

Joris van der Spek
What program did you use to make these plots? I'm looking for something like that
Comment from : Joris van der Spek

You can actually see where some have claimed that there are portal nodes to access deep space on the 3D depiction of the solar system and most likely the entire galaxy
Comment from : DV8ED

Phil Norris
Exactly what I've been looking for, I was not aware of this book As far as PERFECT is concerned, you have to abandon this concept On a universal scale the 'error' margins from the so called official data (presumably Nasa and other astronomical data - Wiki?) become insignificantly small - who says the Nasa numbers or the universe is perfect anyway? What looks like amazing geometry is exactly that, just as the so called perfect geometry of snowflakes is on very close inspection actually off by small fractions of degrees - so too it is with crystals, honeybomb, sunflowers or any other geometric formation you can think of, including the geometry of the solar system From Neptune, as a convenient 100 measure for comparison the error margins on the inner planets become extremely small - like 999999 - if you take the Oorta cloud, then what then - or beyond? What do we know when we look so closely? Nothing - we miss the big picture Also, regards deterioration of the orbit, I was under the impression the the earth is flying slowly outward into space, and slowing down in the process If anybody has good data ie by closely how much this happens either way, please let me know This works quite well with the momentum concept in an expanding universe
Comment from : Phil Norris

Have you been watching this geocentricity thing?
Comment from : CCornelius

Two questions occur to me:br1 Can any shape have been derived from any of these orbits?br2 As the orbits decay will these geometries be lost?
Comment from : CCornelius

Ben Georgia
thank you cheers
Comment from : Ben Georgia

Le Mat
coolgreat job
Comment from : Le Mat

There is nothing that can prove that any other point is the Center of the Universe, other than what is the most productive point is the centerbrThe most productive point is the magical pointbrMy belief is that the Sun & Everything was created from the productive center, Biological Organisms are basically storage banks, capable of Evolving themselves to store more Energy The sun is only created potential energy We put the potential to full actionbrYou ever wonder how typing with one hand is 3x slower than typing with two hands? Where did that magical energy just come from? Potential Energy transferred to a Consciously potential type of matter capable of nurturing and speeding up the process by working togetherbrSo what have we learned? The most productive point is the Center & Two Key Words: Potential Energybr1+1=3 when it comes to biological, conscious, potential energy Please Mathematically tell me otherwise
Comment from : WhatThyFunk

Can you share the autocad design file please ?
Comment from : h2oscript

Phased Array
Satan in space confirmed
Comment from : Phased Array

Alfredo Lopez
Man, this was awesome Thank you very much If you are not familar, please search for Nassim Haramein's work
Comment from : Alfredo Lopez

Rafael Fontoura
this is fucking insane! can i learn how to do what you do in this video? like move and see in 3d ? i need autocad and what more?
Comment from : Rafael Fontoura

That's freakin' awesome, man! I want to learn more about how the heavenly bodies move and sacred geometry
Comment from : kurojin97

Robert Cheeseman
Look at the work of WD Gann - he used planetary timing techniques to predict stock market turning points
Comment from : Robert Cheeseman

Colin Power
Any chance you could share the cad file Be great to explore it for myself! Great work! :-)
Comment from : Colin Power

Michael Routledge
That's incredible Thank you very much Excellent work I think your postulate is probably correct I will check into it The harmony of the spheres Pythagoras may've been correct all along
Comment from : Michael Routledge

Zero Dextroyer
what about the eliptic orbits? huumm
Comment from : Zero Dextroyer

What is the name of that program?
Comment from : TeknicolorCarrot

clinton york
Hi I like the video I didn't realize that the orbits would make that kind of geometry But i have been trying to work out the inner forces of the planets which geometric shapes emanate like the earth makes the star of david and you can see a hexagram on the top of Jupiter and the rest of the planets must emanate different shapes within them Have you considered and can you tell me the dimensions that emanate from them ?
Comment from : clinton york

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