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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Junk Silver

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Information The Ultimate Guide to Buying Junk Silver

Title :  The Ultimate Guide to Buying Junk Silver
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Comments The Ultimate Guide to Buying Junk Silver

Silver Dragons
$140 Face Value = about 1 TROY Ounce I realize there is a typo but I was just “toying” with you 😏🔥🐉
Comment from : Silver Dragons

Paladin Strategic
I'm watching this in March 2023 The going rate now for circulated junk silver from SD is a ridiculous $12/ozt over spot and $15 over spot from Money Metals 🤦‍♂ Panic, I guess
Comment from : Paladin Strategic

Unfortunately this chart is not that realistic for 2023 I really wish I had started stacking a couple years before this video February 2023 I got $100 face at sd bullion for $1850
Comment from : Shane

Jean Mader
What is it about dimes? I think they are beautiful, and transport a bit better, but just the beauty of them was evident to me before the Biden crisis
Comment from : Jean Mader

Lol you still stacking silver? Given the price?
Comment from : Simplybeef

Very helpful Thank you from a brand new stacker!
Comment from : jeffm0518

Vance Dyer
Ahhh 2 years ago
Comment from : Vance Dyer

Marshal Lusk
Crap I just paid like 20x for junk brGuess I should have done more research before jumping In You live you learn
Comment from : Marshal Lusk

George Clark
I know this is a pretty old video but it's still true to this day Except silver us more and people are paying high premiums I love the Mercury dimes But like I said people are paying thr high premiums Anyway good video and great advice I enjoy your videos because you talk slow and you make it so interesting fir beginners So keep it up and keep on searching for what you 👍 like
Comment from : George Clark

Michael Lindsey
The reason it is not an ultimate guide is because of the extreme fluctuation of prices It does give a good idea of how it works for new people to the field but anything more than a month or two old is not really helpful for what to pay Do your research!
Comment from : Michael Lindsey

laura kasbar
Where is the best place to buy this?
Comment from : laura kasbar

What's crazy is 2 yrs later silver spot price is nearly the same but 100 face value from SD bullion is 1000$ more then it was then Paying well over 35 my mind is blown away as everyone is clueless 😅
Comment from : G H

The Gold Sovereign
Amazing video man! Thanks so much! Very Informative!
Comment from : The Gold Sovereign

I just paid $100 for 8 1964 Kennedy halves Looks like I got screwed
Comment from : Two_Legit

Silver Foxx61
I'm new to stacking and this was extremely helpful! Keep up the great work!
Comment from : Silver Foxx61

Jamie Smith
How come no one talks about 40 1965-1970? They're much less circulated so their silver content isn't wildly different from a very circulated junk quarter, but the premium is way less than the quarters
Comment from : Jamie Smith

Calvin Spiff
80 isn't anything to sneer at It's way better than 40 half dollars
Comment from : Calvin Spiff

Creepy Night
You have just throw me into it xD Great guide, thanks
Comment from : Creepy Night

I just found this video & I have a question Suppose I were to buy a mixed lot of 90 constitutional silver that's circulated (average wear) and I don't want to put it in tubes Must it be kept in a dry air-tight container, or is it ok to just put it in a box in my safe since it's already been circulated?
Comment from : dukenukemani07

It's October 2022, and these multipliers no longer work brWe need an updated chart Lol
Comment from : HL HL

David Tierney
Thanks - I made a google sheet I can access on my phone with 2 inputs (Total Price-TP and face value-FV) and an output (TP / FV / 0715) This eliminates the slight rounding issue of using the rule of thumb at 140 It really opened my eyes to how big the premiums on junk is today (Oct 2022)
Comment from : David Tierney

Darla Penados
Hi just hit scribe to your channel because you showed us how to pay correctly for junk coin and I to love silver dimes to know I will feel confident to pay a fair price by using your chart you provided I’m new to silver stacking so I appreciate all the help I can get Thank You 👍
Comment from : Darla Penados

That's a lot of junk
Comment from : boogstubbie1

Cam Hawthorne
Just been stacking recently, can’t wait for your videos to come out Thank you so much for the content you put out
Comment from : Cam Hawthorne

Steffen Steffen
I get halves on Ebay Of course when you're bidding, it can become an impulse purchase
Comment from : Steffen Steffen

Kevin Hickey
"What a piece of junk!" Great clip add on
Comment from : Kevin Hickey

Believe Images
Comment from : Believe Images

Dan christopher
Silver guitar pick? Wow so cool, thank you sd for more content
Comment from : Dan christopher

This video was 2 years ago In the video you said $20 was your Max What is the lowest you would pay now?
Comment from : gomcse

Bill Parks
I know I'm late to the party viewing the video But recently I paid $2 a piece for dimes Which comes out to $28 an ounce? Or should I be dividing by $2 Which would be $14 oz? This is the cheapest local price from 5 sources Quarters $8, halves $11-12
Comment from : Bill Parks

Dan Gaines
Very cool presentation! I subscribed and liked! Thanks!
Comment from : Dan Gaines

weni, widi wici
FYI, uncirculated 90 US silver coins are NOT considered "junk" silver Junk silver is circulated 90US silver coins You haven't been stacking very long (less than 20 yrs) so you probably didn't know that
Comment from : weni, widi wici

X95 23
I see how the older guys hate stacking culture But focusing on the silver keeps the coins at a relevant price instead of lower due to disinterest or higher based speculation Hilariously enough, stacking actually keeps a standard on the currency What's the argument against?
Comment from : X95 23

Mike Fu
Junk silver is WAY over hyped and Over priced right now!best to stick to regular 999 Silver for now
Comment from : Mike Fu

J Scarnucci
Why this mfer always out of breath?
Comment from : J Scarnucci

Mary Mastromauro
Why are these places selling 10 dimes or 4 quarters or 2 half's for spot plus premium when those coins don't weigh an ounce?
Comment from : Mary Mastromauro

Mark Ortiz
What's a price for junk silver in 2022?
Comment from : Mark Ortiz

Tom McDonagh
Thank You Can you give advise those of us in the EU?
Comment from : Tom McDonagh

New subscriber, great video I found one part confusing, though Better to buy circulated junk silver because the price is lower?
Comment from : jvb654

David Sandy
The worst scam in junk silver is someone selling by face value and instead of dimes, quarters or halves they send you war nickels You need to look carefully at what is being offered for sale before you buy
Comment from : David Sandy

Christopher Kent Martin
I thought that the 0715 x face value was industry value because it took into account for the wear instead of 090 x face value, or 90 of face value which would be for uncirculated War Nichols are 20 Nichols equal one oz Uncirculated Don’t know on wear of 35 war Nichols on wear I have been ripped on being paid 0715 and then they went thru and separated the heavily worn coins and gave me even a lower price Can’t remember that price but it was worn Have not sold any more junk silver, I inherited a bunch of war nichols from my dad as he keep all silver from his job, and replaced with post ‘64 coins (he and all his 5 brothers were ww2 veterans and in the pacific and Europe with two officers and one naval aviator Thanks
Comment from : Christopher Kent Martin

Where did you get that bag you put your junk silver in? I like it I've been using a Crown Royal bag but want to upgrade
Comment from : rockmanman

Sam Giancana
This video has been extremely helpful in understanding junk silver However, I'm wondering if you might have a more updated or current numbers/guide being this was a couple years agoI guess what i'm asking is would this apply to today's prices? Sorry, still new at this Either way, thanks for the great videos! ✌️
Comment from : Sam Giancana

heinz santos
Great vid learned a lot thank you
Comment from : heinz santos

Is 143x multiplier still your top end for new buyers who are late to the game and now everyone is hording their silver it's impossible to get?
Comment from : JOSH SPEED

Millad Azadi
In Denmark it cost 30 dollars for 2 dollars worth Of junk silver
Comment from : Millad Azadi

Nathan Roberts
Same bags on there website now are $2419
Comment from : Nathan Roberts

At 143x buy limit, your probably not buying anything right now Good info though Easy chart
Comment from : Mitmont

shane thomas
Does this same breakdown apply now in 2022?
Comment from : shane thomas

Anthony Sodaro
Will a big rise in copper value add to the value of junk silver? How would you determine the value?
Comment from : Anthony Sodaro

Now a year later they are all charging 30 to 35 dollars a once for dimes!
Comment from : DIGITAL BRIDGE

Macdonald Bullion
Great guide, junk silver is awesome! Thanks for the video👌🏻🔥
Comment from : Macdonald Bullion

Joe Gadget
The multipliers on the cheat sheet need to be higher to account for the current price of silver Two years and this sheet is already out of date Hope everyone already built up their stack!
Comment from : Joe Gadget

iSid Fynch
So is 500 mercury dimes for $1000 a ripoff?
Comment from : iSid Fynch

O 4C
Incredibly informativebrbrThank you
Comment from : O 4C

Sidney Valmain
Year 2020 spot is 1552, basically you don't pay five dollars over spot It's 2022 spot is over $25 dollars and that same $100 bag $3161 a oz Would you still buy it brPosted March 3, 2022
Comment from : Sidney Valmain

Donnie Loyall
How do you 40 silver
Comment from : Donnie Loyall

Jacob Joab
Finall constitutional silver explained simply sand thoroughly! Thank you!
Comment from : Jacob Joab

Steve Mlejnek
Any tips for figuring out multipliers for 40 silver coins like 1965 to 70 halves? Or do you avoid these? Thanks
Comment from : Steve Mlejnek

Dan Hedeen
maybe do a new video since prices have changed
Comment from : Dan Hedeen

You should do a video explaining how to calculate the value of the junk silver you already own
Comment from : Jackson

Jim Lyon
Clear as mud Why arnt you starting with 1x
Comment from : Jim Lyon

K Dozier
Is this the same as the term "over spot"
Comment from : K Dozier

it made me jealous seeing that $100 bag for $1500 they are $2,100 minimum now
Comment from : Cody

Duncan Horne
Thanks for the up's, Appreciate it!
Comment from : Duncan Horne

Dave Bellamy
What was silver per oz when you paid $1750?
Comment from : Dave Bellamy

Dave Bellamy
This is a super good explanation!
Comment from : Dave Bellamy

Dave Bellamy
When you say more silver in the Kennedy halves or Morgan $1 pieces, is that just because they are less worn than the smaller coins?
Comment from : Dave Bellamy

Casey Muller
Great job
Comment from : Casey Muller

Robert Anderson
With the increase in the money supply creating inflation, the silver price may be higher than in 4/17/20 (video date)
Comment from : Robert Anderson

nate house
Coin shop in Harlingen TX was trying to sell me dimes at $2 ea That multiplier is off the chart, lol Ty sir, good info 😁
Comment from : nate house

Ron Benjamin
Not sure how you come up with the multiplier when there are different face values??
Comment from : Ron Benjamin

Raymond Wong
143X should be $2002?
Comment from : Raymond Wong

Chris Choir
What was the price of silver o on this date?
Comment from : Chris Choir

Wow, these prices from April 2021(?) seem very good compared to November 2021
Comment from : Westerer7

james west
Thanks, this helps to understand value, to buy or sell
Comment from : james west

Just a Cinnamon Bun
I found the problem here Finally after watching this like 15 times SD never mentioned that you have to reduce the FV to $1 so if you divide the selling price by 10 or 100 you have to also divide the FV down to $1 That's what I was missing Instead of multiplying the $5 FV roll by 2 you could just divide by 5 (to reduce the FV to $1) and you'd get the same result
Comment from : Just a Cinnamon Bun

Quentin B Jensen
Why is 143x over the most you pay?
Comment from : Quentin B Jensen

Quentin B Jensen
So how much over face value should you typically pay?
Comment from : Quentin B Jensen

Mark Greenberg
This video is a year old and it seems prices have gone way up Are you still using 143 as your top pay price?
Comment from : Mark Greenberg

Silver dime
Thanks for the advice!! I bought my first 10 $ in silver dimes and quarters today , and I’m a keep stackinghope my wife or daughter’s take it to coin star at the grocery store ,I better hide it thank you
Comment from : Silver dime

Tom Slawson
Liked and subbed thank you As of 10/23/2021 = same product sells for $2,26044 😨😫
Comment from : Tom Slawson

It seems that your numbers apply to buying over $1000 worth of coins at once But I only have a hundred bucks a month to spend, So this video does not apply to poor people like me who have to pay $35 to have a Morgan Silver Dollar delivered to their mail box
Comment from : TobaccoRowe

A dimes premium is higher for the same reason a 1/10 round silver's premium is WAY higher then a 1 oz round That reason being you have to strike 10 coins instead of just one coin There are reasons to stack both Fractional Dimes and Silver Dollars Regardless of the premium increasebrIf you buy something that cost half a Silver Dollar with a Silver Dollar and think someone is going to give you 5 Silver Dimes change, um, you don't understand how it works and likely all you're going to get is a fist full of Wheatback Pennies,
Comment from : TobaccoRowe

4 x 25gm plus 2 x 125gm = 35 gramsbrA Troy oz is 311 gramsbrIf you are going to collect coins learn to do math first
Comment from : TobaccoRowe

eric bond
Now the price is higher as of Sept 28 2021 I guess you won't be buying now
Comment from : eric bond

Nationwides Vault
What is your max your willing to pay in current market situation
Comment from : Nationwides Vault

James Creek
I think of constitutional silver as fractional you can’t break off a chunk of a gold bar to get a loaf of bread but silver dimes are workable for small purchases
Comment from : James Creek

James Creek
My local coin shop sells its constitutional silver at the dollar amount and it’s like twenty one dollars for a dollar of junk silver instead of by the 140 one oz denomination am I getting the short end of that deal ?
Comment from : James Creek

price up big now in 2021
Comment from : crissy214

Marc Montalvo
Are nickels before 65 not silver?
Comment from : Marc Montalvo

Is that guitar pick made out of silver? Is it 90?
Comment from : Jim

Scott Combs
Where can I find junk silver at $20/ounce of silver?
Comment from : Scott Combs

Joey Bill
This has helped me realize that most of the "junk silver" being sold by most vendors is priced at least double it's true value Thank you for explaining this to us Silver Dragons
Comment from : Joey Bill

Revans Eco Freak
This is the ultimate guide I work at a coin store and frequent this video often to explain 90 silver to my customers
Comment from : Revans Eco Freak

Darrell Wilson
One of the best videos I've watched about stacking, thanks for breaking this down
Comment from : Darrell Wilson

Jim Patterson
Don't forget to add postage and insurance to the price
Comment from : Jim Patterson

I started learning about silver stacking earlier this year The whole economic chaos of 2020 started putting my head into different investments I've been watching numerous of videos and cannot believe how cheap silver was just last year Cheap compared to $26 a troy oz I'm at a standstill - should I wait or should I buy and expect that number to keep rising
Comment from : Atrus

don Pearson
Thanks for the help
Comment from : don Pearson

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