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Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

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Information Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

Title :  Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED
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Frames Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

Description Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

Comments Why e-learning is killing education | Aaron Barth | TEDxKitchenerED

Because kids in the US are not disciplined and focused to take classes online It’s the American culture and environment on how kids are groomed and raised from a young age Mainly American parents, No discipline taught from a young age That’s why kids are undisciplined and focused Foreign countries, we don’t see this much as a problem It’s the American culture Education is not a priority
Comment from : JJ C

I learnt more during online classes due to self study I don't believe in classroom learning Why should I get yelled at for asking simple questions? I don't want a teacher to yell and me and expect me to learn at the same time I like online and e learning way better because atleast I'm happy and not stressed out
Comment from : Thanos

He lost me at 557 I’m in UK and I’m being told by Putin on a video, the West is being destroyed by woke ism, I happen to agree with Putin I have no idea what this lecturer is talking about Just accept people make mistakes in the workplace Apologise, and learn from it We don’t need a lecture about it
Comment from : AngelH

Anna B
Comment from : Anna B

Can anyone summarize the content of this video? help me, please
Comment from : Sarahln

Diariesofalobedu girl
I'm e-learning this video 😂😂😂
Comment from : Diariesofalobedu girl

Wow really cool content, very entertaining and educational always success for the content, may it bring blessings from the Almighty let's just stop by my channel I'm from Riau-Indonesia
Comment from : IRJUS_ANAK PARIT

Anil Kashyap
All have their perspective
Comment from : Anil Kashyap

G0og1e Gugz
im studying on 6th grade and everyone here is getting bad grades due to the online class, its more tiring than presential learning omfg
Comment from : G0og1e Gugz

J Santos
I don't know but I'm taking e-learning courses to prepare for a tech related certification All I can say is that it is working fine and that the cost I'm paying for it is extremely low compared to taking a class in person I've had teachers in the past who were all about telling stories about what they had accomplished in life It was junior high school instructors, so I'm not sure if that had something to do with that I've had other great teachers, but I've come to the realization that a great deal of what is being taught in schools is very repetitive, if you think of the contents of the same course, year after year, so I'm not sold on the idea that integrating stories would have made a difference in that case this presenter gave as a good reason not to embrace e-learning If anything, it was the bank responsibility to train the bank employees on what constitutes acceptable forms of identification I'm not sure if most other in-person classes would have had the time to teach about this specific situation, as those instructors already have a lot on their plates
Comment from : J Santos

Shane Carew
Who controls agriculture in Canada?brbrthe Minister of AgriculturebrbrCanadian agricultural government departmentsbrbrDepartmentFunctionAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaResponsible for policies governing agriculture production, farming income, research and development, inspection, and the regulation of animals and plants Headed by the Minister of Agriculture (Canada)brbrbrbrbrThe Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) is a non-profit association comprised of 128 publicly-funded school districts/boards All members offer established international student programs for various grade levels ranging from elementary school through to high school graduation brbrbrHow is education managed in Canada?brbrCanada has a strong and well-funded system of public education, largely managed provincially The Canadian government heavily subsidizes education from kindergarten through to the post-secondary level, spending on average almost six percent of its GDP on educationSep 2, 2020brbrbrChange all of Canada's education by paying people  who know how to grow food to teach  our children with those two organizations, add the teachings of reading, writing, basic math, basic science, carpentry, mechanics, electrical that's how all of humanity fixes everything in Canada Also stop grading children start raising childrenbrPeople should be questioning why are they not being taught how to grow food and why should they be graded in Canadian schooling systems
Comment from : Shane Carew

VixyMix 101
The real issue with it is that not everyone could do it, some ppl couldn't afford a laptop, some had trouble at home or didn't know what to do
Comment from : VixyMix 101

SponchCarrot !
Class at the Background, Steam and Spotify == 🖐️🖐️
Comment from : SponchCarrot !

I am a scuba instructor The industry has gone to e-learning as an option and it has done exactly what you presented Not only do the students not learn from it, I usually find that most start guessing just to get the answers so that they can move along to my in-person educational review of that material If it wasn't for my review, they could easily fail the course For what it's worth, I could easily see an attorney use the e-learning program to paint a particular light on the education one received in the event of an accident or injury Better education must be mandatory, not an option
Comment from : JCA ELITE SCUBA

John Rockwell
*Advocates against lecture-based education by giving a lecture
Comment from : John Rockwell

Waheed Akhtar
Teach Python and Algebra with stories, please
Comment from : Waheed Akhtar

Teresa Stubbs
I just cannot learn or take in info online
Comment from : Teresa Stubbs

Giorno Giovanna
Didn't listen to the Ted talk but still agreed
Comment from : Giorno Giovanna

cat pin
I feel like online learning kills the educational during in the pandemic
Comment from : cat pin

When there is no ALTERNATIVE,we have to try and get maximum advantage from them 👍👍👍👍👍,before OFFLINE CLASSES can be STARTED 👍👍👍👍👍

Evan Voyageur
E learning sucks in comparision to in-class studying There's no real engagement in online learning, just reciting a lecture to a quiet audience
Comment from : Evan Voyageur

E-learning is not bad The education system is bad And this is the first sign that you have to fix it
Comment from : Smile

Homo Sapien
Comment from : Homo Sapien

E-learning gives everyone instant free access to varied sources I don't think there's anyone out there who can possibly have an argument against that
Comment from : lar_kozz

Eray Aktaş
E-learning is killing educators, students, and learning itself People are human, not E-human
Comment from : Eray Aktaş

only a few weeks later lmaobrbrEVERYONE HAD TO!
Comment from : ElectronTheNerd

shaon ballav
Comment from : shaon ballav

Srabon Shaikh
People like me who have little access to world-class education will concede on one thing that e-learning is a blessing for us
Comment from : Srabon Shaikh

People I Breathe Fresh O2
Our teacher used this Ted Talk for our activity during bonline class/bbrbrUhuh yes Ummm I- Yes ehm yes Uhhh
Comment from : People I Breathe Fresh O2

Pvz2 música española
Survey guys!brWhat can you conclude?
Comment from : Pvz2 música española

Asi L
I assume this was before the pandemic
Comment from : Asi L

A very good point here I'm just not sure if it's everything that we need Or is it?!
Comment from : RezaRob3

Can’t believe this was a month before the pandemic
Comment from : NotDeji

Hunter B Hyped
Comment from : Hunter B Hyped

kyle Montera
Why is my ad Nas daily?
Comment from : kyle Montera

Robert Gray
Digital learning makes my brain commit suicide
Comment from : Robert Gray

yash agarwal
moral of the story : dont let bank employees e-learn
Comment from : yash agarwal

Elearning is not the enemy BAD Elearning is !
Comment from : MA FORMATION

hey hey
"education no matter where you get it, the real problem is what you make of it"br-Someone quoted it on another video
Comment from : hey hey

The ultimate implementinon proponent would be the gospel of Christianity should be the best to lead with
Comment from : Brian

School already has a out-aged dead education that never provides anyone’s needs online school or in reality school will never change
Comment from : InsideDark

Fitness Y Más
I thought online classes was the future
Comment from : Fitness Y Más

Annisa Mursyidah
I think the title was not properly explaining the talks Aaron talkes about the content or method for teaching, not the tools (e-learning itself)
Comment from : Annisa Mursyidah

eLearningBizTec Webinars by Cross-Channel Ltd
very good points, and spot-on -- trouble with mainstream "e-learning" today is that it's often done on the cheap, instead of USING the extra tools that are avilable in that format; as in figuring out how to put the "Cone of Learning" study results (Kolbe) into it We forget the lesson content (all "frontal" lesson content) after 20 mins because we just watched a "lesson" passively and did not practice the real thing as part of that low-quality "e-learning" E g a story-based "main video" should be accompanied by "doing the real thing" as an exercise integrated in the course (and incentivized by adding a PDF form to be completed, or similar) That way, we can add what e-learning technology can offer , if done properly
Comment from : eLearningBizTec Webinars by Cross-Channel Ltd

Wat a boreeng
Comment from : killu

Wat a boreeng
Comment from : killu

desy cobena
Wow, I thought people/learner weren't like stories because it was boring or took long time, I thought these days people easy to lost their focus or concentration
Comment from : desy cobena

The real problem is the modern college system hasn’t caught up with the times They keep raising prices and curtailing flexibility to meet the teacher’s needs when they want to teach not when the students want to learn At the end of the day people want cheaper prices and flexibility
Comment from : MDobri2378

Stefan B
Ach halt die fresse du geldgeiles b*********/b
Comment from : Stefan B

Grand Bay Central
E-Learning is the future Make sure you learn the technology skill and teach online
Comment from : Grand Bay Central

Misha W
I work an 8-5 shift remotely while obtaining my masters in Data Science online I actually like having the opportunity to work remotely and learn online The benefits to me is that I do not have to physically be in a classroom and can move around If I want to travel to a beautiful city while working and studying I can do so To me this has been very beneficial and I have saved tons of money (commuting, clothes, food at work) that I was able to reinvest in the stock market
Comment from : Misha W

nunya1 Bizness
Comment from : nunya1 Bizness

Amelia Bennett
watching this for English :/
Comment from : Amelia Bennett

It was already killed
Comment from : SD

Jeetu Kotai
Stories are the best way to teach anything
Comment from : Jeetu Kotai

Jasmine Elbir
This hits different during covid times
Comment from : Jasmine Elbir

Endless Summer
1:37 "So how did we get here?"brMe: Do you have 90 minutes?
Comment from : Endless Summer

fabian troncoso
Comment from : fabian troncoso

Real HIFI Help
He is right But the problem is much deeper E-learning has a huge potential But it is not being used to even 50 of what it can do We are simply getting info that is way to theoretical and complex And we cannot apply that information for it to truly make sense and stick Just try taking a IT server or Cisco CCNP education online, without touching any gear, it will drive you insanebrSeriously, the random stuff we all have to remember just to become a Doctor/psychologist/someone studying law is absolutely insane And on top of that doing it online, is enough to make any sane person quit or even worse Something needs to be done
Comment from : Real HIFI Help

Dharesh M
This man makes sense We need more stories from which we can then use in our lives rather than have heaps of information dumped on All the information that one needs is there available on the internet, but for it to work, we see that they need experience Experience can form from listening to stories and this is can give people a head start in learning
Comment from : Dharesh M

Sao Kim
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
Comment from : Sao Kim

Carlos Salazar
E-learning is not killing education, what is killing education are those preposterous prices that universities charge, at least in the US
Comment from : Carlos Salazar

Metamorphic Society
Very Impressive I think, if online learning on going as representation of post-humanism there education will end
Comment from : Metamorphic Society

Ven Nisle
In fact, if the teachers are giving full commitment, the student are enthusiast to learn, and the management system of the school is excellent, the school can be the place where we can develop our skills and abilities Not e-learning 🤔
Comment from : Ven Nisle

E-learning is the future of education and needs to be It’s the only way to achieve productivity gains so teachers can make reasonable salaries Of course this implies that the subject matter is appropriate (math and science work well) and that the instruction is well designed (different learning types and cultures are handled) And once the bulk of academic courses are converted we can (finally!) begin to focus on the all important soft skills in the classroom
Comment from : EmotionsExpert

Steven Keller
When internet classes started it began the beginning of killing educational tradition
Comment from : Steven Keller

William Gone
College debt in America is a problem
Comment from : William Gone

Ramona Zamora
Good teachers understand this I just wish the administrations did! Then maybe they would stay out of our classrooms and let us teach, rather than requiring state-mandated tests that do not give accurate results, anyway I wish they would quit telling us what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach Especially, since most of them have not been in a classroom Just give us the funding and watch what we can do!
Comment from : Ramona Zamora

I'm an e-Learning developer and my approach to it is to tell a story The problem I find resides with the clients that just want to pour their PowerPoint contents into a e-Learning format and don't care if there's a better way to do it Things are changing though, some are listening to what we advise
Comment from : Klaw

I am going to show this to my teacher
Comment from : dacimuci

Robert Schibel
The other problem that e-learning causes is comfortable behavior in children Because children are at home, they do not take their education seriously and fail due to relaxed behavior They opted to play and goof off instead of concentrating on their classes My 6 year old is going through this right now in first grade
Comment from : Robert Schibel

pietro Locatelli
There are some things that are learned much Better online
Comment from : pietro Locatelli

I thInk , blad man is loosing some money due to e-learning
Comment from : spark

just expressing myself
You can learn something in two ways or by remembering the words or by using your imagination brThere are so few teachers good at that
Comment from : just expressing myself

Who wants to talk about murders!?
It's not that it's killing education, it's more on its not for everyone Some people are doing better with remote learning, but some of them don't (including me)
Comment from : Who wants to talk about murders!?

Fatıma Bera
Everyone keeps saying this is title is misleading and I agree but what I think they mean is teaching without storytelling is just like e-learning no interactions between student and the educator
Comment from : Fatıma Bera

Agaphe Putra Susilo
The whole school system is broken tho
Comment from : Agaphe Putra Susilo

David Simons
He has no idea what he's on about, he thinks broadcast lecturing (as was delivered by the medium of TV for many years) is e-learning True e-learning is when a teacher understands the concept of transferring the students out of the physical classroom and into the virtual classroom
Comment from : David Simons

Kays Mini Podcasts
Ok, Mr Wonderful
Comment from : Kays Mini Podcasts

Not education but schools
Comment from : SAROSO YUWONO

C Cv
The US-school system was severely deficient since decades before Covid-19 Once again, like in most accidents and major events in history, they happen because of the concurrence of several errors Among those errors first and foremost I think we have the issue of school discipline in the US As a former foreign teacher I can tell you that I was perplexed to see how bad the discipline issue is in the US Everything is bad about it, including the attitude of most parents, and most students going to school This in turn has created laws to protect the rights of students, and parents taking them to such abnormal levels, that it has been ridiculous for the last 30 years in the US and worse the more recent years If the issue of discipline is not clearly understood and corrected by the totality of parents and students, you might as well just forget about fixing the US-educational system The way the US educational system works is such that everything as far as blames, learning, discipline, etc targets the overwhelmed teacher In addition the US-government, the State, and school districts force not only curriculum per grade level, but it kills in the process all respect and authority from the teachers no matter how strong a union they belong to Is not a matter of unions, more laws, and/or more coaching, or more how to teach, but less to all mentioned, and a lot more respect to the teachers in the US-educational system In European cities, and many capitals in South America the teachers usually are a lot more respected, especially in schools that are not free On the other hand, in the US-educational system there are many rightful concerns about the provision of breakfast, and meals, but little interest in highlighting the huge importance and sense of gratitude regarding being educated at school all together This sense of gratitude is very much present among students and parents of poor areas in foreign nations, which contrast greatly with what happens in the US where teachers' greatest asset should be classroom management and discipline handling, not subject knowledge and teaching skills with utmost respect to the teacher and their own touch of teaching style In the US there are too much worries in the things not so important or relevant to education, like wall covering of tests and students work exhibition, supposedly to provide them a sense of encouragement and a sense of pride to exhibit an "A" Little done for the development of their sense of gratitude for having a learning opportunity, and highly respecting the teacher
Comment from : C Cv

this ted talk and youtube is kind of like e-learning platform lol And most of us enjoy it, and make up something after something
Comment from : 小洋xiaoyang

Españas Music
Average people: Leaves a comment and continnue with life*brUs: What can I do for a better system?brbrPlease, comment some interesting options, even if they includes legal stuff, is not just telling is wrong
Comment from : Españas Music

Defeating Diabetes
I love stories They are an important part of introducing and emotionally driving home a point But, they do not always provided the depth of information needed for some (many) topics As with most things, a balance is usually best
Comment from : Defeating Diabetes

Lokesh koomar s Tyagee
Job well done!
Comment from : Lokesh koomar s Tyagee

Alex Ghive
Even he didn t present this lecture as a story, thus refuting his own thesis Human beings are smart enough to understand an idea without the fluff
Comment from : Alex Ghive

Ken The Best
online learning isnt just killing education its killing us students too
Comment from : Ken The Best

Too vague
Comment from : C

Still not clear how you plan to tell stories unless you mean spending more on traditional education format
Comment from : C

Alpha Omega
"After 12 tries crushes the test!" -- funny but necessary to learning That's how all test should be! Teachers don't even correct your homework or test to show how it could be an A+! You humans are being short changed! Empowering your learning requires fine tuning your responses to questions Know your audience before replying As for storytelling: do wish that story told isn't about themselves but about the subject Don't care where you grew up; your relationship statues; or, dreams and aspirations There to learn a particular subject More than enough to be getting on with
Comment from : Alpha Omega

sophia mac
The lintbrThe LINT is killing me!
Comment from : sophia mac

S Wojnowski
People forget because what they get at school every day is a bunch of no experiences No wonder that those who hardly had any contact with the education system frequently do better than people with PHDs, they have experienced and hence learnt more
Comment from : S Wojnowski

Aslam Hadi
Very nice
Comment from : Aslam Hadi

Plerp Plerp
Click bait 😔
Comment from : Plerp Plerp

Good video but I think he's missing the points: 1) constructivism is a better tactic and learning is a better goal than traditional teaching, 2) teachers and their activities are too much regulated, overburden and underpaid, 3) students should want to learn, several aren't
Comment from : Dude408f

la bemba verde
A good story can be told in different mediums It's fair to quiz after a good story
Comment from : la bemba verde

Edwin PJ
Honestly a lot of teachers/professors still teach us even through virtual class by telling stories, examples of their or other's experienceetc May God Bless them ❤️
Comment from : Edwin PJ

Alex Salsiccia
na i think edrolo an australian company provide great e learning material for sciences and mathbrsometimes better than the teacher
Comment from : Alex Salsiccia

Arnav Chaudhary
Please someone give a speech in which the title says ' If a child bound to do mistakes while learning something new then why do teachers criticize students for their mistakes '
Comment from : Arnav Chaudhary

Alma Mater
Left-wing university education leads to disaster E-learning is good Everyone can choose
Comment from : Alma Mater

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