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Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere

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Information Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere

Title :  Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere
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Frames Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere

Description Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere

Comments Living and Working in Doha, Qatar as an Expat | Expats Everywhere

jj sy
I don't know why, but youtube recommended this video when world cup happening, three years after the video out brThank you for great interview, i get so much information about qatar 👏👏👏
Comment from : jj sy

sandra cespedes
I'd like to hear more on women's rights and your thoughts and experience living in a country where media, freedom of speech and selection is highly regulated
Comment from : sandra cespedes

Red Vines
Go teachers! Qatar is awesomebrbr youtubecom/shorts/DLiDutt8BEU?feature=share
Comment from : Red Vines

anis maaoui
cc hello brcan you give me emails of schools that have good salaries in qatar pleasebrkindergarten and primary school
Comment from : anis maaoui

Thanks a lotbrI am a dentist working in the UK and would love to work in Qatar I hear their healthcare system is world class I am of African descent and scared of racism though😢
Comment from : oluwaninSola

Mohd Shariq
Westerner get much higher salaries than others , why not they enjoy then
Comment from : Mohd Shariq

Move To Help Foundation
Its a lie If you are Pakistani, Bangali or Indian you get treated like 2nd class citizen If you are white or have passport from America, Australia, UK, Canada, etc then u are treated as royalty Otherwise Middle East is bad for Desis unless u want to be overworked and underpaid in poor conditions You can't own a car, a house, nothing We are a nonprofit that represents South Asians fighting the legal battles against Qatari business owners who have exploited the minority
Comment from : Move To Help Foundation

mr Django
Guys I am traveling to Doha next week to start working there so exited
Comment from : mr Django

uzaw tun
Comment from : uzaw tun

uzaw tun
Comment from : uzaw tun

Hey there, great video with alot of valuable informations!brI am thinking of relocating to qatar for work, I have a German Apprenticeship degree (3 1/2 years of Working practical & studying the profession at an institution) as an Electrician specialized on house & energy technology, I havent found alot online about chances to get a good job in doha in this field nor information on if my german apprenticeship degree gives me better chances on a having a nice salary, maybe u have some knowledge on that u could share? I'd appreciate it! brbrKeep up the amazing videos, I'd love to get some feedback on my question!
Comment from : Alex

Kuburat Arinola
Thank for the informationAre schools free for expat children
Comment from : Kuburat Arinola

A Lam
Anyone know if an unmarried couple can share a hotel room in Doha? My boyfriend and I are coming from the US and need to know if we can share or if we need to book separately Any info helps!
Comment from : A Lam

Aklas Miah
Comment from : Aklas Miah

Comment from : AshMundo

Nelly Lando
Is it allowed to have a boyfriend
Comment from : Nelly Lando

Big BRO official
How I can get qatar ID I’m from america I have business in America but I just want to live qatar how I can do that I hear that you have to have company to respond to your self Is any chance I can live there without response
Comment from : Big BRO official

राज अभिषेक यादव
What is your profession there
Comment from : राज अभिषेक यादव

samia agoune
Im a non-native teacher of English Do you think i have a chance in Doha? brThank you This was very informative
Comment from : samia agoune

Wendy Maysonet-Tarver
So the pay is $45k/yr? Wow that’s really low
Comment from : Wendy Maysonet-Tarver

mohammed tahar hamidechi
watching this video in 2022, thank you so much this is very informative !
Comment from : mohammed tahar hamidechi

John Hjbg
hi ihave a question, brHow much does homes dinner cost in qatar mountly?brThank you
Comment from : John Hjbg

Kadir Ertogral
I am about to start a job in Doha and found the info in the video very useful and couraging about living in Doha I feel better about the potentials of living there Thanks a lot
Comment from : Kadir Ertogral

Suraj Anand Fitness
Comment from : Suraj Anand Fitness

Zameer Tole
Hi!!! Firstly thank you so much for the information provided My name is Zameer i live in Mumbai(India) I am planning to shift to Qatar I am a Shipping professional working at Container ports I need your advice if you have any idea what salary they offer in qatar for a shipping profeesional at container ports
Comment from : Zameer Tole

Grant Hurlburt
Re: meat You can only buy pork at one store However, there is "cow bacon" which I like better than pig bacon Also lamb is much cheaper than in Canada
Comment from : Grant Hurlburt

Grant Hurlburt
I would definitely go to the Souq Waaf with a 36 lay-over Being a museum lover, I'd go to the very fine Museum of Islamic Arts I met some Iranians there who said that the MIA has a better collection of some Iranian artifacts than you'd find in Iran They were probably being polite
Comment from : Grant Hurlburt

Ayoub Dounane
First, thank you for the information about teaching in Qatar I have French degree from New York and I would love to teach French/ English in Qatar; is that possible ?brThank you
Comment from : Ayoub Dounane

The Golden Rule
Liked and subbed American here working in doha
Comment from : The Golden Rule

islamic official
Can I get job in Qatar beacuse I'm fresh civil engineering diploma holder and one Year material testing but I have one year experience in material testing Can I get job please inform I'm ready to come to Qatar and I have an Year diploma in computer IT and graduation degreebrI want job in material testing
Comment from : islamic official

Hey Yo! Andrea&Gab Vlogs
Hi, if you have been given a housing allowance of QAR 12,000 per monthwill it be enough for a family status? QAR 2,000 transport allowance, is it also good? Thanks
Comment from : Hey Yo! Andrea&Gab Vlogs

Zhang Lin
I should study Arabian countries
Comment from : Zhang Lin

Zhang Lin
"Qatar's flag - the symbol of pride and dignity - with its purple-red (maroon) and white, stimulates our enthusiasm and dignity"
Comment from : Zhang Lin

Thanks for the information 👍
Comment from : Pradeep

Mohammed Fakhri
I want to visite Qatar for job search Im finance manager from casablanca can you support me for job search
Comment from : Mohammed Fakhri

Living star
❤️Love from India Kerala 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Comment from : Living star

Chrisanta Kadzo
Love this video! All the bases covered, can't wait to get there!
Comment from : Chrisanta Kadzo

Ava Sophia
Comment from : Ava Sophia

Terri M
Are there any academic or school librarian jobs available? I am doing Google searches too
Comment from : Terri M

nooshin ziaee
Love qatar ❤
Comment from : nooshin ziaee

Im leaving to Doha next year Can't wait to get there and start my working carrier 😊
Comment from : MUC7

renukaradhya v Patil
Hello MamI'm Your new subscriber in YouTube channel Really it's helpfulbrbrCan I ask you something about MEPbrBecause I'm Civil Engineering Graduate MamNow I'm Joining MEP training in Civil Engineering ( Structural and architectural )And After completion of this One They send in to the Gulf countries With experience And Reference Also SoooobrHow much can I get salary ?brANY SUGGESTIONS SIR FORM YOUR SIDE
Comment from : renukaradhya v Patil

Asaad Luaibi
Wow I really didn’t feel 26 mnts length of interview Amazing :)
Comment from : Asaad Luaibi

Christin songbird
So brave to start over abroad! I’m jelly, would love to do this!!
Comment from : Christin songbird

BB Transport
She needs pork ? The cheapest and nastiest animal God blessed her to get away from the forbidden and she just can't help it
Comment from : BB Transport

Evelyn Etyang
Thanks, great info very insightful Please share inbox me [email protected] some of the IT firms, Charity & NGOs recruiting I formerly worked for UN Agencies from Nbo, Kenya
Comment from : Evelyn Etyang

John Chester Yu
Very good interview What year is this? Do you have a video interview during the pandemic? How is DOHA during this pandemic times?
Comment from : John Chester Yu

James Blaq
Hello Expats Everywherebrplease i have a question for you guysbrbrwhen a company brings you to qatar to work and you are being quarantined upon arrival Can you opt to quit and want to return to your home country, without even starting the work? brI hope my question is clear brthanks
Comment from : James Blaq

mathabo rampanyane
Hello Expat Everywhere, I acquired masters in archives and records management Bachelor's degree in "library and information studies, meaning am a" qualified information specialist I would to stay in Qatar for real Are there opportunities for this field in Qatar?
Comment from : mathabo rampanyane

James Blaq
Hey there, Casey is a great person, i will like to meet her when i come to Qatar and also meet the Expats Everywhere team Thanks for this video It has really boosted my interest for Qatar
Comment from : James Blaq

Thank you! Very need!!!!! I have a job offer!
Comment from : vallarta1987

Nancy JD
She doesn’t look happy!
Comment from : Nancy JD

Good to see your vlog dearhave you stopped posting????Love you😍😘😘
Comment from : RangRaj

Lottzz Edge
Hi Casey brThanks for the great informative videobrI would like to reach out to you I'm looking for a job in IT You mentioned you know of a friend that works for an IT company
Comment from : Lottzz Edge

Engr Aziz
I love this❤️ I have a question though, as a fresh graduate (masters, civil engineering) with no work experience, whats the best option, apply for phd in qatar or a job as a civil engineer???
Comment from : Engr Aziz

0000000 00000
Great video
Comment from : 0000000 00000

Thanks - useful I’m moving to Qatar at the end of the month for a contract
Comment from : CornishColin

dlw sport
Yaaay Casey ! Thank you,
Comment from : dlw sport

To put it in short if a person is earning well nobody would ever leave Qatar It is safe, good food, health care,no taxes,respect ful and approachable people and good place for your children to grow
Comment from : R V

jie xi
Thank you for this video, very informative and covered many areas With regards to the work contract, what should be included in the contract? I heard it is not as detailed as here in Europe Thank you
Comment from : jie xi

Experiment TV
How much is a single person monthly rent at Doha ?
Comment from : Experiment TV

Great video Arriving soon in Qatar!! Is $1000 dollars really enough to survive that first month with a similar package to yours?
Comment from : bobscratchit

Hatem Kashwa
Great interview, thank you 👍🏼brSo I am not crazy to think about moving from Amsterdam to living in Qatar!? 🧐brWhat about schools in Qatar? How much does it cost per child?
Comment from : Hatem Kashwa

Kandarp Pathak
Qatar is safer than United States
Comment from : Kandarp Pathak

jaison dsouza
Very detailed interview! I am happy that Qatar has so much to give to the Westerners!
Comment from : jaison dsouza

Imtiyazkhan davi Rajkot
Is there any vacancy for account teacher? I have no extra ordinary efficiency to speak English But I have good and wast experience to teach account in my regional language Is it possible for me to get job in Qatar?
Comment from : Imtiyazkhan davi Rajkot

Mohamed A
The country is growing
Comment from : Mohamed A

Sarah Tara
Can you make a video about taxes in Qatar and if American expats pay us taxes?
Comment from : Sarah Tara

Sarah Tara
How to actually find a banking job in Qatar as an expat?
Comment from : Sarah Tara

NYC State of Mind
Ha ha ha how safe it is? That's a racist Q I can tell you! Is America SAFE????
Comment from : NYC State of Mind

han art
This was very informative Thank you Although I do disagree with one thing Not having access to alcohol is a PRO not a con One thing all people say about Qatar is how safe it is Why do you think that this? Well Im pretty sure one of the main reasons is because theres no access to alcohol When people are drunk they act violent and foolish
Comment from : han art

sana mir
This was amazing interview Actually, good !
Comment from : sana mir

are there many vegetarian/vegan options in Doha?
Comment from : E M

Sohrab Kazerooni
I enjoyed this interview alot Very good information
Comment from : Sohrab Kazerooni

Jori Martinez-Woods
I really appreciated getting all of the answers to my questions in one place I still do not know how my salary will translate into the cost of living thereshe was not very specific A follow up would be nice with someone who isn't squeamish about the topic of $
Comment from : Jori Martinez-Woods

Ibrahim Bgreen
I Am Ibrahim from Ghana, an Electrical Technician, and IT support Installs and configures Cctv, Fire Alarms, PIDs, Access Controls and industrial wiringbrHow can I get a job in Qatar of the above of great companies? brThis my E-mail, [email protected]
Comment from : Ibrahim Bgreen

Michael Hansen
Very informative! Thank you for making this video
Comment from : Michael Hansen

haris sheikh
I mak video about qatar please help me
Comment from : haris sheikh

menasra trips
I am an experienced field service engineer install and maintenance CT scan and MRI in GE healthcare, do you think that i have chance to get a job in qatar please?
Comment from : menasra trips

Prafuls Diary
hi everyone ,brPlease se my video which is based on doha light showbrif you like then plz subscribebr youtube/trmBwA3BrlYbrbrbrthank you all
Comment from : Prafuls Diary

Great questions
Comment from : Duwhatyoulove

Gemma Williams
Great video and excelent information
Comment from : Gemma Williams

Really good video Clear, concise and well presented answers! I'm seriously considering doha for work!
Comment from : J S

Chizoba Eneh
i need a in doha, assist me pls, [email protected] this my mail box, thank you
Comment from : Chizoba Eneh

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