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What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!

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Information What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!

Title :  What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!
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Frames What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!

Description What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!

Comments What They Pay You For at the Plasma donation Center!

Michelle Corral
People please do not believe the lie plasma donation places tell you that there are only minor, short term affects from donating plasma I donated off and on for a few years, sometimes for many months at a time During that last year, every time I donated for a month straight, I started to get very sick with infections I would get UTIs, viruses, etc anything I was exposed to, I would pick it up and my body had a very hard time fighting the illness It’s now 2 years since I stopped and I am now dealing with 2 serious types of infections in my body, both of which could potentially lead to cancer And I am not someone who got sick a lot before starting the plasma donating I had a very strong immune system and very rarely ever got sick I don’t know if my body will ever get back to the healthy state it was at before I donated This country is the only country that allows plasma donations 8 times a month Everywhere else it is 2 times a month Once every 2 weeks The government doesn’t care if poor people that donate plasma get sick and even die from it because they are considered a drain on the system anyway So please think twice before donating your plasma Many years down the road, you very well could have a serious illness as a direct result of it
Comment from : Michelle Corral

Melissa Anderson
Oh that is a game ok the government plays
Comment from : Melissa Anderson

I'm sure other places do it different, but in my experience the procedure is that if you don't give a full donation you still get paid fully if the tech is allowed to do a restick If you refuse the restick, you get paid half and this should be explained to the donro I've never seen somebody hooked up and never get anything
Comment from : Batham55

Gail Renee’
Is that money taxed by chance
Comment from : Gail Renee’

Ianne Clervil
Great info, thanks 👌🏽
Comment from : Ianne Clervil

Joseph cool
I donated blood at least three times in my life I never got paid for it I never expected to be paid I did it too save someone else's life who are strangers
Comment from : Joseph cool

SomedaybrIt'll be legal to sell kidneys and babies on Ebay!brI give it at least 215 years away
Comment from : megacide84

Hi David! Please look at the Subscriber numbers from every CHANNEL All of them ENDS with 000! Or some of them with 00! That was never the case since years!
Comment from : Lionknives

Ronaldo Martins
Really like your videos It doesn't matter what they gonna do with your plasma, since they pay the amount agreed with the donor
Comment from : Ronaldo Martins

Never gave but sounds like a scam O we have a problem and only got 1/2 so goodby no pay meanwhile free for them, if they pull that scam a few times a day they save $$$$
Comment from : buzzsah

Future Eyes Only
Hospitals charge patients upwards of $70000 if you are a patient in need of plasmabrThat's what your plasma is really worth
Comment from : Future Eyes Only

GAR mind DFKutulas
They drink it It's a secret society ritual It reverses aging The pope is 666 yrs old for dying out loud
Comment from : GAR mind DFKutulas

Duke Jr
Back by popular demand! Hoho David, I am glad you are delving deeper into this topic I tried this once and felt so sick, I gave the prepaid loaded gift card($60) to a homeless man!
Comment from : Duke Jr

You can't sell parts of your body? Is that why prostitution is illegal?🤔
Comment from : tyrroo

Maybe Probably
Never pegged you for a Georgian let alone Lithonia Had some good memories in that area
Comment from : Maybe Probably

George Written
Really Plasma Centers? Are we scraping the bottom of the barrel yet for things to complain about? A lot of businesses make large profits off their customers or employees This is nothing new If you're gonna clutch your pearls over this one, you should learn about the many businesses out there that actually exploit people brbrNobody is forcing you to donate plasma, you volunteer If you don't like the deal, don't do it If you keep doing it and you're still complaining, then you're a fool brbrI donate often for extra cash and I see the whiners all the time quibbling over five dollar differences with the technicians Literally 50 year old men yelling at college kids like maniacs because they didn't get off their duff quickly enough to donate and get their bonus brbrGrow the hell up people Stop whining
Comment from : George Written

I can tell you first hand that these plasma donations are generally a waste of time, and that's speaking from my experience I have donated at BioLife plasma services and they are so strict on everything If you have one thing wrong and its stupid or not they WILL turn you away If your blood pressure is up by one percent they say "Sorry come back tomorrow" then you end up wasting gas and TIME! And as it was said in the video things can go wrong! I was put in the hospital for a few hours because I had an inexperienced nurse put the needle in and ended up causing issues This type of aggravation is not worth it I'm sorry to say Again this is speaking from MY experience
Comment from : CarGuy90

life adventures
Can you make a video about the new zealand shooting and his manifesto and what he stands for
Comment from : life adventures

A search for this subject long ago is how I found your channel and subscribed I appreciated your honesty and decided to not do it Thanks for helping me make that wise decision I gave blood around 2004 and the techs argued in front of me about getting strikes if they couldn't get my faint veins to work right - they made me feel like crap - they did successfully do the blood draw for my cancer patient friend Never went back to donate again The bottom line is - it's all about them making money
Comment from : Sunshine

Commander Grumpy Old Git
They get a hundred times more than we get? We need to cut out the middleman
Comment from : Commander Grumpy Old Git

pamela plus nine
Comment from : pamela plus nine

Mary Sunshine
so nice to see you doing more videosyou're my number one fav! imo, I think it's long overdue that people should help each other, (Ikr, I'm dreaming)and take the gubbermutts out of the equation
Comment from : Mary Sunshine

Greg Brady
Harold Wilson
Comment from : Greg Brady

Majestic Ridez
I did it a few time when I was a teen I went 2 a week the first time was 20 the second was 15 somewhere in that range but there was always first pumped jumping up 30 minutes in with that I’mbrFast routine trying to show off 😂
Comment from : Majestic Ridez

Random Blip
Eye opening Thanks for the info
Comment from : Random Blip

Brainwashed masses, in the UK we don't get paid, we get biscuits and tea if your lucky Great video, one of the first ones I watched on your channel, the one before this one
Comment from : saragog

Sullivan 9500
your my favorite youtuber your keepin it real , as usual much love n respect
Comment from : Sullivan 9500

Even the technicians who work for these blood banks are underpaid and often over worked as well Look at American Red Cross they are so short staffed that they send members out of Birmingham and Huntsville al to work Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and flordia Management gets paid very well while they talk shit and give no fucks about Blood Collection techs or apherisis techs jack shit, they use old equipment from the early 90s and money that should go to biomedical division of american red cross goes to other units They have blood techs collect blood, set up the mobile blood drives, process the blood and pack the blood work up to 14 hours, plus the break down and commute they may have Technicians end up losing health they develop sleep apnea, high stress levels heart attacks, have technicians as a loophole to go around dot regulations I can beat the dead horse all day, i was a blood tech for arc if your a male at red cross your automatically their mule, people get promotions by sucking off a department head for being at tech level less then 4 months yet management says u have to be there for 6 months or greater to go to other areas very similar structure to UPS even the union they make us go through was at teamsters and steel unions Very similar structure bullshit air blown up everyones ass, senority etc then they back stab you, and management beg for u to take one for the team while the idiot ceo from disaster services went to biomed services then shows up to meetings in expensive vehicles and prior was driving a beaten down honda carbrbrThe struggle is real at Red Cross!brbrSorry CT i had to complain like a bitch, two years of hell for me
Comment from : Crowman

Fractured Hearts
I could max out and my drew was fast I still got paid the same regardless of time That was years ago and not in your state Also The place I went to was very clean and the people that worked there were nice And when I "gave" they just asked about my scars and tats
Comment from : Fractured Hearts

Its the way the technician stuck you that determines the length of the proceedure
Comment from : Crowman

I agree and i used to work for a blood donation center every pint of whole blood and plasma i collected would sell pints for boat loads of money to hispitals Life South, Red Cross and, most plasma centers pay i with mediocre money and or a bag of sugar cookies and a drink
Comment from : Crowman

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