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Information Best Way to Cash in Your Change | BeatTheBush

Title :  Best Way to Cash in Your Change | BeatTheBush
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Description Best Way to Cash in Your Change | BeatTheBush

Comments Best Way to Cash in Your Change | BeatTheBush

Brayden Lawhon
I had a mason jar and I got $4127
Comment from : Brayden Lawhon

Gold Is Real Money
Just take the change to the bank, it’s free
Comment from : Gold Is Real Money

Frank Broadway
Warning* if you get a Amazon gift card use it immediately and spend it all bc that code is a leak for scammers I just went through an ordeal with Amazon They hadn't never dealt with it and neither did I Again, if getting an e card make sure you know what you want to buy with it and spend it with in the same hour
Comment from : Frank Broadway

Good video I didn't know about the gift cards and I've used those machines for a while
Comment from : deezznts

Juan Hernandez Jr
I usually roll up the change and bring to my bank
Comment from : Juan Hernandez Jr

Sirena Spades
This is cool, but I bought a fun little coin roller off Amazon that rolls the coins and then you just bring the rolled coins to the bank = no percentage/no fee Of course, you do have to pay for the machine but I'm highly entertained by doing it and it's quite fun to use, sort of like a reverse slot machine :D It puts the coins into the correct rolls and everything
Comment from : Sirena Spades

I am a member of MCU credit union they have a machine that accepts all coins & sends it directly to ur saving account for free once u are a member,,,
Comment from : MissEnglish123

Zerin Firoze
Thank you so much for showing us how to use coinstar machine
Comment from : Zerin Firoze

top cheese
My bank has a coin counting machine for free
Comment from : top cheese

I use the little sleeves for quarters Coin star the rest
Comment from : Jimmy

Kroger self checkouts actually have a coin funnel thing that takes whole handfuls of coins awesome
Comment from : LIFE STARTS NOW

Tri-Edge Gaming
what do you think about banking apps that transfer your change for you into a savings account? or apps like acorn that take your change, and invest it Acorn has become popular at my work
Comment from : Tri-Edge Gaming

Just another excuse for laziness or maybe your ego is just too big for using coins as they were intended What does it cost to drive to the coinstar machine? It is only there to get you into the store I keep my change in an Altoids tin (free BTW) in my car I use it for coffee at the drive thru or cast it towards the downtrodden who are sleeping on the sidewalk
Comment from : Ox

Nat eL
I used to convert my nickles and dimes to quarters using a vending machine Just put in nickles and dimes, then hit the coin return button to get quarters I did this a couple dollars at a time Not sure if it works on all machines
Comment from : Nat eL

Devon Wayne
I use swagbucks to get amazon gift cards for 2-10 cashback when drop shipping online So I'm totally fine funneling my change through amazon gift cards Thanks!!!
Comment from : Devon Wayne

Good video
Comment from : Mark

Delta Credit Union has a machine that does it for free up to $25000
Comment from : blitz4sure

Gracie Allen
The bank has heavyweight plastic bags to turn in change, one just has to count out the change for an estimate and the bank has a machine that counts out the money and a credit shows up on your account
Comment from : Gracie Allen

obsolete professor
One thing to keep in mind if one is accumulating lots of coin every day YOU'RE IMPULSE SPENDING!
Comment from : obsolete professor

Jon C
You have the most unique and entertaining channel on youtube I have yet to watch one of your vids and not get good info from
Comment from : Jon C

Or you can just go to a casino and do it for free and fast just don't gamble
Comment from : mazda61991

Ali Rashidi Kouchi
My friend has a business at the Mall and he needs changes in the cashier mechin I give it to him and he pays me bill
Comment from : Ali Rashidi Kouchi

Al Taylor Desjardins
Perfect timing- I usually get rid of my coins year end That being said, BTB maybe splurge and get a proper haircut 4 times a yearthen use the professional haircut as a pattern outline for your home haircuts 👦🏻
Comment from : Al Taylor Desjardins

JK Visions
We dont even have this methode of getting rid of the cash We can only go into the bank here It doesnt cost anything(yet)
Comment from : JK Visions

Yes, I have used coinstar Mine only gives back cashBut, its still good
Comment from : shygirlnow2011

I just changed my coins and got $82 🤗 my credit union is free Good tip on the coin machine offering gift certificate 🤗
Comment from : kauigirl808

Jodi Michaels
Thank you!!! I go to coinstar I have a full glass container of change and I going to get a Amazon code this time so can buy a diffuser Love your videos!!!!
Comment from : Jodi Michaels

We have the exact same car with that horribly designed rear plastic window You referred to it as old Porsches don't age, mate Another thing, I know you are savvy with money so you may be pleased to know that Porsche magazine recently put out an article that said the earlier Boxsters (yours and mine) have finally bottomed in value with an average of $15k for 2001 So you may want to hang on to that "old" car and watch it appreciate in value (The new Boxsters btw are complete junk 4 cylinders, so don't go that route) We use coinstar too!
Comment from : Baupylypuab

Landon Cash
The casino turns coins into cash for free
Comment from : Landon Cash

Maxwell Bernstein
Save your small bills and coins in a way that you are blind to it It's a wonderful Christmas account or a good way to snowball your debt
Comment from : Maxwell Bernstein

Just hand them to the homeless fastest way to get rid of them
Comment from : MikeCindy

T Powell
This is frigging awesome!!
Comment from : T Powell

Can you do this periodically through the year and buy some big from Amazon in the future?
Comment from : TheChemist187

Save all nickels, pennies older than 1983 and dimes/quarters older than 1965 The metal content is worth more than the coin itself
Comment from : hodoprime

Unyque Bethia
Thank you for your videos I really appreciate them Recently my washer dead So I have been using my change for laundry Otherwise I use my change for garage sales Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping your videos to the point and short
Comment from : Unyque Bethia

Music Forever
Don't forget to look at your coins before cashing them, because if they are rare they could be worth more than face value!!
Comment from : Music Forever

My bank has a change machine that lets me deposit my change for free as long as I deposit it into my bank account
Comment from : TWDxKILL3R

Jason Sumaya
The sound of porche!
Comment from : Jason Sumaya

if i ever pay in cash I always use any coins I have to reduce the change i get and to keep my change pile low If you keep it low there's no need to change the coins
Comment from : Ashley ASHLEYM

My bank has one of those coin machines  You put your change in it then it prints out a receipt  You take your receipt to the teller and you can either get cash or deposit into your account  There is no charge for account holders  If you have change ask your bank if they have a machine  I didn't know my bank had a machine until I asked about it   Currently, I have a plan to use my excess change to make deposits in my savings account
Comment from : gtbmel

Brandon Marvel
couldnt you also just take it to your bank?brbrit's real cash and no fee, rather than dealing with gift receipts that could get damaged or lost
Comment from : Brandon Marvel

keep your nickels they hold value due to inflation
Comment from : MK

to make our lawyers happy
Comment from : MK

you can get gift cards from Amazon at coin star
Comment from : MK

Circle Tech
My local credit union has a change machine where I can deposit the amount right into my checking account with no fees
Comment from : Circle Tech

Many banks and credit unions have machines that let you exchange your coins for bills free of charge You don't even have to have an account with them to use the machine
Comment from : Chavin

Yeshua Love
I take my change to my local bank in coin rolls If you ask the bank teller, most banks will supply you free coin rolls
Comment from : Yeshua Love

Sameer Merchant
What car is that?
Comment from : Sameer Merchant

I just use a change counting machine I bought one 10 years ago for $20 and it still works
Comment from : Ryan

yea my bank has a free coin machine
Comment from : PetRockPress

Can you throw them away in different location?
Comment from : Howard

Enan Enise
Comment from : Enan Enise

Manny Alcivar
I use coinstar and i get the applebees e giftcard receipt I might choose amazon since i got prime
Comment from : Manny Alcivar

sonia martinez
that's awesome, it's perfect for my kids!
Comment from : sonia martinez

I use local bank and no fee
Comment from : rpjmonkee

Brad Barber
Just take it to your bank Usually the main branch will have a coin counter, if  its not close to you just save up and make one trip a year You can also hand roll them and smaller branches will take those
Comment from : Brad Barber

Better Than You
How much did gas cost you to drive out to do this? Was that a sunk cost anyway or was it a marginal one in order to change coins into the gift card?
Comment from : Better Than You

Frannie Fargo
i would rather roll my own i sort my pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollar coins all in separate containers, usually old water bottles, and roll the coins at my leisure i dont trust the coin machines
Comment from : Frannie Fargo

Claire Lane
(in the UK) I have a small jar on my desk where I have 1p, 2p and 5p pieces which I then use for the Tuck Shop (Anything larger is parking money) The profits from the tuck shop go to charity so it is win win as I get to stretch my legs, get sweets and donate to charity
Comment from : Claire Lane

You can also talk to a small retail establisment close to you Alot of businesses go to the bank every day to get change so if you go they will likely buy the change from you at no cost
Comment from : Rtorresb16

All this effort Why not just drive to the bank and have it exchanged for dollar bills free of charge instead?

Emma Garofalo
i love this guy he's goin' on an adventure
Comment from : Emma Garofalo

Interesting excellent demonstration Not sure I would do that with my massive change horde I think I would go to the bank and get cash
Comment from : PSA69Charizard

Thomas B Kovacs
I go to our Postoffice or Bank and can exchange it for free to billsbrbrMyybe this is something only switzerland is doing for free?
Comment from : Thomas B Kovacs

Julia L
Might be unrelated but what do you think about dashcam for cars I notice u don't have any in the back Would you say that it would help save your case in an accident Someone just hit me a couple days ago Literally just backed up into my car It's my words versus their's if anything happens like this brbrAnd i also hate those heat receipts Some stores got lucky I can't return my stuff :( I've learn to take picctures of certain receipts I need
Comment from : Julia L

kun li dong
is it bad that I use coins to tip at restaurants? I know some waiters/waitresses do not like to receive a bunch of coins, but money is money, and they can exchange coins for free with their boss
Comment from : kun li dong

Adam Smith
Cool video thank you
Comment from : Adam Smith

Finding Crystal Gail
Liked👍👍🏻 loved this video
Comment from : Finding Crystal Gail

Mark Santucci
at my office we have vending machines and on Friday just Friday I buy a snack and use some coins 2 times a year I take the blankets to a cleaning place that has machines so I use a lot of coins that way sometimes when I buy food from a bagel shop or shop rite I use coins along with cash my coins keep rotating they don't pile up
Comment from : Mark Santucci

I used to roll them, this sounds really interesting and easy! I'm going to try it out Thank you!
Comment from : roxcyn

Cynthia Hernandez
Some credit unions let you use their machines for free if you're a member
Comment from : Cynthia Hernandez

Short Change
wait you dont save your change?? Thats a cardinal sin! lol
Comment from : Short Change

se7en Zee
If you are living in San Francisco, you can open a checking account at San Francisco Fire Credit Union There are 3 branches You can bring all your coins to the branch, which has a CoinStar No fee if you have an account, else 10 feebrbrI recommend SFCU brchecking account - NO minimum fee and ATM refund up to 6 per month and $4 per rebate One time $5 membership fee brcredit card - NO annual fee, No cash advance fees, NO foreign transaction feesbrbrOther perks, free credit score and discount on Disney tickets
Comment from : se7en Zee

col roulette
I take mine to the bank FREE once a year i have old money bags from a bank Last time i got $ 41788 LOL
Comment from : col roulette

Or they stay at home ?
Comment from : 7MOTION98

Thank God we don't have penny's in Canada anymore
Comment from : crippledgenius

Andreas Vannfält
Can you do a video about job interviews or job searching in general? Would be interesting to get your 2 cents on it (pun intended) 😉
Comment from : Andreas Vannfält

My credit union has a coin counter that is free to use for members The machine gives me a recite and I can just deposit it in my account
Comment from : AmbiguousMartin

Michael Andreano
Thankfully everything I purchase goes on CCvery rarely do I come upon a cash-only place, and thus, no loose change I don't miss the days of rolling coinsbrbrAlso, snazzy car! And it was nice to go on a "field trip" in your video
Comment from : Michael Andreano

Change in your wallet? lol What?
Comment from : JonO387

Erika Erika
nice car !!! 😅
Comment from : Erika Erika

My frugal life
We just use credit cards for everything, so we don't get much change Any change we get, from recycling or other places, we use for garage sales or for kids allowances
Comment from : My frugal life

Shipwrecked Traveler
Beat the bush You've probably/hopefully already used this gift card but if you havn't at the 5:26 mark you show the code and umm that's a great way for somebody to steal your code
Comment from : Shipwrecked Traveler

Paul S
Hey Beat The Bush brWould you be interested in doing a paid hour or half an hour Skype session for a more personalized advice/plan? brThank You
Comment from : Paul S

Konrad Utterback
Hey! Thought I'd ask a quick question because I'm not completely clear on something I'm 20 years old with roughly 760-780 credit (my parents thought ahead and I've had a credit card under them for about 8 years, which I didn't even know until I checked my credit score, and that card has about 13 utilization) I just got accepted for the Discover It student card I realize that opening this card will lower my credit score for now because my average credit age was 8 years before, but how would you recommend I use this card? I got a $1000 limit and I don't need anything close to that (I probably spend like $100/mo max), so do you think I should just spend however I want taking advantage of the cash back and then do the $2 thing so that I have nearly 0 utilization?
Comment from : Konrad Utterback

Andrew K NI
Fantastic idea Must look out for that machine here in NI
Comment from : Andrew K NI

Emmanuel Suarez
why did u say no thanks When it asked for your email? u should make a video on that
Comment from : Emmanuel Suarez

Jade Chow
Hi there, what camera do you use for your youtube videos? :)
Comment from : Jade Chow

Susan Velez
I have a 2001 Camry! I love Toyota/Lexus Great long lasting cards Okay leaving Medford tomorrow really want to chat with you BTB Come on I'm one of your 1st subbies
Comment from : Susan Velez

Great to hear they have a no fee option I don't remember seeing that 👍🏻
Comment from : FOMOsapien

Mindi Bear
Who uses change?? I've had the same 56 cents in my wallet for the past 2 years
Comment from : Mindi Bear

Gustavo Paredes
Can you make a video on how to turn gift cards into cash? I have many gift cards that I don't use and I feel like it's just a waste having them sit there
Comment from : Gustavo Paredes

Romana Gold Line CDL
Should've blurred out the amazon code I just saved $689 from my order
Comment from : Romana Gold Line CDL

I actually have a plastic coke bottle with a slit cut into it Every time I had change left I would put it into the bottle-now it's choke-full This is a timely video!
Comment from : VV VB

Does your bank offer coin change for free No fee at all
Comment from : spicydavid2005

Ulrich Patterson
You should never use Coinstar, you end up paying double tax at around 20 when you buy things with the voucher they give you
Comment from : Ulrich Patterson

I paid my taxes last year with all the pennies I saved up Fuck the system
Comment from : jcrowley1985

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