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Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut

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Information Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut

Title :  Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut
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Frames Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut

Description Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut

Comments Amazing Footage of Tiger Woods 2000 Bangkok Complete Day 4 Warm-Up Routine uncut

VP Test
Thanks for this awesome video! :D Also you can become a pro player by using Golf Kinetics, you won't regret it!
Comment from : VP Test

The super sleeves era! lol
Comment from : Mattyjay88

It’s amazing to see how little venom is in his warm up swings Effortless and precise
Comment from : SwingLowLeft

Wait what? What is this?? 😅😂😂
Comment from : D VDV

Comment from : Jesper

He was getting a lot of tail those days
Comment from : Ryan

Leon Valentine
It's a ritual to watch this before every round I play 💰 swing
Comment from : Leon Valentine

Vex Luthor
Everything was so much better back then…the clothes, music, movies, sports, money, people, bars, working…everything!
Comment from : Vex Luthor

Jodee B
Feel extremely blessed to be alive when Tiger dominated Watched him many times live, there's nothing like the electricity he creates Miss those years but still feel blessed Luv you tigers 🐯
Comment from : Jodee B

Craig Berry
What stands out for me in this video is his tempo Controlled, calming and therapeutic to watch 🐐
Comment from : Craig Berry

Can you not?
Effortless and Flawless
Comment from : Can you not?

He's playing at his mum's hometown
Comment from : Henry

Daniel Eun
4:38 man orgasms
Comment from : Daniel Eun

Farley D
Bloomy sleeves past the elbows, baggy pleated trousers, original Tiger logo and sweet butter swingvintage Tiger The best to ever do it Get well soon GOAT
Comment from : Farley D

Knowing what we know now, safe to say he tasted the Thai
Comment from : J M

Nathaniel Carlson
These all look like smooth practice swings until you hear and see a golf ball explode of the face
Comment from : Nathaniel Carlson

What’s almost as impressive as his swing is the length of his sleeves
Comment from : N D

0:27 0:34
Comment from : BuzzerBeat

Woods swings so easy on the range, but he NEVER swung that easy on the course Guaranteed he hit no OB shot on the range
Comment from : havadatequila

Leroy Rodgers
Tiger must go back and look at how glorious his swings have been It doesn’t matter the era, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones Sam Snead Nicklaus, they would all be in awe
Comment from : Leroy Rodgers

Anthony Aguilar
Imagine this many people just to watch you PRACTICE
Comment from : Anthony Aguilar

Jan Sanono
Such a sweet swing The greatest there ever was or will be, too bad it ended up fucking his knee
Comment from : Jan Sanono

This swing at this time was flawless
Comment from : Devlins10

John Florio
Tiger Woods should have bottled this swing and drank from it forever This is absolute perfection
Comment from : John Florio

Whoever that firs guy on the range was that sound was sick
Comment from : GolfSauce

John Doe
Best looking swing of all time!
Comment from : John Doe

John Doe
Tiger needs a bigger shirt 😂
Comment from : John Doe

Onacona Wohali
Comment from : Onacona Wohali

Max Caysey
I'd love to see him hit this driver again today 2019 it would be fun to see how short he would hit it and how many yards his new equipment gives him compared to this!
Comment from : Max Caysey

Austin Steed
This video will be in the archives in 100 years Awesome footage The best swing of all time right here
Comment from : Austin Steed

Thomas Coletti
So clean
Comment from : Thomas Coletti

Jack Kilgo
Best golf swing ever
Comment from : Jack Kilgo

Imani Afryka
I type in how to attain enlightenment and this link came up
Comment from : Imani Afryka

Such a good feeling when you get this kind of mastery in something Things just slow down and you fell in complete control
Comment from : Polarcupcheck

Twirling on the range Goat
Comment from : jonmilani

Gordon Gekko
My favorite golf video The best golf swing I've ever seen!!!
Comment from : Gordon Gekko

Bill Bright
Man that is sheer pureness
Comment from : Bill Bright

Max Caysey
Tiger swings more pure than any I have seen!
Comment from : Max Caysey

Michael Kennedy
Great tempo
Comment from : Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy
He loved that old 3 wood
Comment from : Michael Kennedy

Clement Sin
this swing is by far the most technically sound and rhythmic swingeven better than roryhe would have won 20 majors long time ago if he stuck with butch to maintain this swing
Comment from : Clement Sin

Thomas Coletti
Purest range session ever
Comment from : Thomas Coletti

Marinette Kozlow
If you stop the video at impact he barley has turned his hips yet It all happens mostly after the ball is gone This is beautiful to watch
Comment from : Marinette Kozlow

Michael Angelo Lesesne Jr
Tiger and his fat daddy pants 😂
Comment from : Michael Angelo Lesesne Jr

M Rees
His swing has changed so much Hes always maintained that great rythym tho No doubt he will win again
Comment from : M Rees

Marinette Kozlow
This swing is perfect I've never seen a sweeter golf swing I watch this video three times a week LOL
Comment from : Marinette Kozlow

Pregnant Sausage
And hence why everyone agrees TIGER WOODS is the GREATEST GOLFER EVER!
Comment from : Pregnant Sausage

A-Frame Wedge
At 5:29 Michael Clarke is hitting balls behind Tiger, who after he won the US Open in 2005 his game disappeared and left the tour for good
Comment from : A-Frame Wedge

A-Frame Wedge
Tiger’s weakness was that he could not just do swing maintenance when he was playing his best, he always had to be working on getting better and in his mind that meant constantly changing and rebuilding his swing because that kept his interest and he would want to practice, because Tiger loves to hit balls, but loses interest if he is not working on something new Eventually his swing was much more conducive to an iron game with excessive shaft lean, during this period Tiger had almost zero shaft lean at impact with is driver The shaft lean hurt his driving to the point that he had almost no confidence in his driver and developed the yips with his driver and has never got rid of them He might have a round or so of good driving but not consistently and won’t until he gets rid of all that shaft lean with the driver
Comment from : A-Frame Wedge

Myles-Stuart Wilson
4:35 think he enjoyed that swing a little too much
Comment from : Myles-Stuart Wilson

mohd yousuf
youtube/BXo0cr6joec see how to hit deep bunker shot
Comment from : mohd yousuf

Peter Colomvakos
Thank you for this video When my game starts to fade, I just look back at this video to get my rhythm, take away and grip It helps a lot
Comment from : Peter Colomvakos

Gatsby OConnor
Those short game practice areas look about as well maintained as your average small town muni
Comment from : Gatsby OConnor

his swing is effortless, powerful, and precisea beautiful thing to watch
Comment from : Jeff

No divots for Tiger "Gardening with golf clubs"- Ferhety
Comment from : Jack

Comment from : Dieffenbachia

This is such important footage!
Comment from : thisisthejay

Comment from : bolowood

Kris Krol
a lot of cloth on those pants damn!
Comment from : Kris Krol

it's amazing how he can chip the ball about 8 yards using either a minor chip-type swing, or a full, rotating, complete backswing-type of swing the guy is amazing
Comment from : Bigtexnick

Ntokozo Sithole
Will we ever see Tiger Woods wearing his favourite red golf shirts winning a major championship on Sunday with a fist pump on the 18th green? Miss those moments terrible
Comment from : Ntokozo Sithole

what beautiful rhythm he had Now he looks short and quick compared to this In 2000 he had so much time to hit the ball effortless
Comment from : stevepising

Barebare kun
I played this course every week and it's rather hard,I don't know about how different the layout and condition it was back in 2000brBut Tiger shot -25 to win this event,he minced this course!
Comment from : Barebare kun

Matt D
Why were the polos so gd LARGE back then? How did we have enough fabric to go around?
Comment from : Matt D

Justin Salum
Man has golf fashion changed since then Super sleeves!
Comment from : Justin Salum

Does anyone else notice that with his irons he holds the club in his right hand then places his left hand on second With his woods he holds the club with his left, and places his right hand on second Very interesting
Comment from : AustinToDallas

classic driver swing @ 8:25
Comment from : jduncanm3golf

Hogan had way better swing
Comment from : MrCheatreporter

Neri Marini
pals crap interesting prefer this one very mugh owner !
Comment from : Neri Marini

Comment from : TickNation

why is it he can't make this same swing today? doesn't seem so hard on the body
Comment from : jduncanm3golf

Tony Kim
He did have the best swing in historythat is until Hank Haney ruined it
Comment from : Tony Kim

Blaine Buhr
Mike austins swing is a piece of shit compared to this he takes it way inside on the backswing
Comment from : Blaine Buhr

Corbin Wantland
great video!! Makes it look effortless, a thing of beauty!
Comment from : Corbin Wantland

What no Bangkok jokes? YouTube viewers you are slipping :)
Comment from : mercytoday

Had the best swing in golf history
Comment from : jakethemuss3

Brandon Burgoon
I don't think tiger is smart man How can Tiger compare this swing to what he is trying to do now and think he is making progress Go back to butch!
Comment from : Brandon Burgoon

Absolute perfection
Comment from : frankiegong13

Jeffrey Ena
Denial is suffering from a case of tiger woods
Comment from : Jeffrey Ena

damn tigers swing in 2000 was money
Comment from : taylormade060600

To me, this was Tiger at his best Especially in his short irons, I don't see the violent snapping of the left knee Yes, he does (or did) have a tendency to do it on the course, but not here No bobbing up and down of the head either as he does today To me, a very level takeaway, with a mild shift of weight to the right side, and then a beautiful collecting of the ball through impact to a stable post into his left side swinging well within himself By Jim Hardy's definition, he looked like a 2-plane swinger I believe this was emphasized in the brief drill he does where he extends high into his backswing (at 6:05) He's a 1-planer now Here, the harder he hits the ball, the more he appears to post to his left side The posting looks more exaggerated, but stable (5:18 thru 5:19)  Also to me, it looks free-flowing not violent I've too seen Tiger give flawless "clinics" on the practice range (at the old Buick Open), only to see it all go awry on the course  Hard for me to understand how THIS swing could have ever gone bad
Comment from : Hoganwantabe

back in the day when he was still a virgin lol
Comment from : maxxsee

Eternal Phoenix
Good 'ol Butch Harmon days for some reason Tiger went back to his bad swing habits from junior golf Harmon tuned Tiger to be great ball striker (something he was never before Harmon) and removed the bad that would tear up his back over time(aka maintaining spine angle and keeping the head in "the box") and as we have seen years after leaving Harmon back is torn up and surgery only makes it worse simple answer to Tiger's woes Yoga and stop trying to tear your lower half of your body from your upper half on your down swing and simply just load and release
Comment from : Eternal Phoenix

Martin Mayer
The swing of gods, too bad it's gone!!!
Comment from : Martin Mayer

anders beck
So much natural feel in that swing it seems so free flowing go back to that rhytm ;)
Comment from : anders beck

flat left, bowed left wrist, shorter swing,  This is how he should play the rest of his career Someone please send him this Video!!  ASAP!!
Comment from : thesportsmiler

Graham Sampson
Butch refined Tiger's swing, but never took away what he did naturally He left his fingerprint alone and that's the beauty of this swing 
Comment from : Graham Sampson

Jeffrey Ena
Is it safe to say the Sean Foley Project is a complete failure?
Comment from : Jeffrey Ena

Jack Hall
Mr wolfie ted, you are a complete idiot, tiger is the best golfer of all time and while Adam scott is good, he'll never come close to tiger, Williams was a good caddy but it was tigers skill that allowed him to win so much, scott is way too old to ever get that many majors he would have to be 21 right now but he's not, no one will ever surpass tiger
Comment from : Jack Hall

Lt Weinberg
Is that a long sleeved shirt?
Comment from : Lt Weinberg

Steven Murentese
Great share on this thanks
Comment from : Steven Murentese

Kort Kleinman
this was the best swing ever in my opinion He was amazing under Butch Now, under Foley and his half brained "chiropractic" swing model, Tiger has lost the natural feel and athleticism in a golf swing 
Comment from : Kort Kleinman

john thompson
people gave butch credit n not him
Comment from : john thompson

Anton Löfgren
this is a man as calm as you can be the worlds best swing and game at that time
Comment from : Anton Löfgren

Nick Parker
Over the years, as he got older, it started affecting his knee
Comment from : Nick Parker

pants are too big- sac the tailor
Comment from : arji66

John Turner
To be fair he always looks more controlled on the range,
Comment from : John Turner

John Turner
Why did he change this swing? Perfection
Comment from : John Turner

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