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14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging

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Information 14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging

Title :  14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging
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Frames 14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging

Description 14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging

Comments 14 Harsh Truths You Find Out When You Start Blogging

Johanna Aquino Lebouef
Please take these truths with a grain of salt I say this with love
Comment from : Johanna Aquino Lebouef

Leo Na
Nice encouragement ✨️👍brTHAT means never expect ‼️brJust share what you knew 👍😊brTHANKS 😊 🌟brAnd more power 🌠
Comment from : Leo Na

dennis johnson
I am 78 years old and just started blogging I will let you know how it goes in 6 months
Comment from : dennis johnson

Earning Blessings
This video can be used as a therapy session when your blogging is down I say this with love
Comment from : Earning Blessings

Greatly this really give answer to all my questions
Comment from : Clementifangblog

Roshan Kumar
How truthful you are ! I wish to marry you
Comment from : Roshan Kumar

I know this was a few years ago But it was so informative I needed to hear this to better understand the ins and outs of blogging Just wondering why do some ppl claim you can make sooo much money in a month or so? Are they trying to sell something? Oh, well thank you for your knowledge and truthfulness 😗
Comment from : Gia

Watson J R
A video full of facts No lies No tricks Just facts
Comment from : Watson J R

Really helpeful [email protected] siblings [email protected] Farm
Comment from : Lettuceyoso

Thank you
Comment from : MrsBlack

Comment from : NEHA SHAIKH

Khushi Rathan
Thank you
Comment from : Khushi Rathan

Otaku Sama
As an introvert,the way you are so open it looks really cringy
Comment from : Otaku Sama

bbq world
Great video, thanks!
Comment from : bbq world

Ed H
Great information! Thanks!
Comment from : Ed H

Your site is most certainly NOT a blog - you say you are a blogger show me your blog!
Comment from : Julien

Great Video, Jojo Very Helpful Info
Comment from : TheDBGuy

Jehana Musa Didato
You look like bella poarch
Comment from : Jehana Musa Didato

MJ Carter
I honestly am not looking to get paid for blogging I just really want to talk about something I really love
Comment from : MJ Carter

Samrat Sengupta
Why just help women? Is that a niche thing?
Comment from : Samrat Sengupta

Chloe L
Omg why are you making this so hard to do? I started with my blog super easy got more enough views don’t over think about it just constantly create and take actions don’t let anything stop you If you passionate enough to create than that’s all you need
Comment from : Chloe L

I love her honesty💝💓
Comment from : TONIXZM

Kate Parker
OMG!!! I love this ❤️ Your honesty is refreshing Thank you x
Comment from : Kate Parker

ayoob memon
thanks for motivating me
Comment from : ayoob memon

Denise Davis
The mindset is hard Sticking with it is also hard I’m super clumsy and awkward!!!
Comment from : Denise Davis

👑 Raju Desai👑
Okay helpful
Comment from : 👑 Raju Desai👑

Haneef S
you look so confident God bless you
Comment from : Haneef S

sultan mia
Nice 😕
Comment from : sultan mia

Galina Niyazov
Love this
Comment from : Galina Niyazov

You are awesome this really helped me out thank you
Comment from : Thompson

Angelito Dungca
It is an another good information,to let the viewers know and additional knowledge understanding of acceptancein real world of learning our ups and down experience is a tools to make us awake and possitively effective for a certsin task that we desired for
Comment from : Angelito Dungca

niayesh _sss
you are soooooooo beautiful🥲🤍
Comment from : niayesh _sss

Your maganda hehe 😁🤗👍
Comment from : M

What website should i use to Blog? Thanks
Comment from : Emma

Bailey McH
I felt it when she said it might take 6 months to get 1,000 followers because I've been doing it for 2 years and I have 72 lol
Comment from : Bailey McH

Konsciencia Divinus
Thank you!
Comment from : Konsciencia Divinus

Louise Foster
Inspiring! Thank you!
Comment from : Louise Foster

Michael Mercado
"make a plan and show up with energy and intensity" love this I enjoyed this video
Comment from : Michael Mercado

V Ruggiero
I want to help people dealing parents with dementia! Help me start
Comment from : V Ruggiero

Diane G
I love this so much!! I feel like I know a lot of these truths but it helps to hear someone say it It’s definitely a good reminder that things won’t be easy, but they’ll be worth it
Comment from : Diane G

Dongski Jyu
Im basically a laaazzzy and uninteresting person My full time job is already eating so much of my time on the computer its already making my lumbar spine and butt hurts, what more with vlogging 😂😂😂 The monetary reward may seems promising but I guess vlogging is not for me which is why i have never tried it
Comment from : Dongski Jyu

Ting The Ordinary Filipina
Thank you so much for this video 🥲 the harsh truth I feel is compare my vlog to other bloggers Huhu
Comment from : Ting The Ordinary Filipina

Scott Ogea
I love that you focused on a 'realistic philosophy' The 'truth will set you free', to pursue your dream realistically The optimist will tell you the glass is half full, the pessimist, half empty The realist will say, you're both right, the bottom half is full, and the top half is empty; and that's the 'truth' To end, I would like to quote my mother, Priscilla, the smartest person I have ever met: "Patience is more than a virtue, it's Everything Be so patient, that if you don't accomplish it in this lifetime, you'll finish in the next" She would follow that up with: "Remember, when you return back from where you came, you are to return with as much knowledge & information as you can possibly gather, that will ensure your next entrance is a level higher than your present existence"
Comment from : Scott Ogea

pugalanthi soundhiram
The harsh truth is I fell in love with you at first sight in these few minutes 💖
Comment from : pugalanthi soundhiram

This was really helpful Johanna The bit about promoting your content and whether you allow your personal ideas to stop you really hit home for me I've been blogging for a few years now and this year started focusing on SEO, marketing, and promotion Wish me luck!
Comment from : NoOvernightGuests

Kory S
I simply want to tell my story to heal my self and to help other kids like I was trauma wise Why is it so difficult to begin to type?
Comment from : Kory S

Jeramie Saito
Nice! Thank you for this!
Comment from : Jeramie Saito

Rzk jani
Please Car tell us how to make blogger's video viral i am pakistan
Comment from : Rzk jani

Asmr fun
Comment from : Asmr fun

Anna Belle Getting Well
Hi! Looking for the pdf check list Thanks!
Comment from : Anna Belle Getting Well

Andrea Tribble
What steps do you recommend for starting a blog?
Comment from : Andrea Tribble

Eleanor Rigby
How do I know if I'm capable? I'm having a hard time finding a niche as well
Comment from : Eleanor Rigby

The Astrologer
Thank you, just ordered the checklist
Comment from : The Astrologer

there is one thing she got wrong in this video it is NOT okay to have negative thoughts about yourself i don't care what you're going through it's like how they say mind over matter the only failures in life are the quitters remember that
Comment from : bloodiamondeyes

Invading mind
This is awesome had no idea gonna use these tips as illustrator and graphic designer thank you🙂
Comment from : Invading mind

Invading mind
I know you said this more for women As guy though found this relatable as someone as just started blogging Thank you for your insight
Comment from : Invading mind

Angelie Bacalso
I am only a student and don't have any penny to invest in advertising campaigns so what am I going to do? I am not even famous on any social media
Comment from : Angelie Bacalso

Angelie Bacalso
I am starting a blog on Blogger and I wonder if I could ever get some readers there Do readers naturally happen to find my blogs so they read them?
Comment from : Angelie Bacalso

Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio
This is so true Thanks!
Comment from : Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio

D GORGEOUS (Rumpa Dey)
💕❤ from "D GORGEOUS" YOU TUBE channel
Comment from : D GORGEOUS (Rumpa Dey)

Nodrot Adeyeye
Thank you
Comment from : Nodrot Adeyeye

Fallback Weller
I just put up my website and thought about starting my own blog
Comment from : Fallback Weller

priyank tiwari
this is all i needed
Comment from : priyank tiwari

Emily Babcock
Comment from : Emily Babcock

what is a good website for blogging?
Comment from : Xmaddii

MrsSanchez Budgetz
Thanks for this video, I wanted to start a blog sometime during the pandemic and literally went through all of this and the places I was following just kept saying I was going to earn money in weeks if I just follow the steps, how naive I was! I don’t want to give up but after watching this I think I should take some time to really work on it first
Comment from : MrsSanchez Budgetz

yufen art
thank you for posting this, that's really a great tips
Comment from : yufen art

pleasant voice
Comment from : improvidancer

Saurabh Shrivastav
Very helpful video thanks for this :))
Comment from : Saurabh Shrivastav

Comment from : Vladyslav

Thank you ☺️
Comment from : DJ RAFASH

Thanks a bunch! I'm going to start a blog about something in passionate about (not saying what my idea is until it's up and running) lol but I'll be doing it for fun and to spread my knowledge and passion to others If I make extra money doing it, great! If not, at the end of the day I'm still getting to do what I love and I'm already doing it for free anyways, just not writing about it yet
Comment from : ThatTannerGuy

Tom Dupuis
Props for not being one of the "how to start a blog" hosting affiliates But 90 days to rank in Google isn't true and you should spend more time creating content than promoting it Google awards great content especially as more algo updates are released There's a reason they say content is king
Comment from : Tom Dupuis

Ahmed Abid
It is really hard to find someone who is geniune and honest as you, i really do appreciate that side of your persoanlity I ve been watching few videos on how can you profit from blogging but no one and im saying no absolute soul have talked about the ongoing and hard process of making content and promote it and the struggles you may face while doing so brYou really have inspired me more than i ve actually thought and being patient seems to be the key and that just elevate my will more than any of how to create a blog and earn 40000$ from it ! brbr Have a wonderful day :)
Comment from : Ahmed Abid

True Indian
I started blogging in 2020 when I lost my job I had no idea how to write content or how to make website I learned web development, content writing, social media marketing, email marketing and some other skills And after 1 year of starting i earned my first $100 from ads If you wants to be a successful blogger, you have to learn these essential skills or hire people And be consistent and be patient you will definitely succeed
Comment from : True Indian

VINiit ManE
Selfish vlogger
Comment from : VINiit ManE

Mohammad Vohra
Great content, thank you!
Comment from : Mohammad Vohra

Manish Panwar
Love from India
Comment from : Manish Panwar

Anthony Mazar
I can do better begging on a street corner and i do because in my mind I'm the best in the world and that thought alone continues to bring in the cash
Comment from : Anthony Mazar

Anthony Mazar
Extremely negative now that I heard u I quit
Comment from : Anthony Mazar

Sara Kjeldsen
"Eat shit for a long time" lol that's relatable It does take time for a blog to grow I've seen the engagement spike during some months, so I figure it's worth being patient and seeing how much more it can grow if I keep at it
Comment from : Sara Kjeldsen

thanks so much!
Comment from : RUKAIA

Worth Every View
4:49br thank youbrilliant
Comment from : Worth Every View

Gullah George
Comment from : Gullah George

Ardya Wira
love it
Comment from : Ardya Wira

Ruhi Sharma
Thank you for your feedback on Blog Writing which I am passionate about and will help in the upcoming journey I am a content writer and write a lot of blogs Can you suggest to me some guides and study materials to improve my skills in that field? Thank you I will appreciate your positive response
Comment from : Ruhi Sharma

D Lovely
Thank you for your honest advice I’ve been told for YEARS to start my own blog Because I have a talent in writing, this became easy But there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between blogging and writing essays I have a page on Facebook that I am trying to grow now that I’ve finished school But the professional blogging world is a little intimidating, even with the 174 followers that I have on Facebook I’m not looking to become an instant success, but to help people along the way, and do what I love most, which is have deep conversations with various people
Comment from : D Lovely

Hey! I know your mom very well as I live in the same island in the Pacific that I won't name I found out about you from my wife [initials BC] who is a volunteer in the same organization as your mom [initials MA], so of course I subscribed 😉 Anyway, you are such bundle of positive energy and a real delight to watch I'll tell your mom how impressed I was with you, next time I see her! This is the first vlog by you that I've seen and you are simply awesome! 😎 There's just one thing though How come it's only "ambitious women"?
Comment from : monchan54

Ugo mercy Abiding
I started my first blog since 2014 brAll the things you said are true about what happened to mebrBut am fully ready to go with patients this time around no more quitting
Comment from : Ugo mercy Abiding

Thank you SO much for these very valuable tips :D
Comment from : Krishie

Miracle Okafor
Wow this is nice Thanks for this wonderful teaching I also have easy tips for blogging to reduce stress Here is the linkbr youtube/MZGhR415g7U
Comment from : Miracle Okafor

Wow this is amazing You did well in teaching this, thanks I also have top easy tips for blogging to reduce stress Here is the link youtube/MZGhR415g7U
Comment from : Myraxtv

The Physical Evolution
I so appreciate this video and content It is so relevant for so many aspects of life, not just in relation to blogging Thank you! x
Comment from : The Physical Evolution

Erika P
I like how you really talk about those personal self doubt challenges that are natural for everyone For some reason sometimes we think it only happens to us
Comment from : Erika P

You are absolutely right brThanks
Comment from : CODE WITH FONO

Rock Paper TikTok
#3 is reason why I hard pass on travel blogs They’re all made up If you spent more time on the computer and researching than visiting places, then everything written is fake
Comment from : Rock Paper TikTok

blender tuts
This is exactly what I needed
Comment from : blender tuts

Talmor Kliman
Here 2 Years Later
Comment from : Talmor Kliman

Tracys Mindlab
Thank you for sharing! I want to be a blogger like you! I mean, like you, investing hard and gaining happiness in the end!
Comment from : Tracys Mindlab

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