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Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....

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Information Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....

Title :  Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....
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Frames Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....

Description Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....

Comments Are these new Royal Canadian Mint coins any good? | Issues are still happening.....

Ron Dougherty
most of these type of coins i consider high price junk give the older regular issue coins
Comment from : Ron Dougherty

Boaz K
I dont think that he mint made those impurities Maybe just from getting handled
Comment from : Boaz K

Love the goose!
Comment from : mikegoblue68

These are bullion coins and made for weight! The quality is not what the mint is worried about on these coins! The RCM makes premium coins and they make bullion!

These coins milk spot like no other Avoid!!!
Comment from : Anon521

Got my kraken yesterday great coin but cant find anywhere in the uk that sells capsules for them Anyone know who sells them ?
Comment from : Dakariyurr

steve stevens
I just picked up a kraken a few days back and yeah mine has scuffs and small scrapsbeautiful coin otherwise
Comment from : steve stevens

I have a Kraken coin without any of these flaws from JM One of my favorites
Comment from : Donnelly1776

As you may know, the Goose is an exclusive product of coininvest The coins we shipped out to other dealers were spotless, therefore we assume this has happened due to wrong handling of the coins Thank you for your support by taking the time to review the two coins
Comment from : coininvestcom

i for one love the simple and classic designs this is very simmilar design to the 1967 silver dollars
Comment from : shepherd

Gil Balfas
I have a Canadian 2oz goose And there are no scratches, milk spots It’s perfect Maybe if u stop winging u might attract a better grade of bullion
Comment from : Gil Balfas

Comment from : musselshell

I agree that the tubes are the issue They should sell those in capsules even if it raised the price by a dollar or something I had the same issue with some of my Queen's beasts coins
Comment from : Silverholic

Graham Ford
I bought two x 2oz Canada Goose coins and both has similar/same shaped dings as you showed on your coin, but were in different locations on the coin (different from yours too)
Comment from : Graham Ford

m l
the british 2oz coins i got were like this but worse, tons of scratches and dull looking surface
Comment from : m l

Golden Slumber
I take exception to you complaining about the quality of these 2 coins out of millions minted & yet you have no reservation about pawing them with your bare hands They are BULLION coins after all & not minted as B-UNC or proof coins Who knows how many dealers have handle these coins before getting to you The coins are not intended to be classified the same as Australian koukaberras or swans or pirate ships Be nicer to the colonists
Comment from : Golden Slumber

James Jk
Got some maples from Jm Bullion with the same looking scar
Comment from : James Jk

Silver Husky
I love both of these I don’t own them yet, but I plan to add them to the pile
Comment from : Silver Husky

Florida Stacker
I have 15 of the 2 oz Krakens Only 3 of them are what I would say are defect free Plenty of small edge dents with the coins and some QE II face dings too Nice vid!
Comment from : Florida Stacker

The 2oz RCMP coin was quite perfect as were the 10oz RCM bullion coins, but generally RCM, like RM, bullion coins have issues
Comment from : MétéoMan

Hairy Motter
I must be lucky, I got two Krakens One is as good as bullion can be, the other has a slight mark on the queens face
Comment from : Hairy Motter

Ralf Pijnaker
Does this mean that if you have a coin that without flaws it is worth extra because the others of the series are damaged?
Comment from : Ralf Pijnaker

andre salcido
Bad quality my Kracken tarnished in a week with discoloration
Comment from : andre salcido

Greg S
I have to be honest man, you scared me into removing 25 Kraken's from my "cart" on JM Bullion lol
Comment from : Greg S

This first release for the RCM COTN was a HUGE disappointment for me I got a RCM mint sealed tube and every coin had obvious damage on the fields and deep cuts on the rims None of my coins should have ever left the mint No where near the quality of their maples
Comment from : Baroofy

Trevor H
I like the goose and purchased a fewbut not sure about the kraken
Comment from : Trevor H

Some of my favorite pieces were minted RCM, I love itbrI always save the little dry packs from anything I order and put them in my safe
Comment from : Italrish

Cicindela pragensis
I returned a coin with very similar defect They exchanged it for another one with a slightly lighter scratch, right over the goose's back I'm suspecting impurities making their way during post-production, may be during the packing process I'd say the dealer isn't likely to have damaged the coins, for they handle with care straight from the tube (Is a tube the right conditioning for such a coin?) This coin is the only one damaged out of many from this local dealer Amazing design though
Comment from : Cicindela pragensis

Silver Scorpion
I love that coin!
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Isaac Greenough
The geese are gorgious coins i just bought 4 two ouncers 👌 they do mark easily! you have too have one in youre hand too truly appreciate it
Comment from : Isaac Greenough

I picked up a few of the Kraken coins Very cool, didn't realize it was a series, I'll have to try to collect them all Don't recall how well the quality was I think at least one had a dinged edge, but I'm not worried about it really
Comment from : S K

Such a shame RCM and the royal mint still can’t get it right with quality Really like the designs but Can’t bring myself to buy Canadian anymore 😕
Comment from : FOSSIL METALS

TTT Triple T
I was disappointed in the kraken that i received from Apmex The rim had a very noticeable ding on it My friend bought 5 from somewhere else and 4 of the 5 had dings on the rim also Seems to be a mint packaging issue Really disappointed 😞
Comment from : TTT Triple T

Ned Flanders
I've got 5 of the krakens and I just ordered 10 or the new 2oz kukaburras I do like the new 2oz lines of coins they are beautiful I definitely try to buy 2+ one for me and one or more to sell
Comment from : Ned Flanders

I had similar issues on my Kraken as well, bit disappointed but still a beautiful design
Comment from : LindenCharter

Sneaky Somalia
9999>999 American coins are overrated
Comment from : Sneaky Somalia

Now We Ride
I really like the RCM 2oz coins! I just wish the US Mint would make a silver double eagle and it was issued on a 2oz coin! Maybe if we buy in tubes less handling involved too? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ 👍👍🇺🇲🇬🇧
Comment from : Now We Ride

Raymond Whitehouse
Kraken one side Elizabeth II the other Which one would you feel safe having as a mother in law Ray 46 🇬🇧 👍
Comment from : Raymond Whitehouse

Raymond Whitehouse
Love the 2oz mother goose Favourite coin ever but I don't know why Ray 45 🇬🇧
Comment from : Raymond Whitehouse

Mark B
BYB I have that Canada Goose coin and its all marked up , this needs to be fixed its a nice coin
Comment from : Mark B

Where can you find these in the US?
Comment from : KEN Ku

Clean Money
I own a few of the goose and the mounted police with King George on the obverse Stunning coins in my opinion The only thing better is my 10 ounce versions RCM strikes are top notch now and none of my 2018 and up have milkspots Thanks for the video brother
Comment from : Clean Money

Adam Stewart
Always great content
Comment from : Adam Stewart

Oleg Petelevitch
Got 1 Kraken ! Was going to get a tube ! OCD here not happy !
Comment from : Oleg Petelevitch

CR62 Silver & More
As you said, coins with scratches or milkspots can melted No (big) loss for you
Comment from : CR62 Silver & More

Monsters on both sides I declarebrPerth Mint RULES the capsule application
Comment from : 143DREWID

The Kraken is way cool!
Comment from : DerekZane

creatures of the north, releasing 2 a year for unspecified amount of years Looking forward to next creature!
Comment from : snomobila

Dale Hodgkinson
as for not supplying in capsules I think is a little cheeky considering if the mint bulk purchased capsules it would only add pence to the cost of production
Comment from : Dale Hodgkinson

Dale Hodgkinson
My one is great condition, yes it is the same size as my queens beasts
Comment from : Dale Hodgkinson

Strange Universe
That looks like damage on the rim when close up on a large screen Also wondering where they are headed with this, Will it be all mythical or semi-mythical or a mix Like a Yeti? Everyone has dragons in the past, so that's always a good choice Something from the Alberta digs, maybe? Anyway, thanks for showing these releases Your closeups are quite clear and appreciated
Comment from : Strange Universe

Dj Douglas
With the kraken Is it not ment to be a take on the Austrian philharmonic?
Comment from : Dj Douglas

Bullion Addict
BYB brAnother great rambling video and that leads me to my question brSo I just started my channel and I find myself doing several takes just so I'm not stumbling over my words or trying to figure out how to present a simple short videobrHow long did it take you to get comfortable?brYou make it seem so easy just to continue on with uninterrupted thought and wordbrAny tips?brBy the way I am a big fan of the RCM products I order from them all the time brIt does take a bit of time to receive things though
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Josh Kent
That goose coin is absolutely incredible I love the simple design, nailed it!
Comment from : Josh Kent

4nines Fine silver
I like the scar on the on the Queen’s face it looks very authentic like she’s been in a battle😂👍
Comment from : 4nines Fine silver

henry the ounce
Im telling you everything I get from goldsilver that isn't a full roll or mint sealed comes dinged Don't blame the mint!!
Comment from : henry the ounce

henry the ounce
No problem handling cpins woth bare hands Less likely to drop them NGC advise handling with clean dry hands on the edges of the coin
Comment from : henry the ounce

The Platinum Beast
I am dying for one of those Goose Coins Cant find them anywhere! I love the look of both coins though!
Comment from : The Platinum Beast

The original Canadian Goose dollar coin was minted for the Centennial year 1967, I like the voyager ones too
Comment from : Cscratchy

Philip Robson
Hello, firstly thank you for making this video There are clearly some series condition issues (including milk spotting) here and this is typical of RCM If you only want bullion then why not only buy bars instead?
Comment from : Philip Robson

Thanks for the great videos I know someone that ordered their first few 2020 1oz silver coins from the Royal Mint this year and some of them came with very noticeable dents With the outrageous premiums for these coins, I'd have expected them to be flawless Are you saying that this is totally normal because they're "bullion standard"?
Comment from : Andre

Just for your information, the Krakens are not available directly from the Canadian Mint Must be purchased from a dealer
Comment from : NewfieSilver

Aaron H
The simplicity of the Canadian Goose is really nice The shine really makes it pop
Comment from : Aaron H

Tomokos Enterprize
If people would just keep their silver in a very dry atmosphere they wouldn't have any issues with snow toning EVER There is nothing we can do abouthack marks like that but spota need not happen It is NOT just Canadian pieces that snow tone All silver coin from all mints can and will get them I do tire of the RCM always being singled out !
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

John Hughes
Mr BYB I have Canada goose on order, I will let you know when they arrive if there are any flaws
Comment from : John Hughes

Love the goose on some old dollars I have
Comment from : Jay

mr mc
i got the goose coins and they were pristine, the dealer may have damaged your coin
Comment from : mr mc

Crack on, Kraken, lol you just had tobrbrOne thing I don't like on that cool design is that the tentacles below water are still as visible as the others He also looks like he's flying just above the water with no greater body beneath it
Comment from : Jay

Pix Gaming
I know Silver is a Anti bacterial!!!!!!! So am I able to melt 7 Kilos of Silver And inject it into my body and become A silver Wolverine of Sorts! Any information will be greatly appreciated Sir!
Comment from : Pix Gaming

My 2020 Britannias have a few scratches, I was a little disappointed My 2020 Kangaroos don’t have any
Comment from : Paul

I agree about the Perth Next Generation, in my opinion the crocodiles look pretty cool but the kook doesn’t look that good I still want one, though Because none of these have a limited mintage I’m waiting it out before getting them all I think the Kraken’s one of the coolest looking of any coin Thanks for the video
Comment from : Paul

She’s a pirate
Comment from : Paul

James M
There may be some legit truth to the stories of extra large or even an undiscovered species of super massive aggressive squid sinking ships back then Take the modern case of the USS Stein, a destroyer escort which shrugged off an attack by such a creature "In 1978, the "NOFOUL" rubber coating of her AN/SQS-26 sonar dome was damaged by multiple cuts over 8 percent of the dome surface Nearly all of the cuts contained remnants of sharp, curved claws found on the rims of suction cups of some squid tentacles The claws were much larger than those of any squid that had been discovered at that time"- Johnson, C Scott (August 1978) "United States Naval Institute - Sea Creatures and the Problem of Equipment Damage" There's not much more legit info I can find about the incident, but there's anecdotal stuff about it being as much as 150 feet long, and its tentacles leaving behind slightly acidic goo
Comment from : James M

They are nice coins The goose reminds me of an old oil painting or tv show with the crackly background I did lol at the queens scar - she's been scrapping again!
Comment from : J BULLIONAIRE

Barber Quarter
I just ordered and kraken the other day so excited for it to come probably not going to be collectibles but I got it cuz I love the design!
Comment from : Barber Quarter

James M
Have you tried inquiring about a possible return/exchange on the worse off one?
Comment from : James M

BYB Rambling Society member here I’m especially drawn to the Canadian Goose coin The blemishes are unfortunate but do not detract significantly, in my opinion All the more reason to freely handle and appreciate the heft of these remarkable 2 oz coins Looking forward to #200! All the best to you, BYB!
Comment from : J D

Silver Magnolia
First, I very much like, and do stack Canadian bullion coins These two coins are very beautifyl in their design Though not perfect examples, the Kraken "Scarface" edition coin is quit intricate and especially desireable to me Thank you for another fine share
Comment from : Silver Magnolia

Silver Seoul
These are still such beautiful coins Unfortunate that they have been compromised I really like the 2oz pieces Chunky and they just have a great feel when holding them
Comment from : Silver Seoul

DriveShaft Drew
awesome to see you reviewing canadian coins thumbs up shared to bad they were dinged
Comment from : DriveShaft Drew

Skeptic Contrarian
Totally agree with your sentiments Good vid
Comment from : Skeptic Contrarian

Newbie Aquatics
I love the Kraken 2oz but having trouble tracking one down that’s in reasonable condition
Comment from : Newbie Aquatics

David James
Love these new coins I have all three designs Bought a tube of each and my quality is excellent They look great in the queens beasts capsule too
Comment from : David James

Bandy Silverbeast
First of all I really love all your videos and hand poured silver made by you! I’ve bought one of each very recently from coininvest / silver-to-go and there are no any issues whatsoever but I do appreciate this video so much Is always extremely helpful to hear other experience and thoughts about especially new released coins! Also i would like to recommend 39mm High Relief Coin Capsule for Queen’s Beast Series as they fit really well for both types of coins :)
Comment from : Bandy Silverbeast

I love the Canadian goose design, will get one at the next coin fair So I can pick one without the marks brWould be great if the make a proof version, so you know it's problem free coin brLooking forward to episode 200, great to see that this series is running for so long already!!!
Comment from : Sander

The scratch and the 'milk spot' is actually the mint guard coating that have been scratched and flaked This is the problem with this covering, like a lacquer they should offer a re-mint guard service
Comment from : chumleyok

richard c
May you have a happy July 4th for you and yours!
Comment from : richard c

Chris Summerfield
Great coins probably would be put off by the marks on them, look forward to the two hundredth episode 😀 rambling society member 👍
Comment from : Chris Summerfield

Floyd Baldwin
👍⚪👍very nice chunks thanks for sharing 🎆🎇✳️💥🔥
Comment from : Floyd Baldwin

Austrian Stacker
Did you order the coins from European Mint? I know you like to order from them but in every single delivery from EU Mint at least 20 of the coins are scratched I bought Canadian coins from a lot of different dealers and also in Canada No issues at all Whenever I order from EU Mint I get scratched coins 🤷🏻‍♂️ It seems like they have a massive QA issue
Comment from : Austrian Stacker

I have 5 Krakens and they don't have the flaws your's has I suspect it was just scratched somewhere along the line
Comment from : sailingjudo

Hi there,brI got three of the Kraken just after the release, before the Corona time Mine seem to be all right so far I bought them with capsules directly from the german online dealerbrGreets
Comment from : SilberfuchsAg47

Andre G
I have the kraken and I really like the design, luckily mine look fine and has no issues
Comment from : Andre G

Like the RCM work
Comment from : Lee

Joseph Jones
They're gorgeous regardless of errors, like from the Royal Cat to her Majesty's cheek
Comment from : Joseph Jones

Jason De Leon
Question Is a one ounce silver bullion at $30 worth the premium? Maples and Eagles to be exact?
Comment from : Jason De Leon

daca decenu
Great video ByB Got both of the coins from the europeanmint, without any condition issuesbrShowcase one of your creation for the 200 eps, I'm sure everyone will enjoy the video
Comment from : daca decenu

Mr Bullion Naire
I have some goose dollars from 1967, there very nice coins
Comment from : Mr Bullion Naire

Kellers Cars
Found the prices for these special coins are just too high I stick with my maple leafs :)
Comment from : Kellers Cars

Joseph Jones
How rude you aged Royal Cat!
Comment from : Joseph Jones

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