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American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!

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Information American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!

Title :  American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!
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Frames American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!

Description American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!

Comments American Mint Coins I Do NOT Recommend These!! Bad Coin Investment!

Coin shop website portsmouthcoinshopcom/
Comment from : CoinHELPu

Chester A Ellenwood
Us mint only place to shop
Comment from : Chester A Ellenwood

I found colourised half dollar JFK 2015 with horse race and the racer on Kennedy side,this coin is listed for 50 usd should i buy it is it real silver ,it's from Merrick mint
Comment from : Snehden

Anonymous Prepper
American mint prays on people who are vulnerable
Comment from : Anonymous Prepper

Paul Bruney
Outstanding video ! There's a lot of people getting ripped off on eBay with that crap
Comment from : Paul Bruney

Thx ! I was debating if I should buy more American Mi t sent me a coupon voucher so I got 2 Donald Trump Coins yep “copper layered in 24 k gold” Basically I paid $16 for 2 of these, including ship/handling So basically they are worthless? Or 60 cents in gold? Good video thx!
Comment from : 52msdiane

jason messmore
What about the Columbia mint company in the United States of America bicentennial gold beast $20 gold piece I cannot seem to find it anywhere
Comment from : jason messmore

Andy Slingblade
Buyer beware Many fakes from China DONT have the word "COPY" stamped in them
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

robert feinberg
It's amazing how many copies of Morgans are out there, many from China, based in zinc
Comment from : robert feinberg

Salome John
Hi Daniel brSometimes on your videos you can't comment Please check it out Just to let you be aware
Comment from : Salome John

John Schroeder
I have a few of these kinds They are a cool novelty but are junk coins I've seen these kinds on eBay
Comment from : John Schroeder

Mystery Buyer
Reminds me of the Franklin Mint and all that crap lol
Comment from : Mystery Buyer

Typical 'buyer beware' stuff You could always do what the people that get the gold off electronic components do, lol!
Comment from : petespal

ron mueller
These coins would be great for trick or treaters
Comment from : ron mueller

1SG Mooney
Bought o a bunch in Afghanistan during deployment for cheap Making coin rings out of them for practice And yes never say they are real
Comment from : 1SG Mooney

Yeah all of that gold plated stuff pushed by American Mint and ect is similar, as what Avon is in the jewelry world over valued cheap gold plated stuff with really no resell value vs fine jewelry
Comment from : TEXAS_GERMANIC

Shannon McCord
Some to most of them are pretty cool What I do with this stuff when I get some in on a deal I made or wherever I get it I'll take and give a piece away at random as a show of appreciation
Comment from : Shannon McCord

Poormans Stack
I like the American mint 5 gram 585 gold rounds and the 5 gram 995 Platinum round they do have some neat series in these rounds and I am able to buy them at spot or even under spot a few times so i do think American Mint does have some good medals
Comment from : Poormans Stack

Fred Zoidburg
Try and dissolve one with nitric acid and see how much actual gold is there You can buy nitric from mouser and digikey electronics
Comment from : Fred Zoidburg

Fred Zoidburg
32 grams is a ounce of gold am I missing something? Or is that the total weight?
Comment from : Fred Zoidburg

Have you seen the ones they sell at 4 am on the infomercials right after the frost cutlery knife sale I actually have a frost cutlery knife Found it somewhere I weep that the piece of metal it was made from was wasted like that Same with these fake rounds I saw the episode of pawn whatever’s where some guy shows up with a bunch of them and they said no, we don’t even allow these in our shop because they will give you a bad reputation and the dude trying to sell them went nuclear He looked absolutely livid and insisted they buy them at whatever thousands he said they were worth Apparently he paid a fortune for them and wanted to get something back but yes he had a conniption fit and I think they asked him to leave
Comment from : Scott

Tommy Herbert
I have learned a lot about coin collecting watching your videos
Comment from : Tommy Herbert

Shawn Davis
Hi Daniel, It would be great if you could put a video together of some American private mints that have struck legitimate currency for other countries (or even our own, if applicable?) The only one I know about is the Franklin Mint who made coins for Panama They made a quality, legitimate product and I think they're still around today?
Comment from : Shawn Davis

Paul d
Turbine head one of the few that I flipped and and wish I would have kept
Comment from : Paul d

Uwe Adamski
The same procedure over here in Germany Slowly but steadily people recognize what they will get for their private company medals because they inherited tons of those stuff, and their LCS were not interested in buying it
Comment from : Uwe Adamski

Wait till next year when the new coins come out HSN will claim they are the ones that suggested to the US Mint to bring back the Morgan and Peace Dollar
Comment from : DALE STONER

maskman metals
These are my fake stack
Comment from : maskman metals

JClikes pam
You can get ones like that off of Wish, also I bought some and realized later they ARE copies READ the description before you buy and they are very cheap Great information from you!
Comment from : JClikes pam

Amber Johnson
What kinda price would a girl put up for the 55 penny?
Comment from : Amber Johnson

Mike Meros
"Private mint" coins aren't really worth anything then? Would this go for all private mint coins, or just the copies of US mint coins?
Comment from : Mike Meros

Tom Kirby
I have a copy of a confederate half dollar I'll never own a real one (even a restrike), of course I don't know who made it, possibly American Mint?
Comment from : Tom Kirby

Peggy Didinger
Great information 👍
Comment from : Peggy Didinger

thank you for the sharing my friend 👍👍👍
Comment from : Monnaie COLLECTOR

Phillip Thiebjord
The little bills on the medals were neat Some of them could be used for displaying rarer designsBut they aren’t worth collecting imo!
Comment from : Phillip Thiebjord

American Mint is such a racket They do sometimes sell things that you might want, even though nothing they sell has numismatic value The problem is that when you buy something, if you don't read the small print you'll end up getting a coin every month on approval There is no reason to sell newly minted "coins" on approval since they look exactly like they do in the catalog! They mostly prey on elderly who respond to their ads and start sending out coins which are highly inflated in price
Comment from : Pyrolonn

They don't read the FINE PRINT All they see is the $995 SPECIAL Was $7999 now this one time offer $995 Read before you buy
Comment from : DALE STONER

Doug M
Only ones I would be interested in is the Daniel Carr coins like the 1922 standing liberty quarter in MS They like other are struck on real dies from the Denver mint the DC 1922 SLQ is a 1915-D mint quarter blank they used and they started at 80 bucks but online they are going for much more and ANACS ones in MS69 are goin in 300 range now if u can find them
Comment from : Doug M

Gabby Muth
Excellent Video, Investing right now is the right thing to do right now! I used to see trading as a side hustle until it yielded me huge profits when i met this individual broker Mr Tyler Dylan he is indeed a genius
Comment from : Gabby Muth

Mad Matt Digs
Comment from : Mad Matt Digs

Dan Ganz
can you buy those on the coin shopping tv network? I can only trust them because they are on TV right?
Comment from : Dan Ganz

Frost Knives
Hope you flip that ‘55’ in my personal top 5 Also thanks for coin knowledge
Comment from : Frost Knives

darin justice
I have two 1:1 replicas in my collection for coins that are impossible to get Both are made in 999 fine silver One is the 1895 P Morgan dollar (880 made) and the other is the 1965 D Peace dollar (all destroyed at the mint) I see no problem with them as long as they are marked properly and not marketed as being real
Comment from : darin justice

Jim Newsom
It's easy to spotthey are so cheap that it can't be a good buy Also, they show no wear at all
Comment from : Jim Newsom

Charles gordon
I love all your videos Daniel thank you
Comment from : Charles gordon

Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter
Thank you i paid $3000 for a james bond 007 and a month later i got a 2019 ASE COPY could not get my money back bought it in the USA and got it It was from china
Comment from : Nickel & Dime Coin Hunter

Brad McCubbin
Great information Daniel
Comment from : Brad McCubbin

William findspennies
There's an ass for every seat 💺 🙄
Comment from : William findspennies

Juan Ortiz-Velazquez
I was suspicious about one of these coins The Council has spoken
Comment from : Juan Ortiz-Velazquez

Donald in New Mexico
Comment from : Donald in New Mexico

We sell stuff like that for a dollar in our random junk box
Comment from : RetroHabit82

Joe Bohanon
My dad had some of those I'm 99 sure he purchased them from a legit coin shop for cheap (likely bought from someone who paid much more for them) just to have something with the classic designs It's still kind of cool to see a proof chain cent design, IMO
Comment from : Joe Bohanon

Chief Stacker
Great info glad you made this video I always thought they were just fakes I stay away from them
Comment from : Chief Stacker

Theresa Garland
Thank you very informative!
Comment from : Theresa Garland

Stay away from the American Mint and the GovMint ,anyplace trying to fool you with the name is a rip offbr I have bought those mini 5 gram 14k gold coins from the American Mint when I find them under melt that's about it
Comment from : SOB

Lee Brewer
Eye candy Too bad people get taken by them though
Comment from : Lee Brewer

Josepch Will
Thanks for another video
Comment from : Josepch Will

Hi Daniel! Thanks for the info My opinion is that these are just novelty rounds, definitely not an investment
Comment from : TR

Brian Mack
I live in Cincinnati and I'm looking forward to making a little road trip to your shop here soon to the beautiful town of Portsmouth Ohio I had a good buddy in college that was from Portsmouth and we used to go on some weekends tripsand Portsmouth was a good time so I'm looking forward to coming on a road trip to check out your shop sure you got lots of good stuff to look at and to purchasebr have a good one take care brB Mack Daddy from Cincinnati
Comment from : Brian Mack

Brian Mack
Plated crapolalol
Comment from : Brian Mack

Edward Lee
Daniel! Drill a hole in them and punch a counter stamp with your website or name Attach a keyholder and chain; give them away as advertising Be well! Ed
Comment from : Edward Lee

David Cassidy
If its not US Mint minted, I never even consider speculating a buy in hopes of future value increases, UNLESS its assayed / certified bullion
Comment from : David Cassidy

John LaRue
Excellent post Daniel I pay very close attention to items offered for sale/auction If it says anything other than US Mint or reputable coin dealers and grading, I won't touch it You have a better chance of winning the lottery while having a meteor crash at your feet than you do having one of these "deals" being valid! Well done sir
Comment from : John LaRue

Kristine Bailey
Novelty items trump's different ones are $300 bucks each to purchase pay no more than $300 bucks to five bucks
Comment from : Kristine Bailey

William Baker
There is a valid place for replica/copy rounds Yes, there is nothing special about them and the market should be a bit more honest Thanks for sharing
Comment from : William Baker

Keith Jackson
I have a couple of those laying around somewhere The bad thing is when you have someone who has one of the cheap Chinese copies that don't say COPY on them
Comment from : Keith Jackson

Melvin Thompson
Thanks for sharing!!!😎👍🏼❤️🇺🇸
Comment from : Melvin Thompson

Paul Bruney
Outstanding info ! I've seen some of these people ask me about and I tell them to give it to their kids to play store or collect them but they're fake coins for attraction only Some get upset but I tell them if they want a truer opinion take it to a coinshop "Which we don't have many Real coin shops in Arizona"
Comment from : Paul Bruney

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