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I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

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Information I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Title :  I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!
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Frames I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Description I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Comments I Took A Chance On A $30 EBAY ESTATE COIN LOT - What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

Saucey 2k
gotta stay away from the grab bags with "gold" in them lol
Comment from : Saucey 2k

Lol I feel you're pain
Comment from : JAROLD ORELLANA

I know this was a gimmick lot but I would have put the seller on blast sent him an email about that lot only being worth $8 you want your $82 back or $82 worth of items you gotta play these scammers, worst they do is give you the money back and you have free stuff
Comment from : Dave

Maurice Bethel
If he’s on eBay I’ll see it
Comment from : Maurice Bethel

Maurice Bethel
Oh wow that’s crazy I would not buy coins off of eBay no no no don’t do it
Comment from : Maurice Bethel

d m
Now if you used this crooks name he could sue you for slander and get even more of your money
Comment from : d m

julio perez
There should be a channel dedicated specifically to finding fraudulent post and vendors so that people who want to enjoy this hobby don't get burned in the process and never continue the hobby because of it So thank you for at least doing this every so on!
Comment from : julio perez

Joe h
This poor guy had no idea which one 2020 was going to bring
Comment from : Joe h

Jacob Parker
Yeah, I could buy a decent Morgan at my LCS for what you paid for this junk! What a let down of a seller
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Javier Rodriguez
Believe me, most of the money can be manufactured by scammers and the like, i was in peru and they warned me not to exchange in the streets, most countries have this fake currency
Comment from : Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez
If you want cheap stuff go to Alibaba or wish!, they have great stuff!
Comment from : Javier Rodriguez

Phillip Byrnes
Total value $2
Comment from : Phillip Byrnes

Kevin Hamilton
Wish I would have seen this video before I did this I did see this on EBAY and passed but ended up with a shitty lot for $3000 Total bummer
Comment from : Kevin Hamilton

Keep Trucking
😆 man this video dropped in Jan 2020 Only if he knew what was about to happen
Comment from : Keep Trucking

People pay thousand for bitcoins, which total bonkers you not upset about it are you ;)

The best one of these I ever had was a long time ago before gold and silver went crazy There was a local coin store that was closing business and I got a lot of cool stuff for cheap including large cents, Morgans and even a pack of WWII Philippine Guerilla notes
Comment from : Norm

Chris Rohrback
I got burned by one of these grab bags a few years back Never again 👎
Comment from : Chris Rohrback

Ricky Roof
Thanks, I was looking at doing this! Now I’m not!
Comment from : Ricky Roof

Josh Vasil
I just ordered a 60 some dollar lot like this, I hope I didn’t get screwed
Comment from : Josh Vasil

Matthew B
Wheres a good place to find lots like this Trying to add to my late dad's collection
Comment from : Matthew B

They are SCAMMERS!
Comment from : Mydejavooo

trevor morgan
theres alot of mugs out there
Comment from : trevor morgan

Scooter Renn
Yeah I've been buying from a few of these places and I feel like I've been getting burned every time does anybody know a reputable place that I can purchase these things from
Comment from : Scooter Renn

Gerald Pond
5:00 the seller is a good one the words are COLORED to let you know your coins are so rare for a good price! See they are rare!!! They made it red so you can see it!!!
Comment from : Gerald Pond

Aren’t almost all ancients cleaned?
Comment from : expatatat

Vintage pokemon cards
Comment from : Vintage pokemon cards

Eliyahu Zylberberg
And then he found a 1943 copper wheat Penney
Comment from : Eliyahu Zylberberg

Raymond Van Loon
I've dealt with this guy in the past I'm a rookie in the coin game but I felt so stiffed Great video!
Comment from : Raymond Van Loon

Jaspher Dalipe
I have a 100 dollar 1934 how much the value?
Comment from : Jaspher Dalipe

You can take those gold flakes and sprinkle them in your shot of cheapest popov vodka
Comment from : StopFear

Here is another thing Someone who is selling these “awesome lots” is probably the same person who owns multiple accounts to give an impression it is different people since their descriptions and style all look the same Honestly, in my opinion it all can be considered almost a scam
Comment from : StopFear

Most sellers if these “amazing lots” are probably selling you something like this There are no good things for cheap and people fall for it
Comment from : StopFear

Comment from : StopFear

I Like Numismatics1940
“And here is an absolute beast of an Indian head cent”brShows damaged Indian headbr“That is a BEAUTY, of a 1943, steel cent if I ever saw one of those”brShows a circulated steel cent with a small bit of zinc platingbrWOW, AMAZING!brThis estate lot was hilariously terrible I give this an F
Comment from : I Like Numismatics1940

Alex Kosnicki
Thank you brother I'm new to coin collecting and I'm doing my research Always a 👍
Comment from : Alex Kosnicki

Tonya Rice
I bought a lot from coin crate for $10900 I never got a confirmation and to make matters worse I was charged twice So I reached out to let them know that they double charged me and asked why I never even got a confirmation and the guy told me he would send it soon and it’s been 4 weeks now and I never heard anything I’m so pissed off I have sent them numerous emails and never heard back from them Did you ever hear of this place? I seen a YouTube video of someone else that had bought a lot so I figured I’d give it a try I don’t even know what to do I never even received my coins or anything
Comment from : Tonya Rice

neil carlson
Grab bags=colossal junk
Comment from : neil carlson

Jeffrey Eichler
I live by new castle pawhen you opened it i expected to see drugsnot a place you want to raise a family or buy things from
Comment from : Jeffrey Eichler

Did anyone else count 19 items plus bonos Maybe that is what he means by 20 items as long as you spell bonus wrong
Comment from : mikespiggybank

Im not a pussy i will call out the scammers , JeffCoins, tallone2050, coins-treasures-antiques, treasuresandcoins-9, morgandealer I have bought from each of them and all rip offs i would fight morgandealer tallone2050 and jeffcoins they are real piece of shits The rest of em have been deleted and usually come back under a different name
Comment from : Kastner702

All the gold vials i have gotten from those from multiple multiple ebay sellers contained 0 gold Mostly copper or something like that but its a joke I knew it was a joke cuz when i weighed all of them together i had like 25 grams and was stoked haha sadly i was mistaken
Comment from : Kastner702

Noah Kail
Yeah bro you just got massacred
Comment from : Noah Kail

Untethered & Untamed
I have a unserrckalated 1943 steel
Comment from : Untethered & Untamed

WW Gapoo
Your ancient coin, ladies and gentleman is only worth one dollar I bought a boatload of those off eBay for 90 cents a piece
Comment from : WW Gapoo

Didn't you know that this seller is FERENGIlive long and prosper

I can’t believe you actually bought this Just the spelling errors in the listing gives it away how much crap there would be Blast this jokester on eBay God awful
Comment from : azmetaldetector

Brendan McCardle
Stop complaining
Comment from : Brendan McCardle

Albeit the coin is quite worn but that ain't a bad coin, the 1911 Philadelphia barber dime is less that 2 million minted Compared to the D and S that is the loswest of the mints for the 1911 barbers That's a nice piece!
Comment from : DANCERcow

IM Dunn
7:15 before you see anything
Comment from : IM Dunn

Am Blades
Thanks this is why I watch, I saved every piece of change I got for 61/2 years, went thru them when I retired, let's say the bank got a lot of coins back Thanks again!!!!
Comment from : Am Blades

Vic Green
44 eBay sellers Disliked this video
Comment from : Vic Green

Vic Green
Is the gold stuff, real gold or just plasic peace's?
Comment from : Vic Green

Deacon Mills
I'll take the 1939 wheat cent you don't want it
Comment from : Deacon Mills

You give $30 to get stuff for ten bucks
Comment from : POTUS 45

My rule of thumb, don't buy coins that aren't actually pictured in the ad (unless it's from a reputable seller and you're buying it for it's melt value), and also when buying silver (90 constitutional), buy by face value instead of weight, (they'll sell by Troy pounds or other ridiculous weights)
Comment from : Historian23

Tanner VanPutten
Looking at it from the other perspective not every mystery bag can be a winner Othereise why would the seller not just sell everything individuallyand as far as the "value" hes likely talking book valuesnot ebay sold that we know regardless the item is always much higher than anywhere else
Comment from : Tanner VanPutten

Coin Treasure Hunt
Name and shame! Only buy from genuine private sellers that have their items up for auction You only lose when buying from these chancers!
Comment from : Coin Treasure Hunt

Chucky McNubbin
Yeah, that gold leaf in the vial is quite often not even gold I often pick up the generic vials of "gold" leaf and I tend to test the gold inside Most of the time I get negative results for gold
Comment from : Chucky McNubbin

William O
Anyone notice "BONOS" on the nickle?
Comment from : William O

Ham and Cheese
I’ve dug IHP’s out of the ground in better condition than that, weak lot
Comment from : Ham and Cheese

Dutch Silver Stacker
fun fact gold flakes are always just 18 to max 20kt gold lol nog 24kt so the seller is lying at the beginning of his listing :p
Comment from : Dutch Silver Stacker

Andy Granatelli
Go to 7:16 You’ll thank me later
Comment from : Andy Granatelli

Coin Horder
Hey get with Coinhelpu You tube channel I think he did the same one unless I am confusing him with another channel and call up eBay customer service and get that seller removed from eBay 1 866 540 3229 eBay customer service number
Comment from : Coin Horder

Coin Horder
Send it back to the seller get your money back not as advertise and complain to eBay they need to be flagged and removed from eBay to prevent some poor suckers flushing their money down the toliet
Comment from : Coin Horder

Coin Horder
Not the worthless gold glitter crapola
Comment from : Coin Horder

Coin Horder
Lots of good coins and good buys on eBay but just not for coin estate sales
Comment from : Coin Horder

Coin Horder
Every Estate lot from eBay is just bad or esty any coins from esty is bad accept for one seller it was a Washington by quarter good buy although the price was to high for raw if it was graded it would be spot on
Comment from : Coin Horder

Coin Horder
Oh no I saw two other YouTube channels and their packages were from New Castle Pa and they got snowed
Comment from : Coin Horder

Mellé wedin
I have found that these lots are nit worth your money what so ever They are nothing but rip offs All of them I have seen sandwich bags for sale full of that 24k gold
Comment from : Mellé wedin

Larry Wardlow
I cant believe you people fall for these scam listings LOL your just begging to get burnt The seller doesnt give a damn if you leave them negative feedback either The sad part is, the seller is getting away with ripping people off Probably 99 of his customers for this item are first time coin buyers just trying to get into the hobby Hes probably made several thousands of dollars scamming newbies and nobody is going to stop him Ebay loves him They have placed him at the top of the pedestal and recommend you get scammed by him LOL After all, ebay gets 10 of the sale so the more bull shit they ALLOW to be sold the more money they make
Comment from : Larry Wardlow

Tony Fryer
There is one born every minute
Comment from : Tony Fryer

I almost want to buy one of these just to leave a terrible review
Comment from : CapAnson12345

Derek Cooley
The sad part isI've seen other videos reviewing the same lot, and tons of people STILL buy from them Absolute garbage seller I hope everyone sees this review, before buying
Comment from : Derek Cooley

Drake Savory
If that Barber were any slicker it would be a slug
Comment from : Drake Savory

I completely agree with your assessment of this scam eBay lot One thing i would like to point out is that frugal and cheap are actually not the same thing, frugal is being smart with money, being cheap is being an asshole with money You can be frugal and spend a fair bit of money on a quality item that lasts, while being cheap is buying a crap quality item that doesn't, or trying to get a good quality item by whining and complaining about the price or trying to get someone to give it to you Being cheap could be eating out at unhealthy and cheap fast food places all the time, while being frugal could be eating out at a nice restaurant, but less often
Comment from : nodsib

Allen Jackson
I stopped using EBay all together Too many fees and crap on there
Comment from : Allen Jackson

just posted what I got in my 30$ ebay buy
Comment from : CJrek

Casey Sheaffer
One of the first coin lots ive ever bought, a whole 5$ worth of trash
Comment from : Casey Sheaffer

TB Willoughby
No deal for this guy! Except for MAYBE the silver cert, I would put the coins back into circulation The "cleaned" Ancient coin would be "busted" out and rolled with 50 cents (51 coins) and turned in to a local bank
Comment from : TB Willoughby

Secret Singer 7
I've always assumed these were scams so; I have never bought any Thanks for knowingly sacrificing a few dollars to show all to stay away from probably any seller of such fraud listings Thank You From, Jay
Comment from : Secret Singer 7

Lil Daddy
Collected coins since I was 9 to 40 years Then sold my collection while I made a career in the Army 25 yrs later (65  years) I'm collecting again and it's a whole different collecting world I like eBay And Amazon but I run into scams After a couple of very bad purchases I started reading more on the reviews and most important is watching videos from guys like Blueridgesilverhound  Big pat on your back buddy, thank you!!!
Comment from : Lil Daddy

silver stallion
Well if he's ripping people off I'm glad your putting him on blast! He's wrong for doing that crap! It erks me
Comment from : silver stallion

Matthew Kruse
I see these all the time They are all scams The “gold” isn’t even worth a dollar lol I’ve never bought any of them and never will
Comment from : Matthew Kruse

2A Enthusiast
This video was a great service Sellers like this are scammers, and they deserve to be called out
Comment from : 2A Enthusiast

Kevin Leis
There $4999 now lol
Comment from : Kevin Leis

Kenneth Larsen
With the E-Bay and Paypal fees plus shipping, It would be hard to make any money doing something like this I may still try it because I know I could do better than this guy
Comment from : Kenneth Larsen

The Missouri Traveler
Straight trash
Comment from : The Missouri Traveler

Josepch Will
I did this when I was really new to collecting That was back in 2013-14 Thanks again
Comment from : Josepch Will

A $22 lesson lol
Comment from : ptah31

Epic Coin Hunting
I made a very similar video!
Comment from : Epic Coin Hunting

I just got mine in the mail today ill post a video opening it Saturday! Lets hope I get something better
Comment from : CJrek

ben bertelmann
You seem angry lol don't buy surprises
Comment from : ben bertelmann

Vanessa Lumbra
I hope you educated this seller by leaving a detailed worth on each coin you got Maybe he'll refund you money He asked you for feed back, give it to him
Comment from : Vanessa Lumbra

Dalton Fox
Thats garbage sorry that happened!
Comment from : Dalton Fox

Daniel Medina
He let you down not cool
Comment from : Daniel Medina

Kobi Sims
I bought this thing a month ago and was disappointed and even contacted the seller and no response it's a scam
Comment from : Kobi Sims

You know what they say: A sucker is born every second They usually don't make youtube videos about it though ;) On the plus side you will be making money with this video so it will help payback the money you lost to the genius selling those to fishes ;)
Comment from : Calendyr

Reggie Longoria
WARNING : don't ever buy from bulk lots They are complete bullshit and a waste of your money and time Nine out of ten times, you're going to get royally screwedbrI have been dealing with coins for 40 years If you see deals like this, they are too good to be true Stay away
Comment from : Reggie Longoria

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