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Feliza Garza
How much is a 1953s
Comment from : Feliza Garza

Feliza Garza
The oldest I have is 1919d
Comment from : Feliza Garza

Sky Romero
I have one cent 1950
Comment from : Sky Romero

Rubelita Alsabrook
Hi I have 1948 penny,isn't still good,? Thanks for sharing 😊🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Rubelita Alsabrook

Mr I Forgot
I stole a nice coin collection from this old man After I beat him really good I noticed there was some fantastic coins I was able to sell a few to my crack dealer and he gave me a boulder size crack rock, not only that you guys, butt he gave me $50 in cash Stupid 1922 no d Ms 60 pcgs whatever that means! I tried breaking it out of that stupid hard plastic so I could look at better It was hard to do I only broke open a stupid 1909 penny Feel a little bad smashing that old guys head, butt he should have listened better
Comment from : Mr I Forgot

I want sale 1944 wheat penny,
Comment from : K S

Thi Kim Chi Le
I have one cent pennies 1945 , how much value
Comment from : Thi Kim Chi Le

Russ Russ
Comment from : Russ Russ

U want to buy some
Comment from : jeremy

Magalean Williams
Ihave a 1952 wheat coin how much is it worth
Comment from : Magalean Williams

Dollytrotter Trotter
I have 3
Comment from : Dollytrotter Trotter

Scott Depew
Where on your page can I buy coin supplies? All I'm seeing is apparel and mugs
Comment from : Scott Depew

Brenda Foose
I've got a 1956 it's old it's like the ones u are showing
Comment from : Brenda Foose

William Johnson
Okay so I have one & several more that you had talked about now it's a bit darker than that 92 you had there & has doubling on the D it's a D & has the AM small post on first leg on M & hard strike on top of head & back side & Curly Q's in the beard and hair & hard lines on his lapel on his coat & 69, 69 D & 68 D & is a mint State super shiny & a 1882 Double Eagle gold $20, & mint is Center City In very good a bit better & pretty sure few other in mint state & have big-time surgery, so??
Comment from : William Johnson

Fossil And Coin Collector
Wait…I have a coin just like that…:O of 1909 with the s mark :$
Comment from : Fossil And Coin Collector

Leslie Alexander
I found a 1964 d with the capital A in STATES missing, what should I do?
Comment from : Leslie Alexander

Leslie Alexander
I found a 1964 d with the capital A in STATES is missing, what should I do?
Comment from : Leslie Alexander

Gary Young
I have a 1907 wheat penny in good condition in red and several others different years how do I go about having them graded
Comment from : Gary Young

Charles Turnbow
On back of nickel saids ocean view or the joy
Comment from : Charles Turnbow

Charles Turnbow
2005 nickel p might be fack
Comment from : Charles Turnbow

Charles Turnbow
A 1930 it has a very light reserves with the one cent penny please help
Comment from : Charles Turnbow

jessie hendley
I have 2 pennies date 1944s what are they woirth
Comment from : jessie hendley

Jorge Del Valle
I have Penny 1945
Comment from : Jorge Del Valle

Jorge Del Valle
I got a painting 1943
Comment from : Jorge Del Valle

Russel Ocampo
I have 1951s penny's
Comment from : Russel Ocampo

Xiomara Tejeda
Hi I have dolar for 1979 with the letter p how much cost please Thank you
Comment from : Xiomara Tejeda

Acura RL
How do I find the different color penny video of yours?
Comment from : Acura RL

Paulie Cadwell
I have a 1909 1964Dlooks like new who do I talk too
Comment from : Paulie Cadwell

Javier Oliva
I have five 1943 weat pennys that are copper
Comment from : Javier Oliva

Christopher Woods
Is a 1955 d penny with error s worth anything
Comment from : Christopher Woods

I have a 1967 steel penny
Comment from : M R

Dionicio ordoñez
Hey Justin if you can find me a cheap s vdb 1909 help me get one please odie
Comment from : Dionicio ordoñez

Josephine Madronio
Ano ba year hanap nyo tutuo ba na nabili kau o ndi loko loko lnh yata mga balita myo
Comment from : Josephine Madronio

Brandie Malott
1917 penny no mint, can see all lettering its in ok condition, I think
Comment from : Brandie Malott

I just found a 1951 wheat penny in the bottom of my washing machine and that's why I'm here watching this video It does not have a d or an s
Comment from : Holly

Sheryll David
i have 1919 penny i want to sell it
Comment from : Sheryll David

Diane KLands
I have found a 1796 to 1996 bicentennial Penny I will sale it to the best price so I can get me a car
Comment from : Diane KLands

Mariendy Vargas
I got some coins where can i sell them?
Comment from : Mariendy Vargas

Indigenous Marcellus
I have many penny that collection I'm cele
Comment from : Indigenous Marcellus

Billy Taylor
Got a 1944 S wheat Penny Hard to find Some one coin store in Las Vegas Nevada want to buy It very Good condition
Comment from : Billy Taylor

Ghost shooter  Games ☠️
I have a 1940 penny, how much is it worth?
Comment from : Ghost shooter Games ☠️

Nitin Shah
I also have 1958 D
Comment from : Nitin Shah

Nitin Shah
I have two coins of 1992D wide AM and 8 coins of Close AM of various years with Double Die errors for sale in Mumbai IndiabrAny buyer?
Comment from : Nitin Shah

Drews Roofing & Home Repair
Watching now
Comment from : Drews Roofing & Home Repair

urbita noche
would you pls check your messenger i have a message for you
Comment from : urbita noche

Floretta Bowen
I enjoy your feedback on your show and I appreciate it Floretta Bowen
Comment from : Floretta Bowen

Zeki Kilic
Selambenim 48parca koleksyon değerli paralarım var satmakistiyorum cok temiz paralar
Comment from : Zeki Kilic

Rolondo Scott
Its crazy because you never hear of anybody finding any of these coins smh I been searching like crazy 😂 I'm looking at every penny I come in contact with
Comment from : Rolondo Scott

I have a 1954 wheat cent that weighs 250 grams have you heard of this error beforethanks MrCouch
Comment from : MAC DOUBT

Royce Gresham
I've got a 1918 wheat penny it's pretty worn, what would you suggest? Still have it graded? And how much to grade each coin by pgcs? I could barely see the date so you think it should still be worth enough to grade
Comment from : Royce Gresham

anthony darden
I have a 1909vdb is this coin worth something
Comment from : anthony darden

Ngurah Menaka
I have one cent 1941 how much wort??
Comment from : Ngurah Menaka

xtreamdiaz Vlog
how to sale i have 1 of this
Comment from : xtreamdiaz Vlog

Jerry Lester
I got a 1929 s wheat penny looks like it's got a weak t in the trust or they won't like it and then I got a 1925 s is these pennies worth something
Comment from : Jerry Lester

May Day
How do I find out if my 1920 s wheat penny is worth anything where to sell it? I also have a 1944, 1941, 1953 and 55
Comment from : May Day

Paula Milligan
Hey can you help me outi have 4 1922 silver dollarswith no mint Mark's in extremely good condition and 1922 s?????
Comment from : Paula Milligan

Roberto Armida
I have a 1943 D mint red should be ms 67 up grade i dont know if i want to sell it
Comment from : Roberto Armida

UNKWN fn ツ
Update I found the penny
Comment from : UNKWN fn ツ

UNKWN fn ツ
I found that penny but I lost it facckj
Comment from : UNKWN fn ツ

rachel Diaz
what if the indian heads have no mint marks? like 1890? are these suppose to
Comment from : rachel Diaz

Игорь Бородай
Super ❤️
Comment from : Игорь Бородай

Once in America
Comment from : บุ๋ม

Comment from : บุ๋ม

Crystal Williams
Sandra PressleybrJ&B I have 2 pennies that are in bad shape what do I do with them I assume they are pennies but there is nothing visa left to let you know what they are except size
Comment from : Crystal Williams

Crystal Williams
I have 3 of the 1999 pennies and someone is asking $100,000for that one Penny I will take $100,000 For all 3of mine Sandra Pressley
Comment from : Crystal Williams

Tyler Frederick
I have a 1953 steal wheat penny I tried looking it up can’t find anything can you tell me more
Comment from : Tyler Frederick

I have the penny in the thumbtitle
Comment from : IAmMadster

Tess Kautz
I had 1917 how much
Comment from : Tess Kautz

Jose Jdm
What about a 1945 penny with the two seed weeds
Comment from : Jose Jdm

Manuel Concepcion
I have a 1944 S Lincoln penny one cent
Comment from : Manuel Concepcion

Rhonda McDonald
I have a wheat penny 193 is the date one it
Comment from : Rhonda McDonald

Thomas Workman
Say this is Thomas workman in Austin TX and I have a silver dollar dating back to 1896 can you let me know if it,s worth any money
Comment from : Thomas Workman

Pierre-André Pagezy
Bonjour,la mais soge 1953 couleur claire argent
Comment from : Pierre-André Pagezy

Matar Manneh
I have a 1881 silver dollar coin , no mint mark, and want to sell
Comment from : Matar Manneh

AAK club
I have one cent 1982 coin brIs it valuable? brI want to sell this coin Please help
Comment from : AAK club

Mamaw Dillons This &That And Pearls Of Wisdom
I enjoy your info I have a hoard of coins, I would like some advice How do i sent pics to you?
Comment from : Mamaw Dillons This &That And Pearls Of Wisdom

huy truong
I have a penny from 1943 S
Comment from : huy truong

Keith Jones
How much will it cost to get a coin graded
Comment from : Keith Jones

JP - 1987
I understand cleaning your coins is not recommended Does that include just water with a lil dabbing to see the date or mint mark I heard there is ways to clean your coins without ruining the value
Comment from : JP - 1987

Luis Federico Franco Mejia
yo tengo muchicimas monrdas que ustedes nos muestran que al hir a certificarlas y demorarlas halla le resultan a uno que no sirbieron para nada y si las devuelven son otras parecidas sin valores algunos asi esta pasando con nosotros los colombianos que ya lasd gentes les da mucho miedo llebarlas a dichas oficinas porque despues de unos dias resultan diciendo que esas monedas no valen absoluta mente para nada y devuelven otras parecidas falsas sin ningunos valores
Comment from : Luis Federico Franco Mejia

james blackburn
ummmm I THINK I HSVE THE 1992 one!!!!
Comment from : james blackburn

Keith Hutcheson
Stop billing me when I am canceled and I will be stopping that payment for 499 When I signed up it was 219 now it's 499 I thought my account was canceled you owe me $499
Comment from : Keith Hutcheson

Mercedes Lantigua
Tengo uno 1930
Comment from : Mercedes Lantigua

Mercedes Lantigua
Im hay 1930
Comment from : Mercedes Lantigua

Alison Garcia
1944 s wheat penny
Comment from : Alison Garcia

Chrisshawn Eatman
I have 12 weat penny in stocks
Comment from : Chrisshawn Eatman

Maricor Tiamson
I have 3 pennies here
Comment from : Maricor Tiamson

Tammy C
No microscope on your store
Comment from : Tammy C

Michael Leftwich
I have a 1909 VDB, but it's not an "S" mint What do you think it's worth It is in criculated condition, but date and letters can be easily read
Comment from : Michael Leftwich

Donna Keener
I have a 1943 D penny Where or who can I take this penny to cash it in?
Comment from : Donna Keener

Donna Keener
I have a 1849 penny in excellent condition Is there value to that penny?
Comment from : Donna Keener

Michael Ekstrand
I have a 1982 close am
Comment from : Michael Ekstrand

Christine Sales
Buy a house
Comment from : Christine Sales

chicolandia 809
I have about 100 steel coins from 1943 can anyone tell me we're from NY I can go and gread them
Comment from : chicolandia 809

Michael Joynt
now I need to check my pennies again, I thought i had a couple different years of steel pennies but i might be thinking of my nickels
Comment from : Michael Joynt

s&c official
How do I turn it in I have it
Comment from : s&c official

What about dates with only 3 digits or blank on both sides?
Comment from : SUNSHINE C

Diana Gibble
Hello thank you so much for this info I have like Almost all these pennies how do I contact you about them steel and all the top ten of this video please get back to me thank you sincerely
Comment from : Diana Gibble

Kidd Uncad
I have 1969s
Comment from : Kidd Uncad

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