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How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners

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Information How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners

Title :  How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners
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Frames How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners

Description How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners

Comments How To Become A Millionaire: Index Fund Investing For Beginners

Loïc René
Hey, i just started watching the channel and im feeling very inspired, but i got one question, is the vanguard thing an international thing cuz i dont live in the US but want to start investing in it
Comment from : Loïc René

Adam Blesener
I feel like index funds are often skipped over by many beginning investors including me
Comment from : Adam Blesener

Investing with Christine Anne Pavel on Instagram
I made my first millions investing in the stock market and index fund with the help of a professional Christine, I will recommend her for beginners, her strategies are top notch
Comment from : Investing with Christine Anne Pavel on Instagram

Sami Smith
Great advice - exactly what I was looking for but those index funds aren't available in the UK Are you or is anyone familiar with the UK equivalent funds I can look into? Mainly interested in VTSAX & VTIAX
Comment from : Sami Smith

Chris Hall
Lol "it's really easy, it's really basic" brGraham * shows a picture of a basic white girl holding starbucks *
Comment from : Chris Hall

how would someone recommend finding a great advisor
Comment from : VOTR

as a person considering to enter the market as a NEWB, What should one do if they want to invest $10,000 ? Index funds?
Comment from : VOTR

Robert F
Stupid question Should I go directly to vanguard and get started it should I just buy let’s say VOO myself on my TOS app? brbrIs there a time limit to to how long I have to how long I have to hold these? (In theory) could I put in $1000… It goes up to $1500 12 months later and I yank it out to go live the easy life Or do I have to have it for 30 years or get a penalty or something? brbrAlso I’m 40 I’m a construction worker Is it too late? Can I retire a millionaire if I start now and have basically no prior investments to speak of besides my house?
Comment from : Robert F

Creed D
is it $3000 to invest into the ones he suggested???
Comment from : Creed D

Dhiren Adatia
What happens if I put 500$ on an index fund and leave it in there for 30 years?
Comment from : Dhiren Adatia

I can't thank you enough This opened a whole new world to me At 24 years old I feel like I found out about this too late, hoping these index funds will pay off in my 30s
Comment from : 91M views

Im 16 now and have an Idea about how my future may will look like, thanks man!
Comment from : ZH-LEU

Jacob Hernandez
how regular should we invest in our index funds and how much?
Comment from : Jacob Hernandez

Walter Uwe
The stock market is still a fantastic tool for building wealth, however, so it's wise to consider investing even if you don't have much money to spare
Comment from : Walter Uwe

Kelvin William
I realized that the secret to making a million is making better investment I always tell myself you don't need that new Car or that vacation just yet and that mindset helps me make more money invest:ng For example last year I invested 70k in blue chip stocks and crypt0 s (with the help of my advisor of course) and made about 380k, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million Delayed gratification always pays off
Comment from : Kelvin William

I hope someone can explain this, how do I actually get rich from just investing and working a normal job If I buy an index fund or and etf, when do I eventually sell this to finally get back my profits? I understand all other investments such as real estate or dividend but for etf or index funds, when do I eventually sell it? If the answer is not to sell, I hope someone can explain to me how it will benefit my pocket Thank you Soo much and have a good day
Comment from : D ONLYONE

Wang Fang
When you stop learning , you get left behind Never stop educating yourself
Comment from : Wang Fang

Index funds give you very little money
Comment from : Greenswan1000

Andrew G
The whole industry of overpaid financial advisors who doesn’t deserved they salary because they don’t beat the market
Comment from : Andrew G

allen ennis
Is there an index fund on the medical industry? Or does the platform allow you to build your own index fund with the companies you want in one field?
Comment from : allen ennis

ben noble
Car in the background… 🤡 🤡 🎪 🤡
Comment from : ben noble

Therea Mintle
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"
Comment from : Therea Mintle

William Diaz
Should I invest with vanguard or just robinhood
Comment from : William Diaz

So as a beginning are we talking like 20 dollars a month?
Comment from : ZEPHYR YT

Annette Seen
Making money is the plan and with Bitcoin Investment your plans can be fulfilled
Comment from : Annette Seen

Alberto R
Is the car behind you a green screen?
Comment from : Alberto R

Tom pits
Received my first profit of 3k yesterday!!!brIt really feels like I've won the world cup finals 🍾 💃
Comment from : Tom pits

Van Odyssey
Turned video off as soon as I seen a sports car behind him Too much joke!!
Comment from : Van Odyssey

Tito Real
I can take my retirement money out and invest it But don’t know how to put it in an index fund If I retire in six years, they will give me a pension of $3,100 for life brbrThey will give me around $120,000 after taxes
Comment from : Tito Real

luis valencia
Recently found your channel and I love it man I've recently started thinking more about my financial future and saving/investing and your content is solid gold 👌
Comment from : luis valencia

Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

Miller Zachary
The illegal shadow summatively glue because actress previously back minus a loutish face needy, robust ring
Comment from : Miller Zachary

Jay Kay
God bless you
Comment from : Jay Kay

j Villa Knows
Can anyone explain a pro/con of investing in VTI and VOO at the same time? Lets say 25/25 instead of 50 into just one of them
Comment from : j Villa Knows

I'm not living in the US Can I invest the way that you told?
Comment from : TEWDEY LAWMARK

Kimberly David
In as much as so many people who haven't mastered trading are on the internet taking clients and wrecking their accounts One really need a very good expert in the field and that's why I recommend Mr Harvey Barrett FX
Comment from : Kimberly David

Jozef Sedliak
ok you deserve a like
Comment from : Jozef Sedliak

Jamie Gaskins
Becoming a millionaire through index funds is like losing your virginity to a hooker at age 65 brbrYou’re too old to enjoy your prize and it’s not impressive
Comment from : Jamie Gaskins

Sam James
Many see forex as a get rich scheme but forex is not like that, it's a gradual process with the right tools and application you can make a living from forex trading
Comment from : Sam James

Wisdom Of The Water
thanks so much brother for sharing this phenomenal information
Comment from : Wisdom Of The Water

James ag
Currently invested everything into real estate in the UK and managing it Bit stressful and sometimes quite pricey though (repair) and tenants can sometimes be a bit stressful which is why I’m interested in index funds
Comment from : James ag

john smith
vanguard yields are way low
Comment from : john smith

john smith
what about fidelity funds??
Comment from : john smith

Amour Mtungo
Thank you
Comment from : Amour Mtungo

Amour Mtungo
Thank you
Comment from : Amour Mtungo

Said Chammas
Can we have a 2021 update video?
Comment from : Said Chammas

OPEN MIND Investimentos
good luck, this video, helped my channel to move forward thank you
Comment from : OPEN MIND Investimentos

John Fox
So how much do you invest just what you can afford each paycheck?
Comment from : John Fox

Hello Stephen does vanguard or fidelity works in Malaysia or South East Asia
Comment from : UNITED OF RJ YT

Nick Barber
Just a small clarification that an s&p 500 index does not necessarily include 500 stocks could be more or less
Comment from : Nick Barber

3:38 VnQ
Comment from : TBCT INC

Edgar López
Can I still invest with vanguard even if I don’t live in the US? I live in Germany and I wanna start investing in index funds but I don’t know if this information is also applicable in Europe
Comment from : Edgar López

Aryadev rijal
just turned 15 yesterday, im going to spend everything i have saved up till now, i will invest in index funds
Comment from : Aryadev rijal

Justin Rampage
Thanks, sir! I’m 39 I wish that I could go back in time to push myself into investing I goofed I plan on jumping into index funds now Would you recommend going 70/20/10 in stock/intl/bonds? Im thinking about putting a lump sum in each and then splitting $200 per month to put into each
Comment from : Justin Rampage

Hey Graham, is now 2021 and would like your opinion in today's index funds Are Fidelity better than Vanguard? Does Fidelity has a total US, international and total bond index fund?brThank you for sharing your journey and knowledge (for entertainment purposes, ofcourse)
Comment from : jesusrojas007

The Django JoE Show Official
This saved me so much stress and timebrThank you!
Comment from : The Django JoE Show Official

wildluxe art
I am way too excited about this right now!
Comment from : wildluxe art

Chazton Boutte
What about the SPY
Comment from : Chazton Boutte

Erik Schäfer
Glad i found this at 14!!!
Comment from : Erik Schäfer

gerard lead
75 in total stock market and 25 in international
Comment from : gerard lead

Adit Paliwal
Do you like save money and put it in yearly or monthly?
Comment from : Adit Paliwal

Guo Wei Yan
So glad I found this at 67 I’m going all in on AMC and GME, and not selling for two decades
Comment from : Guo Wei Yan

Gilles Van Dycke
What is the difference between this and ETF'S and should I invest in a fund like this as a 18 year old with €3000 saved
Comment from : Gilles Van Dycke

MohammadIslam Ahmed
This is really a great video, but as for me I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mr smart williams, his trading strategies are top notch
Comment from : MohammadIslam Ahmed

New Dawn Gaming
Stability is far better than luck
Comment from : New Dawn Gaming

New Dawn Gaming
I think i remember hearing that people who invest off of emotion aren’t investors they’re gamblers or have the mentality of children Invest on a scedual cuz you dont know the future there is no need to stress over missed opportunities Keep money in and you win over all
Comment from : New Dawn Gaming

New Dawn Gaming
Always bet on the average going up Cuz when it goes down its all going downwards
Comment from : New Dawn Gaming

arzificial intelligence
After watching this video, I became a millionaire Can you believe it?
Comment from : arzificial intelligence

Literally everyone wants to find this type of videos before
Comment from : ゆきらYukira

Eric Donna
Bitcoin is a good business someone can think of doing
Comment from : Eric Donna

Md Hossain
awesome bro
Comment from : Md Hossain

Zoe Chen
How much do you invest in stocks vs real estate?
Comment from : Zoe Chen

Rosario Escobar
Great content
Comment from : Rosario Escobar

Do you have to wait until your 60 to pull out your money tax free like Roth IRAs?
Comment from : Bryce

Sundayv Godson
Investing successfully in forex requires the expertise of a professional broker, that is why I have made profit since i started trading with Mrs Griffin, she is the best
Comment from : Sundayv Godson

This is probably a dumb question because I never really learned much about this but is Index Fund Investing just for having wealth in a few decades and only being able to use the money once you sell everything? Or are there dividends that regularly get paid to investors? I'm looking to increase my income asap
Comment from : incogneter

T Smith
This video might have changed my life
Comment from : T Smith

Ian Welch
More like become a millionaire by age 70 You don't become rich like this guy by just putting your money in an index fund That requires far more risk-taking
Comment from : Ian Welch

David Khuu
Hi Graham, I’m 48 years old is it still too late to invest in low cost index funds?
Comment from : David Khuu

Christina B
Great video!!!
Comment from : Christina B

Jordan Kartchner
I love these highly objective and informational videos
Comment from : Jordan Kartchner

Burt Garwood
I really enjoy your videos Thanks for sharing your successes and your knowledge
Comment from : Burt Garwood

Susila thapa
bBefore you become rich,/bbrbSuccess is all about growing yourself,/b bWhen you become rich,/b bsuccess is about growing others/b bXpert Mr Chapman is here to assist you grow your portfolio and gather more riches/b
Comment from : Susila thapa

I want to put 100k into QQQ long term and add 2-3k monthly do you think I should have more etfs 2-4 in portfolio ?
Comment from : CHRIS198490

Sophie F
What percentages would you recommend I invest in in the three fund portfolio as a 17 year old ? Thank you
Comment from : Sophie F

Why would you go international funds? Why would you be 10 bonds at young age? Isn't that a waste
Comment from : Torrent79

Chris Kowynia
@ literally everyone in know
Comment from : Chris Kowynia

Bryan C
But like…where do you even start? Do you need to open a type of account?
Comment from : Bryan C

cantdie888 warzone
i love milioners can i be one of them 👍👍♥️♥️😂😂
Comment from : cantdie888 warzone

Call Me Teej
Bruh why is his voice deeper in this video?
Comment from : Call Me Teej

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NDNG Rifat
A great course, I learned a lot and have had a solid year of success investing since completing the program The monthly report from Eyeonsight🧶net is a 'must have' in my opinion"
Comment from : NDNG Rifat

Rebbine Dogru
Eyeonsight🧶net really helped to alleviate my apprehension of investing I now understand what I need to do in order to invest properly I enjoyed the examples used in the company
Comment from : Rebbine Dogru

Nilesh Parhate
For a returning NRI seeking a peaceful retired life and in need of advice on investment, tax planning, tax filing and organizing financial affairs, Eyeonsight🧶net proved to be the right people They are always only a phone call away They provide me with good advice and thus peace of mind
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Eyeonsight🧶net are systematic, thorough and meticulous in their approach towards the research they carry out before providing financial advice They helped me to develop clarity of thought in formulating my financial goals
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Kutay kurtcali
I found Eyeonsight🧶net incredible depth of knowledge about investing was matched by his genuine desire to impart that wisdom to others He really is a great investor The website covers everything you need to know, without being overwhelming or complex I heartily recommend taking Eyeonsight🧶net , with Mr fernandez as your guide
Comment from : Kutay kurtcali

Taha Genç
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yahya mahmudov
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Comment from : yahya mahmudov

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