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How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

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Title :  How To Make Money If You Are Under 18
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Comments How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

Asad Yousafzai 26
You should have added the line that 9999 people never got approved for working
Comment from : Asad Yousafzai 26

I am 13 and I'm a game developer :) I got money!
Comment from : Spectrm

lazar vulovic
Just sell drugs like me
Comment from : lazar vulovic

kadin Fowler
And here I thought drugs were doing it
Comment from : kadin Fowler

The Bean Bag
Start selling drugs
Comment from : The Bean Bag

Vertica 2019
I actually get paid for helping my grandparents and siblings how to use computers
Comment from : Vertica 2019

Ava Sophia
Mrs Charlottes is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Comment from : Ava Sophia

Comment from : NoskinNoskin

Gunnar Konráðsson
I just try to sell som fish i work at sea brAnd go fishing whenever I can so I always have lot's of fish it and I also sell bate to other fishermen And this sumer alone I made 3729 us dollars
Comment from : Gunnar Konráðsson

Me 19 years old with a job: HMMMMM
Comment from : Butterbot333

TheCoolFarmdog 1911
You can also earn a lot helping or living on a farm or ranch
Comment from : TheCoolFarmdog 1911

Fast Driver22
Comment from : Fast Driver22

Thank you have been watching your channel for couple of weeks ago and it's really make sense and it really help me through
Comment from : Collinsushi

some of these things might be country specific
Comment from : BABAYAGA 108

Comment from : BLACK LIGHT

I've started a snack selling business at school until my operatoin got taken down
Comment from : FinancialTV

y do we exist
Get a job There's places that'll hire people under 16heck I got hired at the age of 15
Comment from : y do we exist

M22 Mm2
Hey I'm 12 and get it from photoshop is that good
Comment from : M22 Mm2

Aleena xavier
I wanted to study but don't have money😭brI hate this world🤧🤧
Comment from : Aleena xavier

Easy Make content on YouTube Quality or shidpost If enough ppl subscribe, you can then advertise and get paid
Comment from : RHN

Me who just turned 13: Time to make some easy cash!
Comment from : ToxicMinty

Braums: I’ll hire you at 14brMcDonald’s: I’ll hire you at 16 brPolice: Haha I’ll hire you at 21
Comment from :

Sell one of your kidney
Comment from : DPZ 3D

Parents : gAmInG wIlL dO yOu nO gOoD eVeRbrGamers : We do earn a lot of money weekly by just GamingbrParents : bi am gonna pretend like i didnt see that/b
Comment from : DetectiveGamer2008

Your bad influence is pernicious
Comment from : TrapMonstah

Money can buy you happiness like a game consel and buying some games, vr games, Dlcs, Some sports equipment,and youtube premium lol
Comment from : gleelava

Kye Pulham
Okay now I just need supporting parents and I can get money!
Comment from : Kye Pulham

make game
Comment from : Efernal

juluke But Catsdog woof
Or you could go giveaways and steal codes from stupids
Comment from : juluke But Catsdog woof

juluke But Catsdog woof
If only I was 15 but I'm the oldest tween to be and I know the basics of chemistry so here is some stuff for you depressed thugsbrThe basics of the atom was originally thought of as a plum pie, but the discovery of alpha particles going back to radioactive atoms and bouncing halted this thought and now know that protons are strong, especially for the fact it holds the electric-type neutrons in place I don't thing the neucelus core is important other than for size right now so TO THE ELECTRONS These hustling bustling orbital-tracking light-enducing things are the main things for conductivity and light They are called ELECTRONS though How they absorb light is is like a lift with low power The more light it has, the more reactive the atom is, and the more it can drop closer to the neucleus brOh and how nukes work is that the neutrons have a lot of energy and when separated from the uranium or other atoms protons, it bursts tons of energy Maybe this Is the same with opposite matter
Comment from : juluke But Catsdog woof

MR PLAYLIST Gaming is not a crime
My parents don’t let me do anything I don’t even get money for chores
Comment from : MR PLAYLIST Gaming is not a crime

Backup Llama crazy
Birth day, a lotta money
Comment from : Backup Llama crazy

roblox hat man
I used to sell limiteds on robloxbrSo at young age i got 50$ per 2 limiteds
Comment from : roblox hat man

get a job
Comment from : mrtank2010

I have an idea! Get a reloadable Visa Giftcard, Make something popular (A discord bot, gaming video) and have a patron to get money from your fans! (USE A VOICE CHANGER FOR EXTRA EFFECT!) Oh, And if anyone asks you say your 18
Comment from : AWIRE9966_09onpc

Nadir Chahboun
Iam 13 Years Old
Comment from : Nadir Chahboun

What if you don't have a PayPal account
Comment from : freespirit2008

Step 1:work for your grandma
Comment from : Cheems08

Keitesi praise
Maybe I will try one
Comment from : Keitesi praise

MrOlio Lmao
What if I’m… 8 years old :)
Comment from : MrOlio Lmao

Just sell something at your school, like a origami knife sword etc or sell school need, you can get loads of money if you save and be nice to people
Comment from : KiwiKuning

Trusky Gamer
"Being broke, is no joke" - The infographics show
Comment from : Trusky Gamer

Ak ira
axie infinity is da mey
Comment from : Ak ira

as a roblox player i know that there’re only a few hundred games that actually make money Plus you need 100000 robux made from those games to extract them into real money, which is nearly impossible
Comment from : Dr1pNiick

I needed this
Comment from : justarandomalt

Me and my friend have been the owners of our kid run lawn care company and we make a lot of money I highly recommend this it will be slow for a few years the you can take off
Comment from : CLT PLAYZ

Being broke is no fun if you trying to get broke being rich
Comment from : Nebiyu

When you can't earn the money because all of these jobs and surveys are not available where you live: bsad broke noises/b
Comment from : ahmed4363

Bagz Baggy
Comment from : Bagz Baggy

Dad:take this new phonebrME:No i want to use my own money
Comment from :

JACK the pro
"How do you make money as a kid" brThat's easy I made "money" by discord and selling clothes brbrbrbrbrAnd yes the "money" is robux
Comment from : JACK the pro

Le 13 yo indian game dev:brIntuhrestinguh!
Comment from : BluePhantomGames

This sounds like a scam waiting to happen
Comment from : Ghoststrider

someone in my school gets payed a lot by clothing companies by just advertising them on social media
Comment from : DaDolphinPlayz

Yo Yo
How do u edit ur videos broo
Comment from : Yo Yo

Gamer God2176
This video: how to make money under 18brMe who earns 20 dollars a hour for doing a simple yet important job since 13 years of age: I’m four parallel universes ahead of you
Comment from : Gamer God2176

You have to use money to get money in some cases
Comment from : Shadowz

Барсболд Очтамир
Me: interesting brMy dad : u are 15 u can just work
Comment from : Барсболд Очтамир

How to earn money: brbrbrbrbrbr1 Ur birthdaybr2 Ask for birthday moneybr3 be happy
Comment from : Adobo208

Comment from : Trigex

the spyre
can i rent my nerf gun
Comment from : the spyre

You really want to know? Be in crypto at 11 Be a millionare at 12
Comment from : DustyDragon

I mean, selling drugs, pyramid scheme, gambling
Comment from : kikolokopo_toys

Duck with a Five-SeveN
Surveys are not reliable ways of making money You’ll rarely get qualified for 1 each week unless you lie on your profile, and they can disqualify you mid-survey if you reveal something that’s not what they’re looking for
Comment from : Duck with a Five-SeveN

so does nobody know how to do chores?
Comment from : ML

Lennox Sopp
Im surprised onlyfans wasn't on this list
Comment from : Lennox Sopp

kids taking notes rn lol
Comment from : JoltRBLX

I'm 13 and I sell sweets at school I usually make about £20 a week from just going to poundland buy a multipack of 4 or 5 and sell 1 of the sweets in the pack for 50p this works well because in Tesco or any other supermarket a stick of starbursts or sweets like that is usually 60 to 65p
Comment from : FuZioNAlbert

olive oil
all u have to do is babysit the neighbors and instead of talking to them you can give 5 bucks each tell them to hold it to a wall with their nose and say the last one to drop it keeps both notes or you could use chocolate bars if there are more than 2 kids as a cheaper option only works on younger kids or else they'll find out what your doing
Comment from : olive oil

Emerys Channel
Me: how to make mon-brMy Brother: yutoObE
Comment from : Emerys Channel

Syeda Sarah
Mom: ok now pay for the ice cream brMe: Oops! I think I left it at homEe! brMom: then no ice cream for yoUu
Comment from : Syeda Sarah

You know what, I might go back to roblox developing
Comment from : 8834

Jesse Diemer
Selling options, in my opinion is the best way to get income
Comment from : Jesse Diemer

Fərid Abbasov
Still I am not able to find a native speaker partner to improve my English therefore I don't believe to earn over the internet
Comment from : Fərid Abbasov

i dont have a credit card though
Comment from : Macloyd

Device Technology
Comment from : Device Technology

Capitain Quentin
Comment from : Capitain Quentin

Joe S
I'm 11 and have a greenlight debit card parents control it
Comment from : Joe S

Deal drugs, easy 800€ per month (if under 18)
Comment from : Miguel

easy answer, youtube
Comment from : zka

My grandpa gave me a lot of marklin replica trains Now I good enough money to invest
Comment from : Struggles

I just was talking about Making my own money through art like I draw art for people and they can pay me or I could I make money from nothing and I go on YouTube and I see this brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbT H E Y A R E L I S T E N I N G /b
Comment from : RobbyTheDemon

Kinga Jung
i need this so much
Comment from : Kinga Jung

You forgot fraud and selling drugs
Comment from : Trasparah

Akira Uema
Hey, Infographics! You just forgot to mention that, in order to do all of this, they have to be born in a relatively privileged family
Comment from : Akira Uema

"Do you want money ?"brThenbrGO TO SCHOOL!
Comment from : PHANTOM GAMER

the audacity
Germany: bPathetic/b
Comment from : the audacity

me: makiong the robox gamezas fort the orbyx gamers B" B)
Comment from : Yellow

Dev Gupta
Well accept the online stuff and gaming these things are not gonna work in India
Comment from : Dev Gupta

05 陳宝臻 Renjiro G5
Me: starts YouTube channel and uploads random videos and get money for it
Comment from : 05 陳宝臻 Renjiro G5

Comment from : MARISSA Brown

seth oliver
Is there one for art?
Comment from : seth oliver

how to make money if your under 18brme who always gets cash every chinese new year: don't need it eh, i can live
Comment from : Scambutterboi

Can someone please tell me all the ways because I'm to lazy to watch the whole video
Comment from : BrotherArthur3

Ayaan Danish
Fun fact: I am 7 but I take exchange how much my dad makes
Comment from : Ayaan Danish

There's one more way to make money! brbr- Beg for money bdabs/b
Comment from : Yamiruu

DJAlpha NotVevo
8:00 wow, AH flipping irl
Comment from : DJAlpha NotVevo

I work in an apprenticeship and it makes me good money for my age, I’m 16 at the moment soon to be 17
Comment from : Squish125

Me: child labor
Comment from : Kubaadamiec

Hats OFF
Number 0 : sell drugs on the streets for profit
Comment from : Hats OFF

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