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Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021

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Information Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021

Title :  Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021
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Frames Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021

Description Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021

Comments Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021

Forest Louie
so much for positive thinking huh guys dont think marty would sink a ton of money in it if its a loss last i heard hes like 30 million net worth
Comment from : Forest Louie

Christopher Wyatt
How dare you, I found the oak island treasure in my back yard, so call it off
Comment from : Christopher Wyatt

Oregon Patriot
The treasure? Is the revenue they made off of advertising because people watched the show After one season I could tell it was nothing but a come on Nothing would ever be found and I would just keep watching and watching One season And I was done
Comment from : Oregon Patriot

Mickey Helton
Buncha Baloney
Comment from : Mickey Helton

I going to buy a couple gold coins and take a trip to oak island and toss them on the dig site and then I'm going to film the results of my work and post it all on youtube for the lutz and some infame Maybe get paid for my trouble and my two gold coins in the end as well Finally, I wont drag it out for ten or whatever seasons - I'll get to point in just one That is, there is no 'Goonies Treasure' other than the spectical of watching fools being lead on by other fools, charlatons and some well placed crumbs 'Crushing rocks and frothing deathArrrgh!'
Comment from : Squarepusher

David Love
This video is a fraud
Comment from : David Love

That’s ridiculous!!!!
Comment from : Szjupit

Its nobody
How can I get in contact with those guys ,who goes treasure hunting I know of possible ancient or Spanish treasure buried ,my contact is hay
Comment from : Its nobody

Sweden inventor
Its no money there , crazy people
Comment from : Sweden inventor

I hate these crappy videos, and the people who just make me waste my time Yes, I mean you Garbagre1952brbrGo get some education, if you read history you would know that Templars (who later became the Order of Christ in Tomar Portugal) arrived to Azores and Labrador in Canada (named after and later mispelled Portuguese farmer (Lavrador) Joao Fernandes who was living in Azores), and this was long before the Scots or English even dreamed of a "NewFound" Land
Comment from : Magellan

Vox Dei
What are these stupid videos???
Comment from : Vox Dei

WTF was that BS
Comment from : CTRADER77

Joshua S
They still found more there than Josh Gates has ever found on all of his seasons of wild goose chases
Comment from : Joshua S

Doug Ferguson
Oh look cant even call that top pocket Hahaha
Comment from : Doug Ferguson

Sebastain Mikkelson
Why did I watch the whole damn thing😂 will again sometime soon too
Comment from : Sebastain Mikkelson

Allen Comer
Fake fake fake fake
Comment from : Allen Comer

tony axeman
the joke continues
Comment from : tony axeman

Donna Wohlgemuth Cruz
Nope 👎
Comment from : Donna Wohlgemuth Cruz

tomboyqueenX Greenberger
This show is defying gravity If someone likes the concept, the scenery, the excavating, so be it If they think there is any treasure there, they are nuts
Comment from : tomboyqueenX Greenberger

MariaHelena Jarvenpaa
Clickbate Pathetic lier Reported
Comment from : MariaHelena Jarvenpaa

Inane Train
We have a Curse of Oak Island channel INANE TRAIN It's hilarious and we make fun of the cast, but we seriously love the show
Comment from : Inane Train

Scott Terry
Comment from : Scott Terry

Larson Family
I like the song:)
Comment from : Larson Family

anonymous person
At 6 minute mark I can see a piece of plastic draintile in the fill plastic draintile was not manufactured back then
Comment from : anonymous person

Dustin Perez
L I V = 54 54 lb Rock?
Comment from : Dustin Perez

Jim Johnson
Wtf is anyone going to say anything 😐or just play that stupid creepy song
Comment from : Jim Johnson

Joe Hair
Oh it's so easy to make a comment about this video and I'm not sure if you you will agree that the real comment is that this song is incredible very very good song and whoever wrote it has real music theory and probably deserves at least as much credit as he's getting or more thanks good luck
Comment from : Joe Hair

Kelly B McDonald
You say you found the treasure, how about showing me that treasure
Comment from : Kelly B McDonald

A _Texan
Why the click bait ?
Comment from : A _Texan

What a load of shit
Comment from : MrSkooty1968

florian de vuyst
lol !
Comment from : florian de vuyst

leeroy excavator
Comment from : leeroy excavator

Steven Hill
Most wasted 9 minutes of my life Thanks for nothing
Comment from : Steven Hill

John Howard
Quetzalcoatl renamed this TV Show JOKE IslandbrbrJust like a Ghostly Tendril coming up from below encapsulates this Kings Canyon camper I Possess, 13 more Ghostly Tendrils go up to the surface and narrow down to 6" across connected to the 13 Crystal SkullsbrbrAnd then there are MORE Ghostly Tendrils going up to the surface attached to SEVERAL Golden Eldorados of long-dead Mesoamerican Kings that the Spanish Conquistadors could never find, since all who knew about it died long ago, and I was the one who Possessed those KingsbrbrWouldn't these Treasure Hunters of JOKE Island like to dig up just one of these treasure trovesbrbrNow it's time for those treasure hunters to be haters, brbecause my camper is forming brTRC Enterprises, which is a Treasure Recovery Crew, like how you have Armored Car Robbery CrewsbrbrThis Crew is Blackwater Mercenary-style, Intergalactic-Age and Universe-Age Armed, and led by a Messianic Witch that attacks and WRECKS Countries Capitals with MAJOR EARTHQUAKES if they try to interfere, like how the Colombian Government did with that $17B Spanish Treasure Galleon shipwreck
Comment from : John Howard

Stephen Beebe
Comment from : Stephen Beebe

Happy Dace
Absolutely incredible ! 😮 May I suggest an encore video of paint drying ?
Comment from : Happy Dace

carol parrish
I read on line that the Lagina Brothers make 100K an episode I'd keep the show going for as long as I could too This video told us nothing!
Comment from : carol parrish

Captain LoaF
The Templar’s gold but it’s here no more sailed away to a distant shore,brQuiet they’ve been for many a year waiting for the time to re appearbrHistory false and not what it seems but one day they will rise from distant memories and show what should of been
Comment from : Captain LoaF

Did I miss something?brWhere's the treasure
Comment from : Koorijack

Bill Loraff
All the money that has been spent through the years trying to find a treasure on Oak Island should have been spent on the homeless here in the USA, nothing of any real value has ever been found what a phony reality show it really is
Comment from : Bill Loraff

Tim Blosch
Is this still even on?? I invested way to much damn time for anymore of this lie!! If there ever was treasure there it was taken by the elites years ago and the Laginas are just sell outs to true historians who gave all in the search where the Laginas made a fortune off their blood No respect for them at all!!
Comment from : Tim Blosch

Is this a frickin joke
Comment from : crashas1515

Barbara Miller
Click bait is best described for this video Nothing 2 c here! Dang it! Fooled again
Comment from : Barbara Miller

Shawn Harris
They found something They just aren't going to say what
Comment from : Shawn Harris

Chief Joseph
You could’ve dropped me on that island with a spoon and I would’ve found more
Comment from : Chief Joseph

Bulfrano Perez
Wtf stupid videos waste of time
Comment from : Bulfrano Perez

Christopher Watkins
Different definitions of treasure stop wasting people s time
Comment from : Christopher Watkins

Look a bunch of old wood an dirt with a tiny bit of scrap metal, what a find!
Comment from : spread4me75

Clint XXX
Can I have my 5 minutes back that I just waisted on the absolute dumbest effn video on YT?!? Hang it up LOSER!
Comment from : Clint XXX

Tim Kuli
Waste of pixels
Comment from : Tim Kuli

Jay Strange
i think there is no treasure anymore but the show is still entertaining and unscripted
Comment from : Jay Strange

King Chaos
bunch of junk like that in my backyard , wonder if they wanna come hunt for treasure
Comment from : King Chaos

Larry Fleming
Bull caft
Comment from : Larry Fleming

Daniel Stump
Uh What did they find?
Comment from : Daniel Stump

Dan Hanson
Follow the symbols
Comment from : Dan Hanson

Ronnie Bishop
How could a bunch a pirates bury and treasure that deep or why would they THEY WOULDNT People are nuts
Comment from : Ronnie Bishop

peter okeefe
what liesno not beneathjust lies
Comment from : peter okeefe

martin casavant
what a bunch of bull crap
Comment from : martin casavant

English11276 kyle
Nice mud, what a bullshit video
Comment from : English11276 kyle

The treasure is the tv show
Comment from : dag681

i found a pulltab
Comment from : imont80

Friggin clickbait
Comment from : chrisraley33

David John
Oh look more wood damn I'm surprised wot a load of oak shit 🙄
Comment from : David John

JOHN Danenberg
The money pit is nothing more than abandoned cesspool The wood was from the outhouse
Comment from : JOHN Danenberg

Robert Moon
Click bait Blocked
Comment from : Robert Moon

Rob G
The treasure is a wormhole that leads to Skinwalker Ranch
Comment from : Rob G

Scrapyard prospecting
I gave up on there search for wood
Comment from : Scrapyard prospecting

Scrapyard prospecting
Nothing as suspected
Comment from : Scrapyard prospecting

kenny backes
total BS
Comment from : kenny backes

James Cole
When you name a show the curse of ; this is what to expect A cursed show
Comment from : James Cole

What the shit did I just watch? That was like some creepy lost footage roll Anywho, still no treasure, I'm shocked
Comment from : AK007

Neil Fleming
I don't see how this video is showing anything to do with Oak islandjust a lot of mud, could be anywhere in the world'My friend John', which John would that be?
Comment from : Neil Fleming

Stuart Lloyd
Is this supposed to be a joke? Rubbish
Comment from : Stuart Lloyd

Zer0 Deaths
Congratulations on making a show about a bunch of guys digging a fucking hole for 13 years
Comment from : Zer0 Deaths

John Roberts
Yeah I knew it was BS because it would be all over the news So I just skipped to the end to see if it was something funny maybe Nothing to see here Just someone trolling for clicks
Comment from : John Roberts

Ken Barnett
It would be nice if they actually used an excavator and just started diggingbrI could have made the place into a very deep swimming pool by now, and not one wasted penny on experts or core samples, just a mountain of dirt and a huge pump
Comment from : Ken Barnett

Comment from : Author_Ken

Don't waste your time, this is a fake video!
Comment from : Anokaman

Lisa Broome
More bullshitThey’re making millions out of televising this,and finding sweet fa in the meantime! “Oh wow,look at that!” is a phrase I’ve heard so many times it’s pissing me off,and to date(August 2021)not a jot has been found,at least nothing that can be considered a hoard or part of oneThere’s more gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan, and probably a lot more in other parts of the worldFair shout to the Lagina brothers,I wish them well,but I’ve had enough!!
Comment from : Lisa Broome

alienrocketscience shared
Definitely people are more stupid after watching this
Comment from : alienrocketscience shared

Fa Cheng CHIN
lying title
Comment from : Fa Cheng CHIN

this place is worse than tiktok
Comment from : Hooch

Raymond Kirkpatrick
That is a ship !!! Or what’s left of it
Comment from : Raymond Kirkpatrick

Veronica Roach
Just one more tryits GOT TO BE HERE SOMEWHEREpoor things actually deserve to find SOMETHING after all these years Says a lot about the sheer persistence & obstinacy of humans - you are not going to take away my dreamwhen I find it you will realize I was right all along ! I hope treasure is found one day, it's a lovely story !
Comment from : Veronica Roach

John Roemer
More useless click bait Nothing to see here
Comment from : John Roemer

GregorX Chelin
Boooo haaa haaa haaaa bogus 😁!
Comment from : GregorX Chelin

Goodaches read
Wow, this vid title was just click bait The artsy videography and music is nothing but annoying when expecting legitimate infobrFigure since my time was wasted I’d squander another minute to leave a comment
Comment from : Goodaches read

le duch
8 ans pour ca ?!
Comment from : le duch

This was found on my birthday 😯😯😏
Comment from : Maple

Bridget Drums
Officially the most misleading video on YouTube Thanks for wasting everyone’s time
Comment from : Bridget Drums

brad maesai
What a load of Shit !
Comment from : brad maesai

Wyatt Bowen
I think their Tv run is about over it’s the same thing Year after Year
Comment from : Wyatt Bowen

Jason Jones
yes, click baitgotta love it
Comment from : Jason Jones

M Michaels
Heraldo Rivera is probably one of the shows creators He learned a lesson from the Al Capone vaults It's not the treasure that counts, but how many suckers take the bait This shows producers, creators, etc have made a fortune off this garbage
Comment from : M Michaels

Jeffrey Butler
I watched every Show in hopes they would find something Like a Chest of Old Gold Coins Spanish Doubloons But the show ended I have an old Magazine I went and found when the Show first started
Comment from : Jeffrey Butler

Chuck G
We’ve been trying to reach you about your treasures warranty
Comment from : Chuck G

cb thomas
Click Bait…don’t bother!
Comment from : cb thomas

Alexandre Mendes
Comment from : Alexandre Mendes

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