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Wotb: Best Premium tanks to make credits

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Information Wotb: Best Premium tanks to make credits

Title :  Wotb: Best Premium tanks to make credits
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Description Wotb: Best Premium tanks to make credits

Comments Wotb: Best Premium tanks to make credits

Fitry Fahmi
Hahaha I'm grateful the chi nu kai popped up as a discounted tank I barely make damage close to 1000 but already making 60k-70k credits per match 😂
Comment from : Fitry Fahmi

bart urlings
Is the Is 3 defender any good? Played against it and the tank felt really strong
Comment from : bart urlings

Wired Islander
Meadsy, what is the best tier to grind silver?
Comment from : Wired Islander

Dragonburst 848
Is loza’s Sherman good for credits? I got my first 5 ace tankers with it
Comment from : Dragonburst 848

The super Persian is useless too slow for med and gun too pathetic
Comment from : wordsmith173

I play my excelsior it have good gun nice armor yet slow its pretty worth
Comment from : bord

pibby glitch
I hate you I mean how do you get into a mission
Comment from : pibby glitch

Muhammad Fhatturrahman
i used to use the su100y
Comment from : Muhammad Fhatturrahman

João Vinicius
You are not using any impulse to earn more credits, are you?
Comment from : João Vinicius

My credit maker is the AC sentinel IV because it gives the most xp from most of my prem tanks
Comment from : MistrBread

Fatih YÜCE
My favorite 5 lvl pre matilda 4
Comment from : Fatih YÜCE

Volkan KK
you are making a lot of credits with Youtube commercials
Comment from : Volkan KK

I love how the angry connor is faster in reverse You spin it around and start zooming with your ass to the enemy and it's so confusing
Comment from : Bailey

Digitalgaming [CTCC]
Best 10k credit make by doing only 400 damage = mt 25
Comment from : Digitalgaming [CTCC]

3:12brbpp tonk/b
Comment from : Rattlesnake551

Fresh Pack
I to this day still grind the victory for credits, the smasher and annihilator kinda ruined it but the loew is too painfully slow to play
Comment from : Fresh Pack

I selled the T1E6
Comment from : lisalic

Cesare Mariano Pasqui
My credit farm Is made of jagdtiger88 and e75ts,looking for Lowe in every giveaway
Comment from : Cesare Mariano Pasqui

YourAverageIdiot _
I had the ac 4 sentinel, stupidly I sold it for credits :(
Comment from : YourAverageIdiot _

How do you check credit multiplayer?
Comment from : suuncheps_-

Pophead Industies AKA Dubstep Toaster
Without any boosters I get 50k to 150k credits every time I play the vindicator
Comment from : Pophead Industies AKA Dubstep Toaster

16:26 English Sub: tits tits all six seven eight brLmao
Comment from : Dhyo

Yeah the shinobi has a goodbrCredit co But the thing sucks so bad it’s like once every 10 games you have a half decent game My enriched t1 heavy or t14 make copious amounts of creditsbrCompared to my shinobi It’s like a trophy tank Plus I swear when you have shinobi camo on it EVERYONE wants to kill the tank they charged 100$ for
Comment from : RIKy4life

Ducky OnQuak
how to tell you have a high roll loaded? 13:00
Comment from : Ducky OnQuak

Elijah Cerrone
When I started playing back in 2017 the first huge crate I opened I got a t26, I thought it was trash so I never used it, now that things my baby
Comment from : Elijah Cerrone

Whos Hyper?
i have t34-3 and t26e4 and i think t34-3 earns more
Comment from : Whos Hyper?

Pin head
My credit makers are pzivS(the starwars tank) cdc, lowe, amx 1er prot, t54 mod 1, fv201 a45( the tier 7 the shoot fast like the black prince)
Comment from : Pin head

Fcm 50, dicker max, and mx elca bis r the only premium tanks I have, (I've sold other useless ones) i use em to make credits, I'm free 2 play
Comment from : Dario

I used the t14 for credits and i nicknamed it “My Bank Tank” and im actually Grinding E 100 And Im Grinding Credits At The Same Time Its hard
Comment from : toby

I make more credits in the 121b
Comment from : Andrew

Is panzer 5/4 a good one?
Comment from : ItsJustArty

True My m60 just sitting in my garage xD
Comment from : Kijiya

Epic gamer channel
My credit maker is kv5 Easily 75k credits without booster, push it to over 100k with a booster
Comment from : Epic gamer channel

Akhil Pillay
I got the angry Connor for free for some reason
Comment from : Akhil Pillay

Meljun Gallero
Yo, thank me later, you may receive gems, coins, gold or whatever for free from bDantasguides/b
Comment from : Meljun Gallero

I have the Su-122-44 and I love it 💕
Comment from : Tankify

Joel Choe
My credit maker is the Dicker Max, because it’s just a fun and easy tank to play, earning an average of 50k to 80k credits per battle love that -15° gun depression ;)
Comment from : Joel Choe

1700 average with tier 6 or just that one tank? I get 3000+ with dickermax average
Comment from : Leevi

paul leader
SU85i and the Matilda black prince are my go to tanks, the matilda BP has a 282 second reload time hahahaha its insane
Comment from : paul leader

Blackout IRMA
You have to update this vid meadsy69
Comment from : Blackout IRMA

Jake Yau
I use the tier 8 chinese td premuim, it gets me tons Also I use T3485 Rudy
Comment from : Jake Yau

Tank Nerd
I’m sorry, the angry Connor at tier 5 has a 230 collection rate and I get like 60,000 credits per battle with it
Comment from : Tank Nerd

Firstname Lastname
Eh my best credit maker is the m4a1 revbrbrOr maybe thet34 3 those make me lots
Comment from : Firstname Lastname

Lorraine40T is my way to go if I need a lot of credits fast I get roundabout 100k credits with the epic booster per game Every game You dont even need to have a good game
Comment from : dergreg_

Martin Brandt
please do something about your pronunciation it is frustrating to decipher the names of the tanks
Comment from : Martin Brandt

gabriel rodriguez
that tier V is still in the tech tree
Comment from : gabriel rodriguez

The su85i is also a great credit earner imo
Comment from : HTK256

I got the AC I Sentinel, mastered it on my first game, and sold it I had no idea it made so many credits
Comment from : CatAdvantage

I have t 62 and a t 34 85 victory which is best credit earners in my opinion
Comment from : Keqing

iOrangeChicken NL
I need like 3 mil for my tier 9 tank 😅
Comment from : iOrangeChicken NL

Patrick Cassidy
Angry Connor has 230 coefficient at tier 5
Comment from : Patrick Cassidy

Jethro 제수로
Easy to get full of resources I am using ----- bRendozGuides com/b
Comment from : Jethro 제수로

Kolbe Blackford
I'm pretty sure the Ke-Ni Otsu makes more than the Locust
Comment from : Kolbe Blackford

Ravi Patel
I made over 100k many times with my FCM 50t
Comment from : Ravi Patel

One tank is best for me KeNi Otsu -40000 per battle in 3 tier King
Comment from : KK73

Issic Singh
Hi meads, can you make a video on the highest earning tier 1-10 collectible tanks too?
Comment from : Issic Singh

Tomasz Jankowski
man sorry but g e t the fk out with that crap from my recommended
Comment from : Tomasz Jankowski

Nolin Kumar
at tier 8, the t34 seems like a much better credit grinder Because of the high pen, you use very little prammo
Comment from : Nolin Kumar

in wotb: leopard1 sees a loucst behind himbrleopard 1 :oh so coutnow diebrmeanwhile in Warthender :leopard1 sees a M22 loucst behind himbralso leopard 1:oh god im dead
Comment from : ÆP

Bruder, you forget skorpion G
Comment from : Jestin

Zavier Kianna
"Another cool way to get gold&credits in 2019 is this one: bbreepiart/719/worldoftanks/b pretty cool that it works!"
Comment from : Zavier Kianna

T14 isn't a collectible

The T28 HTC confidence is pretty good to earn good
Comment from : TT

tomy wijaya
hi please tell me where to find list for tank credit coefficient that update regularly with the update on game
Comment from : tomy wijaya

Chris Beck
What about the löwe, it has a 185 coefficient 🤷🤷
Comment from : Chris Beck

John Erel Macahilig
My credit maker is Churchill 3 because it's decent armour
Comment from : John Erel Macahilig

Gacha Morimine
I really don’t like the superpershing, the gun and armor is fine but it’s rated as a MT and it’s so slow that the Maus can beat it in a race
Comment from : Gacha Morimine

Cypher Illivian
Angry conner ftw
Comment from : Cypher Illivian

The Maus
My favourite tank to money is the SU100Y and that’s my only premium since I’m free to play
Comment from : The Maus

Martin Cruickshank
The hell? The Cheiftan is in the game? When is that coming on phones?
Comment from : Martin Cruickshank

Billy Bob
Chi-Nu-Kai was a Premium that you could buy off the tech tree During an update they accidentally raised the credit coefficient to 226 They decided to leave it as that and no longer have it available to buy
Comment from : Billy Bob

Milan Hoekstra
Su-122-44 or super pershing?
Comment from : Milan Hoekstra

IDsfx TM
i money maker is SU100Y,in one battle if i win i get more than 70000 creditsbut if i losebri get -3000 credit or -7000 credits
Comment from : IDsfx TM

Yordle Yarl
T14 is still available in the NA server in tech trea
Comment from : Yordle Yarl

Paul Li
My money maker is the m6a2e1 exp Equipped with credit booster, I can get up to 130,000 credits It has very trollish front armor except for turret cheeks and turret ring that even tier 9 cant pen with apcr 400 alpha damage with a reload time of 12 sec It is the most op tank in tier 8: forumwotblitzcom/indexphp?/topic/80946-m6a2e1-exp-more-op-than-is-x/ (see discussion about m6 mutant)br248 mm of pen with standard;297 mm of pen with apcr; 60 mm of pen with he shellbrGreat for long range sniping and frontlining it Weak side and back armor You shouldn't side scrape with it
Comment from : Paul Li

My Löwe helps me with credit crisis,and aslo makes my win rate mucchhh more better
Comment from : XXSPARTIATIS

My credit maker is AC 4 sentinel i got 4 ace tanker whit this tank And my new favorite tank is 59 patton
Comment from : Cafatka_fej

Caesar Divi Filius Augustus
My Skorpion G and AMX 30 pro used to earn bucket loads, now I get like 50k credits on a really good game I dont get it It's like they come with hidden credit booster for a short amount of time
Comment from : Caesar Divi Filius Augustus

It’s just a joke chill
T22 Medium or MK6
Comment from : It’s just a joke chill

Canto Knees
Why would you guide us to all these tanks that we can no longer get?
Comment from : Canto Knees

Löwe Always use Löwe for credits
Comment from : Confusius

Fucking Pay to Win GamebrPlayers like us Who dont have Any premium tanks , And Premium days Its so hard to Make Credits I dont even buy Premium rounds, I dont buy any extra consumables If i buy all of them then, i Bleed money What the fuck This developers are doingThat's Why most of the New Players Leave the Game And its so hard to find a Match How can they expect to grow this Game with this shitty mechanics
Comment from : Sir_Prize_Ma_The_Farcar

Kagami Koji
Finally someone made a video because i keep on asking on the English chat channel and no one bother to answer the question
Comment from : Kagami Koji

KV-5 is pretty good to make credits with too
Comment from : LegendNomad

felix balta
Comment from : felix balta

Maysa Masadeh
the amx cdc
Comment from : Maysa Masadeh

Deja Voodoo
For me the Smasher is a money maker, and the T25 has been good to me The Y5s aren’t bad either, as is the AMX 75 The K91 has been a disappointment
Comment from : Deja Voodoo

Hümeyra Yıldız
Lowe is my credit maker its my first free premium
Comment from : Hümeyra Yıldız

don semo
my go to tank if I need credits is the angry Connor I step on the battle field and still get credits
Comment from : don semo

US Patriot
T26E4 Super Pershing
Comment from : US Patriot

No type 59?!?
Comment from : WW2imaPanda

daniel warner
The Löwe is the highest credit earning tank in game, not angry Connor
Comment from : daniel warner

Löwe is best credit maker
Comment from : Alpa

T3= BT-7 Art
Comment from : KilianFirebolt

pick a prmium tank that have alot of damage and have good armor
Comment from : ZxDen

TF2 Sniper
Comment from : TF2 Sniper

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