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Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron

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Information Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron

Title :  Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron
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Frames Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron

Description Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron

Comments Mechanical Bank Restoration - Cast Iron

this guy sees something clearly haunted and goes "I can fix him"
Comment from : Dead_By_Midnight

lani leuma
8:42 😨🔫
Comment from : lani leuma

ultimate witcherfan
Yikes!!!!😱 That bank is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen! I have a severe phobia of clowns and I know a few people who are also terrified of clowns and would never go anywhere near that thing! EEEKKK!!! 😱😱😱😱
Comment from : ultimate witcherfan

Mitchell Wytcher
Would it not have been easier to tape off the areas of the before power painting to get cleaning edges and not have to clean off so much dust?
Comment from : Mitchell Wytcher

Silver coins, actual copper pennies And, yes, creepy as #=!!
Comment from : Sportsquirrel

8:35brQue medoooo Esses olhos 😶
Comment from : Salaminho

Criminal criminal criminal
Comment from : Gambit

The amount of wheat pennies he got just from there being old coins in there is incredible
Comment from : Frogsarelife

JC Braden
I actually really DO Hate Clowns! But I loved this restoration and liked the bScary/b at the end!!
Comment from : JC Braden

Sandy Peterson
👍👍 Neat toy bank
Comment from : Sandy Peterson

Symone Sotica
1:27-1:35 2:50
Comment from : Symone Sotica

John Gillis
Somehow after it's sandblasted it's more unsettling And I'm not even afraid of clowns
Comment from : John Gillis

2:33 - looks like clown is trying to eat his thumb
Comment from : Amdor

Comment from : Math

I saw a similar one in an antique shop but it was a black man with big lips
Comment from : Caesar

Adam Weiler Gur Arye
Comment from : Adam Weiler Gur Arye

Yeah I'm sorry, love the work but I think this thing was allowed to die for a reason
Comment from : R G

Mr Bear
This looks so bad, but in a good way
Comment from : Mr Bear

Charles Thoreson
Pure terror…I love it!
Comment from : Charles Thoreson

Axel Wülf
Those are some old, old coins
Comment from : Axel Wülf

It looks like porcelain!
Comment from : corachika

Awesome Entertainment
B99 Season 4 episode 20 12:53 remaining it's on Hitchcock and scullys desk
Comment from : Awesome Entertainment

Mr Knucklehead
3:05 Seems like you’re giving fan service to the people that have a paint fetish I didn’t know they existed, but I’m not here to kink shame
Comment from : Mr Knucklehead

Beth Topper
Does anyone else think that this thing is creepy as hell?
Comment from : Beth Topper

Rhyannon Ashford
Thanks, I hate it
Comment from : Rhyannon Ashford

Comment from : femt

kei-su-ke ba-ji
i hate clown but i love this video
Comment from : kei-su-ke ba-ji

i hope u will continue making like this video i really love your video from philippines
Comment from : BogingTV

N H Khan
Clowns smiley face shows penny is wise It's unique gift to kids
Comment from : N H Khan

Woah the powder was so cool
Comment from : WudEvZ

Great job, but that is the creepiest kid’s bank I’ve ever seen
Comment from : Jim

Ormur Guðjónsson
I was watching Brooklyn 99 today and noticed that Hitchcock and Scully have one of these on their desk!
Comment from : Ormur Guðjónsson

La Neko Kawaii
Este es uno de esos juguetes que en su época veían normal pero ahora no entendemos como es que les podían gustar a los niños brEs horrible
Comment from : La Neko Kawaii

Judy Friday
This one gives me a bad vibe
Comment from : Judy Friday

Crymini Wolf
As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like "It's LaurenZside's cursed clown piggy back!!!!!!"
Comment from : Crymini Wolf

Rixx Roxxk
Love your vids, but sorry, couldn’t watch this one Insane fear of clowns
Comment from : Rixx Roxxk

Katherine Uribe
Creepy But great restoration
Comment from : Katherine Uribe

Emmanuel Reyes
Incredible restoration, wish i could do the same with my clown bank as well
Comment from : Emmanuel Reyes

OMG! My dad has this with the original paint! Though the arm has fallen off its really creepy but he doesn't seem to think so
Comment from : Thylia

Dogboy Endicott
If your gonna have this in your house you might as well have that Annabelle doll too🤷🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Dogboy Endicott

все порчу
Круто 😧❤️👍🏿
Comment from : все порчу

The Indian head nickel!
Comment from : JimE901

Sarah Jacobs
This ruled
Comment from : Sarah Jacobs

Sean Brown
Best video yet!
Comment from : Sean Brown

Fun fact: it made a reappearance in his/her/their bingo restoration video
Comment from : dragonstorm12

John Hill
love watching a perfectionist work
Comment from : John Hill

mega lucario
Definitely the rust was hiding the creepy
Comment from : mega lucario

Она выглядит пугающие 😅
Comment from : Асильвлог🦋

Rosie Rennie
I claim no bad energy from this video Nope Not me Nada
Comment from : Rosie Rennie

Casios Eclectics
I wish he listed where he found these things in the description
Comment from : Casios Eclectics

Clifford Daniels
Very cool 😎
Comment from : Clifford Daniels

Tamara Lark
Were clowns even scary before pennywise? He gave me my clown phobia 😂
Comment from : Tamara Lark

Mike D
This is a repro
Comment from : Mike D

You are a genius!
Comment from : Guvie

Local Xiao -Kenji-
“Dont worry the mechanical bank cant hurt you”brThe mechanical bank:
Comment from : Local Xiao -Kenji-

Que chiva como se llamara esa maquina que quita el oxido
Comment from : kity

Ana Lima
Perfeito 👍🏻
Comment from : Ana Lima

Chad  Finney
The last minute of this video is not creepy at all 😬
Comment from : Chad Finney

Comment from : GyroByte626

tracy heaton
Fantastic job
Comment from : tracy heaton

Maddie D
Not been this weirded out by something I thought might be relaxing since I watched an ASMR video by Ephemeral Rift (just the sort of video he’d love!)
Comment from : Maddie D

Wow, someone found a way to make a clown even creepier
Comment from : Scott

Shevawn Basye
That's one scary clown
Comment from : Shevawn Basye

Eu acho que ele tem medo de palhaço
Comment from : Smile

Doug Thatcher
I'd like the coins, please! Really nice and patient work
Comment from : Doug Thatcher

April Star
Bà thật là sạch sẽ :)
Comment from : April Star

Matthew Yeh
"hm i wonder what happened to the creepy bank i threw awa- OH GOD IT'S BEING REVIVED"
Comment from : Matthew Yeh

Linda Tassone
Absolutely enjoyed the colours!brAmazing work!brAmazing result!br👏👏👏
Comment from : Linda Tassone

woww karya yang sangat keren bangetbrjangan lupa untuk mampir ngopi sobat

Trish Planck
I have to say, they made some really creepy looking items back in the day!😳
Comment from : Trish Planck

The fact when you opened it, it was crying on the inside sums up life, really
Comment from : drinnik

R Bridger
Comment from : R Bridger

Michael Campin
My sister still has her working one in really good condition too
Comment from : Michael Campin

I don’t get why people are scared of clowns😒🙄🤡
Comment from : NEZUKOUFO145

Jennifer Ford
Pause: the beginning is creepy Carry on
Comment from : Jennifer Ford

Comment from : usercount15

Tiago Santos
3:19 marvel opening
Comment from : Tiago Santos

This coin bank is in the background on a Little House on the Prairie episode! You can see it on the shelf at the mercantile
Comment from : kinzythefreak

Trywyn Ricketts
The screw at the end was the most satisfying part of this restoration
Comment from : Trywyn Ricketts

Jonathan Baxter
Hey buddy some of those times there silver
Comment from : Jonathan Baxter

Kevin Eaton
As horrifying as this clown is, you did an exceptional job on the paint!!
Comment from : Kevin Eaton

the last uchiha
its looks like your coin need to sandblasting
Comment from : the last uchiha

Daniel Pinheiro
Achei que eu estava no jogo "The Room"brA ambientação e os sons ficaram bastante parecidos
Comment from : Daniel Pinheiro

this is like the origin story montage for whatever new Saw movie there is
Comment from : flat_baby

Erenilde dos Santos Lima
Esse é o Famoso Palhaço Do Tinhoso
Comment from : Erenilde dos Santos Lima

Maria Clara Pacheco
So nice of you to Rescue & Restore™ it even tho it was threatening to bite you the whole time 🥰
Comment from : Maria Clara Pacheco

Emblemas Flow podcast
Davy Jones mostrando como é feiimto o capeta HaHa
Comment from : Emblemas Flow podcast

Melechtna Antelecht
Comment from : Melechtna Antelecht

David Kitaura
Honestly perfection! I’m so impressed and also love the sound effects 😱
Comment from : David Kitaura

Sia Ha
The Selena car μιλάς ελληνικά
Comment from : Sia Ha

Roy Rice
Before plastic 👍👍👍
Comment from : Roy Rice

elaine resendez
Had a buffalo head Nickel with the dime that was old And yes that bank is evil Don’t put it in your house it will give you bad luck
Comment from : elaine resendez

brian ray
Awesome video man, great work, great editing, everything I even thought those old coins were cool
Comment from : brian ray

Tron 007
Comment from : Tron 007

Rafael ザッパニ88
a sandblast é a melhor parte do video, não entendo porque ele pula e não mostra todas as partes em time lapse
Comment from : Rafael ザッパニ88

Greyson Snyder
Fantastic work but what kind of monster made this to begin with?
Comment from : Greyson Snyder

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