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9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

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Information 9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

Title :  9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)
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Frames 9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

Description 9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

Comments 9 tips to start running when you hate it (realistic)

Do you like running??
Comment from : blogilates

Jerry Lin
I look sooo cute today gonna go run 😂
Comment from : Jerry Lin

 hi im ellaria
the playlist thing is very true my cardio playlist is 80s songs, Lana Del Rey and Melanie Martinez Its a weird mix but it keeps me going
Comment from : hi im ellaria

A macaroni that longboards
My why is so I can get more that 23 on the beep test lmao
Comment from : A macaroni that longboards

Vigga Martens
Im really proud of myself for being able too running 5 km straight! ❤️❤️🎉
Comment from : Vigga Martens

Louise Fernández
thank you for this video, i really needed it!
Comment from : Louise Fernández

Artūrs Illarionovs
I dislike running too My advice is to try orienteering, your mind is busy finding points and it is super fun too
Comment from : Artūrs Illarionovs

why would I run If I hate it??? Reason?
Comment from : bb

i love running
Comment from : Haleigh

For me music always helps, upbeat music often helps A clip on iPod shuffle is a good shout
Comment from : Steam_Jane

Oh i never run out of energy especially when running and dancing
Comment from : 𝕀𝕧𝕒𝕟𝕒

hairy scrumptious toes
3:29 is when it actually starts
Comment from : hairy scrumptious toes

A sponsored video for the itty bitty ear committee! Gotta try these headphones
Comment from : NPC-Parrotz

Snazzy Snek Gaming
It’s so hard to run outside for me like I can run 3 miles inside and feel better than if I run one mile outside I run on 6 mph so I can get under 20 minute 2 mile and I’d rather do that on a treadmill than run outside but then my legs Kill me and I can’t play basketball as well the next day
Comment from : Snazzy Snek Gaming

Carrie Anne Walton
Being from England, hearing Cassey say "fanny pack" makes me ROFL It means something entirely different over here!
Comment from : Carrie Anne Walton

zeyanna aa
They need to redo the live action Mulan and cast you 😭❤️ you’re so gorgeous and fit for the role haha
Comment from : zeyanna aa

Foxy Jambread
Her: Write down your "why"!brbrMe, writing: z o m b i e a p o c a l y p s e
Comment from : Foxy Jambread

Mia Zarudny
my "why" is that i need to train for Air Force bootcamp and i really don't want to kill myself running while i'm there
Comment from : Mia Zarudny

The Stupid Genius
I like running as long as it is at my own pace and not forced Running makes me feel free, but when you’re being chased by your PE coaches and having them constantly yelling at you it starts to feel really suffocating
Comment from : The Stupid Genius

Olivia Benson
Cab my dog be my accountability partner?🙂
Comment from : Olivia Benson

7) Tried running with a cute outfit, got some stares & people whistling in the parkbrNow my girlfriend locks her closet
Comment from : Bsp46Vfx3zVraP8Q

Dumb question but where do you guys keep your phones while you run?
Comment from : Park_ING

Rozalia West
Video starts at 3:28 for those who are only interested in the tips :)
Comment from : Rozalia West

Jessy Parker
it's not even that i dont like running - i just immediately get asthma when i even think about running
Comment from : Jessy Parker

I’m a 12 year old girl, does a lot of exercise (workouts and sports), I can run 5km in 27 mins with no breaks and on a park run, is this good? (Btw I eat pretty healthy) Any tips to get better?
Comment from : ameliemydn

loved your tips! I personally hate running too, but knowing how good it is for me, and how it will help my other workouts helps to get me going too What I've started to do while ruuning is do intervals of jogging/walking and set a goal running to diffrent landmarks, then walking to diffrent landmarks, so that I have a challenge each interval, rather just going by a goal of reaching one certain distance by the end of it
Comment from : Melissa

Heather Hazley
Omg I have tiny ear holes too but I hate the ones that go over your ears
Comment from : Heather Hazley

Don’t be deterred by what Sam says I mean how fast can HE run a mile???? Lmao
Comment from : Jen

joe louden
"It (cardio) just feels like suffering" That's because it IS suffering
Comment from : joe louden

SAME STORY ! See what covid did
Comment from : Earl_Jd

I have the tiny ear hole problem too, hard to find anything that doesn't literally pop out 😂
Comment from : Ember

Jasmine Gonyea
I also used to hate running, but now when I get home from work and it's still pretty nice out I get excited about going for a jog!!
Comment from : Jasmine Gonyea

Sarah Groth
This inspired me to get back into running again Thank you!! ❤️😊
Comment from : Sarah Groth

Joann Van Niekerk
My high school started its first girls cricket team and all the running is hurting my lungs so this video was so needed 😋
Comment from : Joann Van Niekerk

Ray Sollars The Happy Jogger
Love your down to earth practical style I just subscribed I have always naturally loved running since my days in the Marine Corps when I HAD to run with those drill instructors chasing me Double time! Ha! I just joined a local running club and went on my 1st run with them I am 64 now and it is all about having fun :-) My whys are: 1 To feel good, 2 To bit fit, and 3 To have fun and challenge myself Ultimately, the marathon distance is my goal, but if I never do anything but 5K and 10K's, that will work too!
Comment from : Ray Sollars The Happy Jogger

Leah Gainer
Im scared ima get snatched
Comment from : Leah Gainer

Arooj Alvi
I have a question? I don't hate running per say but I hate the "after-run" effect? My knees would hurt and my calves would be tired the next day And it would be super hard to run on the next day which means I would take a break and I would keep thinking that I should have run I missed a day and I would feel sad and gloomy the third day I would run and the story repeats eventually I would not run or even exercise for weeks If you say that you are not warming up properly then I would like to tell you that I take 10 min to warm up from head to toe and then run Also I do 5 minutes or stretching after run HELP!!!!!!!
Comment from : Arooj Alvi

Kathryn Rhodes
Bring the olive drawstring leggings back
Comment from : Kathryn Rhodes

Tip #9 is my favorite <3
Comment from : Heinousness

I don’t like running because i’m chubby and I run slow and jiggle a bit but i’ll try ❥
Comment from : J

robert wilson
Simply because its hard work all that thumping on the ground am doing walking far less strenious
Comment from : robert wilson

run run
Comment from : Gumii

Girl jump rope and rebounding!!!! Rebounding is my PASSION! 😍😍😍
Comment from : VasquezMHW1

Should i run/jog if i have a hiit workout scheduled on the same day??

Anne Gaelle
I used to hate running because I didn't know how to breathe properly and how to listen to my body I was going way too fast and then I was out of breathe, my legs hurted Don't RUSH ! I changed my mind about running when I learned how to find my running pace, how to breathe, how to warm up and stretch Weeks after weeks, I was able to run further, I felt stronger and I was so proud to see my body getting used to it What felt difficult weeks ago was suddenly easier It was rewarding and I was curious to see how I can improve it even more the next times I was unable to run more than 3-4 min when I started I can run 45min now after a few months I had no program, no pressure Don't have high expectations, start slow and accept it'll take time I didn't force myself to like running, I just tried again by curiosity & I ended up enjoying it once I learned to listen to my body ! I want to add : If you tried and don't like it, DON'T FORCE YOURSELF Sport should be a PLEASURE, not a BURDEN Not everyone love running and it's ok, there's so much sport out there, do something you enjoy !
Comment from : Anne Gaelle

Bobby Smith
I'm gonna start running!!!
Comment from : Bobby Smith

Emma Hoffman
Tiny ear squad
Comment from : Emma Hoffman

Laura Chelsea
I can’t run unless I’m on a treadmill at an incline The incline motivates me to keep going haha Oh, and good beats
Comment from : Laura Chelsea

Laura Chelsea
I prefer cardio in the form of swimming and Zumba :)
Comment from : Laura Chelsea

Hello Wassup
where’s your jacket from?? it’s so cuteeee!!
Comment from : Hello Wassup

I can literally do marine cardio routines, yet I am unable to run I am unable to do the bouncing motion that comes along with running + the fact that you essentially push yourself forward while keeping your legs behind you my body does not understand how to run, only how to walk really fast I've tried the althletic alphabet, and all the usual tips stamina is not really the problem after working out all the time I hate trying to even attempt learning to run at this point
Comment from : xxes11xx

Any tips for running safety? I dont listen to music while running anymore due to some incidents and I dont find it as fulfilling without
Comment from : justcheesepls

Hannah S
i want to run so badly and i also quite enjoy it but i have literally the worst joints so whenever i go up a few flights of stairs or do a high intensity workout i have to rest for ages because my knees get so bad lmao
Comment from : Hannah S

Emily derricott
I like running itself, however i get super embarrassed for some reason doing it, like running past people does anyone have any tips on how to overcome it?
Comment from : Emily derricott

1 Determine your "why"br2 Have an accountability partnerbr3 Don't take it too seriouslybr4 Use gear that minimizes distractionsbr5 Choose an audiobook/podcast only for runbr6 Clean your route ahead of timebr7 Pick a cute running outfitbr8 Keep a journalbr9 Celebrate your progress
Comment from : Fran

Omgggg this actually inspired me to get running thank you Cassey 🥺💓💕 idk the last time i went for a real run — maybe 5 yrs ago!
Comment from : myohmykee

i hate running because i hate being perceived on public lol
Comment from : hoshi

Amelie Yang
i love running, at school im in the running club but i just cant run fast
Comment from : Amelie Yang

Victoria Pulliam
I love running! Bout I wish I had a friend to run with
Comment from : Victoria Pulliam

Emma Rice
Comment from : Emma Rice

Rylie P
I have the bose sport earbuds and they work very well!!
Comment from : Rylie P

Whitney Prior
I love running why am I here
Comment from : Whitney Prior

Hayley Moss
PLEASE tell where your hoodie is from! It looks so cozy <3
Comment from : Hayley Moss

Hayley Moss
Cassey you are so gorgeous inside and out but this is my favourite look you have ever worn omg <3 also I hate running too so this is so helpful because running is good for your body and I need to do it haha x
Comment from : Hayley Moss

farah izzati
She made me cry cause it's all true!!!!
Comment from : farah izzati

Calzie a Hernandez
Dancing and swimming are my favorite cardios
Comment from : Calzie a Hernandez

Nandika Kaul
Tips start at 3:20
Comment from : Nandika Kaul

Celeste Vargas
Thank you so much for sharing this! brFave quote: "There are some days that I do an under nine minute mile - which for me is really fast, especially when I'm doing that pace for two miles straight And then there are other days when I'm almost doing, like, a twelve minute mile; and Sam's just like 'you're basically walking,' but whatever as long as I get outside, that is all that matters"brbrI thought I was the only one :p brbrMay God continue to bless your fitness journey and may He increase your joy in Him as He gives you the strength for each new day and exercise <3brbr"“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come” (1 Tim 4:8, NLT)
Comment from : Celeste Vargas

Anyone struggles with running because of their furcking glasses?? :(
Comment from : esikazemese

Sara AlSayed
I started playing Zombies Run! To get into running- it is brilliant! I get so hooked i run just to find out what happens next 😂
Comment from : Sara AlSayed

I hate the New England winter gust slashing my face and ears more than running
Comment from : rynsoo

the point about having media that you only listen to when you're running was, for me, just this "aha!" moment because I already do that for other things I hate doing!! lol I don't know why I didn't think of it myself but thank you for saying those words out loud XD
Comment from : Sara

Virgínia Pigari
I like running but I feel pretty frustraited because I can't run run I have to walk/run and get tired really easy :( I just wish my pace was faster, last time my pace was 9'00'' and seeing everyone running without having to take a break and walk for a while makes me feel like I don't run at all, just walk
Comment from : Virgínia Pigari

Your hair is stunning 😍😍
Comment from : Sophiè

It's so funny, I was a runner about 8 years ago but stopped due to some life issues And last summer I started up again, then did workouts in the fall and winter And now spring is on its way and I was looking for some motivational tips to get me back in the game And found this lol thank youuu!! I've been following you since I was 15 love your chan
Comment from : kayne

Hannah Dalrymple
To be honest, I've never been super active I'm continuing on a weight loss journey and I realized I feel so much better physically and mentally when I exercise I've never tried running before, but I got interested when I found an app called Zombies Run! It's this really cool app that turns walking/running into a game! There's an interesting storyline, you can collect items as you go, and you get to run away from zombies! There are so many cool features - you can choose how long you want to walk/run, it shows you stats of how many miles, how much time, and your course, and it can play your music in the background! It honestly makes walking or running so much more enjoyable in my opinion Hope this helps :)
Comment from : Hannah Dalrymple

Luna -
Ive always felt like I wanted to be a runner, but in reality I hate it The reason I hate running is because of my chest Even in a €100 great quality sportsbra it hurts to jump or run Nothing helps All my workouts need to be low impact because the weight of my chest is killing me I wanna get a breast reduction this year so I can finally take up running I'll definitely apply your advice then! :)
Comment from : Luna -

I find running indoors a lot more enjoyable because I think I naturally balance my heart rate a bit more, versus outdoors when I feel pressure to go fast and practically kill myself in about 5 minutes It also means I can watch tv
Comment from : Emmi

Jena Lynch
Thank you Cassey!! These tips are great I was a lifelong disliker of running too Several years ago, I tricked myself into running longer distances by starting with 3 minutes, then 4 the next day, and so on until I was at 45 minutes I seriously couldn't believe that I could run for that long and like you, I began to crave runs What??! brbrI've lost a bit of my gusto recently though, and I'm trying to get back into running regularly, aka, how to hate it a little bit less (again) Thanks for the inspo to get back out there You gave us all permission to not take it so seriously and not count miles and pace etc How refreshing!! After 8 years as a subscriber, I still look forward to your videos because you make exercise struggles relatable THANK YOU!brbrBTW, My Popflex booty shorts 20 are a non-negotiable part of my running gear under longer running shorts I feel like the little bit of compression helps me run better for some reason Or maybe I just feel cuter :)
Comment from : Jena Lynch

why not disclose the sponsor
Comment from : Betul

0:05, 2:20, 2:50, 4:55, 7:45, brHey y’all I decided I like runningnow that I’m hawking these headphones 😉
Comment from : JJ

I need to find a better sports bra to secure these F cups 🙏🙏 then I'll start running It's uncomfortable to run for long periods of time, because my current sports bra just isn't good enough Anyone have any recommendations for brands that work? 🇬🇧💚
Comment from : ShaloME

Nora Wu
Want to run but shins hurt so much! Any tips?
Comment from : Nora Wu

Παρασκευή Κόκκα
I used to hate cardio, burpees, and all that stuff, but your videos are making it easier, and the fact that I have bad cholesterol kept me going and now I don't hate cardio that much, it is more like a love and hate relationship, and actually, I am better at it than I used to be :-)
Comment from : Παρασκευή Κόκκα

Matilda Reads
What are some of the best songs and podcasts to listen to while running?
Comment from : Matilda Reads

This video could not have come at a better time! My fiance used to run 5 miles a day and I can barely run 20 seconds at a time I want to increase endurance, improve recovery time, and lose weight as a bonus I like the idea of running, but I hate my terrible starting point I made 114 miles in 14:40 minutes running and walking I can't wait to see improvement!
Comment from : 塔诺Jahsoka

Helen Scott
Can we get a running challenge with you?!
Comment from : Helen Scott

Georgia Pimentel
Didn’t even know I needed this video in my life
Comment from : Georgia Pimentel

Matilda Reads
My entire life I thought running was like sprinting, and so I was always scared of running because I hate cardio and feeling out of breath Because of this video, I discovered jogging, and I'm really starting to enjoy it! Thanks so much!
Comment from : Matilda Reads

Tinaaa Angel
I forgive u cassey I'm gone bc Iupset u
Comment from : Tinaaa Angel

Somebody Piano
I love this video, and I can really relate! I used to HATE running too, and never really had the motivation to start learning until the pandemic hit and outdoor/home exercise was the only option I started off small with just a few minutes of slow jogging with the goal of increasing my endurance and heart health I LOVE it now! It is so relaxing when you get into that slow jog repetitive motion and look at the trees and flowers around you
Comment from : Somebody Piano

Claudia Calenzani Bravo
i love running with my dog!! She gives me support, safety and a excuse to go for that run Sadly a week ago i tripped, and boy did i trip i have 3 broken bones in my right foot I´m glad i´ve my family with me, but sad i´m now i total lock down Send some good vibes so i can get back to walking with my pup!
Comment from : Claudia Calenzani Bravo

Natasha Muppidi
i hate running so i just do hiit workouts and weightlifting lol you don’t necessarily need to run to work out
Comment from : Natasha Muppidi

Jane Jaye Pfeister
Please tell Sam that a 12 min mile is NOT WALKING That made me really upset I have RUN 8 marathons and countless Half Marathons and when my asthma got worse, I was happy to get up to a 12 min mile so I could finish a marathon in 5 hours 22 minbrThe week before the pandemic hit Which was a huge success for me when it took me 7 hours 25 min to finish my first full marathon due to having as asthma attack in the middle and walked to the finish line I salute the slow runners! They are the true endurance athletes!
Comment from : Jane Jaye Pfeister

Carla Roets
Wish it was safe enough to run alone as a female where I live Unfortunately, a gym and treadmill is the safest option for me
Comment from : Carla Roets

Yes! I prefer dance for the same reasons but running has always defeated me
Comment from : Sera

Ryanne Van der Burgh
I love running it's just something I always did even when I was little I would race everybody at school or in the neighborhood and as I got older I started running track after my back injury I was afraid to start running again but I slowly picked it up again and I added rollerblading to it as well
Comment from : Ryanne Van der Burgh

You’re So So Beautiful as Always! 💖💖💖💚💚❣️🧡❣️❣️
Comment from : LadyJane-Stephanie

Omg I totally feel you girl! I used to be made fun of for the way I ran!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Comment from : LadyJane-Stephanie

pink x
Is it normal to get some chest pain when running?
Comment from : pink x

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