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Title :  The Persian Language IN DEPTH
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Hi everyone! If you're currently learning Persian, visit PersianPod101 ►( bitly/Persianpod101 )◄ - one of the best ways to learn Persian online bBlack Friday sale: Courses are currently 51 off!/b Don't miss this chance!brbrFor 33 other languages, check out my review! ► langfocuscom/innovative-language-podcasts/ ◄br brI'm an active member on several Pod101 sites, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do! br br(Full disclosure: if you sign up for a premium account, Langfocus receives a small referral fee But if I didn't like it, I wouldn't recommend it, and the free account is pretty good on its own!)
Comment from : Langfocus

Arman Azary
Hi , thanks for your awsome videobrYou mentioned 2 of the challenges, which is the script and the daily speech and formal form, for the script please any beginner understand the fact that if you write farsi with Latin alphabet, we can understand, it's called fingilish and if it's used as a person to person way of texting , it is totally understandable, but for official government or paperwork we can't use that, second for practice of speaking the daily speaking of people, try to watch movies or speak with your iranian friends,and last that assume it's gonna be a challenge for more experienced learner's is the place of origin, you can use some English words or Arabic or even French word in farsi , but there is a trend going on that some people prefer to use words with persian origin, even the government tries to make an equal out of them, for example helicopter = هلیکوپتر، got replaced with bal'gard = بالگرد ، (circulating wings) or some people say dorod; instead of salam!🤷🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Arman Azary

Mehr 🌞مهر
As a Farsi(Persian) language I want to say, this language is so flexible brAs you can learn lots of verbs by adding "Kardan/ Dadan",brThere are Prefixes and Suffixes such as:brNoun +"Daan" = a place to preserve sth: Namak(Salt)+ Daan =Namakdaan= salt shaker Gol(flower)+Daan=Goldaan= flower pot brNoun + "Gaah" = refers to a place or a time: Daanesh(Knowledge)+ Gaah= Daaneshgaah= University or Sobh(morning)+Gaah= Sobhgah= time of morningbrand a lot more
Comment from : Mehr 🌞مهر

Farshad VCF
Persian is not only a language It opens doors to RIIIIICH ancient poetry , old time phlosophy and rich music culture
Comment from : Farshad VCF

Dr Abdul Sattar Malik Lecturer, Urdu Department
Wonderful! No doubt,your language profiles are very scienticific and linguistics based informationEcellent job
Comment from : Dr Abdul Sattar Malik Lecturer, Urdu Department

I've always felt like Persian is more enjoyable to listen to as a German speaker than Arabic, so when I found out it was Indo-European and not semitic, it made sense for me "Tochter" (daughter) sounds almost the same in German and Persian lol
Comment from : Wolf

Kaino Järvinen
من از تو یاد گرفتم
Comment from : Kaino Järvinen

Kaino Järvinen
من از تو یاد گرفتم
Comment from : Kaino Järvinen

the yeeter man
Comment from : the yeeter man

Purple Haze
we in arabic also use about the same word Al kitab(الكتاب) which means book
Comment from : Purple Haze

Shahrokh Mansoori
thank you for doing this program but br اافسوسانه br زبان پارسي روز مره ، زبايست ناسره و با دستوري نا درست و واژه هايي بي مانا و من دراوردي و گزاره هايًيي در هم و بر هم و وارونه انچه در گذشته بما اموخته اند زبان پارسي درست زبانيست (اندو اروپايي )Indo-European همراه با زبان سانسكريت (Sanskrit ) ، از شگرفترين-چهار زبان مادري جهان است و بر پايه گفته دانشمندان ادبيات جهان زبان پارسي سره ، زبانيست ارام ، و زيبا و از اسان ترين ، روان ترين ،گسترده ترين و گويا ترين زبان هاي جهان است و داري همه سدا ها ي بايست و با دستوري استوار ميباشد ،و براي هر واژه نا درست و بيگانه، داراي چندين واژه گوناگون، با ماناي بجا و بسيار روشن است و تنها زبا ني است كه با لب ودهن گفتگو ميشود، نه با خرخره وحلقوم brو هم از ديد ديگري، شگرفترين پايه يك فرهنگ پايدار و والا داشتن زبان يكي و همبار و سره ميباشد كه در ارامش روان و دانشجويي و دانش اموزي به ديگران رل بزرگي را بازي ميكند و درگوالش مغز كودكان نقش شگرفي را بازي ميكند گفتگو با يك زبان مانند نواختن يك اهنگ است كه با يستي در يك دستگاه زده بشود و گرنه ان اهنگ گوش خراش و ناهنجار ميگردد ،بويژه اگر كه ان زبانها بر پايه و دستورهايي چند گونه باشند مانند اميختن زبان پارسي و زبان تازي (عربي ) brبنابرين بر ماست كه زبان و فرهنگ پارسي را پاس داريم و اين افسار برده گي و ننگ تاريخي را كه از هزاران سال پيش به گردن ما اويخته اند پاره كنيم وبا زبان پارسي درست گفتگو و نگاشت كنيم خوشبختانه ما به بيشتر واژاه هاي پارسي درست اشنايي داريم تنها بايستي خو كنيم كه انان را بكار ببريم اين نوشته رو من تا انجا كه توانستم به زبان پارسي درست براي شما نگاشتم و همين جوري كه ميبينيد خواندن اين جستار براي شما دشوار نيست brbrبا سپاس بيكران شاهرخ منصوريbrFarsi language is Indo-European ,Indo Iranian Language with Sanskrit base the proper Farsi language is probably the most descriptive, the most melodies , the simplest language and Contains every sound and words that we need to speak and express ourselves ,and most likely the only language that is spoken by Mouth ,Tongue and Lips not Throat and larynx For thousands of years Iran has been and is the center of the literature in the world and has contributed-so much to the words culture and literature but when Farsi language got mixed With Arabic and other foreign word's, last a lot of it,s Beauty, The sentences become very harsh and improper, and at times difficult to understand and difficult to speak, that is why in general we do not have too many elegant Speakers and also it has Last it's value as a-whole br unfortunately for the past several hundred years Iranian were thought that PARSI , is an inferior and inadequate Language intentionally in order to dismantle and weaken the culture by invaders as the language is the foundation of ones culture I have nothing negative to say about any other languages especially Arabic but when we mix the two languages specially when they have two different grammar base they both looses Their beauty and melody I strongly advise you to correct your information on Google Writings and Differentiate between proper PARSI and so called todays (Na Sareh) (ناسره) Farsi language br brWith my best wishes brDr mansoori
Comment from : Shahrokh Mansoori

Persian is one of richest languages it's similar to Kurdish language greetings to Persians
Comment from : Egît

Hello, i am from Algeria,🇩🇿 , i really like Iranian culture it's a old conservative culture Wich contain good and deep values for our life I Love you 💕
Comment from : TYSMAK

Augusto Pinochet
ایران حاوی فرهنگ غنی و زبان بسیار زیبایی بود که با حمله اعراب قسمت زیبایی از آن از بین رفت با این حال ما هنوز به ایرانی بودن خودمان افتخار میکنیم و سعی کردیم این فرهنگ رو حفظ کنیم
Comment from : Augusto Pinochet

Gianni Fois
It's funny how farsi is much more easy to pronounce than arabic for foreigners, although farsi has more letters
Comment from : Gianni Fois

Moomanah Pirooz
I'm form Afghanistan
Comment from : Moomanah Pirooz

Йоан Димитров
Bulgarian language and Old Slavonic Church language have words very similar to Persian language which show old connections of Indo-European languages I have friends who go to Iran and they talk in Bulgarian with Persians who speak Persian in the street markets without problem Here one example: Bulgarian - Пазар(Pazar)/Market is similar to Persian - بازار (Bazar)/Market
Comment from : Йоан Димитров

Hi, What does the س at the end of a sentence mean?
Comment from : kk

Bijoy Das
As I am proficient in Urdu and Punjabi, Persian is very easy to understand
Comment from : Bijoy Das

David Lopez
Qaayeq kayak? Coincidencia?
Comment from : David Lopez

Kamil Ansari
Which is sweatest language in the world Persian/Dari or French
Comment from : Kamil Ansari

Yoga Jedi
In my ears Persian sound much smoother and pleasant than Arabic which sounds quite aggressive
Comment from : Yoga Jedi

you're name is Paul?
Comment from : Soweli

Alisina Atayi
Why would you learn Persian?
Comment from : Alisina Atayi

Beka D
Thank you very much for this video I'm Tajik from Uzbekistan and for me it was very interesting Even though I'm a native speaker, I've never thought about how grammar works, because I've never learned itbr Since official language of the country is Uzbek, there are very very few schools that are fully taught in Tajik(Persian/Farsi) But after finishing one of those Tajik schools you don't really need it in your future career so you still have to choose either Uzbek or Russian to continue your education, so almost noone learns the language properly For these and other reasons our daily spoken language has changed very much Uzbek(one of the Turkic languages) influenced our language a lot And it's continuing to change with every new generationbrBut nevertheless, we still understand Iranians, they understand us Of course with some difficulties, but it's possible to communicate 👌🏼
Comment from : Beka D

Dewan Dipto plays
As a learner of Persian, I have found this fascinating that you just add a suffix after an adjective instead of the verb "to be" and also the fact that as a speaker of Bengali, the colloquial and literary forms aren't a problem for me and that it's very similar to bengali and english as well in some weird ways
Comment from : Dewan Dipto plays

Stack Net
درود بر شما😊
Comment from : Stack Net

Mina Sharifi
Comment from : Mina Sharifi

Doesn't Salam In Arabic Mean Also Hello
Comment from : Aguiderlight78

I've bought a Persian textbook out of curiosity and because I like Iranians and Iran very much and I'm surprised how easy this language appears to be I'd like to learn it some day Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱❤🇮🇷
Comment from : PLrc

Guilherme Januario
Comment from : Guilherme Januario

Comment from : Dilovar

Suhaimi Abdul Farouk
I liked the grammar crash course in the video Opened up the language much more
Comment from : Suhaimi Abdul Farouk

Aypibar Atamusa
I’m an Iranian teacher of Farsi In addition to “hā” as plural suffix there are some irregular plural words taken from Arabic The learners need to learn them too For example : Masjed= mosque 🕌 brPlural= Majed-hā or Masājed (Arabic)brAlso there are some other plural suffixes less used Eg -ān brMard=Man, Mard-hā / Mard-ānbrBoth means Men
Comment from : Aypibar Atamusa

Dave Strasburg
Three times commercial breaks here, a new record!
Comment from : Dave Strasburg

Yasamin Sep
و من بیکاری ک اومدم دارم آموزش زبان فارسی میبینم
Comment from : Yasamin Sep

Cleopatra vid
As a native in this language, I have to sat that take easy when you want to speak Persian absolutely we don't use all roles sometimes we just make words together and don't care about the places of them If you put some words together we will connect and keep our communication for sure and have a good conversation
Comment from : Cleopatra vid

PAUL, your documents are remarkable and very valuable THANKSbrBAFS

Hossein Akbari
hi, it's Hossein, i'm a Persian, i can help you to improve your persian language, and also i wanna improve my English too
Comment from : Hossein Akbari

Shayan Ghafoori
"hâ" is not the only plural sign but it's the most handy one, as you mentioned in the video for the word vegetables we use "sabzijât" so if we "sabzi hâ" it'll refer to herbs but "sabzijât" is vegetables, there are also other words with this plurality sign such as "mivejât" which is fruits Apart from this we also have "ân" which comes after consonants as an example I can say "ketâbân" (books) or "deräxtân" (trees), it can't come after Vowels but "hâ" can be anywhere it wants :)
Comment from : Shayan Ghafoori

Shayan Ghafoori
Many of those compound verbs have only one verb of their own too for example for "to stand up" instead of "pâ šodan" we can say istâdan also instead of "zendegi kardan" (to live) we can say "zistan", "sar zadan" is mostly like a phrase but also a compound verb but if we wanna use one word we can say "didan" which is known as the same verb for "to see"
Comment from : Shayan Ghafoori

Shayan Ghafoori
Q and GH ق and غ are not merged
Comment from : Shayan Ghafoori

Marziye Lalezar
خیلللللی قشنگ توضیح دادین 👏👏👏👏👏 بسیااار عالی استاد 😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💐💐💐💐💐🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷موفق باشین
Comment from : Marziye Lalezar

ali emadi
im a native persian speaker and gotta say almost 50 of persian words are arabic origin and this is a very hot problem in iranbryou cant speak even one sentence if you just try to not use any arabic wordbrthis is mostly because of arabic infuluance after islamic conquest of iran and regilous things and lack of "language power" compairing to arabic , in mind of iranians : arabic is "most completate langage" "which has every single word in it"
Comment from : ali emadi

Reza Grans
@LangfocusbrWhat a masderpees owverview uv elimentz uv th langwij، shoubbee exsilint guiyd for helping sum non-Perjhin speekur disiyd if they want to aprowch it and how🙂br تحلیلی که شما انجام دادید را• در حد شاهکار و ممتاز می توان توصیف کرد دستت درست👌💪✌👏👑💍than-q fur shering abouwt perjhin pod also- espeshily fur us thu relitively eyliyeneydid 2nd jenereyshin with İranian family-&-relitivz that chry diskurij us frum yoowzing پ(ف)ارسی jus beekauz wee nat 100 in it and dint spend ouwr tiym in old kunchry , insded grew up and aLOne far🌎
Comment from : Reza Grans

persian languague =kurdish amd arabic word😂😂😂
Comment from : kurdistan_is_one

Dalhee Im
Oh! You explained everything super accurately!! Wow! brI'm a Persian native speaker, but actually after listening to your explanation, I got a feeling like How interesting! I'm going to learn this language !!!brAnd thank you very very much to make such an interesting and helpful content about Persian!
Comment from : Dalhee Im

RIP Stiv
Thank you for introducing Persian to others, I am Iranian, our language is Persian, you are welcome
Comment from : RIP Stiv

As a native Persian speaker this just makes my heart happy brGood luck! موفق باشی
Comment from : Pk

Derek Green
I thought that I read the plural marker is used seldomly My understanding is that it's only used when there's need to express "a lot" of something ,similar in meaning to "many" I could be wrong S
Comment from : Derek Green

Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the 3rd
The script is not Arabic it was invented by an Iranian
Comment from : Father Louis Williams Suga Adams Junior the 3rd

Waqas Ahmad dar 1982
Great brother continue
Comment from : Waqas Ahmad dar 1982

Zayed | زيد
A teacher who used to teach me Persian, used to say this a lot brزبان فارسي خيلي دشوارست ، لاكن شيري تراست
Comment from : Zayed | زيد

this video is incredible!!
Comment from : Haneen

دوست داریمخلاص
Comment from : NEW TV

we have definite suffix in speaking language: Ketab"e" ro bebin: look at the book
Comment from : Aryana

😯😯😯😯 very interesting
Comment from : Aryana

I need a #iraniseuropean
Comment from : ManolisLoukopoulos

Comment from : 220volt-u

Nur-Ali Janqojayev
Greetings from Kazaxstan the word qaayeq is Turkic origin word if I’m not wrong this word even meets in American Indian tribes
Comment from : Nur-Ali Janqojayev

5:19 in my dialect we differentiate between these two sounds (as well as low-key making fun of people who pronounce these two the same way!) 😄
Comment from : Beanie

Sandlot Rider
3:55 I don't know if they're related but it feels like there's a link with "ride" toobr5:23 It sounds like "kayak" 😆
Comment from : Sandlot Rider

Polish guy #4
3:14 sheesh 😆
Comment from : Polish guy #4

Sheida Karamnejad
This is insanely detailed and extremely accurate and informative I am in awe!
Comment from : Sheida Karamnejad

I was told that people who study Middle Eastern cultures often switched to learning Farsi when they couldn't manage Arabic :) As a European who learned various Indo-European languages + Turkish, I could understand about 50 of the vocabulary in this video and the grammar looked very familiar (the overlap in Turkish would mostly be Farsi loanwords, like sebze for vegetables or taze for fresh)
Comment from : MoBo

Jonas Brown
i love persian! i wanna learn this
Comment from : Jonas Brown

Why are you whitewashing the persian language Iranians lived before europians Persian is an indoarian language not indoeuropian Iran means land of aryans
Comment from : Hakhamanesh

Vyacheslav Zgordan
Awesome, all Persian grammar in 20 minutes!!! Started to learn Persian 4 days ago and this is tremendously useful Thanks a lot!
Comment from : Vyacheslav Zgordan

Bill Birkett
Looking at the grammar at a glance, it seems about like the same difficulty of Finnish grammar Meaning very complicated, but regular enough to be manageable Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like it wouldn't be impossible for an English speaker to learn itit would simply be difficult for its overall lack of cognates (though it seems like there are a few), but it's still accessible to learners
Comment from : Bill Birkett

Zahra Mohamadi
It was very interesting and informative video thanks for sharing
Comment from : Zahra Mohamadi

JeF 138
Iranian Persian got most of its loan words of european countries from France while Dari farsi wich is used in Afghanistan has got many of its loan words from UK and Tajikistan of course from Russia
Comment from : JeF 138

HosHey ni
Persian is the language of poetry and proverbs; There are 120 million speakers of this language in the world Persian speakers live in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and parts of Uzbekistan and parts of Dagestan, Russia In the United Nations, Persian is one of the five living classical languages ​​of the world Until 200 years ago in the lands of India and in the Ottoman Empire of Turkey and in Iraq and the lands south of the Persian Gulf, Persian was spoken as a court, scientific and international language Persian was spoken from different languages ​​such as French, Arabic and Turkish But many words have been imported from Persian into Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and Hindi, as well as many European languages The greatest Persian language poets are: Ferdowsi, Saadi Shirazi, Hafez Shirazi, Rumi, Roudaki, Khayyam Neyshabouri, Naser Khosrow, Attar Neyshabouri, Nezami Ganjavi, Shams Tabrizi, Khajavi Kermani
Comment from : HosHey ni

Jay in Japan
12:40 The enclitic object pronouns also being possessive pronouns is exactly how Arabic works as well I wonder if this is a sprachbund feature that Farsi picked up from Arabic (I don't think it would be the other way around, as I'm not personally aware of this being common in other Indo-European languages, whereas I know for a fact that this pattern is observed in other Semitic languages, eg Hebrew and Aramaic)
Comment from : Jay in Japan

Comment from : F

Omid Ghayour
It was a very good video I wanted to add (as related to 5:55 of your video) although it is said that 6 vowels of Farsi is divided to two group of three of short and long it is completely wrong this is true for Arabic but not in Farsi they are totally different not only the short versions and the long versions have different sounds (as you mentioned for æ and å) you can pronounce the short versions as long as you wish and also you can pronounce the long versions as short as you want
Comment from : Omid Ghayour

Persian is mostly an Arabic dialect More than half of these languages ​​are Arabic and Turkish
Comment from : Julia

Narethg Ygft
زبان فارسی و دری را چقدر خوب درس میدید مه خودمه دری زبان هستوم
Comment from : Narethg Ygft

Kaino Järvinen
کیتاب ِجدید
Comment from : Kaino Järvinen

Comment from : blueroad226

EMS 76
I spent eight hours today learning the Arabic script and pronunciation So, I came here to see how similar Persian's use of the script might be Mostly minor additions and slight phonemic differences brbrIt will take me longer until I t really have the writing system memorized I'm a little sad that it being an abjad means that it will take a lot of vocabulary memorization before you can ever really read the script and truly know how things are meant to sound brbrAbjads do seem to be an inherently flawed type of writing system It has none of the semiotic clarity of ideographic writing systems and none of the phonetic clarity of allhasyllabyries or abugidas
Comment from : EMS 76

Dari is pronounced like Carry
Comment from : Hesam0000

A One
Cheers to Iran!! Birthplace of the Persian language!!
Comment from : A One

Hosein MZ
As a native,the most important is how you pronounce some wordslike if you are learning persian,you might have trouble with how to pronounce a word and i'm sorry i can't teach you how to do it bc we iranians get used to it
Comment from : Hosein MZ

Archie Demir
Comment from : Archie Demir

ال مل
Viva persian🇮🇷🇹🇯🇦🇫🇺🇿
Comment from : ال مل

القناة الإسلامية Islamic Channel
أنا كعربي أحب هذه اللغة جدًا ويمكنني قراءتها تحيا إيران من مصر ☺️🥰🇪🇬🇮🇷
Comment from : القناة الإسلامية Islamic Channel

Sandeep Singh
Thank you Very much Sir Ji 💐
Comment from : Sandeep Singh

Mohadeseh Bh
اره بابا زبان ما خیلی شیرین و راحته😂فقط تفاوت بین کلمات برای حرف زدن و نوشتن خیلی زیاده🇮🇷
Comment from : Mohadeseh Bh

Mo Sf
Why is your Persian friend reading those words like an akhund preaching? Is he holding an AK47 while reading them? lol
Comment from : Mo Sf

naser rahman
Comment from : naser rahman

Persian Campus
Great video, as always, informative and to the point Good job Open to your comments, too :)
Comment from : Persian Campus

CapKam :]
Why am I watching this ? persian is my first language 🤣
Comment from : CapKam :]

Depressed Kid
Bro thats so advanced im amazed
Comment from : Depressed Kid

Ata mo
This quick intoduction to persian language is really the most exact and authentic way to teach persian I am so impressed
Comment from : Ata mo

👑king GiLan👑
I am from Iran and I am proud that this is my ancient land, the power of civilization and values of a people with a history of 7,000 years Here is Iran and we love the whole world 🇮🇷♥️🛡👑💪👍
Comment from : 👑king GiLan👑

Thank u so much this video explained Persian perfectly🤍
Comment from : sisi

Zahranaz rezvani
Comment from : Zahranaz rezvani

My family pronounces words in dari different than most other people that speak dari
Comment from : Hampter

Matt Parsa
That's not Arabic script, Persians invented the whole thing :)
Comment from : Matt Parsa

exo_reality chansoo
Persian is beautiful
Comment from : exo_reality chansoo

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