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Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

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Information Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

Title :  Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...
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Frames Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

Description Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

Comments Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

JP Comp
Most saw awful fraud of a person = a Bernie Madoff for sure!
Comment from : JP Comp

tony branson
People will NEVER SAVE AND INVEST!! brHave fun living on SS AND FOODSTAMPS!!brSUZIE was RIGHT!!
Comment from : tony branson

tony branson
I LOVE IT!!!brPeople HATE ON SUZY CUZ SHE RIGHT!!brbr(But ima need $$$ for GAS TO GO SKIING!!)馃ぃ馃ぃ
Comment from : tony branson

Jenn Steele
Who has college loans? How idiotic
Comment from : Jenn Steele

Stephanie Jordan
Good friends real close knit families businesses that been around for years churches marriages lot of people don't believe in marriages no moreAll because of some one some where said that this toilet paper is now valuable after the mint coloring and printing added
Comment from : Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan
Money is toilet paper before the coloring and printing is added
Comment from : Stephanie Jordan

Jackie Smalley
Sheesh, what about having fun in life I'm responsible with money but she makes it sound like people should never go on vacation Don't save money for gas to go skiing? Pshhhh
Comment from : Jackie Smalley

Josh Bosch
so are these boomer clickbait titles?
Comment from : Josh Bosch

Raise your hand if you or someone you know gets at least 2 packages a week from Amazon
Comment from : joz411no

Comment from : mazdajay55

Sharone Brown
Love this
Comment from : Sharone Brown

Comment from : Tortuga

Don't make money, take money hahaha Check out her schemes Do news! HLN
Comment from : Tortuga

Christopher Bradley
I retired at 42 by doing things my way and not listening to people like Suze Orman Looking back at her videos now, I realize that if I had listened to this dumb bitch, I'd still be someone's employee
Comment from : Christopher Bradley

estela mino
Roth IRA vs Roth please thanks
Comment from : estela mino

Orube Kdo
So do not be too hard on yourself
Comment from : Orube Kdo

Miss Sophia
Suze is a G!!!!!! She is sooooo real!!!!!Love her!!!!!
Comment from : Miss Sophia

Shell Karlac
I was wondering if anyone has information on Social Security My ex-husband retired and I need to know what I should know He is 60 and said he is receiving social security I have heard that ex-spouses can get part of their ex's social security
Comment from : Shell Karlac

Jithu joy
It's never too late to start Savingbr playgooglecom/store/apps/details?id=combudgetreserve
Comment from : Jithu joy

Alice Mistovich
Comment from : Alice Mistovich

Riko Smith
Shes awesome
Comment from : Riko Smith

Akaji Blubb
shes awesome great advice its so basic yet people dont get it
Comment from : Akaji Blubb

Venetra Roberson
Thank you
Comment from : Venetra Roberson

Use Suze's personal credit cards and build up your creditYEAH, RIGHT! Who still listens to this con?
Comment from : Declare57

Suyapa Opina
I have an iPhone 7 and I won鈥檛 change it until it dies 馃槀
Comment from : Suyapa Opina

Gina Santos
Love it!
Comment from : Gina Santos

Amal R
Nobody needs a boat It's a luxury, you buy it if you an afford it
Comment from : Amal R

Amal R
Most People tend to buy items they cannot afford (homes, cars, etc), so they end up overburdened with debts Simple rule is to live within your resource
Comment from : Amal R

Clifford Hallett
You Are All "DENIED"
Comment from : Clifford Hallett

Jim Boland
Comment from : Jim Boland

Living In Puerto Vallarta
Suze Orman is one of the biggest CON ARTISTS of all time !!!
Comment from : Living In Puerto Vallarta

differentiate needs and wants? easy remember pandemic
Comment from : I谈k谈a谈r谈i谈

Eric Cox
Don鈥檛 think about saving and investing as depriving yourself of anything What you are doing is paying yourself in the future
Comment from : Eric Cox

Michael Gray
Who wants a haircut every weeks
Comment from : Michael Gray

Michael Gray
Make more than you spend
Comment from : Michael Gray

Ahmed Bashir
Suze Orman she great
Comment from : Ahmed Bashir

Olives Olive
I love that woman!!!!brShe is no nonsense
Comment from : Olives Olive

Dani Quinta
She鈥檚 great Love it I want to hear her speak all day
Comment from : Dani Quinta

Drew Conway
1:47 bgulp/b 馃槅
Comment from : Drew Conway

Rach C
Something about her tone or demeanor idk what it is 馃拋鈥嶁檧锔 brDave Ramsey's book helped me save 10 thousand last year I've never saved anything in my life but the envelope method helped me out so much
Comment from : Rach C

Her words hit me hard I am 29 and have no saving and credit card bills plus the bank loan to pay am i getting close to personal bankruptcy? GOD HELP ME
Comment from : kpirez

Clive G - Lewis
PowerfullyShe speaks so much truth
Comment from : Clive G - Lewis

Joyce kanade
Where is size orman?brShe used to come on CNN but v don't c her anymore Where can v c her program, I just love to watch her she gives good advice n how to make n save money
Comment from : Joyce kanade

Hector E Fernandez
People she is a scam artist period
Comment from : Hector E Fernandez

Lila D
people who talk on tv about personal finances are always so mean about it
Comment from : Lila D

Junitin Sin
Budget is a planbeing in control of your money is executing your budget (executing you plan) to make a plan, you need IQ, but to execute it, you need EQ
Comment from : Junitin Sin

Alex Ent
" I need a boat" What a fucking cooz
Comment from : Alex Ent

John Clinton
Just buy what you really need and look at your savings grow Once you have a some money invest some and use some Period
Comment from : John Clinton

spartans race
This podcast is from 2013 and now it's Feb 2020 I Approve!!! Live below your means, but within your Needs
Comment from : spartans race

Elmo Bolan
She changed my life, I'm debt free, only debt is our hm, but will be paid off next yr
Comment from : Elmo Bolan

We both working full time and happily married with four children mashallah Still never had money to go out and eat even in one year Do do any hair cuts Never had credit cards loans Still just pay the mortgage bills and bring cheapest food on the table and still run our of money within 3x weeks May Allah subhanallah bless us all to manage well ameen
Comment from : paariztd

I think shes taking about budgeting guys Remember though, don't budget
Comment from : HoldingSince92

Victoria Gzza
To really save money stay far away from Suzie Orman and her scams!!!
Comment from : Victoria Gzza

Brok Homz
Or how about produce more and add more value to the world Exchange more Grow your means
Comment from : Brok Homz

Charlotte roy
Invested my savings in forex seems to be the best choice I've made in a while $34000 profits already made in less than 4 months
Comment from : Charlotte roy

She literally said budget without saying budget
Comment from : Dave

Lord this is so boring to listen to vs Dave Ramsey LOL I can't
Comment from : kay22100

If you're so enamored with Suze Orman, watch this video made by the woman who helped Orman onto the public stage 25+ years ago when she was unknown, unpublished, and deep in debt wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=wZJh25-sO98
Comment from : InvestorGuy66

Student loans are KILLING me Why bust your butt to go to college and still BROKE!!!! I'm soooo not making it with a college degree Jesus Jesus Jesus
Comment from : L B

Ahmed Bashir
The is true Thanks suze Orman
Comment from : Ahmed Bashir

Ahmed Bashir
Suze Orman she great
Comment from : Ahmed Bashir

Most people have no idea how much money they are wasting Its very simple Know how much money is coming in and the required needs coming out Whatever else is coming out is not a need I used to work with a girl who everyday bought a Starbucks Cappacino and a muffin $10 everyday $300 a month she wasted on that Even just stopping that and instead putting that money into a Roth IRA would have added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement
Comment from : bengaljam

Lola Cole
She is not as good at teaching as Dave Ramsey
Comment from : Lola Cole

John Obrien
I bet she鈥檚 got plenty of cash the haves preaching to the have nots what a supine bint
Comment from : John Obrien

i have a million savings acct and i have a total of 700k left principal aMount for my mortage should i pay it already? what u think?
Comment from : TheBeast

Lodia Moore
"It's not about budgeting" What a stupid woman
Comment from : Lodia Moore

Dave Saenz
Hell no Pay yourself first Then pay your bills
Comment from : Dave Saenz

Elmo Bolan
I love her advice, I've paid off all my credit card debt, wking on paying off home, about 2 yrs awayafter that saving for retirementI wish I had taken her advise seriously 12 yrsI thought I had timepoof, 12 yrs gone
Comment from : Elmo Bolan

Barbyl W
Comment from : Barbyl W

Brian Schoedel
Money in, money out Isn鈥檛 that a budget?
Comment from : Brian Schoedel

Ferry Anolin
She scammed so many people!
Comment from : Ferry Anolin

Fahad Summan
0:20 my life basically
Comment from : Fahad Summan

frederick jones
Invest in options and watch how you move from financial Bondage to financial freedomall you need is to reach me via [email protected]
Comment from : frederick jones

Nicholas Gilmore
Wow she's orange
Comment from : Nicholas Gilmore

Denni Summerton
This whole thing was a scam
Comment from : Denni Summerton

A Citizen
We miss you Suze!! I met you years ago and thought you were incredibly beautiful Thank you for autographing your book for me - The Road to Wealth
Comment from : A Citizen

Jo Ann Boyd
Comment from : Jo Ann Boyd

Jo Shipp
Discipline and sacrifice, without these two, your wasting your time
Comment from : Jo Shipp

If people ran their households like a business seeking a profit every month or a net gain, some may not be in a rabbit hole month after month
Comment from : MisterHot

twerkin the city huh
She is very smart
Comment from : twerkin the city huh

Christina Harrison
I've been saying this for many years, people need to realize that student debt is a bad thing If you can't afford to go to school, you don't go until you can afford itbrSchool doesn't give you a job, unless you have connections from family & friends where you have to pay them back for getting you that job (another form of debt) School give you a piece of paper in exchange of giving them money
Comment from : Christina Harrison

Pina M
In my 30s I had paid cash for my first home and had 80, 000 in the bank and no debt Fast forward 25 years life happened and I lost everything
Comment from : Pina M

Sue Cozza
fuck you crook bitch, nobody believes you and nobody wants to see your fucking face
Comment from : Sue Cozza

frances scott
Love this woman! She is so right!!!
Comment from : frances scott

Lesa Henderson
Orman is such a fraud! She is out to line her pocket at others鈥 expense She was for strong FICO scores and later turned against FICO in order to peddle her bogus credit building card She was against life insurance until Select Quote began paying her She lied about a card that she launched Innocent people got hurt because of her greed and lies
Comment from : Lesa Henderson

The Wealthy Child
I would love to connect and tell you about The Wealthy Child financial literacy for children program
Comment from : The Wealthy Child

Norman Tran
What a scam artist Look her up on YouTube She is a scam
Comment from : Norman Tran

Razor Smith
4:16Ummm NO! That is not the definition of "Making it in America" That response was absurd!
Comment from : Razor Smith

Karen Kramer
Simple, don't fool yourself into thinking your want is a need
Comment from : Karen Kramer

I've heard so mantras things about her and this is the first time I've ever heard her speak and even seen what she looks like for that matter I thought I would hate her guts immediately However I was surprised that I agreed with most of what she was saying
Comment from : MakeYourOwnLuck

Stephen Clark
There, there little want brDon't you crybrYou'll be a necessity, by and bybrbr- Sage advice given by a very wise and frugal friend, when I was very young
Comment from : Stephen Clark

Danny Zen
$$$$$$$$$$$ Great video! I'm the Founder/CEO/Chairman of clean utility & energy efficiency company, Florida Energy & Sun (FES) Please enjoy a FREE copy of my "10 Energy & $$$-Saving Tips" guide at: tinyurlcom/10EnergySavingTips (for a longer, "88-Point Energy Efficiency Checklist," (a $10,000 value) click-onbr tinyurlcom/LowerMyKWH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Comment from : Danny Zen

D Moe
Grant Cardone, Robert kiyosaki,
Comment from : D Moe

Kyra Watkin
I love her way of straight talk - what we actually need is very minimal brbrIt doesn't have to be her OR Dave Ramsey It's possible that both give great advice
Comment from : Kyra Watkin

Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings
I took accounting! Life events! We need new laws! Like the EPA!
Comment from : Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings

Damn馃槱 she's talking to me
Comment from : M A

Maddy TCB
It's called Act your wage
Comment from : Maddy TCB

Harold Lawson
4:20 WTF Suze Orman hates, hates, hates early retirement And puppies
Comment from : Harold Lawson

AJ still looks good
Comment from : Mac

June Babe
Mannnn I'm debt free I only have 1 credit card under my name and a 12$ paying 40 hrs a week job and i budget and this and that and I'm still broke lmao sometimes broke ppl just stay broke no matter how much u save
Comment from : June Babe

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