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El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración

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Information El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración

Title :  El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración
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Frames El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración

Description El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración

Comments El asesinato de JFK y la persistencia de las teorías de la conspiración

Peder Pedersson
haha what a gatekeeper that vincent bugliosi is
Comment from : Peder Pedersson

biff phuddle
See his movie JFK Revisited through the looking glass Excellent
Comment from : biff phuddle

His limo driver was the one that killed him He pulls a gun on him and blows his Brains out All an inside job Watch the assassination closely William Greer was the driver
Comment from : ImYourMom’sEx

Vânia Andrade
The stories released by government about the murders of Kennedy family members and others that were closed to them reminds me the expression:"leaves no loose ends"
Comment from : Vânia Andrade

Felicita Carolina
"he put Charles Manson in jail" ah ok so no history of convicting people used by the cia for doing act of violence and later pointing the finger at them, i know well this tactic It was used in Italy many times by the Italian secret service, it the same plot different countryand when after 10/20 years the truth appers nobody cares anymore
Comment from : Felicita Carolina

Sandra Foxley
they killed their own president then covered it up by killing some more
Comment from : Sandra Foxley

An endless slurry of propaganda has been drowning the facts of the JFK assassination I love Vince but he is a prevaricator and shows it in his tome for the ages The untainted evidence, what there is of it, damns the CIA, the White House, the mob, and wealthy oil men They belong in the crosshairs, but they run the system and aren't about to prosecute each other
Comment from : stealthhumor

Wolfgang Holtzclaw
The FBI Lab in Washington DC Proved that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) never shot JFK When they examined the weapon, they found the Mannlicher Carcano's sights were so badly misaligned that they had to put two metal shims under the sight in order to true the rifle and sights enough to shoot the rifle into the bullet catcher No fingerprints were found on the rifle Everyone who knew LHO in the USMC said he was a horrible shot And now we are to believe the politicians and members of the Warren Commission Sorry gang, I believe the FBI Laboratory and the Marines that knew LHO I also believe all those witnesses the Warren Commission ignored who saw the rifleman behind the picket fence firing forward in to the President's head The police enterred the School book depository seconds after the shooting LHO was seated, at rest at the 2d floor lunch room undisturbed sipping a coke If he had gone to trial, he would have been found not guilty NO prints, poor marksmanship scores, no witnesses, only J Edgar Hoover's filesthe same ones that had all Martin Luther King's and JFK's dalliances in them The more you dig into LHO, the more you find he was connected with the Mob and the CIA
Comment from : Wolfgang Holtzclaw

r4nd0m us3r
even in the footages you can clearly see the driver (agency) member pulling a gun and blowing his brains out Idk how nobody has noticed
Comment from : r4nd0m us3r

Nathalie Sinovich
CBS towing the official line and pretending to investigate but always coming to agree with implausible official conclusion Hmmm
Comment from : Nathalie Sinovich

Johaldo Ronaldo
The only conspiracy theory is believing that Oswald acted alone
Comment from : Johaldo Ronaldo

Witnesses on the hill immediately after saying the shots came from behind the fence , more than one All those people running up the hill immediately after , lee bowers seeing and hearing the shots , only later for him to be killed , JFK body reacting like a shot from the side , his head going onto the trunk behind him, but hey the shot was from behind and way up high Yeah okbrbrJust another lie they’ve told usbr 🙄
Comment from : puretruckingTV

paul cadman
CIA killed him end of story because they are still holding information back !
Comment from : paul cadman

None sense! Americans know now the real JFK and BOBBY assassins are as follows:br lyndon baines johnson (lbj)br richard m nixonbr george herbert walker bush (poppy)brThe operatives; allen dulles,and the queer
Comment from : nomadicgringo

Nathalie Sinovich
Mark Lane interviews many witnesses on Helmer Reenberg channel No theories just witnesses One can't shoot the messenger because it doesn't fit the theory Also Officer Roger Craig interview
Comment from : Nathalie Sinovich

Since we now know Stone was right this woman can F off
Comment from : ZeroCool

Piccolo 800
Big government killed him
Comment from : Piccolo 800

3 shorts were fired that day in almost quick succession The guy used couldn't fire that fast Keep that in mind
Comment from : Fr0stw0lf

Robert Jordinelli
I used to respect Bugliosi until his ridiculous book buying into the Warren commission lies
Comment from : Robert Jordinelli

marlian mansion
Look to Langley
Comment from : marlian mansion

Frank Pinon
Zzzzzzzzzz Americans are aware that both JFK and RFK were assassinated by our Government, the CIA And now our corrupt FBI and DOJ are working against President Donald Trump
Comment from : Frank Pinon

When there is no evidence and can't be explained its the Government The CIA
Comment from : G H

Ethos Guy
Comment from : Ethos Guy

Herbert Bradford
Vincent worked to cover up murders JFK was working to get us out of military conflict And there were war mongers that we’re making money hand over fist, if we went to war They wanted Kennedy taken out That would be the high ranking Military Leaders The CIA did the work Wasn’t it touching from the from the Agent that climbed upon the President’s car He feels guilty
Comment from : Herbert Bradford

Smoking Blues
Not aged well
Comment from : Smoking Blues

Sven Boi
Well this aged poorly JFK was right about Hitler
Comment from : Sven Boi

If you can't admit the CIA killed Kennedy at the behest of the military industrial complex, then you are part of the cabal
Comment from : gwh21375

Enio Contreras
Stone are in the right way Bugliosi proved just all appoiting to Oswald No more no less
Comment from : Enio Contreras

david arbuckle
Bugliosi is a joke He is just another Warren Report Apologist even though the facts point to a conspiracy The secret was not kept It was right in front of his eyes 60 yrs later we still have documents being protected by the government IT is absurd
Comment from : david arbuckle

Kevin Jones
Comment from : Kevin Jones

Michael Jacobs
Don't you mean the persistence of conspiracy FACTS?
Comment from : Michael Jacobs

Brandon Massey
The cia approves this message
Comment from : Brandon Massey

Betsy Stewart
Remember why did the witnesses who ran up the grassy knoll, not toward the Texas book Depository
Comment from : Betsy Stewart

mr h
Fantastic lying skills on the part of the ‘journalist’ ACTING like she’s representing both sides of the story Not one word about the Freemasons/Satanists
Comment from : mr h

It was the military industrial complex & Zionist that killed JFK Look at who has benefited the most & who has taken over our nation & our leaders since… It’s clear as day Also remember who took out Oswald 👀
Comment from : Ur2ez4me81

Ryan Tarvers
Definitely a cover up between the Mafia and the Government He was far too progressive for his time and people got scared The notion of a secret only works if the others are dead is ironic since to this day more and more secrets have come out involving SEVERAL more than 3 people knowing and holding it in
Comment from : Ryan Tarvers

9 years later and apparently tommorow we are finally going to get the last files from the warrren commission
Comment from : Faithinthereins

robert damico
When I think of the sad condition of our current media, I only wish we had Walter Cronkite to give us the REAL news!
Comment from : robert damico

Robert Hendrickson
CBS and Cronkite were part of the cover up They have labeled it as just nut jobs making up stories No, I grew up believing that our government investigated it and Walter said it was Oswald so I excepted it As did most people But now the light is showing things that were hidden And what was in front of us is making sense My dad was a republican but he was so charged up about JFK he took up work and drove to DC for his smearing in We all believed the media But you lied
Comment from : Robert Hendrickson

Bobby Mcreynolds
This is coming from a guy who accuses wife of having an affair with a milkman
Comment from : Bobby Mcreynolds

David Grace
“Magic bullet” nonsense Proven to be possible scientifically
Comment from : David Grace

Kit Harrison
Blimey yanks, your news reporters are like Sesame Street presenters in peroxide
Comment from : Kit Harrison

As a long time follower (I am 63 ) of this tragedy and having read tons of books on it, I still can't decide Obviously people publish books and or fims on the case mostly for the money, but some have some interesting "facts" I believe what has continued to drive the theories is the notion of wrapping ones head around the idea that some "nobody" loner just happens to obtain a job exactly where the parade route travels armed with a mail order $25 (est) rifle and scope that would take down the leader of the free world with 3 shots in approximately 6 seconds 🤔 BTW - What isn't usually talked about are the 3 Book Depository employees (James Jarman , Bonnie Ray Williams and Harold Norman) were a floor (5th) just below Oswald who stated absolutely that "They could hear the clicking (loading) of the rifle followed by 3 gunshots, even the ejected shells hitting the floor, the first two being simultaneous then the third shot a bit after" Bonnie Ray W even noticed white debris on his head that fell from the ceiling overhead due to the building shaking during the shooting Very powerful testimony in my opinion
Comment from : STANLEY M

KR Rietema
That guy at the end is an idiot All the witnesses were silenced or killed off This was an inside job by the fbi or cia or both Read jim Marrs book Crossfire Or listen to Ed Hoffman who saw at the picket fence behind the grassy knoll And it’s just so handy of LBJ to have swearing in ceremony papers with him the day of the assasination Give me a break Oswald was a patsy and they killed him too How can you make a head shot from that building and the exit would is in the back of JFKs head? Would it not be in the front? Answer yes The exit would was in the back of his head and therefore the fatal shot came from the front or the grassy knoll Interesting that it may have been bill greer (the driver of jfks car) that turned and shot him point blank with his left hand Why else did he slow to a near complete stop? What I want to know is how much was paid to news media to perpetuate the crappy warren commission lie and say everything else is a conspiracy theory? That’s always their condescending reply anyone seeking truth Terrible time for America And for what ? LBJ prolonged Vietnam and was a terrible president and a miserable person
Comment from : KR Rietema

Marie Fortunato
Too innocent a conclusion
Comment from : Marie Fortunato

William Schmidt
And as a small arms expert the bullet 399 I think never was used or hit anything but water look at that bullet even a laymen can tell it didn't cause any wound let alone 7 I could go on in on but find out how Oswald got home without being charged with treason and look at the bullet
Comment from : William Schmidt

William Schmidt
How did Oswald defect to Russia then come home on a military hop and was given a lone by the state department for 700 dollars forget JFK explain that
Comment from : William Schmidt

Vincent B reads the Warren Commission Report and concludes Oswald did it by himself He lost credibility as fast as the W C Report How could he try and convict someone with a book of fiction?
Comment from : DALLAS

This man Buglosibrhas a bias or a mad man If you want to know for sure , askbrlbj, nixon, poppybrthey did it
Comment from : nomadicgringo

Jim Johnston
Dear Conspiracy Nuts: There was no coup or conspiracy ALL the evidence both circumstantial and physical points to Oswald alone You’re Welcome
Comment from : Jim Johnston

Edward Cricchio
You can't be an election denier, but you can be an assassination denier His JFK movie was based on the rantings of Jim Garrison and L Fletcher Prouty Two very shaky characters He needed someone to blame for his being sent to fight in Vietnam He was a huge Kennedy fan, so he made Lyndon Johnson the villain who got us involved in Vietnam
Comment from : Edward Cricchio

Bon Scott
The killshot to the head was not from OswaldbrIt was from a guy behind the picket fence
Comment from : Bon Scott

&@# B Goode
I'll tell ya one thing though, whoever did it, LBJ had a hand in it
Comment from : &@# B Goode

Stephen Murray
It was the jews
Comment from : Stephen Murray

Bruno The Beggar Channel
Oliver Stones' account of the Assassination of JFK makes sense to me Bugliosi and Cronkite didn't know what they were talking about
Comment from : Bruno The Beggar Channel

Brady Barnes
"No amount of evidence can explain," that's quite the conclusion considering our gov continues to extend the release date on relevant classified documents brHow can a professional journalist or professional interviewer/commentator make such a statement Nay her conclusion to her report!
Comment from : Brady Barnes

No, oswald was a scape goat The real killers were:br lyndon baines johnson lbjbr richard m nixonbrcia (poppy bush)br allen dulles (operative)
Comment from : nomadicgringo

Ethan S
Why does the media have to commit to the role of the enemy Demoralizing
Comment from : Ethan S

Özgür Aydın
Big nose tribe
Comment from : Özgür Aydın

Kool Boy
There's nothing but a magic bullet does exist and it was proven with Kennedy's assasination There's nothing, but a lot of people died days, weeks, months and years who were involved either as witnesses, cops, CIA agents and mob Rose Charlie didn't exist I guess, the girl said she knew about the assassination and was almost killed for it on November 20th 1963 Then Kennedy dies, they tried to cover all she said and then when cops tried to go back to what she knew back then, she got hit by a car, her head was crushed and the driver left her there dead in 1965 And the list goes on and on and on but sure Oswald did it, here's a 300 page book to confirm he did and acted alone, let's just ignore everything else, life is good, God bles america 🤡
Comment from : Kool Boy

Marilyn Cornell
I agree Kennedy was not killed by Oswald that's what I know
Comment from : Marilyn Cornell

No Name
Too many people actually think the movie JFK is accurate and treat it like it's a documentary
Comment from : No Name

Akhnaten Ra
"Do you see conspiracies in everything?" That was a stupid and malicious question
Comment from : Akhnaten Ra

Justicia!!! HDSPM Shot limo driver
Comment from : Jose

anisse ichkhakh
Comment from : anisse ichkhakh

anisse ichkhakh
The American state borrows its money from private bankers the Fed does not belong to the Americans but has a conglomerate of globalist bankers of a certain caste!
Comment from : anisse ichkhakh

anisse ichkhakh
the Fed directs who will be the president or not!
Comment from : anisse ichkhakh

anisse ichkhakh
jfk denounced the hand of the bankers who direct, behind the curtain, the political life and who work against the interest of the people!
Comment from : anisse ichkhakh

Boogie Funk 818 Mighty Omar
Fake news just like we have today They cover for the deep state It's whatever they say and if you sound like you have a thought, you're a conspiracy nut Yet all the people who ran up the grassy knoll can't be wrong They were there and many heard the loud shot from there Plus the many many other things don't make sense to say Lee did it Listen to his mistress tell her story It's interesting Her name is Judyth Baker She still lives 2022
Comment from : Boogie Funk 818 Mighty Omar

Mr Sinister
Jack ruby is the one to blame for all the conspiracy theories Lee never had a chance to defend himself or to explain things I do think LHO could have been the lone gunman but there are alot of questions like people claiming the zapruder film has been altered like the man who saw and worked on the original, where's the limousine stopping like many witnesses claim? The black spot behind JFK's head? Where is Mary moormans photograph she took with the TSBD in the background as the motorcade turns on Elm street? Doctors that worked on JFK have stated they believe his back head wound was an exit wound and the main DR was threatened along with many other people throughout time All the deaths right before people were to testify from David ferrie to FBI agents and mafia members The Kennedy's believed there was a conspiracy and so did LBJ who many claim had knowledge of it all Joseph milteer predicted how it would all go up to there being a patsy and he may even be in the crowd at dealey plaza Why was LHO seemingly surrounded by the intelligence community? If my life depended on it I would have to say there is some sort of conspiracy Maybe its not as sinister as we think and the government just doesn't want to admit that the mafia got the best of it or that a rogue faction was involved and prefer to blame Lee Just look at before and after with Vietnam and that says alot I think powerful people feared a Kennedy dynasty with JFK for 8 years and then RFK as president eventually and wiped them out
Comment from : Mr Sinister

I can't tell about all the shots that hit the president, but what I can tell is that the last headshot came from John "big bad" Connally
Comment from : Daggen

Jack B
Bulgosi was a sociopath, can’t watch
Comment from : Jack B

Bradley Boyer
Imagine if these polls were taken today, after the evil nature of the government has been put on full display for years
Comment from : Bradley Boyer

Jim Johnston
The conspiracy nuts are kind of scary
Comment from : Jim Johnston

John Kim
Stone has sold every psy op - - eye con - - and 'Men are Pigs' program dropped in front of him - -brbrand so here - -brbrputting aside Stone's deliberate fumble of the give away theatre of 9/11 - -brbrand his silence on the -- too many to mention - - other - - trauma theatre events - -brbruh - - we note Stone was in lock step to sell the lethal needle work of Rockefeller MED during the CV 19 - - spell - - craft - - brbrand so the clock ticks on - - brbr - - as Rockefeller MAO smiles on - -
Comment from : John Kim

Oliver Stone: youtube/GSw9sjqYK_I
Comment from : Ph MWU

Covid19 👍👍👍👍👍 completely naturalgo get your vaccine!
Comment from : Drincog

David Wren
Oswald acted alone
Comment from : David Wren

John G
Ruth Payne said after she had to appear with Jim Garrison that he was a nutcase Then, Oliver Stone directed a movie based on what this nutcase thought which was made to make money, and which Ruth Payne said was garbage C'mon man, after all these year's, and not one single person has come out with any definite proof of a conspiracy Do you really think they could keep a secret that long? After watching numerous interviews, including with Marina Oswald early on, before she would bite into the poison apple, and Ruth Payne, who knew Oswald quite well, I tend to believe her Oswald killed Kennedy, alone, all by his weasel anti-American pitiful little self Stop drinking the Kool aid
Comment from : John G

I want to believe that Oswald acted alone but there are some names that I can not let go of:brJack RubybrIrwin WeinerbrGeorge de MohrenschildtbrDavid Ferrie (Carlos Marcello)brAllen DullesbrbrTime to open ALL of the files
Comment from : R F

charles bishop
Motivation is a sufficient but not necessary explanation Cause people wanted JFK dead is not enough to prove multiple shooters If there is a conspiracy, then it has to have Oswald as the lone shooter All evidence supports that at least Oswald was the shooter Ballistics support that completely The carcano “pristine” bullet is consistent with how those kind of bullets flatten when going through flesh and bone If you don’t believe that then you haven’t pursued the evidence from ballistic tests
Comment from : charles bishop

Wow this is a straight smear campaign
Comment from : 美しく燃える森

John Whitman
For those of you who were directed to this video by Youtube's algorithms and not a particular student of JFK's assassination, let me explain to you where you are as evidenced by 95 of the comments below: This is the peanut gallery of the internet, where the lunatics come to gather
Comment from : John Whitman

I think it was the government And I also wonder about the involvement with Marilyn Monroe Maybe the government was involved with that and the jfk brother's had knowledge of that (guilty knowledge i think) and they knew if any of the information got out there would be chaos with the public And noone would trust the government So they killed them
Comment from : YouKnowYourRight2

Probably because they deal with how the US was collecting intelligence at the time, and probably doing illegal things to our own allies as well as the mafia etc and don't want this made publicbrbrThere is NO EVIDENCE of a conspiracyNONE WHATSOVER and Bugliosi and Posner's books BOTH PROVED that Oswald COULD and DID it all by himself
Comment from : djf750

that bald guy at the end is evil
Comment from : TRILLION CROWNS

There were 9 shots brbrKennedy was hit 4 times All bullets did not exit Connelly was hit twice and one bullet never extracted from his leg Connally buried with his leg bulletbrSource: brOrlando Sentinel, July 17, 1993brWashington Post, July 18, 1993br brbrTOTALSbr4 rounds hit JFK, 2 in the head, 2 in bodybr2 rounds hits Connelly in wrist and legbr2 rounds miss hit road, curbbr1 45 round hits grassbrbr1st Bullet fired from DAL TEX building ricochets off road to hit chrome windshield frame leaving big dent Picture available 1st Bullet fragments enters Connally wrist and the leather seat brbr2nd Bullet Hits Connally in back ends up in his leg Possibly from Malcolm Wallace TBD 6Th floor or DAL TEX BUILDING Malcolm Wallace fingerprints were found on a TBD box and stored for years This was Oswald’s alleged position Oswald seen having lunch on a 4th fl, lower floor at 12:25 and 12:32brbr3 Rear entry JFK back from 6th floor TBD Short shot” Bullet does not exit Bullet lodged atop his lung By medical technician at Bethesda Where bullet is—unknown Rifle is Carcano possibly brbr4 & 5 The 2 bullets that hit Connelly were separate from any JFK bullets It had to come from a high rear building from 20 degrees or morebrPerhaps rooftop shot from DAL TEX building Bullets never extracted from Connally Source: Orlando Sentinel, July 17, 1993brbrbr6 Rear entry 556mm lower skull or high neck This bullet came from rear following car by Agent Hickey when he lost his balance while retrieving a locked and loaded AR15 from the limo floor He accidentally hit Kennedy at a 8 degree from horizontal angle while his thumb unlocked the riflebrbrAgent Hickey unlocked the rifle with his thumb as he picked it up His thumb rests on the locking arm brbrAs the car lurched forward, he pressed the trigger and hit JFK A lurch forward will drive his finger backward to fire unintentionally The book “Mortal Error” explains this accident As he swiveled his body to the rear, this puts force on the trigger finger during this motion Also he is under stress He is losing his balance Also, he was standing on the sloping rear seat He lost his balance as he turned around to point at the shooter Try standing on a rear seat while a car acceleratesbrbrThe Agents around Hickey went into cover up mode at the Parkland hospital storm drain This guilt by Agents cause them to cancel the autopsy and quickly get the body out of Texas brbrThe 6th floor shots were from a higher angle, likely 20 degrees—-go look it upbrRead “Mortal Error”brbr youtube/sDYNMlXD59obrbrbr7 Bullet from Grassey Knoll misses and hits grass or curb, chipping the curb and chip wounds a bystander’s cheek brWitness of bullet hitting left lane of Elm St, Royce Skelton, see his testimony below Smoke from knoll seen by Richard C Dodd: br youtube/YODZyI2qRMwbrbr8 Missed 45 Caliber bullet, "grass tunnel shot" near manhole on South side of Elm St From North Side of Elm Stbrbrbr9 Entry high right front hairline 25 feet from the STORM DRAIN Shooter escaped through huge storm drain to point west of overpass Probably using a scoped pistol such as Remington x-100 221 varmiter round The 223 round not available quite yet for this pistol in 1963 Bullet is explosive since round is high speed 3200 fps from this scoped 11' barrel pistolbrbrTOTALSbr4 rounds hit JFK, 2 in the head, 2 in bodybr2 rounds hits Connelly in wrist and legbr2 rounds miss hit road, curbbr1 round tunnels under grass southside of Elm brTOTAL 9 shotsbrbrP C Price said he heard 5 shotsbr youtube/7Qab4GI2agcbrbrWitnesses to the shooting At least one was murdered youtube/mJCCW7R2bZUbrbrThe photo has not been altered or airbrushed I will explain why Firstly, his wife took the shotbrThe problem is the nose shadow, it falls straight down on his face to his upper lip But the leg shadows show the sun to be creating angled shadows So why don't the leg shadows and the nose shadows match? brbrThis is because the nose shadow falls on a face/head which is TILTED This realigns the shadow to make it look like it is going straight down TO THE GROUND But it isn't brThe head has been tilted so now the shadow has a new position which is straight down ON HIS FACE, BUT NOT STRAIGHT DOWN COMPARED TO THE LEG SHADOWS It is like moving the dial of a wristwatch instead of the hands of the wristwatch to reset the timebrThe nose shadow goes straight down ON HIS FACE But HIS FACE IS TILTED about 10 degrees Therefore, his FACE RE-FIGURES THE LOGIC OF THE SHADOW Explained another way, The nose shadow is not 90 degree perpendicular to the ground, it is aligned with his NOSE, and his NOSE and face are TILTED ABOUT 10 DEGREES The reason this confuses viewers is because they think of his face/head as being straight up perpendicular with THE GROUND IT ISN'T THE HEAD IS TILTED brbrIF THE HEAD WERE PERFECTLY PERPENDICULAR WITH THE GROUND, the nose shadow would be angled about 10 degrees across his upper lip, similar to the shadows on the ground in back of his legs BUT HIS HEAD IS TILTED This makes the nose shadow go straight down his face, a face which is tilted! Get it?brbr youtube/tcKQDkVYBe0brbrMilitary bullets like the carcano do not fragment because they are too slow and their copper jacket too thick Military Exception is 223 AR-15 round at 3600fps—very fast brProof here youtubecom/shorts/UItPlfZpxuw?feature=sharebrbrbSOUND TAPE OF SHOTS/bbr youtube/LA4zSZC9mIQbrAt least 4 shots firedbrbrIMPOSSIBLE SHOTS FROM CARCANO RIFLEbr youtube/qSWSgcuYqDobrbrbCONNALLY STATEMENT/bbr youtube/hSKcOoQH8bcbrbrbROYCE SKELTON/bbrSaw pavement shots from overpass brFirst shot from left rear of car pavementbrSaw shot to left Lane of Elm st chipped pavement to Tague cheek From FencebrHe is employee of rail yardbrGOOGLE: Nebulawsimgcom page 158brCopied: “39 ROYCE SKELTON: eyewitness on the railway triple overpassbr“I was standing on top of the train trestle where it crosses Elm Street with Austin MillerI heard something which I thought was fireworks I saw something hit the pavement at the left rear of the car, then the car got in the right hand lane and I heard two more shotsI then heard another shot and saw the bullet hit the pavement The concrete was knocked to the South away from the car It hit in the left or middle lane” HSCA Vol 2, p 538”brbrbSECRET SERVICE SEES TWO HEAD HOLES/bbrSees rear head bullet hole; and big hole in rear of headbr youtube/4WKpHQkHpXobrbrbJFK HIT FROM RIGHT FRONT/bbr youtube/WHvfDijnASMbrbr brbLEE HARVEY OSWALD WAS BORN IN RUSSIA/bbrHe had an imposter mother by the name Marguerite OswaldbrbrLEE HARVEY HAD A look a like brIMPOSTER BY THE NAME OF brLEE OSWALD brThey both shared the same friendsbrWent to the same high schoolbrBoth were MarinesbrSame radar schoolbr youtube/M5MQsS6Ec8wbrbrbPICTURE OF SMOKE IN TREES/bbr youtube/HEq63vTOwcIbrbrbBULLET FOUND IN GRASS/bbr youtube/UtFoPCKVp-8brbrbMOB DID IT/bbr youtube/Mka4Reeh4Bwbrbru2
Comment from : Timberrr

Usa Cut
Oliver Stone is just one more person in a long line of people who just can't accept that shooting a president wasn't that hard, and is therefore fanatically and frantically searching for highly complex conspiracy theories; it's the kind of paranoia that's not uncommon in love affairs
Comment from : Usa Cut

jackie chan
brainwashing white men
Comment from : jackie chan

Charles West
CIA did it Oswald was framed
Comment from : Charles West

Dennis Pfeifer
Vincent is 100 wrongE Howard Hunt of the CIA confessed he was involved in the Assassinationhere it is wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=nBFIaQzvX7w
Comment from : Dennis Pfeifer

Dennis Pfeifer
BTW Where was Elm Tree in the 3 shot shooting display at the beginning of this video?the tree was in the way for the second shot, that is trickery what they did in that shooting display
Comment from : Dennis Pfeifer

Juan Manuel Martinez Infante
This is the true and authentic LHO shot sequence on November 23, 1963 The third and final shot hit the metal storm drain cover and caused the apparent double shot heard at Grassy Knoll youtube/_Sc6-gjLfQ0
Comment from : Juan Manuel Martinez Infante

after the shots were fired the people were running up that grassy knoll that day because the CIA and FBI were giving away free ice cream!
Comment from : 6Metal6SpitFire&Blood6

the CIA only kills foreign presidents and NOT 1 of their ownofcourse NOT! lol
Comment from : 6Metal6SpitFire&Blood6

Bugliosi is a puppet of deep state Him and CBS must really think Americans are stupid😜
Comment from : P J

Mark Ward
Hint : they will only declassify all the files once everyone involved is dead
Comment from : Mark Ward

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Animación muestra asesinato de Kennedy paso a paso -- Exclusivo Online Animación muestra asesinato de Kennedy paso a paso -- Exclusivo Online
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Un nuevo video, con imágenes inéditas, sobre el asesinato de Kennedy conmociona a Internet Un nuevo video, con imágenes inéditas, sobre el asesinato de Kennedy conmociona a Internet
РѕС‚ : Télam
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