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The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate

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Information The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate

Title :  The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate
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Frames The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate

Description The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate

Comments The Forgotten: The children of Marian Hall speak - The Fifth Estate

cee new design
This was so sad
Comment from : cee new design

Anna & Grisù
Having seen another decumentary about canadian juvenile detention center seems that very little has changed
Comment from : Anna & Grisù

"One of the really awful things about it is they put them all in the same melting pot" Yes, and that is what they do in low income housing, and why it doesn't work, and why it then sits half empty You can NOT lump everyone together like this
Comment from : funwithFred

Sheila& All 4 HIM Mackey/Briggs
Wow the dark is all coming into the light I pray they find more survivors and im so so sorry for all you had to go through No child No human being period but especially not children It hurts me and makes me angry God says to forgive but thats not always easy They will have to answer to God You all are very strong and your here because Jesus loves you!! God bless you all
Comment from : Sheila& All 4 HIM Mackey/Briggs

Dawn M
It is so wonderfull that the victims are being heard finally ! All it takes is Love , compassion , respect , hearing and objective facts! God Bless you brave survivors ! This still happens even in America they call it the child protective services and foster care system and so called charitable organizations Americas msm does not have any real investigative journalists though ! You are not forgotten ! I keep all children in my prayers daily !your story is yours to tell ! Say it Loud , clear and never be held in the captivity of fear !
Comment from : Dawn M

My heart is so filled with joy right now after my text result came out negative after using the herbal medication I got from Dr IGUDIA on YouTube to cure my Diabetes disease
Comment from : MOHAMMED SALIM

I was in one in Ontariothe clearinghouse then was Galt & I will never forget the sound of those HUGE, thick metal doors clanging shut on me I was contacted a few years back about a class-action lawsuit through Koskie Minskie LLP but haven't heard anything since
Comment from : Jean

Lesley Johnsonn
It's so tiring hearing " SORRY THIS HAPPEND TO YOU" after the atrocities have come and gone, about failures of church and state and what they did to Everyone These are very sick people who harm others, and nobody did anything then or now to prevent it Maybe these naysayers of yesteryear are frightened it maybe their turn ? All I can say is it's the society you allowed and created for the future
Comment from : Lesley Johnsonn

Legal Tender
Heartbreaking I had a girlfriend who suffered similar conditions in Shawbridge in the 90's, so such practices went on for a long time
Comment from : Legal Tender

Marthe Morais
The higher up in the government should je locked up for what they did to those kids Sometimes the parents are your worst enemy
Comment from : Marthe Morais

Sgt Dum Dum Dugan
Children acting out and running away are signs of an abusive homelife A toxic enviroment has consequence Its time we address the cause of juvenile delinquency , though the term is antiquated , by removing the child from the enviroment but placing them into the proper enviroments
Comment from : Sgt Dum Dum Dugan

Sgt Dum Dum Dugan
Here I was , thinking Marian Hall was a woman
Comment from : Sgt Dum Dum Dugan

Have One
God Bless these women
Comment from : Have One

Their "treatment" was unnecessary punishment including torture!!!!
Comment from : Laurahhh

donna croisetiere
My crime was getting raped
Comment from : donna croisetiere

donna croisetiere
We were treated like criminals we were living with criminals we were told we would never become anyone and that was in the 80’s Locked up , let down abandon by the system Notre dame de Laval I will never forget
Comment from : donna croisetiere

Anji Collins
They shud hang ther heads in shame, how can anyone treat children like that😠
Comment from : Anji Collins

Omg this is horrible
Comment from : Helen

Karen Lowes
What a beautiful group of women I'm so sorry that our society allowed this to happen And the journalist should be applauded for noticing and bringing this to the light
Comment from : Karen Lowes

Lauren S
So freaking sad #breakingcodesilence in the usa
Comment from : Lauren S

Brent Mosey
How is this possible in Canada?
Comment from : Brent Mosey

Heather Clappis
I’m never allowed to talk about it because no one can talk about anything depressing It is hard when something hurts, you are not allowed to talk about it; it is so heavy on the heart
Comment from : Heather Clappis

Heather Clappis
Her daughter was always mean Digging her nails in us;never being nice
Comment from : Heather Clappis

Heather Clappis
My foster family was not nice My best friend brought me to church weekly I was a good, quiet child, but I was always being punished My mom learned very quickly I was not the same brchild Crying if I thought I did something wrong, always saying sorry or asking to eat What upsets me is going to church and some lady saying we should all be taken away I stopped going to church after that
Comment from : Heather Clappis

Investigate the money trails
Comment from : Louiseskybunker

Wowthose barsIt was like they were trying to make them look decorative And the prison mirrors I hated them so much I remember being on lock down when there was a strike I think I was about 14 then Unit 8, the English unit We were locked in our rooms for a week I am not sure it is true but we were told that the French staff who were working didn't want to deal with us It was terrifying
Comment from : candyernie

Sara Mae
I saw the same in early 2000s US
Comment from : Sara Mae

Skillt Reed
I went to this space actually looking up a place I spent time atat 5 years old The setup was the same! Really a wretched place here in America & nobody cares I was molested , beaten, drugged, put in a place like the whole called the quiet room For hours on end with nothing but a pee stained mattress I was 5 years old!
Comment from : Skillt Reed

old fan
If not for a free press, no one would have known about this
Comment from : old fan

David Perron
I cant believe this happened here in Canada, I’ve explored this building when it was abandoned (very creepy) but back then didn't even know about its dark history
Comment from : David Perron

Ell p
This is so heartbreaking, I cry for everyone that has suffered, I hope that each and everyone of you find peace and happiness my heart goes out to all ❤️
Comment from : Ell p

Claudia Argueta
Don't you see? The biggest threat to humans are fellow humans, be kind to each other- get out of your head and selfishness-BE KIND TO EACH OTHER
Comment from : Claudia Argueta

Gerri F
I am a retired front line child protection worker of 27yrs with the CAS of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry In the first 18yrs I was lecturing at St Lawrence College students on forensic interviewing, medical indicators of child abuse and shaken baby syndrome I also received the Community Service Award, and an award for the management of a highly dangerous case, that brought the five children to safetyIt was the Cornwall Police who named me Digger, they said that I was instrumental in helping them solve major crimesHowever my life changed when I did an interview with an adult survivor of childhood institutional abuse (a group home-closed- that had been run by CAS staff) In her disclosure she implicated staff and some of my superiors, as such I went to seek counsel with a relative RCMP with ties to CSISHe in turn worked with the Ottawa Police with Project Truth, which later morphed into the 50 Million Dollar Probe (Inquiry)I was a key witness in the Inquiry, I testified on behalf of the Adult survivors of childhood institutional abuse, as well I pointed out some of the systemic problems that set workers up for failure and left children at riskThe fall out for me being one of the whistler blowers,,,,,I was blacklisted and I was told that then could not protect me from being bullied (by my peers!) The bullying was devastating for me,,,,but I stood my ground and sought strength via a counsellor,,,,this are his comments”Mrs Fitzpatrick has had a complicatied evolution She was a child protection worker and was involved in many complex and difficult cases She was able to work effectively, Her work involved child apprehension, appearances in court, working closely with the Police Services and the Crown Attorneys, She was also involved in several violent and high profile cases, She received death threats She was successful in being a significant investigator helping to convict several paedophiles However, the Cornwall Public Inquiry (starting February 2006) in which she was a key witness, changed her life completely She testified about the systemic failures that did not protect vulnerable children According to her testimony, members of the Children’s Aid Society were less than truthful Ms Fitzpatrick was shunned by the workplace and colleagues for telling the truth and facts of her experience Her trust in people and institutions has been shattered
Comment from : Gerri F

A great way to express the horrors kids went threw,
Comment from : J E

Tania Pitama
I think this was happening all over the world at that time, I remember parents including mine threatening their children with borstal if they misbehaved, nobody wanted to go to borstal, good children where terrified by the thought So obviously there were some dark stories associated with those places
Comment from : Tania Pitama

Susanna Dietrich
Arrel Observation Home was a children's jail in Hamilton, Ont , I know it was in the 1970's
Comment from : Susanna Dietrich

Sanelle le Grange
May all those who put you there, did those things, didn't believe you have one miserable life till they die and then burn in hel or on earth i don't care they need to pay for doing this to humans especially children
Comment from : Sanelle le Grange

Nathalie Bergeron
i need to get in contact with them i was a Notre Dame de Laval between 1982 and 1984, i have a lot to say also
Comment from : Nathalie Bergeron

Chris Creaser
Who were the Prime Ministers who were in office,Who Ultimately Should be Answerable for these terrible Abuses,during this Terrible regime??? :(
Comment from : Chris Creaser

Naomi Fisher
The abuses against children are continuing to happen to children in Canada This is not just a past problem
Comment from : Naomi Fisher

CreateWithBarb BL
Unspeakably awful and horrible to treat children so harshly for pretty much no reason at all And they are still suffering Bravo to the reporter
Comment from : CreateWithBarb BL

Naomi Castaneda
It’s awful that places like that even existed Thank God you ladies are doing much better in life None of you, or any of the others, should’ve had to deal with such cruelty from people responsible for your welfare
Comment from : Naomi Castaneda

Wanda Xxx
I hope all those affected or had crappy lives look up on line lisa a Romano, dr ross Rosenberg, dr romani to heal You are enought and always was enought
Comment from : Wanda Xxx

Its almost like the ladies are sisters in away
Comment from : Em

LOL After all these years these women make up stories Everyone is a victim Maybe if they weren't bad girls they would not have got sent out of their own homes Who wanted to deal with a hellion back then? They got put away and behaved and got dealt with Boohoo
Comment from : thekingtroll2

Sexxy Shanda Sexxy Shanda
Sad story this happens to a lot of white families they don't want their kids so they send them away and their kids get abused
Comment from : Sexxy Shanda Sexxy Shanda

lubabe 99
My heart just breaks for these woman They've become loving, beautiful women
Comment from : lubabe 99

ann c
Watching this Video, I'm reminded of what I through in Montrose in Baltimore Maryland in the USA
Comment from : ann c

Helen Ferullo
My heart bled as I watched and heard the survivors share their stories Words cannot convey the cruelty and evil that was inflicted on these children without a shred of mercy brInstitutions and persons responsible for these crimes need to be brought to justicebrAfter many years and support from some amazing human beings, the women who were “sentenced” to the Magdalena laundries in Ireland up until the 1960’s and endured unspeakable cruelties were heard by church and the statebrbrSupport each other and know there are people who care
Comment from : Helen Ferullo

During the time of Pierre Trudeau I presume say no morebrToo incredibly sad
Comment from : Heather

Patricia Griffith
Really love your videos and your real life parts too ❤️
Comment from : Patricia Griffith

Patricia Griffith
I'm gluten free because of my celiac :)
Comment from : Patricia Griffith

I hope these women get answers More importantly, I hope they can heal My heart breaks for each and every one of them
Comment from : NyteKeeper

Kat Doc
Sadover here(United States) Pennhurst Asylum makes that place look like Disneyland and please I'm not minimizing so before ppl attack me Google it and you'll understand
Comment from : Kat Doc

janet loverdi
Bless all the survivors, it’s just pure child abuse and neglect, so sad
Comment from : janet loverdi

Much love to these ladies
Comment from : retrobebop61

FairMaid En
So so sadI wish you the best futures!
Comment from : FairMaid En

Anyone who was instrumental in making these lovely souls suffer I hope you receive the karma you deserve Well done ladies your survivors 💚
Comment from : MsLin1974

So sorry for your pain I understand Sending you all love ❤️🌹🙏
Comment from : PH

Raw Olympia
Unconscionable! This is the worst! Like an MK Ultra lab, these poor poor women! They were so young!!!
Comment from : Raw Olympia

I am forever saddened by all the ways we humans have found to damage the human soul
Comment from : Chickmamapalletfarm

Rebecca Wilchynski
Institutions still exist today do you really know what goes on inside them it should be everybody’s business but does anybody really care that much as long as it’s not happening to youWhy care
Comment from : Rebecca Wilchynski

jennifer greco
Thank you all for speaking out Everyone spoke so honestly and graciously I live with the same war scars and its validating to hear so many other voices speaking the truth Its hard to hear the stories and feel pain but the validation is worth it Thank you all for sharing your strength
Comment from : jennifer greco

K Dawson
I also hope you ladies feel the love and compassion that those of us have for you I am so sorry this happened to you Thank you, as hard as it may be, thank you for sharing your stories
Comment from : K Dawson

Is this still going on? And if it is it needs to stop now
Comment from : IslandGardener

PPpp MMmm
This is just the top of a very large iceberg, unfortunately it still goes on, they have just gotten more savvy
Comment from : PPpp MMmm

To Whom this May Concern
Where were the parents of these young girls?
Comment from : To Whom this May Concern

Ms Havisham
As always, a great episode Mind opening I had no idea this kind of thing was happening WHEN it was happening It wasn't the Dark Ages or during a WW It was the '70s when I was growing up having been born in '66 Unfathomable My heart breaks for these women Those who have chosen to speak out and those who have not It's true what I believe the journalist said, how can you do these things to these girls, treat them this way, and expect them to grow up and be fine? And right as rain? It's impossible Sending love and hugs to these brave women ❣️
Comment from : Ms Havisham

Children in this world have always been mistreated by adults and society ITS a disgusting shame on all of usSadly it continues to this day
Comment from : LilyRose

HiYa Pal
I can't begin to bring myself to btry/b to imagine their solitary confinement on bconcrete slabs,/b because I personally, am very claustrophobic, and would probably go into cardiac arrest, just from the confinement Not to mention the spasms that my muscles endured, recently, on a hard MRI machine, which balso triggered my claustrophobia/b Such a hellish experience for those poor kids, 😢
Comment from : HiYa Pal

My six siblings and I grew up in Montreal, and simply because they could not find foster homes for all of us, some were sent to these detention centres including Maria Hall, Weredale Park etc moreover, someone should do a story about the group homes of that time, where ville Marie social services sent children, and the pedophiles and abusive people who ran them
Comment from : teepeewabbit

halima k
Satanic abuse of children
Comment from : halima k

Danielle Nichols
I went to prison as an adult (for my husband's crimes) and it traumatizes you but I cannot imagine those traumas as a child 💔
Comment from : Danielle Nichols

IMHO this still goes on, all across the worldall a part of the plan to undermine the social fabric, derail youth thus destroying the family unit, depopulation and the beating down of women, in their most PRODUCTIVE years All in readiness for the 'NWO'I refer to it as 'Nasty Weird Odour' 'It's' all around us, with more and more being revealed, daily My heart goes to them allI too have my stories of cruelly conceived plans to destroy mebut I'm a little 'bugger' for NOT GOING ALONG! Be strong ladiesyou've come a long way, already
Comment from : GinjaNinja

Lauren Andreas
Oh my gosh, How horrific for you poor sweet young girls I can’t believe something like this could go on in Canada, your country acts like they are so much better than every other country! God Bless You All! I hope you find your inner peace! How do they find people to work in those institutions that are so cruel?
Comment from : Lauren Andreas

Ms Sassy Pants
Wow! I had no idea
Comment from : Ms Sassy Pants

Aidan Devlin
A true saying to take every bad person out of this world you'd have to take every single person out
Comment from : Aidan Devlin

Deanna Rasmussen
I was in one of them places in Alberta Canada yes its all true my life was changed by the Roman Catholic church by nuns they beat us and other forms of abuse :-) :-) :-) :-) they did things I will never forget and no amount of money can replace the time you stole from me and my future my bodies is paying for it as I Age so said
Comment from : Deanna Rasmussen

Marie Harrison
I just want to reach out to these ladies with a hug
Comment from : Marie Harrison

I'm proud of the journalist going after the practice of institutionalizing young people; the policeman intervening with the judge And proud of these women supporting each other & continuing to get the story out so it won't happen again God bless them all
Comment from : glmn77

Catherine OConnell
Nothing has changed
Comment from : Catherine OConnell

The Stream of Life
They all need to be financially compensated
Comment from : The Stream of Life

The Stream of Life
It's about time this horror 😱 story is being told But the scars of these girls will never leave them
Comment from : The Stream of Life

Romi Dogra
This shows government cannot replace families Even if some parent is a criminal like that rapist father, government should definitely rescue the child and prosecute and jail the father yes, but it must not try to raise children itself No These children should have been put up for adoption by families by government agencies and the process duly monitored That’s all Governments are not good for anything more than that
Comment from : Romi Dogra

Marissa Lopez
These places still exist, at least they did through the 90's and 2000's in America Lots of girls around the nation have gone through this There's no manual on how to cope with society Some of those children's parents are still out there following their adult children around and there is no safety when only freedom and a new life is sought
Comment from : Marissa Lopez

sarita dugat
These poor women are lucky they are a live Even with all the demons I pray they can heel from such atrocities they’ve live through
Comment from : sarita dugat

Sunshine M
I can’t believe these women made it out and are living their life’s with all the horrific memories of that place, the government didn’t take care of this and it was in the 70’ So glad the police officer listened to her Theses girls didn’t have a chance and iam sure lots ended their lifes
Comment from : Sunshine M

No one really matters, but cats 😸
Canada is as bad as America
Comment from : No one really matters, but cats 😸

If they can do this to white women just imagine what they can do to the rest of us
Comment from : Ramses

This was all happening more than a decade later and still to this day it just 'looks' different and goes by different names Isolation rooms, tranquilizers, restraint and institutions are still used as behaviour management technics Sometimes because of the lack of appropriate facilities, kids are being managed in adult facilities where staff have little to no training working with youth Isolation rooms and sedatives take care of what they haven't been trained to manage to the detriment of already injured kids Don't fool yourselves believing things have changed that much in this system There are lots of people who've been 'helped' into a lifetime of isolation by the adults and institutions meant to heal them
Comment from : SMS

meghan rabren
Sometimes the only way back is thru the muck Talking about it cleansing Not wallowing in self-pity, because self-pity is something no one can help you out of You are here you survived Parts may be worn thin but YOU are HERE You took something awful and turned it into LIFE You overcame them, beat that system Just by being alive
Comment from : meghan rabren

Lanna Ramirez
God Bless ALL of you-Sisters- Stay strong ❤💗💖
Comment from : Lanna Ramirez

Silent no more Survivors need to speak out and expose these crimes
Comment from : Wallace

Mika Lin
The journalist sips wine and tears up while lurking on the chat brBig mood
Comment from : Mika Lin

just me
This a short period of my life I finally ran away when I was 14 and lived on the streets figuring out how to survive and hidding
Comment from : just me

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