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Students with Disabilities: Special Education Categories

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Information Students with Disabilities: Special Education Categories

Title :  Students with Disabilities: Special Education Categories
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Teachings in Education
If you would like to make you're own whiteboard animations Click the Affiliate Link! tiddly/5ac1afc7 If you make a purchase, I may receive commission
Comment from : Teachings in Education

Yannah Lagdameo
Comment from : Yannah Lagdameo

I can have all of the above play stuff from all of you Bob I guess that's my disability I suffer from a lot really can hear I'm definitely wanting to build a hair out of it hear a little that's from earache's suffering from terrible ear X will kid
Comment from : Ralph

No matter what disability is always a Big Brother to the biggest oldest older than me younger than me till the youngest one to the babies I'll always be Big Brother to you all I miss it I had nothing but fun I want to special Olympics a bold 1 heck of experience I'll tell you that Boston University Not sure what year but I bold saved a little kid you had down syndrome like that's a whole story I wanna get out I saved a little kid from getting hit from the 1st response he seen the Reed I seen him die I was like the only one that's seen it how we got away it was no one's faulty wanted to be right there acts he was like I couldn't tell you how old he is but it a he was no more than 60 years old at I couldn't tell you was like baby up to 8 I don't know I say to him at least I was the only one that I tackled him so politely I hope I never I didn't supply I didn't I just want to stop my dinner I think I did it right using cryer anything but he didn't fall hexfell I hurt my niece who is limping weapon II bold but I did my best That made me feel like a little hero so for that little guy and then I've seen him a few times that pattern on the shoulder I wasn't one of my favorite moments I said the little guy I hope III can every time I see my Panama show to give me a smile like why is this big can you Pat me hot happy and kind of laughing because I remember that I'm look at that me with this sweet little elephant face he was so younger than me I was like 21 years old I saved and I was the only Chapron I say who was there for him I you wan to be your friend because I would have had him proudly he was from Worcester Massachusetts like me I think I I think he was on the same team as a much younger team though I hope he got a few medals I was did not come and I think we came in 7th we didn't get a medal I hope you got a fuel them that day I hope he has a bunch of them and never got a metal boat Hey I have one heck of a storyteller you said the little guy and I guess I can say he was my little brother I hope hes doing bet he is ❤️ that I was there lil guy 👍
Comment from : Ralph

I also ended up everybody's Big Brother they all looked up to me but I don't know I have trouble getting and I was always in trouble and I don't want the kids to see how much trouble I had a hard time behaving I guess but I was always like a Big Brother to everyone cause I come off as so called no I won't could who does not have to take these classes I'm saying that kindly I want to make sure I'm very kind because I love these kids like you do not as a parent but I'm also one of them and I'm proud to be 1 of them but I'll always be proud of anyone So far I think more than using the world disabilities they have abilities a bottom bottom bottom I can get through too when I have a gift with cause I was always there Big Brother they looked up to me I tried and tried to be the Big Brother and I love a lot of them that I want to sleep with I still remember a while I don't see them I wanna see how they're doing I care about special needs Thank you this helps a lot too if someone says something to me like nothing but kind true Holland I won't lie above something like this I care about these kids and I do have some physical disabilities at the mountain but they were really I feel them now I need a cane I'm 42 years old I don't use it very much because I wonder if I fall I fall I can heal that if I fall in front of I'll get up in laugh that's how I do things that I don't want people to worry about me I'm worried about them those kids who are in school now I hope they don't have enough time and special ed Like I did I don't think anyone knew how much I heard I love those kids II still do I don't know anybody with disability I can get through the whole lot of women I can't even help teachers get through with the kids I talked to him like I was their friend but I was as always there for them and I'm always there for to stay on I was always there for them
Comment from : Ralph

That truly wasn't special needs classes I begin school at 3 years old because I had speech and pattern I still do but it's coming back because I'm not on medications like I'm not on now What's happening even in special edge to learn but when I had the hands on with the you I'm saying the kids who like 4 years younger than me when high school it's hard to tell my whole story I don't believe anybody believes me I think I may said this before II don't know who's with you but I don't I don't know I want to talk more how hard it was for me to I don't know if it was up to me to see what really was wrong with me but I know one thing I am dyslexic I still suffered till this day I'm 42 years old I suffer not knowing even if I'm not on 1 what level I am autistic if even if I have to I feel it I feel like I am autistic I was I don't know what I'm going through really I need someone to reach out to me if someone sees us who knows what I'm trying to say and I will tell you much more if I talk to someone who I at least can get 2 things off I struggled in these classes and I'd come off phone I guess so called normal as can be I don't want to seem like I I meant the lot to these kids and they meant the lot to me that's a great education I had and it's hurt so hard that it's hard to say what I had to say in such a short this is long I guess I have trouble seeing too and I had to speak to an app I hope it sounds I'm saying it very kind of you so it's picking up what I'm saying It's been like 23 years I went to school the Max it hurts I never graduated I never got a completion like the GD level whatever would be for G EDI wanna get something to prove that I'm worthy it's hard ond I don't know what I'm facing that I know I can get tested But that's a whole different story but I've been tested but the same time but I was very horrible in math I'm do a lot good and like history I did really good in social studies in grade school I loved that stuff I'm even good really good in English but the one thing I am and kind of illiterate I don't know like I heard that you're either literate or you're not I don't I cannot write I can read but then again I said I was dyslexic I hope this is not too long if someone can read this and help me just you know comment give me a thumbs up give me some kind of help if possible thank you very much to anyone who wants to hear my story I have a lot to say about my education it was really rough for me I still suffer to this day and I don't have an education I'm not sure I don't wanna say oh I'm should've been so much better off if II don't know what I'm saying trying to say but I feel like I'm the only one that could feel as May sound but it didn't again I told you I'm really good in English that's although I don't even know really if I'm on the autistic aspergers I don't know I wanna find out I need some real help for get tested so I think I wanna know but I live like this my whole life do I really want to help me figure this out loud or something thank you
Comment from : Ralph

Dr Vimal Kumar S V
Comment from : Dr Vimal Kumar S V

Carol Anson
Really good and accurate!
Comment from : Carol Anson

Ellen Lee
Thank you so much for this! I have been watching all of your videos in preparation for my Texas 161 exam
Comment from : Ellen Lee

Aamis World Aadi
very useful vedio
Comment from : Aamis World Aadi

Brayn Hilton
My son improved excellently from his autism spectrum disorder with assistance of herbal medicine from Solution Healing Home channel on YouTube Doctors Whatsapp number on video youtubecom/shorts/h0YncUMye4c?feature=sharebrbrHe is a honest Doctor he keeps giving assistance till the treatment period is completed
Comment from : Brayn Hilton

Tabitha Ouellette
I have a Developmental disability since birth July 16th 1987
Comment from : Tabitha Ouellette

Tei Hin
Why didn't they include the "gifted" students?
Comment from : Tei Hin

Hello You are all invited to my Turkish private education academy channel
Comment from : ÖZEL EĞiTİM AKADEMİ🔵

Christina Hines
The reason ED kids are hard to work with is that people say they’re hard to work with Their anger can be borderline or trauma I give them low lighting, sit close without a word until they want to talk, play low music, and treat them like they’re suffering because they are Rage is almost always turned into regret and that leads to depression Why would they even want to live if we’re calling them disturbed and hard to deal with? Stop treating them like they need control or attention They need connection and abiding love If you can’t give that then don’t ask the screaming 15 year old why her step dad was allowed to rape her and still lives in the house while she’s supposed to act right in school Come on man You’re killing them and when you can’t stop your own, you’ll never be the same again and you will may not withhold love which is all you’re suggesting You know what’s hard? 70 of ppl with Borderline attempt suicide 1 in 3 complete it There’s no cure, no remedy, no treatment And we’re saying they’re hard…
Comment from : Christina Hines

Chantel Cuddemi
I'm totally blind, and I'm glad I learned Braille when I was a child!
Comment from : Chantel Cuddemi

Sarah Crouse
The autism spectrum isn't linear -- it's more like a circle of gradient colors, where the different "shades" represent different capabilities Autistic people can be very good at some of these things, while not being able to handle others very well I'm autistic and because I also happen to have a high IQ, I understand complex material, write essays very well, and am praised for my academic work But I struggle to keep up with hygiene, housework, driving, and making phone calls I also benefit from help getting started on a class assignment and/or deadline extensions due to executive functioning difficulties, but I was able to make it through most of my MA before I even got diagnosed and received accommodations It's not as simple as "high" vs "low" functioning There are more factors to consider than that
Comment from : Sarah Crouse

Brighton Chou
sped teachers
Comment from : Brighton Chou

damn son
Is there anyone who bought this package?
Comment from : damn son

My daughter is suffering from development delay What should i do to teach her
Comment from : Masti

YouSail Channel
Superlative video, thanks We also have story of sailing with disabilities with Sailability in Hong Kong - You can see our video here youtube/c8i1hmbkYoA
Comment from : YouSail Channel

Xiao Loo (Rosie Loo)
thanks for this video, excellent job Today is very important lean about of different disabilities
Comment from : Xiao Loo (Rosie Loo)

Milla Cerne
I have autism, mental illnesses and I’m completely blind I want to stress the importance of braille in school Nowadays blind people have assistive technology with a computer voice that reads the text aloud It’s incredible and it’s actually what helps me type this comment on my phone But there is a downside, students are using less and less braille Braille is an important way of communication, and literasy is so incredibly important! Please, if you are a teacher and you have a blind student, learn a little bit of braille! It helps me so much when one teacher has learned the basic letter recognitionbr My aunt has an intellectual disability She has no understanding of numbers, but she recognizes shapes, including letters She’s a visual learner, and I don’t understand why no one taught her to read I think she would understand more of the world, if she could at least read the road signs Again, literasy is important!
Comment from : Milla Cerne

Letecia Eludo
So informative video want to share this for my class, thank you
Comment from : Letecia Eludo

Dhanish Safan
My son have learning disabilitynow he is studying 8th std tamil mediumpls help sirmy son growup and wht category studying in future pls ans
Comment from : Dhanish Safan

Christopher Clem
Because there are no children with disabilities, all special education schools in the world must be burned and closed down as special education is a crime against humanity and illegal and criminal acbording to the Constitutions of the US and all other nations!!!
Comment from : Christopher Clem

Nadine Commissions
You are really great at explaining sir! As a pre service teacher, I admire and learned a lot from you May the God Bless you
Comment from : Nadine Commissions

Ciara Tambongco
Thanks!! Really helpful, I have a class "Psychology of Exceptional Children" and this helped me understand the classifications better
Comment from : Ciara Tambongco

Katie Wilkinson
This is very helpful I was in special education environment since I was in preschool I did graduate high school
Comment from : Katie Wilkinson

Starter Dev
As a kid that has bi poler lifes hard
Comment from : Starter Dev

Amy Noggle
This clip is engaging and includes a great deal of valid information Thanks for this overview! I'm sharing with my college students Please just note that DD includes children in the Birth to 3 year range as well :)
Comment from : Amy Noggle

Christopher Clem
There are no students with disabilities, because that will violate all civil rights laws and the US Constitution And special education schools and services are child abuse and a hate crime
Comment from : Christopher Clem

Shemiah Walker
I have specific learning disability,and I love it my major is reading,writing,and of course math
Comment from : Shemiah Walker

سيف المسكري
thank you
Comment from : سيف المسكري

Kristine Dukes
As a parent of a child with developmental delay and speech delay He "aged out" of that diagnosis according to the school system He still gets speech He however is nowhere near grade level He is now 11 and his neurologist diagnosed him with static encephalopathy Yeah the schools don't know what to do with that one They have kept him with an IEP but it is a constant battle to get him the help that he needs On the speech side, his speech pathologist from the school is amazing
Comment from : Kristine Dukes

Jamaal Austin
Thank yoi
Comment from : Jamaal Austin

Korinne Mills
Can you provided information on where you are getting this information from? Thank you!
Comment from : Korinne Mills

Andhika Ramadhan
Great video!
Comment from : Andhika Ramadhan

Hammerj Merto
My dedication and commitment to helping you and your child get a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), Conduct observations of your child in the educational setting Click the link for more information kseducationadvocatecom/
Comment from : Hammerj Merto

Shannon Selby
I have ADD
Comment from : Shannon Selby

Shannon Selby
I have dislexia
Comment from : Shannon Selby

Kyla Hubscher
I am studying special needs education in college and so I really appreciate stuff like this! It makes me very excited to be able to help kids that struggle with these things
Comment from : Kyla Hubscher

Molly Fountain
I have specific learning disabilities that are mostly all of these
Comment from : Molly Fountain

Ameen Algamal
Super Thanks
Comment from : Ameen Algamal

Thanks for this
Comment from : Skysera

Jessand Lydia Trask
Apsebergers (spelling) is no longer used a diagnosis The diagnosis is ASD Visual Impairment is also a spectrum impartial from those that have a reasoned amount of usable vision to those who are totally blind Only 10 of people on VI spectrum are totally blind A greater majority of us have a reasonable amount of usable vision And, large print isn’t is on the low tech along with magnifiers and yes computer technology at the higher end I’m a visually impaired adult
Comment from : Jessand Lydia Trask

Irene Mumbi Sabino
Comment from : Irene Mumbi Sabino

Namrata Saxena
My Daughter can't communicate properly, what should I do
Comment from : Namrata Saxena

L Epstein
I found this video to be interesting and informative Information from this video has given me a broader insight to better understand the different areas of disabilities Thank you for taking the time to make this informative video
Comment from : L Epstein

Abigail Nat
Hey! Thanks! That´s awesome what you are doing and so helpful!
Comment from : Abigail Nat

aster paul
Comment from : aster paul

Amani Bizimana
00:25 Intellectual disabilities 1:10 deaf-blind 1:47 Specific Learning disabilities 3:12 Developmental Delay 3:58 other health impairment
Comment from : Amani Bizimana

Philip Dressler
This such a miracle this showing the real church life and Marijuana punishment
Comment from : Philip Dressler

Philip Dressler
I have white specific disabilities in education lacking understanding
Comment from : Philip Dressler

Philip Dressler
We have to do this shit all the time fir her awareness
Comment from : Philip Dressler

The Dadvocate
Great video about the category of disabilities explained in layman’s termsbrbrAlso, love the whiteboard feature Will definitely be checking out that linkbrbr‘Keep fighting the good fight’
Comment from : The Dadvocate

Muhammad Sibtain
Very nice job brother 👍👍
Comment from : Muhammad Sibtain

George Robins
I had no idea ADHD counted as “Other Health Impairment” I would’ve thought it’d be something else
Comment from : George Robins

King Nate
I had a speech and langauge impairment I was put in the special ed class, but then when I was in 7th grade they gave me test to see if I really needed special ed They realized that I didin't need it and put me in a intergrated co teaching class Now I take general ed classes in highschool and i'm passing my classes
Comment from : King Nate

Actually, hospital-based instruction and residential school settings seem to only be utilized to service students with the most severe health problems and the most intense care needs They're pretty much last resortsbrSpecial education schools and special education classrooms in regular schools seem to be much more commonbrbrWho put this together? They don't seem to know what they're on about
Comment from : TyrekeCorrea

Alex Torres
Special education should be exterminated from the school system and its teachers should face a maximum of 5 years in prison because what they are doing is horrible at this very moment
Comment from : Alex Torres

Dark Bloom
Wow 14! The book I borrowed lists only 9 However, all of these still are unique children Because after all, every child is unique and special This is a good discovery for me Thank you for sharing! :)
Comment from : Dark Bloom

Melvin Gil
Welp I just found out I have emotional disturbed I got to talk to my mom about this, I hope she believes me,because I have social anxiety and I can’t control my emotions
Comment from : Melvin Gil

Nida Zahra
It's very helpful for me thank you so much
Comment from : Nida Zahra

I have a learning disability and I have an iep It sucks honestly, I always get embarrassed whenever my iep teacher pulls me out I asked my mom once why I had one and she said “you have trouble doing math” okay, so? Just let someone tutor me for math I always Insist that I do have a learning disability, and my mom isn’t telling me the truth because some of the characteristics of a LD match me I always feel like I’m the dumbest person in my whole grade
Comment from : DaniDaniBoom

Rude Dog
Nice work!
Comment from : Rude Dog

3:20 br$:idiotbr@:big fat pigbr$:IDIOT br@:BIG FAT PIGbr @=idiot $=big fat pig sorry if this is random
Comment from : ACEOFSPADES1179

2:00 Does this count like dyslexia and stuff?
Comment from : bubblybeluga

User323901 Chavez
Thank you so much for share that information I agree in all part of this video
Comment from : User323901 Chavez

Ronald Brown
All children are not teachablebrWe have to stop being in denial when it comes to these kidsbrbrSome children don't have ability to talk work etc but were supposed to teach them?brbrThey can't learn anything so y r they in school one word money brbrThe parents get paid to parent the child and the government etc get to teach them
Comment from : Ronald Brown

Jessica Wilson
Do you have a PDF version of this?
Comment from : Jessica Wilson

Marisol S
Comment from : Marisol S

Marisol S
Me too I have it
Comment from : Marisol S

American school systm sux, in my country there is induvidual edycation, special ed and normal ed Induvidual ed is not much different from normal ed, children just have few more minutes to write test and teachers help them a little sped is when you have different books with easiee tasks and u tests are dufferent also you can choose the date you write tests Ps I am normal education but i was induvidual ed till third grade but it was an error lol
Comment from : RapTor

Nageshwar Rao
Comment from : Nageshwar Rao

Kuzo Toothpaste
Comment from : Kuzo Toothpaste

Kuzo Toothpaste
Comment from : Kuzo Toothpaste

Vell Baria Official
I have autism and learning disability and minor on developmental delay and I can firmly relate to this!
Comment from : Vell Baria Official

Lauren M
My iep classification is multiple disabilities but I have no physical problems I wonder why it’s that
Comment from : Lauren M

Soul evans
it Has always been so difficult for me to learn a certain subject like math, my teachers noticed it when I was at the age of 9 and sent me to a different building where they tested me on different subjects As English and writing was my highest grade; math was always my lowest Due to the fact that I had a slow learning disability I was sent to the “special Ed classes” and have been there ever since But since they noticed I was slow in one subject in middle school, they decided to take me out of regular Ed English, and science I am a functioning 17 year old who is capable of doing certain tasks; and for those who tell us we shouldn’t be let out into the community shouldn’t have any right to judge us for who we are Thank you for making this video :)
Comment from : Soul evans

Gita Shukla
M indian ,so undstood n likes wat u xplaind ,concept clear,I also hav a special child,I wish there wil be a day wn my baby wil get normal,its not xpctation its only a wish,I love him so much
Comment from : Gita Shukla

Ceci Andrade
this was very useful, awesome!
Comment from : Ceci Andrade

Christopher Clem
There are absolutely no children with disabilities And I want label any child to be a US federal crime as it is a hate crime and child abuse!!
Comment from : Christopher Clem

Sarah K
I have specific learning disability and it joke to people don't understand anything about it Resource very limit for specific learning disabilty
Comment from : Sarah K

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