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Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement

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Information Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement

Title :  Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement
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Frames Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement

Description Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement

Comments Indian Customs Charged me this for iPhone!! Giveaway Winner Announcement

Singh in USA
Join Discord Server for students: discordgg/Qsk5FxVxvc
Comment from : Singh in USA

Divya Singh
Custom charges returns hote h
Comment from : Divya Singh

jolly rocks
1029USD worth items ka kitna dena prega cutoms fees any idea?? I am ordering items from rogue fitness ohio US
Comment from : jolly rocks

Mahima Saman
India loots
Comment from : Mahima Saman

tu bhai bhot boring h, abey mudde pe aa subha panvel niklna h
Comment from : Yudhister

Yes, 6 or 7 years before even i was ordering from US and china customs, Govt was good that time now Indian customs become ass holes in the BJP govtearlier in CONGRESS it was good ALL BY INSTRCTION FROM BJP NIRMALA AUNTY now they take very long time even 2 to 3 months clear some small parcel so they make sure u never do that again and even used product they charge DUTY hell lot they envy on us for not to use any superior/good product from foreign even same thing not available INDIA also USE INDIAN STUPID PRODUCT OR DIEMINDSET we should not buy anything from other country but MPs govt officials they procure anything without tax illegally they are killing intellectual rights of IndianHOW USCANADA allows their citizen to import are these guys r brilliant than them here very STUPID/arrogant govt because northis are illutrate and so idots when some one says BHARAT MATHA KI JAI they go behind vote and die BJP cut our throat when we keep saying BHARAT MATHAKI JAInot only this in so many poicies INDIA unfit to live for educated brilliant people
Comment from : kkk_ffr_ance

Prakhar Jalan
Now gifts are charged a customs duty 77 of assessable value
Comment from : Prakhar Jalan

Raja Ranjith
Can I carry 10-15 100ml colognes to india?
Comment from : Raja Ranjith

They write what amount they want when they send the bill Not a perfect system
Comment from : DrDisconnet

Alisha Jaiswal
Please stick to the context not irrelevant matters
Comment from : Alisha Jaiswal

bunty bubbly
India got rules regulations are crazy and it only happen in India useless country
Comment from : bunty bubbly

Abhijit Kundu
And it is positive vibe bro while entering into Apple Imagine 🍎🍎
Comment from : Abhijit Kundu

Abhijit Kundu
iphone is a class 🍎🍎🍎🍎
Comment from : Abhijit Kundu

Capitalist Mammal
I knew it! Indian Customs are shit Instead if you would've contacts in Amazon or FedX interial working team or Good Managerial Position for the help It would be free but sending it via Mail in a developing country like India is pure useless Instead buy from India only
Comment from : Capitalist Mammal

Animesh Miri
Hello sirbrI am ordering my Guinness book of world record participation certificate from united kingdom and in the website of store of guinness book of world record it shows the message like INDIAN CUSTOM REQUIRE ID PROOF AND ADDRESS AND IF THE SAME IS NOT MATCH WITH SHIPPING ADDRESS THE ORDER WILL BE DESTROYED so for that i had to present at the custom or not and is there any issue regarding this in custom clearing????
Comment from : Animesh Miri

Canada to India custom duty on iPhone 14 pro max plz tell me
Comment from : TP GAMERZ

Rahul Parai
Bhaiya agar mai ek 15000 rs Ka brushless motor usa se import karna chahu tab bhi mere ko itni parisani ho sakti hay kaya?? Motor toh science project Ka chis hay
Comment from : Rahul Parai

Ozark Do
This is not only custom system but also all indian govt systems r slow n very unfriendly n corrupted n headache Everyone knows
Comment from : Ozark Do

Dhananjay Goratela
pachaas rupaiye paper printing ke paise
Comment from : Dhananjay Goratela

Dinesh kumar
Bro I wanna send some dresses and smartwatch to Indonesiawhat should I do ?
Comment from : Dinesh kumar

Tejas barai
yeah man indian government just need money in the name of tax you earn you pay tax you buy something you pay tax you bring something from outside that dosent attract that much of tax they still need the tax in an higher number percentage
Comment from : Tejas barai

Mirnalini Prasad
My friend is send me gift from courier and my parcel is arrived me in delhi airport but they told me now I have to pay 25000 for custom charges it is true or not
Comment from : Mirnalini Prasad

Mirnalini Prasad
I want to contact you I'm in problem
Comment from : Mirnalini Prasad

Custom is scam
Comment from : 1996

Punam Sinha
Confuse kr dia bro
Comment from : Punam Sinha

Comment from : TEJ SINGH

WoLf GaMiNg
Bro u are lucky just got 11k duty fees, i sent used i phone 13 pro from uk to india as a gift fucking they charged me 500 pounds custom duty plus 80 pounds delivery fee so its cost me 580 pounds 😭
Comment from : WoLf GaMiNg

Moinuddin Mansuri
How many phones we can carry from canada to india ?
Comment from : Moinuddin Mansuri

1928 gravity
Please reply sir USA to parcel service office address email id please any more information please send me sir
Comment from : 1928 gravity

250 dollars - and ye shipment kay money sey abhi iphone 11 he miljaata india mey 😂
Comment from : MAO

Sir please help about my phone purchase in USA but High charges to delivery, buying from sprint mobile
Comment from : MOHD IQBAL

Kumar Yashashwi Thakur
There is a reason people like you and me Leave India Gov = Gobar
Comment from : Kumar Yashashwi Thakur

Ankit Biswal
Custom duties really kill us😂brI ordered a watch for Rs 11500 nearly nd paid custom charges of almost 8,500 brLol
Comment from : Ankit Biswal

Vijaysinh Kamble
It was, disappointing, I had such a bad experience with Indian Customs related to health products Custom duty was more like the MRP of the product
Comment from : Vijaysinh Kamble

Harshit Sharma
Indian customs are worst
Comment from : Harshit Sharma

Chor hai yeh india custom wale
Comment from : MARTINBRAVO

Raghav Reddy
😂😂 customs aapko pakadlegi
Comment from : Raghav Reddy

Navdeep Sandhu
India customs is fraud, chor
Comment from : Navdeep Sandhu

Rajwinder Kaur
ਮਾਮਾ ਸਿੱਧਾ ਕਹਿ ਕਿ ਇੰਡੀਅਨ ਲੋਕ ਠੱਗ ਤੇ ਚੋਰ ਆ😅😅😅😅
Comment from : Rajwinder Kaur

Jerry James
the corrupt govt here loot people
Comment from : Jerry James

Farhaan Alauddin
Can i use apple gift card in apple Store or online store to buy a new iphone 14 pro or apple Watch or airpods brPlzz reply my question bro
Comment from : Farhaan Alauddin

Vikrant karmahapatra
I can feel the same , My drums from Germany to India charged me a customs of 90 K for the Value of 5 lakhs You could have been easily got off these charges, If you had your own IEC CODE the fine plus the customs charges would have been drastically reduced
Comment from : Vikrant karmahapatra

Thodeti Thriveni
India system was complicated bcz we can't find any of these taxes like we have in India in any other country
Comment from : Thodeti Thriveni

I once sent some baby clothes that were worth 250 NZD and ended up paying 230NZD as custom charges They are absolutely useless A free international delivery was too good to be true, it happens only in India
Comment from : Heyitsmeanon

FedEx is worst shipping company brI have very bad experienced with FedEx brFinally I lost my package 📦 in Indian custom because of FedEx
Comment from : zamy786

waha ke usa ke iphone main indian sim card work karega
Comment from : Vishesh

If my friend send 2 expensive perfume bottles (opened box)brFrom us to indiabrWill i have to pay custom?
Comment from : Hrithik

Bro my sister is sending me iphone as gift to India I have to pay or I will get free of cost
Comment from : Dhruv

yash Khatri
Nice video bro
Comment from : yash Khatri

Bablu Shorts
Brother u can help me Because ijustine named youtuber from USA select me as a winner of her giveaway and she asked me for delivery sum of 2000rupees rupees So I paid but now her delivery boy asked me to pay 4000rupees more to clear the item from indian border I don't know what to do help me asap
Comment from : Bablu Shorts

Zoom Movie Review Mumbai
Welcome to new india
Comment from : Zoom Movie Review Mumbai

Bal Singh
India Customs brWorse agency
Comment from : Bal Singh

bhai tera parsal ka le liga gaya hai😂
Comment from : KIRU

Khukuri Speaks
thank u man ,,, i was going to do same ,,, i was ordering a phone from my friend, who is living otherside Country dup ta dup ta baj gaya Customs seh
Comment from : Khukuri Speaks

Varun Singh
Informative!brIf a relative of mine buys a S8 ultra and brings it with him to India, will there be any additional charges?
Comment from : Varun Singh

Bhanu Biker
FedEx is worst Service, Use DHL and UPS❤️
Comment from : Bhanu Biker

bhai a itana karna but, ek to khud india jane k time leke jau, nai to usko khud order karne ko bolo paise bhej do , nai to koi dost india jara to uske sath bhej ,do thoda sa to use kiya hota to intna time waste nahi hua hota
Comment from : MusicWalk

bhagti sag bhajan
Bro yr mere 2 13 pro max fas gye h kuch ho skta h uska
Comment from : bhagti sag bhajan

Jatin Trivedi
All these courier companies are interested in their freight only They will never check Indian customs rules brRefurbish items are not allowed in India that's why they have a charging penalty Indian Customs does not allow gifts as free Customs says a person can get a gift from the world but Indian Customs will not lose its revenue, Value is taken as per the market rate brDuty is Customs Duty, IGST is GST Warehouse charges are Goods store at Cargo in India and other charges are for commission taken by the courier company brOther than Customs duty you should ask for a refund as its courier company's duty to get things clear from customs and arrange to deliver or else they should have rejected in advance and should have guided you Indian Customs Rules One more thing Customs in India are closed on Diwali other days it's working This all courier companies try to safeguard themself and put all blame on Indian Customs brThey protect their inefficiency and blame Indian Customs Nowadays Indian Customs is the most efficient Department
Comment from : Jatin Trivedi

Sa Mi M
Now my iPhone 13 pro in DELHI Custom send my friend from USA I'm in Trouble 😵‍💫
Comment from : Sa Mi M

Gulzar Ali
Sir one of my facebook friend is sending a gift for me from Us,he is advising me to pay the custom fee,how much takes the custom fee in Indiaat what place the custom fee takes
Comment from : Gulzar Ali

Hey bro My relatives live in wisconsin If i buy imac from usa Will it work in india (Any voltage issues)

SomEthiNg TeChy
Firstly after 2 days of product reaching to customs you have to pay warehouse charges brSecondly i phone is considered as luxury item in india
Comment from : SomEthiNg TeChy

Sanjukumar Tandel
Modi ne kaha sub ke account me 5 lakh ayega custom ne kaha teri gaand scan ker ke maru ga kiski baat sahi hai
Comment from : Sanjukumar Tandel

shubham sharma
O pra hor koi kmm kr liya kr aiho jehiya video bna k fuddu na bnaybrA kr
Comment from : shubham sharma

Majid Attaye
same story happen with me today my bro send me iphone but the fedex ask me to pay 37k for the custom duty and gst I really dont know to pay them to ask them or to return the order bcz i cant pay that much plz guide me bro if i return the order they will ask me to pay for custom duty or not? or they just charge me for return
Comment from : Majid Attaye

navjot singh
Comment from : navjot singh

Crieativ Crieativ
anyone can take a laptop to india for me i ll pay 80$
Comment from : Crieativ Crieativ

Vishnu Sarda
Your knowledge is not updated about taxation and customs then its your fault The charges are valid and its stated on the website
Comment from : Vishnu Sarda

Pampi Mahanta
Hey, I have a question I am travelling to india soon and my friends have asked me to get i phones Including mine the total number of I phones will be 4 And I am going to india after two years can I carry these phones (will carry without any box) Is there any chance they might ask me for custom fee ?Thanks in advance
Comment from : Pampi Mahanta

Manu Vijay
Govt doing what they’re good at 😄
Comment from : Manu Vijay

come straight to the point and be clear while communicating!
Comment from : Swaraj

I love india but Indian tax system sucks and India custom 😁
Comment from : i_priyaranjan

Vishwas Rao
Isn’t is expected?
Comment from : Vishwas Rao

The point of the matter is that customs could be a seamless experience and have more transparency among its units and between the courier services Many courier services have limited their services to our country because of this very reason Everyday customs siezes alot of such goods are later auctioned as per law and then the company's whom most the commentators are defending "The indian sellers" are still at loss The problem is not the people trying to get a better deal but the government body and it's behemoth machinery which fails to provide a fair price to consumers
Comment from : DJclub

Modified Rules
YOu are searching for this point 09:30 thank me later
Comment from : Modified Rules

Khan Kamil
Chup chap bc india se he lelo itna magaj mari nhi chahiye
Comment from : Khan Kamil

anz mohammed n v
Are you coming to India in near future?
Comment from : anz mohammed n v

Ashish Kumar Singh
This is the example of how the government of India is looting us After looting so much money still country is poor but politicians are so rich
Comment from : Ashish Kumar Singh

surya pratap Singh
Bhai laga di yr 😰😅😅😅 isse aacha kisi pehchan wale k sath bhej do with bill
Comment from : surya pratap Singh

Dinesh Kuldeep
Proud Indians kaha h bhai
Comment from : Dinesh Kuldeep

ir dc
All problems start from Indian end, thats why I wish to leave the country I had to abandon a science project halfway just because of customs
Comment from : ir dc

Harshal Singh
Kul mila ke, aisa chutiyapa nahi karne kaAmricaa waale dost ko bolne ka, jab india aaye to latest iphone lete aaiyo
Comment from : Harshal Singh

Lokesh Karmakar
Koi nai insaan thokar kha kar hi thaakur banta hai 😂😂😂
Comment from : Lokesh Karmakar

Natural World
Aur pta nhi 50 rupees kaha se add hogya🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂👌
Comment from : Natural World

manpreet singh
chor custom india ka saale iphone 8 second hand par 11000 ka custom…lun saale
Comment from : manpreet singh

I wann buy iPhone from there please suggest some websites which will give good offers and deal can deliver here in India with genuine product
Comment from : V G

Mk Tripathi
I think Indian customs are shameless 😂😂😂
Comment from : Mk Tripathi

Pratik Khaitan
Indians are the only educated class in the world who spoil the name of Indians brbrSend a package of Iphone from Amritsar to Memphis this time and then make a video of how much the US customs charges ?
Comment from : Pratik Khaitan

Kshitij Kharolkar
Bom hai bol dena tha bhie tumhe bhi le jate :_pj 😁
Comment from : Kshitij Kharolkar

Baljeet Singh
That's why India is poor country, Indian custom chor officers consider iphone as a Aladin ka chirag
Comment from : Baljeet Singh

Minhaj Haider
Bhai Video ki aesi taisi mar di tune , itte lambe geet gaa rha h , main baat bta jaldi jaldi
Comment from : Minhaj Haider

MORE funs
Nhi vhi price ho jaata h India m aate-2
Comment from : MORE funs

Fudu india, banchod kaam krte ni india lae, paise khane ko baithe I sent an iphoen 12 and they asked for 60000 rupess for custom Phone is still stuck in india Mother chod india Panchod service wale India is bullshit
Comment from : TARUNPREET Singh

rahul johari
Bhai toh yu bol deta na ki phone reh gya tha personal h papa ka ya kisi ka krke
Comment from : rahul johari

Divjot Singh
If a relative is coming and he is bringing a big box(cycle frame that is made of carbon) as his luggage will any charges be implied on it?
Comment from : Divjot Singh

Suraj Pokharkar
Yes They charged 28 IGST in custom plus some other charges on Old laptop import from Americalaptop price + shipping charges and then custom on total price it almost equal to laptop price it irritating
Comment from : Suraj Pokharkar

Aadi Narayanan
I'm gonna move to Canada or something just becoz of the trash customs tax here
Comment from : Aadi Narayanan

bhikhari hai saale modi sarkar wale har jagah se paise chusne hai unko
Comment from : shubham

Prarthana Sharma
How do you get those items from USA to Indiado we have to carry them with us while returning to India as if we are using them? br
Comment from : Prarthana Sharma

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