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The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!

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Information The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!

Title :  The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!
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Frames The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!

Description The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!

Comments The Mentalist - The best scene...EVER!

This show is so underrated i wish people would react to it
Comment from : Boredom

Goryo Andres
Rewatching this series now and came by this episode A the good old day s of TV
Comment from : Goryo Andres

Charlie Newman
imobrA good scenebrA very good scenebrA damn good scene, possiblybrBut "the best sceneEVER!"?brNot a chancebrimo
Comment from : Charlie Newman

4:05 the thing is Jane understood very well after killing Red John
Comment from : 1234

Marian 64
Censured cocaine, drugs
Comment from : Marian 64

Matt Schroeder
the guy playing tomas is a great actor as a mentality disabled guy pretending to be 1 of us is low as someone could be
Comment from : Matt Schroeder

I watch this episode repeatedly
Comment from : Diamond

Why do they keep saying the whale died? Was that part of Jane's interrogation?
Comment from : baldphoto

Jussi Raitoniemi
How ironic, Jane would have understood all along
Comment from : Jussi Raitoniemi

Laura Corriss
Agree Brilliant acting by both
Comment from : Laura Corriss

AC7 Gabriele Martini
Patrick really is the modern era Sherlock Holmes, maybe he is better He is so Smart, so Quick-thinking and so confident in his skills I love his character
Comment from : AC7 Gabriele Martini

Christopher Walls
Reminds me of Edward Norton in “Primal Fear” infact Edward Norton in almost every movie capable of putting a facade
Comment from : Christopher Walls

Caz PK
Good dialogue These days its mainly foul language
Comment from : Caz PK

interesting to see how other people perceived the "you wouldn't understand" line,, i always thought Thomas was cruel enough to rub it in Jane's face that he hadn't exacted his revenge on Red John like Thomas had on his guys The delivery seemed more mocking/snarky/boastful than it did wistful/lonely
Comment from : H

A total rip off of the Edward Norton, Richard Gere movie
Comment from : Scott

Bryan Franco
"You wouldn't understand"
Comment from : Bryan Franco

Paul B
But he didn’t admit it 😂
Comment from : Paul B

Jeremy Dale
lol best scene ever my ass It was so stupid it made me laugh
Comment from : Jeremy Dale

So dumb Moby Dick does NOT die at the end of the novel You would think one of the writers would have read the damn book
Comment from : Val

This is one of my favorite shows I just re watched the entire series
Comment from : Y C

This guy is chilling, not just because of the seamless switch from "Tommy" to Thomas, but because as soon as he understands Jane sees him for who he really is, he never misses a beat, never flinches, never cries, never tries to plead He went in knowing what revenge could and would cost, and even though he got caught, he had not a single regret He has an attitude of smug satisfaction and feels gleeful about what he did the whole time, even after the revealbrbrOf course, Jane feels very vindicated for wanting revenge and wanting to kill Red John in this scene, on a level Thomas doesn't understand, but damn, the chilling indifference and the satisfaction, despite being caught for what he didthe acting and writing here is simply remarkable
Comment from : Cool70sfreak

This feels like something I would've seen out of LA Noire
Comment from : TheJesseGladSaget

Pepe Tuarez
Is a great scene, but is not the best
Comment from : Pepe Tuarez

Jael Strong
If only Tommy knew our boy Jane was looking for revenge too That he would get revenge That Jane's revenge would make Tommy's look like child's play
Comment from : Jael Strong

This was one of my favorite series when it was on television and Simon was great in the role The guy who played Tommy is actually a twin and he and hus brother did an episode on Criminal minds and he started out on the show Kate and Alley with Jane Curtain and Susan St James
Comment from : rc5chi

Keyser Söze
Comment from : maxtor1981

Danica Joplin
You wouldn't knowoh but he would Great acting all around I think that is what I like Just great acting No fluffbrbrAlso the confession was mainly because Jane got him to gloat He was gloating
Comment from : Danica Joplin

A man once said “revenge is a fool’s game”
Comment from : Laz

P 73
If that’s the best scene I’m glad I didn’t watch much He was too smart to fall for that facile poppycock Jane is a straw-clutching simp in this scene Standard fare for a leather-faced egotistical charlatan like him
Comment from : P 73

BS, if this guy was as intelligent as shown he'd have never given up his act or confess to his crime He was a suspect with circumstantial evidence and had the cops pushed it further a decent defence attorney would have had the case thrown outbrbrWhat a disappointing end
Comment from : Navi

David T
Absolute shite
Comment from : David T

Tim Howell
The actor playing the Tommy character is outstanding
Comment from : Tim Howell

Katrine Roberts
Ah,Simon Baker and his lovely hair
Comment from : Katrine Roberts

N Molodiets
why did he confess!
Comment from : N Molodiets

Janek Kofroň
There is much more better Mentalist scenes than this honestly
Comment from : Janek Kofroň

"You wouldn't understant"brbroof
Comment from : eno88

a v wholesome gamer
The final line of the clip is important to the premise of the show - if you haven’t watched it, the blonde guy is out looking for revenge for his family’s death
Comment from : a v wholesome gamer

Claire Samuels VA
This is some damn good acting AND writing
Comment from : Claire Samuels VA

Lokis Revival
Nah, the best scene was Patrick finally chasing Red John and then killing him Fuck, that was amazing and so pleasing
Comment from : Lokis Revival

Nicole Gollan
This is exactly what is going on in Creston and the abuse that is happening in the hidden mental health departments Canadian mental health association illegal sports gambling They have a time machine system that makes it so they can see the games before it happens Government polictics and church all done on Sundays Watch where the polictians go on Sundays
Comment from : Nicole Gollan

Chur sun Loh
Oooh! Thomas is such a good actor How his facial features just changed! Brilliant!
Comment from : Chur sun Loh

Comment from : phil

Comment from : QuirkyAvik

Alexa Penn
wow - this actor is incredible! the change in his eyes it wasn’t a change in facial expression, it cane from within!! amazing there should be miniature Oscars and Emmys for supporting actors and, at least, 25 given out every year!!! and also, IMDb should have a special listing for them!! 🎭
Comment from : Alexa Penn

ive seen better
Comment from : barry3045

Alan Iman Ordoñez
Edward norton already did that act
Comment from : Alan Iman Ordoñez

Dantes Gaming
I rem when I saw the scene and totally flipped out because I didnt checked it
Comment from : Dantes Gaming

the whole show is Bruno Heller's masterpiece and then the actors 👌
Comment from : K T

Chuckle Honeybear
Frederick Koehler ❤
Comment from : Chuckle Honeybear

Chuckle Honeybear
Both are such legendary actors
Comment from : Chuckle Honeybear

Samo Gasa
He understand, he understand
Comment from : Samo Gasa

John Smith
So this is just a ripoff of Psych?
Comment from : John Smith

Lone Wanderer N7
Damn…never even seen this show or heard of it but after watching this, now I want to lol thanks YouTube for…a very random recommendation
Comment from : Lone Wanderer N7

Richard Linares
Wow, must not have been a very good show
Comment from : Richard Linares

Murkin Muffley
His Aussie accent slips out several times in this scene They should have yelled “cut” and done retakes
Comment from : Murkin Muffley

Looking In With Victor B
Pretty sure this is based of The Usual Suspects with Kevin Spacey
Comment from : Looking In With Victor B

Mark Flajsner
I agree, it was the best take down scene or least close to the top of the list A great piece of writing and very well acted by both Simon Baker and Frederick Koehler Thanks for the post
Comment from : Mark Flajsner

Kok Sing Khong
Mentalist is one of the best show in that decade
Comment from : Kok Sing Khong

Zen Warrior
Started watching it the second time around back to back They don't make good shows like this anymore 24 is another good one, Prison Break, Bosch, Stargate SG-1 for Sci Fi, The X-Files, Homeland, Lost to name a few
Comment from : Zen Warrior

Nice, But the acting is still a far cry from Aaron/Roy (Edward Norton) in "Primal Fear"
Comment from : Darren

foot bru
As if "Moby Dick" is such a challenging read
Comment from : foot bru

Whatyou Lookin at?
Comment from : Whatyou Lookin at?

I can't help but wonder if he would have gotten away with it if he hadn't dropped the act
Comment from : ncjay08

Pure acting
Comment from : De MYSTéRIO

Beaux Richards
Spoiler alert, if you have plans of reading moby dick
Comment from : Beaux Richards

David Lewis
for a change the title of the video is NOT click-baitthis was a marvelous episode
Comment from : David Lewis

Ashwin Hariharan
Thank you for uploading this, for getting me intrigued few months ago and leading me to discover what I recognise to be one of the best TV series ever made I just finished the last episode today and it was one hell of a ride Patrick Jane is gonna be my new favourite character for a long long time What an amazing show
Comment from : Ashwin Hariharan

you know, I don't think Jane has any room to talk about revenge Hmm
Comment from : christina113704

Abraham S
I will forever remember this masterpiece and this series
Comment from : Abraham S

William Stoops
I love this show so much I should have kept count of the number of times I've watched it beginning to end
Comment from : William Stoops

Love the mentalist
Comment from : ARCHDEACON

Imagine if Chris Chan did this at the end of the trial
Comment from : ToqKaizogou

왕신 Shawn Kim
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God In Jesus Christ name Amen
Comment from : 왕신 Shawn Kim

i read moby dick, the whale doesn´t die tho
Comment from : J T

Reminds me of Primal Fear (Richard Gere and Edward Norton film)
Comment from : idgeet

Afriza Nurhadi
he deserves an oscar
Comment from : Afriza Nurhadi

Tommy went to prison for his crime, and was later featured in the documentary "Death Race", where inmates competed for their freedom in heavily armed and armoured vehicles, under the alias "Lists"
Comment from : TheMadRatter

Islem ouldyoucef
What's the background music?
Comment from : Islem ouldyoucef

Don't forget to appreciate the background music
Comment from : αkhil

Nick Troisi
One of the best scenes of the show The actor who played Tommy/Thomas did an incredible job
Comment from : Nick Troisi

I've never watched the programme but im guessing the explanation for this is he knew that he was with someone who saw through his act and that made him the best person to finally confess to, as he understood the complexity and in a way appraised the detailed deceit Made it irresistible to confess to that person Also though I think that there would be a greater reward to the killer to continue the act with this type of specialist Make him doubt his own intelligence in front of all his police friends Make him go out of the room after telling them he will crack this killer and its all an act To then make him go out to them, look unsure and sweat over if he is simple or if its an act To me that would be a greater prize to the deceiver As he said the cops let him go after he jacked a car when he played the act What greater accomplishment is there to the deceiver than to deceive the "expert" that all the police are relying on to uncover the uncoverable and his safeguard persona gets him off without punishment again
Comment from : benjin87

Fernando Ferreira
Nothing new or in any way interesting or impressive in the scene or the show, from the samples I've seen It is sad the flat take on the psyche of most of Hollywood in this pitiful (artwise) century Thank God for True Detective's first season That was extremely impressive
Comment from : Fernando Ferreira

Sir Brian
Why did he stop acting? Everyone else believed he was a nutcase
Comment from : Sir Brian

Rachel Singer MacDonald
What about a scary warning?!!
Comment from : Rachel Singer MacDonald

Rachel Singer MacDonald
Comment from : Rachel Singer MacDonald

I like game theoretic showsbrGotta read prisoner's dillema by William poundstone to really enjoy the show thoughbrOtherwise it's just all magic and I hate that
Comment from : justAnotherGuyOnTheInternet

Right at 2:05 is the start of the transition from Tommy to Thomas,,, brilliant acting
Comment from : sekytwo1944

Diamond Dog
Even out of context this is basically 'Primal Fear' The jibbering idiot persona covering up the real psycho Richard Gere and the marvellous Ed Norton did it better Only my opinion
Comment from : Diamond Dog

I am a fan of "The Mentalist" and I have watched every episode at least 4 times and I'm still continuing to watch it This scene is also one of my favorites
Comment from : nano

Ngoc Que Nguyen
Oh gud ol' time
Comment from : Ngoc Que Nguyen

Carla Blair
This is not the best scene And that actor is so good at playing aggravating and annoying parts, that I hate his parts and him, too Sorry
Comment from : Carla Blair

owen buchan
Just started this series for the first time on season 3 now absolutely love it don't know how I have never heard of it before now
Comment from : owen buchan

Reminds me a lot of that jaw-dropping Richard Gere/Edward Norton scene in Primal Fear
Comment from : blueyzblue

44 Magnum
Love the scene when a person becomes totally different Great acting work
Comment from : 44 Magnum

3:52 i"I /ibiWATCHED/i/bi them die "/i brHe never confessed to killing them, only to being there when they died
Comment from : xenaguy01

The Mentalist was an eXcellent series !
Comment from : ChiefJudgeDredd

Butercum Dribble III
If he had gone about it another way Jane coulda used him against red John Like yes revenge is sweet now help me with mine and I make sure u don’t go away
Comment from : Butercum Dribble III

I feel like Jane empathises with Thomas here Jane has always been conflicted wondering if revenge is worth the price I feel like this scene confirms it Loyalty is everything to someone who's lost everything Revenge is worth the price to those who deserve it, regardless of consequence
Comment from : Josh

Ali Ahmed
What an actor he deserves an Oscar
Comment from : Ali Ahmed

austin berkley
Well He's right about one thing, Jane wouldn't understand because he's a Psychopath
Comment from : austin berkley

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